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Application for 2010-2011 Enrollment Why Journalism?

When a high school junior entered San Mateo High’s journalism program, he admitted he “wasn’t sold” on taking a serious role in school journalism. However, he knew he wanted to become “a more organized, more coherent, and more experienced writer.” Also, he said he wanted to experience the process of publishing a newspaper so he can influence his peers in a positive way. Most students come to the Journalism program with similar goals. And most students go home, as he did, wanting to take on a larger role in the journalism class and wanting a future career in journalism. This upcoming school year a handful of Bearcats will be immersed in the same challenges: creating news media, exploring the world of ideas, and maximizing the power of free speech. The program takes place in a work-room setting–a community of writers and thinkers–where students learn by doing and by careful evaluation of their own work.

Educational philosophy

The program is designed for students who wish to become better writers and editors for print, online, or video. But the program is broader than a workshop for high school journalists. You’ll study journalism from “an insider’s perspective,” learning from top-notch section editors and a distinguished advisor, who was a professional journalist for 20 years. The training you will receive in writing clearly, concisely, and accurately will serve you for years to come, no matter what career or concentration you wish to pursue. Also, you’ll be working for our district’s best high school paper, The HI, or its planned magazine offshoot.

About SMHS Journalism

San Mateo High School’s journalism program, established in 1922, is one of the oldest high school journalism programs on the west coast for outstanding high school students. Depending on scheduling, 38-70 students will enroll in either Journalism 1-2, or Advanced Journalism. Students affectionately identify with the program and its publications and represent a significant subset of our school community.

Course Offerings

-Class sessions dedicated to sharpening journalistic skills (writing news and feature stories, editorials, and video scripts; editing stories others have written; write headlines; designing newspaper pages; and reporting the news). -Monthly sessions with advisor on a oneto-one basis to evaluate and analyze writing assignments. -An oppurtunity to take part in one of the Bay Area’s best high school papers, The HI or to help launch its magazine offshoot.

Admission Procedures To help ensure you land a spot in our program, you should -Complete the attached application -Attend the Journalism information session mid-March (Date and Location TBA) or if you are currently enrolled in middle school, attend the Journalism talk during open house. -Meet a standard of character, dependability, and intelligence. Admission is competitive; Application and other additional materials are due by Mar 1, 2010. San Mateo High Journalsim does not discriminate or permit discrimination by any member of its community against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, parental status, age, or disability in matters of admissions or in the educational programs or activities it operates.


San Mateo High

Journalism Program -Application for Admission-

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Which journalism class are you interested in? ❒ Journalism 1-2 ❒ Advanced Journalism Do you wish to take on the role of an Editor? ❒ Yes ❒No *If yes, you must complete #3 and 4 (see below). Are you interested in an interview? ❒ Yes ❒ No *If you are applying for an Editor position or Advanced Journalism, you are required to check yes. Which of the following are you most interested in? ❒ Publications ❒ Video ❒ Web Journalism ❒ Business Management What academic courses are you currently taking? ________________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _____________ ____________ What academic courses will you be taking next year? ________________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _____________ ____________ Are you involved in any extracurricular activities? If yes, please list them out and also list time dedicated (hours/week) _______________________________________ ________

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In addition to the information requested above, you must: 1. Attach a writing sample (ex. an essay you’ve written for English class) that shows us your writing ability. 2. Return all materials to us by April 16, 2010, addressed to: Patricia Fergusson *Or you may deliver your application directly to the SMHS Journalism Journalism Box 506 N. Delaware St. San Mateo, CA 94001 [Optional] Also highly recommended that you : 3. Write an statement on why you’d like to be in the journalism program and attach it to this form (150-300 words). 4. Ask your current English teacher, or journalism teacher to send us a letter of recommendation that gives us an estimate of your talents or abilities in journalism and writing. The letter also should discuss your personal characteristics, such as initiative, reliability, leadership and ability to work with others and attach that letter this form.

For questions regarding your application, call (650) 773-8289 or e-mail


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2010-11 Journalism Application  
2010-11 Journalism Application  

Do you want to join our outstanding journalism program? Then fill out this application to ensure that you get a spot, as competition is fier...