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Girl Power Girls soccer and basketball score trips to CCS after amazing seasons for both teams

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Marijuana Superstore Coming


Friday, February 26, 2010


Cyberthugs Run Rampant on

Abbey Londa Staff Writer A medical marijuana superstore opened last month in Oakland. The store is called iGrow and is near the Oakland International Airport at 70 Hegenberger Loop in a 15,000 square foot facility. iGrow “offers products and Up Close services to assist Location medical marijuana 70 Hegenberger patients in creating Loop, Oakland, CA their own indoor cannabis gardens,” Size 15,000 Square Ft. according to KTVU Owner News. Have you ever Dhar Mann, 25 wondered how the Technology employees at this Involved store will know if State of the art you need marijuana hydroponics for medical conditions, and not just Sample for fun? Well, Jus- Product tin Jorgenson, a by- The Eight-plant stander interviewed system, $1,000 by KTVU,”before Special we talk with anyone Services we make sure to In-house classes, verify they have a consulting team, on site prescribstate issued ID.” ing physician, T h e r e a r e “Grow Squad” many services such as “classes on safe and legal horticulture(the nurturing of fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants or flowers), and the center has an in-house consulting team to help install personal grow rooms, and an on site doctor for patient evaluations,” according to CNN. The “pot doc” will be next door to the facility, who can examine patients

Sexual harassment, ridicule, hate, and harm abound on popular site. But the puzzling question is, why doesn’t Facebook will take action? Mina Nilchian Features Editor Students in Journalism were shocked the other day to which is the harassment of minors using the Internet find a Facebook fan page that was blatantly sexually or other means of electronic communications. Numerharassing a minor girl at another school in our district. ous school shootings, bomb threats, suicides and other The site made vulgar comments about her body and school disasters have been traced to conflicts started numbers of students were involved in making online. In those instances, jokes on the Internet jokes and rude comments about this teen. crossed a line from playful to hurtful. Some Some adults were even posting on the Facebook fan pages are also crossing page, complaining that it would be “Most of all, the that line. reported to police, Facebook, and the The newest trend on Facebook, the anonymous, yet mass membership of popular “fan participants’ parents. But after multiple reports and several phone calls has been littering news feeds public nature of pages” to the Facebook offices in Mounfor months. Facebook fan pages, as tain View by this reporter, nothing these groups make well as groups, are easy to make, and has been done. The site still spews make communication instant. Most of it a haven for all the anonymous, yet public, nature obscene comments and an innocent girl is still being cruelly and publicly of these groups make it a haven for cyber-bullying” cyber-bullying. humiliated because some cyber-thug thinks it’s fun. Why? Several fan page titles have caused alarm At what point does lighthearted “fun” turn into right at home. vicious personal attacks? In light of recent events, After reading the comments on the page discovered school authorities over the country have placed particuin Journalism class, it was clear that the group is not lar scrutiny on activities taking place on the Internet. See FACEPUNCH, page 10 Rules have been set up to prevent “cyber-bullying,”


Budget Cuts Are Putting Our Programs At Risk

San Mateo High School parents are holding an emergency meeting on March 3 at 7 pm in the Flex Theatre to talk about budget cuts that are threatening our beloved academics, athletics, and arts programs and putting our school into a state of “orange alert.” But San Mateo isn’t the only school affected by the state’s budget crisis. Colleges across California are also raising fees. “I understand why there would be student protests,” said

Prop 8 Ruling to Decide Rights for Many Joey Wong Staff Writer

See POT, page 10

Angela Dai Austin Chua Staff Writer & News Editor


SMHS senior John Tsiang. “Indeed, 32-percent is a big increase in tuition, but it is still way cheaper than most out-of-state schools, as well as in-state privates, while providing an equivalent or better education.” While high school seniors across the state are encouraged to apply to the University of California, that system-which already accepts only 15% of its applicants--is facing a $535 million budget deficit and raising prices in hopes to close the gap. Meanwhile, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed a 20102011 budget which forces our school district to refund at least $3.6 million back to the state, and that’s only the first stage of the budget, according

to a report at our last PTO meeting. The second and third stage could call for the district to pay anywhere from 5.7 to 9.2 million dollars back to the state! Our high school district has yet to formulate a plan to deal with the cutbacks, but University officials have already halted staff hiring, slowed faculty hiring, and tried to encourage employees to reduce their work hours. Even so, the price for a UC public education will increase by $585 this spring, and then another $1,344 by next fall. After adding the $900 registration fee, the annual instate UC cost will be brought from $7,788 to $10,302, without counting costs of books and housing--the most


Rising costs are overwhelming college students, too

expensive of all. Closer to home, changes in student enrollment, special education, salaries, benefits, etc, all have an impact upon how much money the state allots to the San Mateo Union High School

See EDUCATION, page 2

The Proposition 8 trial “People opened on Janu- predict ary 11 has now come to a stand- any still. On January 27, the first decision stage of Propo- will be sition 8 was finished. The appealed” case was heard with no jury and now Chief Judge Vaughn Walker has postponed the trial to review evidence and statements from both sides before hearing the closing statements. Last spring, plaintiffs filed a lawsuit after the California Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8, which passed with a 52 percent of the vote after an intense campaign. Prop 8 stated that in California, marriage should be between a man and a woman. This trail is attempting to prove that Prop 8 is not constitutional. This trial will decide if gay marriage is a constitutional right. The plaintiffs have raised these points: marriage is a basic right; taking the rights of gay people away is unfair; and there is no public benefit to stop gays from marrying. David Boies, a lawyer, has stated that Prop 8 passed after being primarily supported by advocates of discrimination and stereotypes. Andrew P. Pugno, the counsel for pointed out that this trial will be difficult. “They [plaintiffs] have to prove the people [of California] acted irrationally,” Mr. Pugno said. The plaintiffs have supported their side with evidence that addresses the possible benefits of same-sex marriage, and say Prop 8 is not constitutional because it doesn’t give everyone equality or equal rights in marriage. Today, both parties are meeting to schedule closing arguments and when the final decision should be released. It has been predicted that any decision will be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. This could lead to the highest court in the land determining if gay Americans have marriage rights.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Opini n


Gays Are Worthy of Weddings By Talia Gurevich Staff Writer The 2008 election changed one of California’s laws. Earlier that year, California legalized gay marriage, which was a huge step for civil rights. But as soon as that law was put into action, a new proposition was put on the ballot. It was Proposition 8, which changed the law so that only marriage between a man and a woman would be valid or recognized in California. By restricting the definition of marriage to opposite sex couples, the proposition overturned the California Supreme Court’s ruling that same-sex couple had a constitutional right to marry. The supporters of Proposition 8 argued that maintaining exclusively heterosexual marriage was “an essential institution of society”. Marriage can be considered an institution in society, but restricting it to heterosexual couples won’t change that concept. Another argument the Proposition 8 supporters made was that leaving that law unchanged would “result in public schools teaching children that

States allowing same-sex marriage Vermont New Hampshire Massachusetts Connecticut Iowa Washington, D.C. (Beginning March 23) DERIN HIGH/ THE HI

gay marriage was okay.” Children are going to learn about gay marriage, whether or not it’s taught in schools. With the attention youth give to media and celebrities, it’s only a matter of time before children become aware of homosexuality. Legalizing gay marriage would make no difference in the public school system. Supporters also believed that gay marriage would redefine the definition for everyone else. In what way would marriage be redefined? The only change would be the officiate

saying, “lawfully wedded husband,” or “lawfully wedded wife,” not once, but twice. Other than that minor alteration, there is no reason to change the definition. When looked up online, the definition of marriage is: the legal joining of two people. Notice that no where in that definition does it say man and woman. I would like to know why these people care whether or not homosexuals get married. Unless they themselves are gay, this issue should not concern them. They argue that gay marriage

being taught to their children is wrong. But 50 years ago, didn’t people feel the same way about interracial marriage? Wasn’t this argument already made, but just with different marital restrictions? This same problem occurred 50 years ago and is now legal in all 50 states, so this is just warding off the inevitable. California, specifically San Francisco was once considered to be very liberal, especially back in the 60’s. At one point we led the way for equality and social diversity. But now our state has

gotten a more conservative reputation, and Proposition 8 was the last straw. Now we are known for expensive housing, traffic problems, pollution, and a failing school system.. Proposition 8 was passed a year and a half ago, but this issue has been a continuous argument between the residents of California. The case was reopened and was being debated in San Francisco only a few weeks ago. It has been suspended temporarily, but with a little time our citizens will be given the rights they deserve.

Accidents Happen--There is a Way Out

Abortion has always been frowned upon, although it has been legal since 1973. Under what circumstances can a woman have an abortion without some kind of shame or ridicule? What about a pregnancy that was conceived due to rape or abuse? Even then, protestors claim that abortion is homicide and the unlawful killing of another human being. But the option of abortion should be the personal choice of the pregnant girl or woman. Why should something

that affects a person”s body in so many ways, physically and emotionally, involve others, who might not understand the full consequences of aborting, or not? Teen abortions are often debated. Should the parents be notified, or do young people have privacy rights? Rulings in the case of Roe V. Wade in 1973 upheld the right of states to enact laws requiring that parents be informed or give consent when minors get abortions, according to But in some circumstances, I think the minor should be allowed to abort

without the consent of her parent, such as if her parent is abusive or if the pregnancy is the result of incest. I feel that a woman should have the choice to abort, since the embryo or fetus, affects the body, and the entire life of the mother. This medical procedure should be allowed everywhere. However, there should be some kind of limit on how many abortions one can have. If someone continuously has sex, gets pregnant, and gets abortions without any consequences, it reduces the value of pregnancy. Women should also have the choice to abort if they find out that their fetus has a deformity or has Down syndrome. I honestly have nothing against people with these abnormalities, but if someone feels they cannot take care of someone with special needs, they should be able to make a decision: have the baby, or abort. “Birth control should be available to anyone,” said Victoria Xiao. I agree in full. If minors were required by law to receive parental consent to buy birth control pills, more minors probably would not buy them because they would be scared to ask their parents. This can make them not buy birth control and take bad chances. Others have different opinions on abortion. “When you abort, you are taking a life away,” said Matt Tsubota. I disagree. Technically, when you abort an embryo, you are killing cells, not a human being. If this is killing, getting a cut, or scratching oneself should also be considered killing. “Abortion is stupid. It’s just not right,” says Shawn Ming Yang, whothinks abortion is morally cruel and evil. But if there was a high risk of the mother dying in the birthing process, wouldn’t it be better to have an abortion instead? Wouldn’t it be cruel for a baby to grow up without a mother?


By Jeremy Gofman Staff Writer

‘Nuff said.

SOUND OFF! Do you think abortion should be legal? Do you think gays should be allowed to marry? Do you agree with the opinions expressed here?


Send your thoughts to: or drop it off at the journalism box in the main office




Friday, February 26, 2010




Night Riders: Be Careful LEIA ZION/ THE HI

By Andrea Caceres Staff Writer


Can you see the cyclist? Now imagine you’re a driver.

when clearly there isn’t a whole lot of light around. How is someone, even with their headlights on, supposed to see a dark figure in front of them when it’s completely dark? It’s not fair that drivers always get the blame for accidentally running someone over because of something they did, especially if the “victim” was drunk. If it’s dangerous for people to drink and drive, then it’s definitely dangerous to drink and ride a bike. This is probably another traffic law that people ignore and get away with. These people have made it difficult to be able to drive safely on the streets. The best thing to do is to drive carefully because from what I know, pedestrians and bicycle riders can get away with anything, even if it was their fault. They might even start to take it to their own advantage. I still believe that people should take action on this subject, because while they are still trying to figure this out bicycle riders are getting smarter and smarter every time they blame a driver for running

them over. “How is Maybe a new law somewill finally take form, requiring all one, even people that ride with their their bikes at night headlights to wear something on, supluminous. A tiny little bike light is posed to ridiculous: how is see a dark that supposed to figure... announce to drivers that someone when it’s is on their bike? completely No, drivers need dark?” to see something brighter, like a bright yellow or orange jacket. Anything that will help drivers drive with more confidence and keep bicycle riders safe from getting run over. So the next time you ride your bike at night, don’t blame a careful driver for not seeing your dark clothes with your hard-to-see bicycle; I’m sure the driver will find a way to forgive you for getting in their way and landing them in jail.

I just filled out my first ballot. I have exercised my civic duty as an American adult. Sure, it was for a San MateoFoster City School District parcel tax that I won’t actually be paying myself, but that’s beside the point. Why am I so proud? Why not? The benefit of turning eighteen (besides a few other things) is being able to vote. Of course, there is a problem (otherwise this article would be a waste of space). Many teenagers who are eligible to vote, don’t. C’mon, really? What teenager wouldn’t jump at the chance to express him/herself, even for something as small as a parcel tax? We have a voice! Let’s use it! Unless, of course we feel it is a waste of time/not important/my vote won’t count/I’d rather party with my friends. The last complaint I can’t do anything about; that is endemic to society as a whole. But the popular myth that one’s vote won’t count is ridiculously wrong. One vote may not make or break an election, but look at it this way: if everyone had the attitude that their vote won’t count, no one would vote! Duh! And even if the election is just about a parcel tax, you still have a voice in it. It is important.

By Eliot Storch Let’s eliminate the problem of teen absence at the polls. I’m not saying we should make voting mandatory punishable by prison (though countries that do have about a ninety-nine percent turnout rate), but teens who don’t vote-or don’t even register-need to be made aware of what they’re missing. Let’s see what teens would respond to: food, extra sleep, a Starbucks…or how about if you vote on election day, you get an excused absence from school? Employers are required to let their employees vote, so a school should too! Cool. While this might seem overly hopeful, remember this: filling out a voter registration form takes ten minutes. Filling out a ballot with knowledge takes maybe an hour. So in the time it takes for you to take a final exam you can have the ability to express yourself, make your voice heard, and help make important decisions. Isn’t that something to look forward to?


eople that ride their bikes on the streets at night can easily get run over by a car. This isn’t the car’s fault if the bike was the one that wasn’t in sight. So why can’t there be a law that people riding their bicycles at night must wear something luminous enough for drivers to see? Bicycles, like all cars, must obey the law. For example, when on the street, bikes should be stopping when they see a stop sign. So any bicycle riders should be aware that it is more than just getting on a bike and riding it: you also need to follow the rules. These rules consist of wearing a helmet, obeying all traffic laws, and being aware of your surroundings at all times. Why get run over when you could have opened your eyes and ears a little bit? Bicycle riders everywhere get in the way of cars whenever they want to because they think they own the road. Yes, it is true that cars must share the road, but that doesn’t excuse bicycle riders from doing the same. No one owns the road, so there is no reason for bicycle riders to have a care-free attitude while drivers have to deal with them getting in the way. I know many drivers have tried being very patient with them, so it’s time bicycle riders start to realize they don’t have the right to do what they want on the road. It should definitely be a safety regulation, the same way you need a hard hat when you enter construction zones or wearing a helmet when riding a bike. Those rules are enforced so that people don’t get hurt. Many bicycle riders even choose to wear black at night

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Cut the CAHSEE, California! A large part of the high school experience is admittedly testing. Students are constantly preparing for tests like the ACT, SAT, STAR, and not to mention midterms and final exams. Our intelligence is constantly being evaluated through our four years. So why are we being tested yet again through the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE)? On the website it says the purpose of the CAHSEE is to assess whether students who graduate from high school can demonstrate grade level competency in the state content standards for reading, writing , and mathematics. This test is taken by sophomores and seniors and it has to be taken in order for seniors to graduate. But seniors have already taken the SAT, STAR, and/or the ACT. The CAHSEE is unnecessary because the state is already informed of our grades, our testing averages, and our scores on standardized testing. If


By Talia Gurevich Staff Writer

Because this will determine if you can graduate.

the state already has this information isn’t it enough to determine our eligibility to graduate? Apparently not, because students have been taking this test since 2006. The State Board of Education authorized the development of the CAHSEE in 1999 because the state felt students needed a new graduation requirement. The CAHSEE has two sections, Language Arts and Mathematics. It takes two days to complete the 4 different sections, each an hour and

a half long. The students who take it miss several classes for this ridiculous requirement. San Mateo High School sophomore Taylor Costes had to take the test this week and her opinion is that “The CAHSEE is a pointless test, because as long as you can read and write you pass.” The State Board of Education needs to get rid of this exam. It is a waste of time for students who should be studying the subjects they have to miss in order to take the exam. Austin Chua News Editor Eliot Storch Opinion Editor

The Voice Of San Mateo High A


Founded in 1922 P.C. Fergusson Joshua Chiu and Michael B. Wu

Maybe teens who vote should be on the endangered species list?

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February 26, 2010



What’s the Buzz?

Har vest fun on Farmville

Google’s new networking interface has mixed responses Josh Chiu Editor-in-chief If you use Gmail as your email client as many people do, you may have recently noticed a new icon titled “Buzz” with a colorful speech bubble just under your “Inbox” button after logging in. This little button leads you to a Facebook or Twitteresque status update page, right in Gmail itself. Google is taking on Facebook and Twitter with some social networking of their own and pushing it on all Google users to let the world know what they’re up to. Anyone familiar with the Facebook newsfeed and status updates will instantly recognize this interface which allows users to see who and when posts are shared, as well as the ability to post comments below it. Video, picture, and link sharing also come along with the Buzz package. Google Buzz allows you to follow a group of user-selected Gmail users as well, which can be customized. This gives you easy access to exactly what your friends are up to and lets you comment on what they have shared. The advantage to Google’s service over Facebook is that there is no need to add friends; all your contacts in your email address book are automatically able to be followed or begin posting updates. Notifications on people becoming fans of certain groups or invitations to play Mafia Wars will be gone forever. Google Buzz is clean and filtered with just the important stuff. No account setup is necessary. The issue of privacy has caused some unrest among the public, though. While not having to add your contacts is convenient, you may not want to share everything you post to users who you may only have emailed once in the past. Also, if users post from their mobile phone, Google Buzz shares your location with a little speech bubble on Google Maps and allows anyone to see where you updated from, along with your email information. Google’s new service has been met with mixed feelings. Buzz is the first Google Beta service to be forced on the gmail using public. Previous services such as Gmail, Google Voice, and Google Wave have all been services being tested by invitation only. By making Buzz an immediately available service, Google may not have had time to iron out all the kinks regarding privacy issues that testers may encounter before releasing the service to the general public. Fortunately, Google has been quick to respond to public concerns. Just two days after launching the service, Google reportedly received nine million posts and about two-hundred comments per minute from mobile phones. Initially, Google made user’s followers available for all to see, but many complained that they would not like their friend information made public. Google now asks Buzz users in the settings panel “How do you want to be seen to others?” and gives you the choice whether or not you would like to share the list of people you are following and who are following you. Also, Google has made it possible for users to block certain people from following their Buzz updates. Buzz is available in your Google account now, so give it a whirl and post an update or two to let everyone know what you think.

You might be annoyed, but give this stressbuster a chance Mina Nilchian Features Editor


ou’ve seen the a d s . Yo u ’ v e gotten the notifications. You might have even seen a billboard or two, and shaken your head in awe. “What is the big deal?” you think. “It’s just a Facebook application.” Well for some of us, Farmville is a pretty big deal. Once you get started, it’s addicting enough to be the reason to wake up in the morning. Planting crops, harvesting them, helping out your neighbors and figuring out

“Once you get started, it’s addicting enough to be the reason to wake up in the morning.” tactics to make yourself richer every day are the themes that induce the millions of Farmville players that have probably annoyed you to the brim of your patience. What is it? Basically, Farmville is a game where you’re given a plot of land, and within that plot, are free to plant and harvest crops, tree, and domesticated animals. For every crop you harvest, you get a certain amount of money and some experience points, both of which will raise your prestige in the Farmville community. The richer you get, the more little tidbits you can buy for your farm. Some people have a blast just growing their farms and decorating them.

constantly checking computers to make sure their crop hasn’t wilted yet. And when you do get there on time, it’s totally satisfying. For every crop you click on to harvest, you watch your riches slowly increase, which in itself, is just plain fun to watch. Making money without any actual labor? Definitely fun. The more you play Farmville, the better you get. And half the appeal of Farmville is to increase your prestige as an intense Farmville player. With more money and experience,

you can get a bigger plot and decorate your farm in cool ways. Still don’t get why people are so obsessed? D o n ’ t b l a m e you—it’s hard to understand unless you play it yourself. You might roll your eyes at the idea, but Farmville can be a stressbuster if you need a homework break. But be careful, because if you get addicted, you might spend your time planting wheat instead of studying for your history mid-term. That reminds me… are my strawberries ready yet? If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail our Features Editor Mina Nilchian at


“Making money without any actual labor? Definitely fun.” As a Farmer, you can also help out your friends, whom you add as neighbors, and fertilize their crops. In return, you make some money, gain experience points, and increase your goodwill in the Farmville community which would make it more likely for people to help out with your crop. Sounds pretty simple. But still don’t get why it’s so addicting? One of the things that define Farmville is the wait. Crops take a certain amount of the time to grow, and the crops that yield more profit take the most time. Don’t harvest your crops in time, and you’ve wasted money planting them. That’s why Farmville players are

There’s strong. Then there’s Army Strong. As a Soldier in the U.S. Army, you’ll develop physical, mental and emotional strength. You’ll gain leadership skills and on-the-job training. Plus, you can earn money for college.

Now offering up to $40,000 in enlistment bonuses and up to $81,000 for college. To find out if you qualify, call 1-888-615-2769 or visit

©2009. Paid for by the United States Army. All rights reserved.


Friday, February 26, 2010


Sleep Talking Husband Rants about Potato Bags Nighttime conversations that made for entertainment... Hsin-May Tsiang Staff Writer About one in twenty adults talk in their sleep. There have even been instances of sleep confessions leading to divorces. However, one man’s sleep talking has become an internet sensation with valuable insights, such as “Babies don’t bounce. They don’t bounce! Shame. It’d be much more fun if they bounce.” In her blog, “Sleep Talkin’ Man,” Karen Slavick-Lennard chronicles the nightly ramblings of her husband, Adam Slavick-Lennard. Originally, she just kept logs on her computer, but then decided to blog Adam’s sleep talks for her friends and her to laugh over. The blog became an instant hit. According to Telegraph., a recent five-day period, over half a million people from over 50 countries have read the blog. The Slavick-Lennards have even been on several talk shows, including the UK talk show, This Morning. Karen said she tries to keep the blog “pure” by posting everything Adam says word for word, from the not-quite-boring “Your mum’s at the


Dive and Duck at Dodgeball Even though they’re not recruiting, the Dodge Ball is still worth a look. Hsin-May Tsiang Staff Writer Balls fly left and right. People scramb le to avoid them, hopping, diving, jumping, ducking, evading balls through any means. Welcome to the Dodgeball Club, which takes place every Thursday at lunch in the Small Gym. The club was started five years ago by Max Lebo and the current presidents are Colin Schwartz and Peter Lebo. There are no formal competitions for the club. The objective is simple: to have a place to play and enjoy dodgeball. The club currently has about fifty to a hundred people participating in the games. The members are split into two teams and approximately ten balls are used. With people being eliminated left and right, games can last anywhere from a few minutes to the whole lunch period. Cheating has become a problem in the club. People who are eliminated do not leave the court as they are supposed to. Also, some people are confrontational about calls. President Peter Lebo commented, “If you’re willing to play by the rules, come check it out.” The club is not currently welcoming new members because of the overwhelming number of people already participating, but people interested can still come and check it out and consider joining at a later time. In the end, all that really matters is enjoying yourself. After all, as Peter said, “Dodgeball is just a great sport.”

door again. Bury me. Bury me deep” to the wildly hilarious “Potato bags. I can’t find my potato bags. I need them! [desperately] Who’s got my potato bags?” The couple, both 36, goes to sleep every night with a voice-activated tape recorder. Karen commented, “I find every single thing Adam says hilarious. I just cannot believe what he comes out with and neither can he when he listens to the tapes. We laugh like crazy every morning.” Adam’s daytime personality and his sleep personality are completely different. Awake, he is kind, humble, and witty. Asleep, he rambles about pirates, vampire penguins, zombie guinea pigs, and more. Due to the popularity of their blog, the couple now have merchandise available. The merchandise is emblazoned with quotes like, “Don’t leave the duck there. It’s totally irresponsible.” To visit Karen’s ‘Sleep Talkin’ Man’ blog, go to

Page 5

10 Questions for Joey Wong Staff Writer

Ms. Abrams

1. “ What’s your favorite pizza topping?” submitted by Samuel Morales, Class of 2010 I like cheese pizza. It also helps that my husband ONLY eats cheese pizza.

6. Who is your next victim? by Alyssa Bautista, 2012 (inside joke!) I have to chose only one? 7. Do you have any pets? by Danny Vargas, 2010 Not at the moment, but I want to get a dog. My husband says no, but I am slowly wearing him down.

2. “What’s your favorite season?” by Stefany Cardenas, 2010 Backpacking season. High Sierras after the snow melts and the mosquitoes die is great.

8. How long have you been teaching? by Devin Buschman, 2011 Since 1993 (a long time)

3. Why do all the science teachers get married in the summer? by Julia Wang, 2010 Should we get married during the school year?

9.Is it difficult to be able to celebrate Jewish holidays with the school calender? by Ms. Cintas, SMHS staff It’s frustrating trying to juggle my job and my religion. Jewish holidays involve a lot of preparation and it is hard to find the time to prepare for the holiday, prepare my classes, and write meaningful sub plans for when I’m not at school.

4. What is your favorite Pink Floyd song? by Becka Asbury, 2010 “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2” (We don’t need no education) followed by “Wish You Were Here.” 5. What was the first concert you went to? by Ms. Cervantes, SMHS staff Simon and Garfunkel

10. What do you like the best about being married? by Ms. Fergusson, SMHS staff Having someone to warm up the bed at night! LEIA ZION/ THE HI


Sexting- more than “just a message” What you thought was innocent fun could lead to consequences you didn’t ask for. Shan Zaidi Staff Writer are concerned about how teens are jeopardizing their lives. There have been classic situations where a girl wants this boy to like her and she thinks that taking a picture of herself naked and sending it to him will help. That boy could send it to his friends who could send it to more people or even upload it onto the internet, where it may never be deleted. Several years later this could come up on her record and hinder her future. A boy could send a picture of himself to his girlfriend, but what if her mother sees it and reports him? He could be prosecuted and convicted as a sex offender and have to register again every year. His life would be ruined – a blemish on his record. In this age of technology, teens that may not have self-confidence in person seem to feel safe behind their camera phone lens. Sexting isn’t just photos. A sext could say, “send me a pic. let me see u.” This provocative language through cell phones leads to many teen suicides every year. A leak to someone else and suddenly, everyone in COURTESY/ MATESEARCH.NET school is looking at you and

Boy #1: “hey, this girl sent me a pic of her topless! lemme fwd it 2 u.” Boy #2: “cool! u gonna reply?” Boy #1: “Ya. Gonna send her a pic in return. if u no wat i mean. ;)” Some texts sent between two friends could lead to much more trouble than they could expect. Sexting: the term used for the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos using a cell phone. When teens send each other explicit photos of themselves or other people underage, they don’t realize that this could fall under child pornography and anyone who receives the picture mail could face jail time and even have to register as sex offenders. Adults and parents alike

You know who you’re sending to...


...but do you know who’s seeing it?

talking about you. It would be torture have to go to school and face people and know that they know. Many have cracked under this pressure and taken their own lives. Teens everywhere should not believe that exposing themselves and giving into someone else’s want will make them more likeable. They should be able to appreciate themselves for who they are. If you can’t love yourself in the first place, others won’t be able to love you either, no matter what you do. Sexting can lead to the revoking of college scholarships, prevention of getting a job and social humiliation. It is illegal in the United States for anyone to possess any explicit or lewd pictures of a minor. Sending suggestive and racy worded texts could lead you down the wrong path as well. Please don’t be a part of spreading this viral phenomenon!


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La Esquina

Viernes, 26 de Febrero, 2010



Premios lo Nuestro fue una bomba


Mercedes Ballesteros Reportera


remios Lo Nuestro fueron fascinantes una vez más este año 2010. Las estrellas estuvieron muy entusiasmadas al comienzo del evento y la alfombra roja. Muchos de los nominados lucieron ajuares muy elegantes y costosos de diferentes diseñadores. No faltó la música durante el evento como todos los años. Muchas artistas dieron a escuchar sus magníficas voces y sus bailes tan especiales que habían preparado de ante mano. Para todos los que no han escuchado de Premios Lo Nuestro: Premios Lo


Nuestro es una ceremonia de entrega de premios a los mejores músicos latinos del año. Es presentado por la cadena de televisión Univisión. Varios cantantes, actores, presentadores y celebridades del mundo latino se presentan anualmente en este evento. El programa es emitido en todo el continente americano. Los premios de dividen en diferentes categorías dependiendo en la música. Para música POP estos son los premios que se dieron; -Álbum del año: “Sin frenos”, La Quinta Estación, -Artista masculino del año: Luis Fonsi, -Artista femenina del año: Laura Pausini,



-Grupo o dúo del año: La Quinta Estación, -Solista o grupo revelación del año: Nelly Furtado, -Canción del año: “Aquí estoy yo”, Luis Fonsi, Aleks Syntek, Noel Scharjis y David Bisbal. Para el ROCK; -Álbum del año: “Fuego”, La Secta Allstar. -Artista del año: Juanes, -Canción del año: “Háblame”, Beto Cuevas. Para la música TROPICAL; -Álbum del año: “The Last”, Aventura, -Artista masculino del año: Luis Enrique, Artista femenina del año: Melina León -Grupo o dúo del año: Aventura, -Solista o grupo revelación del año: Carlos y Alejandra, -Canción del


año: “Por un segundo”, de Aventura, -Tropical merengue artista del año: Juan Luis Guerra, -Tropical salsa artista del año: Luis Enrique, -Tropical tradicional artista del año: Aventura Y no faltaba más, aquí tenemos al grupo; REGIONAL MEXICANO, Álbum del año: “Te presumo”, Banda El Recodo, -Artista masculino del año: Espinoza Paz, -Artista femenina del año: Jenny Rivera -Grupo o dúo del año, La Arrolladora Banda El Limón, -Canción del año: “Lo intentamos”, Espinoza Paz, -Artista banda del año: Espinoza Paz, -Artista duranguense del año: Alacranes Musical

-Artista grupero del año: Marco Antonio Solís, -Artista norteño del año: Intocable, -Artista ranchero del año: Vicente Fernández Los Artistas que fueron reconocidos por sus trayectorias fueron Chayanne con un Premio a la Excelencia. Alejandro Fernández por su trayectoria Artística. Y Talía por sus una joven con legado. Premios lo Nuestro fue un momento muy especial para muchas estrellas artísticas. Y también fue una oportunidad para muchos modistas enseñaran sus diseños en vestidos, y trajes, y carteras. ¡Qué momentos tan Especiales!

PREGUNTADELMES ¿Cuál es tu mes favorito y por qué?

Jonathan Rivera

“Mayo porque hay flores y esta mas claro el cielo”

Nuvia Ramirez

“Diciembre porque es cuando es la navidad y me gusta estar con mi familia”

Marcelo Campos “Octubre porque puedo pasármelo con (Michael Myers) en Halloween”.

Michelle Reisman

“Marzo porque es el mes de mi cumpleaños”.

Corina Menendez

“Julio porque estoy fuera del trabajo y es el verano”.


Viernes, 26 de Febrero, 2010

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La realidad de la Proposición 8 “Es necesario que se comprenda que no es justo oprimir o no aceptar el matrimonio de ambos sexos”

Mercedes Ballesteros Reportera


ara todas las personas que decidieron votar “SI” en la proposición 8 en las elecciones pasadas, estas personas estaban votando para que se defienda en la constitución del estado de California el matrimonio entre el hombre y la mujer únicamente. Básicamente si se votó para que se apruebe la proposición 8 se estaba votando para que se haga ley el matrimonio entre el hombre y la mujer. Entonces los matrimonios entre los gay no serían validos. Las personas que decidieron votar “No” para la proposición 8 estaban votando para que los matrimonios entre los homosexuales sean validos en California. Lo que quiere decir que tendrían el mismo derecho que los matrimonios entre el hombre y la mujer. Obviamente todavía hay problemas en la aceptación, si personas de ambos sexos se deberían casar porque la proposición 8 no fue aprobada cuando se llevo a voto. Se entiende que muchas personas crecieron en tiempos diferentes, pero no hay ningún daño que el matrimonio entre el mismo sexo cause a los niños o adultos. Ahora hay personas que se confunden por los comerciales donde pasan a una niña que dice que en la escuela la maestra les mostró un cuento donde una princesa se casa con otra princesa. Este comercial está basado en un caso que sucedió en Massachusetts donde una maestra les mostró a unos niños de segundo grado este libro de las princesas. Los padres llevaron a corte este caso para que se prohibiera que se mostrara este tipo de conducta o este tipo de historias a infantes y la corte dijo que no podrían dejar enseñar eso y que está bien que los maestros lo mostraran. Este no es el único problema que algunos padres tienen contra el matrimonio de ambo sexo, hay muchos problemas más. Recientemente llevaron la decisión de la proposición 8 a


PLAYLIST Se me va la voz Alejandro Fernandez Me enamoré de ti Chayane En Cambio no Laura Pausini Mi delirio Anahi Lo hecho esta hecho Shakira Como duele Ricardo Arjona Mientes Camila Dile al amor y su veneno Aventura Egoista Belinda


la corte suprema del estado para que los jueces voten sin matrimonio entre el mismo sexo es constitucional o no. A muchas personas que viven al día sobre las cosas que están pasando les resulta increíble que en el presente le sea muy difícil a otras personas aceptar el matrimonio de ambos sexo. El matrimonio de ambo sexo no trae perjuicio a la sociedad al contrario las parejas de ambos sexo les daría hogar a los niños que son huérfanos y que necesitan padres. La sociedad es muy complicada de entender, pero es necesario que se comience a comprender que no es justo oprimir o no aceptar la realidad del matrimonio de ambos sexos. ¡No hay nada mal sobre eso!

La solución para el transporte en España


a esperada propuesta del ferrocarril en España será ejecutada más pronto de lo que se esperaba. Nada menos que 784 millones de euros es la cifra con la que contará España para desarrollar un plan con el objetivo de alcanzar la accesibilidad universal en el transporte ferroviario el próximo 2014, adelantándose así a la fecha tope del 2020. Este plan, incluye toda la flota de trenes de Renfe estará equipada para recoger a personas con movilidad reducida en 2012. Para eso, además de la incorporación de nuevos trenes, se adaptarán los 480 existentes con una inversión que supera los 305 millones de euros. Además se estima que para el próximo 2012 todas las estaciones de la Administración de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (ADIF) permitirán la total autonomía en el acceso a los servicios ferroviarios al 90% de los viajeros con movilidad reducida y el 100% en 2014,


ído a usted por tra Por Corina Menéndez

MERCEDES DICE Mercedes Ballesteros


con una inversión aproximada de 480 millones de euros. No hay duda que se gastara mucho dinero para desarrollar el ferrocarril que beneficiará a personas discapacitadas. Este nuevo plan también contempla la ampliación y consolidación del servicio “Atendo”, el cual presta asistencia a todos los viajeros con dificultades de movilidad, de forma que el próximo 2012 se completará totalmente la red de atención, algo que sin duda todos los viajeros de tren agradecerán.

Esta serie de iniciativas, destinadas principalmente para mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas con movilidad reducida, crearán nada menos que 15.000 puestos de trabajo, distribuidos en 2.350 empleos por año en la adaptación de trenes, 11.975 en la adecuación de las estaciones y unos 390 empleos permanentes en el servicio “Atendo”, de los cuales, al menos el 10% serán personas con discapacidad. Una buena noticia para todo el mundo que permitirá a las personas con problemas de movilidad acceder a un servicio tan básico como el transporte.

Te pido perdon Tito el Banbino

La solución para el amor es una buena autoestima Celia Diaz Reportera ¿Realmente se ama usted? Esta es una pregunta en la cual muchos de nosotros nunca parecemos pensar en. Volviendo a como usted fue tratado durante la vida y la manera en que tus padres te criaron te afecta mucho en cómo te sientes sobre ti. Pero, como esperas vivir una vida feliz si ni siquiera te amas a ti mismo. Todos necesitamos comprender que todos somos de diferentes tamaños y naden es perfecto. El amor propio es uno de los factores principales para amarse. La definición de amor propio es, un respeto realista para sí mismo o impresión favorable de uno. Si tienes un amor propio bajo, entonces usted carece en la cantidad de amor propio que usted tiene. Mucha gente teme ir a lo que las personas le dicen y eso puede ser muy doloroso. Por ejemplo, si te llamaron “gordo o feo” en tu vida entera entonces tú siempre puedes pensar como esto y tener un amor propio pobre. Esto te causa que no te ames como deberías No amándote también puede afectarte en relaciones porque como esperas amar a alguna persona o ser amado si tú ni siquiera te amas a tu mismo. Antes de buscar amor, ámate a ti mismo porque todos somos diferentes y nadie es perfecto. Aunque pueda ser

difícil amarse y puede parecer poco natural, no es. “Cuando no te amas y sufres de bajo amor propio, puedes encontrar que es imposible de alcanzar el potencial que usted sospechas que tienes” (Evelyn). Aquí están unos puntos para amarte a ti mismo y son: 1. Enamórate de ti mismo 2. Elimina la autocrítica 3. C e amable y positivo 4. Reconoce tu esfuerzo 5. Deja ir la preocupación 6. Confiar en tu mismo 7. Perdonarse 8. Ser verdadero a usted 9. Crecer espiritualmente 10. Hacer afirmaciones positi vas diarias 11. Gratitud expresa 12. Nutrir sus sueños 13. Eleva tu buen estar 14. Relajar 15. Diviértete 16. Cuida tu cuerpo Entonces, dilo de en vez en cuando, “Yo me amo”. ¿No se siente bueno? Lo más que lo digas, mas vas a aprender a amarte. A veces gente nunca se dan cuenta como son valorados hasta que se valorizan a ellos mismos, entonces ten un buen pensamiento sobre usted. Yo me amo y ustedes deberían de hacer lo mismo para ustedes también.



Friday, February 26, 2010

Check out our thoughts on creepy chat sites: Chat Roulette


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Get Your Grammy On... Anyone? Morgan Babbs A&E Editor

in the

Party UFO

Left to right: Marisa Bonahoom, Jonny Stein, NIkki Margallo, Ben Lim, and Morgan Babbs party it up on the moon

Morgan Babbs A&E Editor Miley Cyrus won’t be joining us in our Party in the UFO. The third dance of the year is an exclusive Bearcat event, that is, unless you are brining a guest. Taking place March 11 from seven to ten in Mateo’s Small Gym, Morp will really be out of this world. The theme is “Space Jam: Party in the UFO,” and could not be more perfect for the setting. Traditionally, Morp is intended to be the opposite of Prom. In fact, it spells Prom backwards. Morp is causal attire, and girls ask boys to the dance. Space Jam was once our favorite


movie back in the spin off of Miley Morp day when Michael Cyrus’ song “ParJordan was still a ty in the USA.” Space Jam: star. Our dance is No one should be Party in the UFO taking place in outer crazy enough to space- perfect for March 11, 7-10pm bypass a party in this season’s “in” an Unidentified SMHS Small Gym metallics and seFlying Object. quins. The theme Just this past could not be more year, Morp was Ticket Sales fitting; in fact, Space moved to the Jam, although referSmall Gym. Last March 10-11 ring to outer space, year, many people is about basketball. $8 PAL, $10 Standard were discouraged We’ll be right in the change Leadership Window by style rockin’and and chose not to jammin’ in the Small Gym. To further attend. This was a major mistake fit the theme, “Party in the UFO” is a because last year’s Morp was a huge Daniel Choi of the SMHS Dance Team

Which Bearcats Have Morgan Babbs A&E Editor

With fiery passion and unmatched talent, a select few Bearcats will take the stage next Friday in San Mateo’s second annual Talent Show. Associated Student Body Vice President Madi Boggs has joined with Human Rights United leaders Vita Zakhu and Mina Nilchian to produce the show, with the proceeds benefitting the One Dollar for Life Foundation. Commonly known as ODFL, the foundation uses donations for a wide variety of infrastructure projects in third world countries. With your minimum five dollar donation to ODFL for admittance, you’ll see a wide variety of talents that

Talent Show

Friday, March 7, 7:00 pm, SMPAC Minimum $5 donation for admittance Proceeds go to ODFL Foundation


success for all that attended. The Small Gym is evidently spacious; so you don’t have to worry about cramped, hot hotel dance floors, and the lighting greatly befits the atmosphere. With this year’s theme, decorations are bound to be mind-blowing. It would be a crime not to attend. You wouldn’t pass up a chance to travel up to space for just 10 dollars! Dance Commissioner Nikki Margallo and the rest of the leadership class have been working hard to put on another brilliant event for the year. Tickets are eight dollars with a PAL sticker, and ten dollars without, and will be sold starting March first in the Leadership Room window.

Talent? students, and a few teachers, have been practicing for for around a month. It’s the perfect opportunity to support talented bearcats, and donate to a fantastic cause. The Talent Show is hosting around 20 acts. No matter what your interests are, it is guaranteed to entertain. Furthermore, the Talent Show has done an excellent job in showcasing the diversity of San Mateo, with, for example, two Chinese songs. Returning from last year is singing star Jasmine Martinez, and guitar player and singer Megan Lagapa. New additions to the show that absolutely not to miss are Danny Qare’s band, with original lyrics, the string duet of Michael Wu and Josh Chiu, and the guitar duo and vocals of Luis Salas, singing “Wonderwall.” People from all over the county flock to the school to see Mateo’s talented students, so this is not an event to miss! Plus, for the price of a simple admission ticket, you can save a life. MARC STANLEY/ FLICKR

Every year we are awarded the privilege of seeing captivating and outrageous (Lady Gaga) musicians come together to receive awards, give kick-ass performances, and deliver programmed speeches about their gratefulnes. The Grammys were mind blowing. However, if it weren’t for the spectacular performances by such artists as Beyoncé and Pink, the Grammys would be quite the opposite of mindblowing. Beyoncé rocked the theatre with her flawless choreography and powerful vocals with “If I Were a Boy” in her metallic, spiky dress accompanied by a soldier ensemble. Topping that, Pink, who picked up no awards that night, gave the most stunning performance of the night performing trapeze, belting, and raining with her skimpy, glittering “outfit,” to say the most. However, one group failed to shine on stage, regardless of how flossy they sound on the radio. The Black-Eyed Peas were a major disappointment. All of them were off beat and off pitch, clearly out of breath, and Fergie sounded like a man; I’ve never heard a more terrifying chant of the days of the week. Sure, they had plenty of energy, and they sound good in the recording studio, but it was proof of how fake some big shots of the music industry really are. Taylor Swift, a multiple award winner of the night, including Best Album, also disappointed. Her new, slow rendition of her popular song “You Belong With Me” was hardly crowd-pleasing. Although audiences were excited to see her perform with Stevie Nicks, it was obvious that their voices did not mesh well at all. Lastly, my favorite moment of the night was when Justin Bieber and Ke$ha graced us with their presence. Although their songs are the epitome of high school dance, they are hardly worthy to be invited, let alone present, at a so-called “A-list” event. When Ke$ha loses the tacky dollar sign and achieves as many worthy hit songs and albums as U2 or The Beatles, then I’ll accept her presence as the Grammys. Until then, as a public figure she needs to clean up her hair, and stop pouting her lips out after every word she says. Just remember, January 31 was your only night to boss around a rock band!! As for Bieber, maybe we’ll see where he is in a couple of years…the Spears or Lohan path, or the Child-Star-ThatGoes-In-A-Good-Direction-Path…? Wait… Well, that was the one night whem the music industry got to showcase its talented and not-talented, also known as the mixing and recording studio talented. In fact, maybe next year they should have an award for “Best Music Mixer Who Makes Fergie Sound Normal When She Recites the Days of the Week.” Until then…


Friday, February 26, 2010


Get Visually Assaulted...on Chat Roulette Aurora Kasten A&E Editor


eeling lucky? Chat Roulette is a new internet phenomenon that connects users with a random stranger via webcam. Stranger #1 doesn’t interest you? Just click “Next,” and you’ll be hooked up with another stranger. Each stranger provokes different reactions: disgust (warning: you may see full frontal male nudity), hilarity, and sometimes a real connection with another person looking for a relief from their boredom. Chat Roulette allows for ultimate freedom. You can say and do whatever you want, without fear of negative consequences. The anonymity of the site is perfect for people who feel restrained by society’s social standards. But is it all fun and games? Although the site has a warning that states “You must be 18 or older to use this site,” the rule is completely arbitrary as there is no way of monitoring it. Children who stumble upon the site could very easily become victims of cyber abuse or be confronted with obscene images. For adult users the repercussions are less sinister but still have an impact. Many chatters use


Above: A more tame image seen on Chatroulette- the site comes equipped with all the usual dangers of online chat rooms.

the site as an open forum for spouting racist, sexist, and other prejudiced beliefs. When you’re separated by thousands of miles, it is sometimes easy to forget that the user you are chatting with is a real person, however far away they are. On Chat Roulette, we become the people we’re afraid to be in public: bigots, attention-seekers, and exhibitionists. What are we looking for? And is Chat Roulette really the way to find it? In this day and age, exhibitionism is far more common, though in many instances subtler than flashing a stranger on a bus. The popularity of websites like MySpace and Chat Roulette show that people just want attention, and in some cases will go to extreme lengths to get it. But is an online flirtation with a handsome stranger really the kind of ego boost you want? As soon as the screen goes black, your ego boost is gone and you’re back to square one. Humans have always looked for cheap easy thrills. Today you can find them on Chat Roulette, where fleeting satisfaction is just a click away.

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Monica De Leon

11th Dimension Julian Casablancas Love’s Not A Comptetition (But I’m Winning) Kaiser Chiefs I Want I Want Digitalism Walking On a Dream Empire of the Sun Wonderlust King Gogol Bordello Bulletproof La Roux Heart in a Cage The Strokes Tiger Mountain Peasant Song First Aid Kit (Fleet Foxes Cover) I Heard It Through the Grapevine Marvin Gaye (Gorillaz Remix) Strawberry Blonde The Subways


Global Music Tunes Out From the Mainstream Hsin-May Tsiang Staff Writer

Foreign music is definitely not part of American mainstream culture, but many people at our school still listen to music from different countries. European music, especially music from England, has always had a large presence in American culture. Music from Asian countries, most notably South Korea, China/Taiwan, and Japan, has always been popular among the Asian population of the school and has recently been spreading to more audiences. Also, Latin American music is very prominent at San Mateo High, most likely due to presence of a large Latino community. Recently, Korean music (Kpop, Krock, etc) has become increasingly popular at San Mateo High. One such band is the five person hip-hop boy band, Big Bang. In the early days of their career, Big Bang’s music was predominately hip-hop with occasional R&B influences in their songs. However, with the release of their

mini-album (a smaller album with approximately six songs) Heaven, the group started branching out and experimenting with electronic music, helping set a new music trend in Korea. Among their most prominent songs are “Lies,” “Last Farewell,” and “Haru Haru (Day by Day).” Another band is Girl’s Generation, commonly referred to as SNSD, the acronym of the group’s Korean name So Nyeo Shi Dae. This nine-girl was formed by SM Entertainment. Their biggest hit is “Gee,” which broke several records, including longest-running #1 song on KBS (Korean Broadcasting Station)’s Music Bank at nine weeks total. Taiwanese music, also called Mandopop, which is in Mandarin, has always been popular among the Chinese population of the school. Fahrenheit, a boy band consisting of four members, has rapidly gained status as one of the top bands in Taiwan. After the release of their first album, their fan base spread from Mainland China and Taiwan to include the entirety of Southeast Asia.

Long-Term Care Insurance Annuities and Life Insurance Tony Morin CLTC Regristered Representative #0C74852 Direct: 650 759 4328

Main: 650 341 5050

Overseas fans from North America and Europe are also becoming more familiar with the group. Fahrenheit’s songs mostly fall into the bubblegum pop, which is light hearted and energetic, and pop ballad categories. However, they also have R&B, pop rock, and rap songs. Fahrenheit’s fourth album is expected to be released in August 2010. One of the most popular and successful singers in the Mandarin music market is Jolin Tsai. Jolin Tsai has had many number one singles and has won many awards. One of her albums, Dancing Diva, sold over 2 million copies in Asia. In Japan’s entertainment business, Johnny & Associates is a talent agency that trains and promotes groups of male idols, commonly known as ‘Johnny’s.’ Johnny & Associates basically reigns over Japan’s entertainment industry. The company recruits boys anywhere from age 9 to age 17. They are then trained in dancing and singing. All groups from the company have been at the top of the music charts at

some time or another and many of their groups have continued success. Some idols even become famous actors in addition to being singers. Among their popular bands are Tackey & Tsubasa and KAT-TUN. Tackey & Tsubasa were very very popular for a long time, but they have not been mentioned as much lately. KAT-TUN is Johnny’s most record breaking group of artists. With just their debut, their releases topped all three Japanese music charts. They also became the first artists in the millennium top the Japanese music charts for three weeks straight. European music, although not quite mainstream, has always had a presence in the U.S. music industry. One of my favorite bands from Europe has always been the English alternative rock band Thirteen Senses. In the UK, several of their songs from the album The Invitation have reached the Top 40. Another European artist that I recently was introduced to is French R&B singer Sheryfa Luna. Several of her songs have reached #1 in France,

and her self-titled album peaked at #3 in France and is certified gold there. Her single ‘Il Avait Les Mots’ is one of my favorites. Well know especially in France, Carla Bruni spends her time recording albums when not busy as Sarkosy’s wife, and first-lady of France. Her three albums feautre songs in English and French, one of which, “Quelqu’un M’a Dit” was featured in the soundtrack of (500) Days of Summer. Fans of Norah Jones, and Corinne Bailey Rae may find Bruni’s music satisfying to their taste. For all of those students in SMHS Spanish classes, it’s time to broaden your horizons from just Juanes’ “La Camisa Negra”. Music fron Spain sounds very similar to many alternative American bands. Lovers of female vocals, inticate guitar sounds, creative lyrics and an overall energitic feel should check out both Amaral and La Oreja de Van Gogh.As far as males, The leading, almost too popular Spanish band with over four albums is El Canto del Loco.


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Math Team Multiplies Their Way to Victor y After competing at the National Assessment Testing Competition, Math Team becomes 23rd in Nation Vikash Morar Staff Writer

Feb. 26

3-10 PM

Winter Colorguard Show Mar. 5 7:00 PM

Talent Show Mar. 18

OPEN HOUSE Mar. 19 Minimum Day


Mar. 29-April 23

STAR Testing

THE SAN MATEO HI AT YOUR SERVICE Subscriptions: Changes of address and subscription requests can be made by e-mailing Rachel.Londer@thebearcat. net.

The San Mateo Math Team finished twenty-third in the nation in the National Assessment Testing competition. The National Assessment Testing is just one of the leagues that the team competes in. Ms. Cintas, the leader of the Math Team describes this league as, “one of our most difficult leagues.” She is very proud of the team for coming in twenty-third in the competition. Many people are wondering how good being twenty-third is. The Math Team has done better than twenty-

third in other competitions and even in the same competition in the past, but twenty-third is still considered a very good ranking. There are many other competitions that the Math Team still has to compete in, so they are very hopeful for the year. The most prestigious competition of all is the American Math Contest. The team has gotten through the first round of this competition, and they are going to enter the second round. If you are interested in joining the Math Team, all you have to do is join the group for the Math Team on SchoolLoop. To join this group, simply ask Ms. Cintas to add you to it.

Students Tired of Testing Angela Dai Staff Writer According to the California Department of Education website, the purpose of the CAHSEE is to “…significantly improve pupil achievement in public high schools and to ensure that pupils who graduate from public high schools can demonstrate grade level competency in reading, writing, and mathematics.” But does the test really do so? All public school students in California are required to pass the CAHSEE, along with other graduation require-

ments, to receive their high school diploma. This test should identify students who do not have basic, essential-to-life skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. The two-part CAHSEE is taken in the span of two days. All SMHS sophomores took the English-language arts section on Feb. 3. This section includes both reading and writing, covering vocabulary, comprehension, literary text analysis, writing strategies, and writing conventions. Students must write an organized essay as well. “I think it is a complete waste of time. We missed class to take such a pointless

Facebook Ignores Reports of Minor Abuse

ADS: Buy an ad to support our program which nurtures the free exchange of ideas on campus, promotes an intellectual climate, and fosters future journalists. Pay only $7.50 per column inch to reach over 1400 students and over 200 subscribing families. Requests for advertisements can be made by e-mailing Rachel.Londer@thebearcat.

just a joke: Numerous students made comments objectifying and ridiculing the victim’s body. Of the malicious comments, some claimed they wanted to take pictures to post online, while others admitted discussing the girl’s body with their parents over dinner. Some comments show concern. One member said she had “reported this entire page [and various posts] to Facebook,” and admonished the page’s creator, calling the page “vicious, hateful, spiteful, and ugly.” Although it is relatively easy to push the “report” button, few people know what goes on after a group is reported. Facebook’s administration was contacted four times for more information, but didn’t not respond to any of these phone calls, or subsequent messages., a website set up for the prevention and recognition of cyber bullying was then contacted. We were briefly able to speak to a spokesperson, after being told to email her assistant at a later time. “It is considered cyber-bullying,” admitted the spokesperson, who also works for a committee that advises Facebook on these issues. But she gave no other comment after hearing a description of



Recycling old newspapers is one of the easiest ways to help the environment. To increase the supply of recoverable wood fiber and to reduce the demand on the world’s landfills, THE HI urges our readers to recycle.

FACEBOOK, from page 1

Marijuana Superstore Opens POT, from page 1 to determine if they can legally grow pot for medical reasons. Another interviewee Marci Stone said “ The doctor will be able to write prescriptions and issue a legal identification card. The ‘grow squad’ are staff members who will be able to answer any of the customers questions as well. They can even answer questions if you are interested in growing marijuana in your closet or bedroom. In 1996, voters passed Proposition 215, the California Compassionate Use Act. The California Compassionate Use Act “makes it legal for patients and their designated primary caregivers to possess and cultivate marijuana for thier personal medical use given the recommendation or approval of a California-licensed physician,” according to California NORML Patient’s Guide to Medical

By following the team on SchoolLoop, you will know when the competitions are. Any member of the team can attend any competition, and the team consists of whoever shows up to a certain competition. Usually, 30 to 40 students show up to each competition to represent the team, but the number varies by the league. The Math Team never practices for its competitions, which makes it more amazing that it does so well. In the fall semester, the Math Team would practice after school once a week on Monday. And even before that, last year, the team used to practice in tutorial. However, this year, they


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Friday, February 26, 2010

Marijuana. “ We ’ r e “This new excited that superstore iGrow was born in the is the epicenter of the cannabis first of its movement,” kind.” Dhar Mann, th e o w n er, told KTVU. “And we’re even more thrilled to see the strong support that the City of Oakland and the community has shown us for the grand opening of our new business.” This new superstore is the first and largest of its kind. According to Cannabis News, “The new store is being called ‘The Walmart of Weed.’ It also sells everything you need to grow weed, but not the herb itself.” This store is limited to the growing of weed for medical patients only.

the fan page. According to Facebook’s own policy, the communication can be considered cyber-bullying if “The communication uses lewd language,” and if it “plants statements to provoke third-party stalking and harassment,” like in the case of the fan page. Facebook’s blog on cyber-bullying prevention urges users to use the “report page” function, but little information is given on what happens next. It says merely that Facebook will “investigate the issue and make a determination as to whether or not the content should remain on the site based on [its] Terms of Use”. No information regarding the time it takes to process a request is given. The first report was made to Facebook on Feb. 12. As of Feb. 24, the group is still up.

exam. I mean, I usually enjoy days off, but this was an exception,” said sophomore Shan Zaidi after the first day of testing. On Feb. 4, the sophomores took on the mathematics section. This part covered topics ranging from sixth grade math to Algebra 1. Although students were given the entire day to complete the task, most finished it within one hour. “It was so easy!” some sophomores exclaimed in the halls afterwards. Juniors who took the exam last year complain about it too. Many say that it does not accurately measure how much a high school graduate needs to know. “A lot of it is just pure common sense! It doesn’t even test any concepts that require some form of thinking,” said junior Eric Tsai. Others support the law. “I actually enjoyed the CAHSEE. The writing section was a good creative outlet for me. I got to write about my friends,” said junior Hsin-May Tsiang. Some freshmen are worried. “I’m scared that I won’t pass it. It looks like so much to study for. I hear the test takes eight hours in total! I’m nervous,” one freshman said. They shouldn’t fret. The school administers a practice test before the actual CAHSEE to predict how students will perform. Those that need help are placed in CAHSEE tutorials. Then when it comes to the actual test, most students pass. Last year 89% of the sophomores in the SMUHSD passed on their first try. Plus, there are more chances to take the CAHSEE before it comes time for graduation.

are not allowed to practice in tutorial, and the Monday practices have been cancelled. Ms. Cintas comments, “Our most avid competitors study on their own.” Ms. Cintas has been the leader of the Math Team for around five to six years and she encourages students to try out for the math team. She wants everyone to understand that you do not have to be a genius at math to join, and that anyone who likes math can join. Ms. Cintas concludes, “I am very proud of the team. The team is succeeding in many other leagues. I encourage more students to join and encourage the Math Team.”

School Costs Are Rising Fast EDUCATION, from page 1 District, according to our superintendent. College-bound students here have mixed feelings about the increased cost of education. “The UC fee hike is unfortunate, but considering the benefits and opportunities of a UC education, it may be the best way to continue to fund state education,” senior Chris Keefe pointed out. “The fee hike from every student avoids laying off valuable professors and cutting extracurricular activities and opportunities like internships and study abroad. “The UCs are adapting to a new situation, and they are being as reasonable with students as possible without making widespread detrimental sacrifice. The real fault lies with the California State Assembly in their continuing inefficiency and lack of financial foresight.” Around 26-percent of the $20 billion spent each year by the UC system comes from the state’s general fund and tuition and fees paid by students. The tuition should raise $505 million for the university system. Of that, about $175 million will go to financial aid for students. “The budget increase is a little daunting, but I don’t think that will be keeping me from applying there,” commented junior Christy Huey. “If students don’t do our part, I’m afraid California’s education system will soon be gone. But I still hope the fee stops rising!”


Friday, February 26, 2010


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Dons fend off the Bearcats Badminton prepares to smash opposition Matt Tsubota Staff Writer The Bearcats at the Aragon quad game tried their hardest to win in a rematch. Before the game, captain Raymond Chen spoke for the team expecting,“ I am mostly looking for revenge.” In the first period of the game, when the ball was thrown up for the start of the game, the Bearcats immediately grabbed the ball away from the Dons. After the ball was in play for the first period, the score was neck and neck Aragon 10- San Mateo 8. Trevor Meacham was the leading scorer for the Bearcats in the quarter. After play resumed in the second quarter, Aragon stole the ball away from the Bearcats, putting them up by five. However when George Naufahu went in, he brought the team back in the game. At halftime the score was Dons 20- Bearcats 15. When the Dons came out of their locker room they were pumped up for the second half They had the lead and the spirit of the Aragon fans was

Angela Dai Staff Writer

high. Even though San Mateo did not have the lead, we still had great spirit to pump up the Bearcats. After, Tu’u Liu was on fire on offense and defense. However, the Aragon team used plenty of subs to keep their players fresh. With that it tired the strong Bearcats out of energy and put them down by a lot. At the end of the third period, the score was Dons 43- Bearcats 27. The last quarter of the game was the chance for the Bearcats to turn things around. Coach Hudson wanted his starters to rest on the bench, so then he put in Shunsuke Kikuchi to take that ball back and turn the game around. Fortunately he did take the ball back and assisted Marcus Pollard to put some points on the board. Kikuchi taught these Dons a lesson with his mad speed and skillful dribbling down the court. When the end of the game came down to the last minute, Chen fouled out so Darren Fong was put in to turn things around with the score being 49-41. San Mateo could not hit its threes at the end, and the Dons made their free throws to make the final score Dons 53-Bearcats 41.

It’s that time of year again, where we dust off our badminton rackets with the white feathers on our birdies! The San Mateo High School badminton team is back and larger than ever. Composed of over 30 dedicated Bearcats, the team is training hard. “A lot of people don’t think of badminton as a sport, but they don’t really

2010 Winter Olympics celebrate competition despite tragic death of Georgian Luge Athlete Shawn Yang Staff Writer Shredding on the snow is just a part of life in Vancouver! That’s why they picked Vancouver to host the 2010 Winter Olympics. Countries from all over the world go to Vancouver to enjoy the scenery and tour around Vancouver. Some of the popular sports the Winter Olympics will be hosting are alpine skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey and luge. Alpine skiing, an invigorating way to exercise, and also a dangerous way to ski, is basically skiing downhill. Although a lot of the European countries will be competing in this event, even some Middle-East countries, such as Iran, will be competing in this event. Marjan Kalhor will be the first Iranian Woman to compete in the Canadian slopes. Every two years, new young faces shine through at the Olympics and break boundaries. Speaking of boundaries, snowboarding, another challenging sport will not have as many countries as Alpine Skiing. This sport mostly consists of American boarders, like the famous Shaun White, the “Flying Tomato.” Although snowboarding is fun, you

Another season of boys’ golf is launched into the sky! Although golf is not a major sport among teens, the golf team encourages everyone to join. Players such as Justin Wong, Harry Su, and Bruce Zhang are pumped up for the upcoming season. Wong, a first year player, wishes to improve over the season. Mr. Ikeda, the biotech teacher and golf coach, says that he wants to be competitive this upcoming season. Even though this is the first year for Wong, he is clear on what he wants. He also has a general understanding of golf. On his first day of practice, he realized that “golf is fun because I’m playing with friends, and we never argue.” Despite being new to golf and being a freshman in high school, Wong hopes that he and his friends will get better over the season. Michael Asuncion, on the other hand, is an experienced

freshman golf player and he says that in order to play golf, you need to have good clubs, brains, and patience. Speaking of brains, Mr. Ikeda says that golf is all about being consistent and controlling distance and accuracy. Even though he is both a teacher and a coach, it doesn’t stop him from teaching the sport he loves. “My favorite thing about coaching is working with kids in a different capacity outside of class and doing something they enjoy.” He also thinks that everyone can succeed if they put their mind to it. He thinks that some of the best players on the team are Shashank Sanjay and Harry Su. Some of the places the players practice and play at are the home course Poplar Creek, Crystal Springs, Mariners Point, and the Burlingame Country Club. Even though practice is supposed to be on the driving range Justin Wong explains, “Most of the time we play on the course.”

“Playing badminton for me isn’t about winning or losing it’s all about having fun,” said Jodi Sato, the cocaptain of the team. “We train hard. The game is so fastpaced, and the players must have quick reflexes and functioning hand-eye coordination. If one of those ingredients is missing, you lose,” said coach Ron Koko, before the badminton season games commence.



Boys golf swings for the tee Shawn Yang Staff Writer

know what goes on on the courts. For those of you nonbelievers, just come challenge the coach,” said sophomore Justin Lee. Any badminton player must also be extremely intelligent. To be able to predict where the opposing player will whack the birdie takes incredible experience and skill. Not only does one have to be strong, one also has to know the correct technique. There’s a lot to it: footwork, racket angling, etc.

have to know your limits. Snowboarding has emerged from a fad several years ago to an Olympic sport, showing its explosive growth in popularity. One of the competitors, Danny Davis, did not compete due to a quad-bike accident. Accidents have been happening all over. Recently, Georgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, died after a horrific crash on the Whistler Sliding Centre track on the morning of February 12. The 21-year-old’s death raises questions about the safety of the track. After Kumaritashvili’s death, Olympic officials raised the walls on the turn where he lost control. They also moved the starting point up to decrease the speeds of the lugers. These are only three of the many sports that will be performed. The fabulous opening ceremony occurred on February 15. In over a two-week radius, all of the sports will be finished by February 28, when the closing ceremony happens. A cherished event, the 2010 Winter Olympics is a way to connect to the world. It is also a time to reminisce the past year with your family and friends. So, during these two weeks, take some time to watch the 2010 Winter Olympics.





F 2/26

Sat 27 Baseball vs. Gunn 2pm


2 Baseball vs. Sacred Heart Prep 3:15pm


4 Baseball vs. Woodside 3:15pm





10 Baseball @ Half Moon Bay 3:15pm

11 Swimming vs. Jefferson 3pm


13 Baseball @ Menlo-Atherton 2pm


16 Baseball vs. Terra Nova 3: 15pm


18 Baseball vs. Valley Christian 4pm Swimming vs. Terra Nova 3pm


20 Baseball vs. Sacred Heart Prep 11am

Records as of 2/24

Boys Basketball (6-16) 1/26 vs. Hillsdale L 39-65 1/29 vs. SSF W 56-36 2/3 vs. Jefferson L 41-56 2/4 vs. Aragon L 41-53 2/10 vs. Woodside L 46-55 2/12 vs. Hillsdale L 35-44 PAL Playoffs 2/15 vs. Half Moon Bay L 41-62

Girls Basketball (12-17) 1/26 vs. Half Moon Bay W 59-50 1/29 vs. SSF L 51-61 2/2 vs. Jefferson W 52-45 2/5 vs. El Camino W 50-31 2/9 vs. Westmoor W 52-49 2/12 vs. Half Moon Bay L 46-55 PAL Playoffs 2/15 vs. Capuchino 2/16 vs. SSF W 53-40 2/18 vs. Terra Nova L 40-68 2/23 vs. Notre Dame-San Jose L 46-58

Boys Soccer (5-11-3) 1/27 vs. Burlingame L 1-2 1/29 vs. Woodside L 1-3 2/3 vs. Carlmont L 1-4 2/5 vs. Hillsdale W 5-1 2/10 vs. Sequoia T 0-0 2/12 vs. Terra Nova L 1-3 2/15 vs. Menlo-Atherton T 1-1 2/17 vs. Burlingame L 1-2

Girls Soccer (15-1-2) 1/26 vs. Jefferson W 6-0 1/28 vs. SSF W 6-0 2/2 vs. Mills W 4-0 2/4 vs. Capuchino W 1-0 2/8 vs. El Camino W 6-1 2/9 vs. Half Moon Bay T 0-0 2/11 vs. El Camino W 6-0 2/16 vs. Westmoor W 5-0 2/17 vs. Westmoor W 1-0 2/18 vs. Jefferson W 7-1 2/24 vs. Leigh L 1-2


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Friday, February 26, 2010



It’s all about the girls in CCS Girls basketball and soccer both earn spots in CCS Playoffs Talia Gurevich & Matt Tsubota Staff Writers

Basketball San Mateo’s girls varsity basketball has gone very far this season. They have played well and qualified for CCS. Their first CCS game was on Tuesday against Notre Dame-San Jose. Notre Dame is one of the tougher schools to beat, but Ms. Dinges, the coach was confident. Unfortunately, that confidence did not translate to the court, as San Mateo lost 58-46. The team did very well, with a record of 12-16 this season. Although their CCS run ended quickly, most of the players are returning next year to build on this year’s success. The team’s standout players were junior Grayce Ujihara, a three-year varsity player, team captain, and leading scorer; Jane Hafoka, a power forward who dominates the paint and pulls down the rebounds; and Alena Simon, a freshman who played well on varsity. Ms. Dinges is very happy about the team’s effort this season. She says, “I’m very proud of their hard work throughout the season, especially the effort they put in during league play.”

This great photo of senior Lila Cantor(left) after a header was featured in our favorite local newspaper, the San Mateo Daily Journal

Raymond Chen leads the team both on and off court Matt Tsubota Staff Writer Star player Raymond Chen uses his mad speed to steer the Bearcat basketball team to victory. His attitude toward his team and the sport of basketball is very excited. On the court he doesn’t just give the team points on the board, he also gives great advice to his fellow teammates while on the bench. While he rests on the bench, he starts up the “Defense” chant to motivate whoever is on the court. He doesn’t just look at himself as the single player on the court to move the ball. He says, “they give me the ball when I am open and when I get the opportunity to take the shots.” Everyone works together on the court to help each other and make each other look good. He describes his team as “a talented team” and says “the number of players doesn’t matter.” With a talented team, we could still bring our record back up and pass the team into CCS. Overall, Chen is a vital asset to the team that continues to provide the team with great enthusiasm and spirit. He injured his ankle at the end of the Woodside game trying to lead a combeack. The Bearcats missed his hustle in the last couple of games, showing he is a important part of the team.


Raymond Chen swishes two free throws after a South San Francisco foul.

Marcus Pollard shows deadly accuracy from threepoint line


Jonathan Mou Staff Writer COURTESY/ THE ELM

For the first time in many years, girls soccer has gone undefeated, and they hope to continue winning in CCS. Their record is 15-1-2. From the beginning of preseason to now these 22 girls have been the queens of the hill. After a decade of being pushed to the bottom, San Mateo is now at the top and climbing. By winning the Ocean Division this year, the team will move up to the Bay Division, where the returning players hope to continue their success. On Wednesday, these girls played in the Central Coast Section playoff game at home against Leigh. In a close match, the team lost 2-1. “We have a very good team. They’re young,” San Mateo first-year coach Orhan Muratoglu told the San Mateo Daily Journal, adding his team has only three seniors. With great confidence coming from the head coach of the Lady Bearcats, he finds them unstoppable. Junior Kaitlyn Turtletaub was a prolific scorer this season before injuring her knee. Even without her strong scoring, the team continues to score many goals, beating Jefferson 7-1 without her. Freshman goalie Karyn Jacobs and the defenders hae done an outstanding job this season, keeping the opposing teams from scoring in many of their games. The team’s combination of strong offense and stout defense has allowed the girls to go undefeated in league, and even though they lost in CCS, this young team will return next year to continue winning.


Shannon Wischer prepares for a corner kick

Track team prepares to take off this spring San Mateo possesses lots of talent, and several freshmen, such as Larry Campbell, have the potential to get moved The gunshot starts the race, and our up, according to Margallo. Bearcat runners are ready to cross the Megan Villanueva, the most talfinish line as the track ented female runner on season begins. Our con- “We’re gonna varsity, believes that fident seniors are ready “we have a strong girls to make CCS and make make CCS, team.” Megan strongly all the opposing teams states that “we’re gonna for sure” eat their dust. make CCS, for sure,” -Megan Villanueva, Emil Margallo, one of and that they will all Team Captain these confident seniors, perform spectacularly predicts the team will “go far, if not in the upcoming open invitational. further, than last year.” Despite the Spring has the most sports of all the fact that the track team is still in need seasons, and track is definitely one of of more athletes, Margallo believes the most competitive ones. Running that the current runners will definitely takes endurance, and our track team make CCS. Through a harsh month is definitely strong in that. of conditioning, there is no doubt With the upcoming season, our that they have put the time in to make Bearcats are ready to run into CCS CCS. and make it to the championships. The The track team has always been track team encourages new recruits, so better than most. They made CCS last lace up some running shoes and join year, and they can do it again this year. the team!

Jonathan Mou Staff Writer

The basketball season has come to a close, and our star shooting guard, Marcus Pollard, has much to say about it. Despite the 6-16 record, Pollard believes the team has come a long way. “Everybody has definitely improved throughout the season,” says Pollard. The team worked hard both in the off-season and the actual season, but they were unable to make CCS. Even though wins were scarce, Pollard believes that the team “did well.” After all, winning isn’t everything, as the team played hard throughout the rough season and performed to their maximum potential. Being a co-captain, Pollard has definitely helped everyone on the team to push themselves 110% and improve their overall abilities. Along with co-captains Raymond Chen and Nate Clemens, Pollard helped keep the team’s morale up during the games. On the bench, the players would do “Defense” chants to encourage the players on the floor to play hard. During time-outs, Pollard talked to the team to calm them down and keep their heads up. As the seniors depart next year, the juniors will have a chance to step it up and play more during games. “Juniors should do well next year if they work hard,” explains Pollard. There is no doubt that our varsity will play even harder next year. The Bearcats had a bumpy season, but the players played hard and gave it their best, and that’s all that matters.


Marcus Pollard goes up for a layup over a Sequoia defender

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