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or me there aren’t many things in life that feel as relaxing as a long soak in a bubble bath, and many others agree. A look through the history books reveals the ritual of bathing can be traced back for centuries. The oldest bath tub yet discovered dates back to 1500BC, it was made from fired clay and was discovered in Knossos, Crete. In Roman culture bathing was one of the most common daily activities and became a communal activity. It is said that Cleopatra, the Queen of ancient Egypt, took baths in donkey milk to preserve beauty and the youth of her skin. Whilst donkey milk bath soak is not a popular choice today we do spend a fortune on products that will enhance our bathing experience. A recent survey revealed us Brits spend over £600 million on soap, bath and shower products each year. The latest research shows that baths in particular are not only a great way to unwind they can also play an important part in boosting our immune system. Warm baths between 90-95F or 32-35C open the pores and encourage sweating which helps to release toxins. Warm baths can also help lower blood sugar levels, relieve painful joints and muscles. 3-5lb of Epsom salts mixed into bath water can be a great tonic to soothe aching muscles. If you need help sleeping, try lavender oil which is well known for its sleep inducing properties and has a sweet, relaxing fragrance. If you prefer taking a shower, you may want to consider switching to a filtered showerhead. They can be more expensive but help to remove chemicals from the water, like sulphur and chlorine as well as reducing bathroom scale (the hard, filmy residue that the minerals in water leave behind).

bath and crumble this macaroon-shaped bar under the tap for some serious indulgence. With moisturising Fairtrade, Organic cocoa butter and shea butter, Yuzu And Cocoa has a moodbrightening colour and scent thanks to a blend of citrus oils, with a chocolatey undertone. All those gorgeous butters get to work feeding your skin as you soak, while the citrus oils pep up your mood. RRP £3.95 |

INTERGALACTIC BATH BOMB If you fancy being energised - the Lush Intergalactic bath bomb is an awesome mix of refreshing peppermint with neon colour with popping candy- Such fun! RRP £4.25 |

While most people prefer a hot shower, warm showers are less harsh for your skin, and cold showers offer benefits like increased circulation, invigorated mood and improved skin and hair qualities. To get some of these benefits without feeling freezing throughout your shower, douse yourself in a quick cold rinse before you step out of the shower to wake your body up. Here are some of my favourite tried and tested bath and shower products to brighten up your bathtime.

WILD ROSE CREAM BATH FROM WELEDA This sweet smelling bath cream creates a luxurious bathing experience, with precious fragrant natural oils and extracts of roses. Beautifully perfumed damask rose helps induce inner relaxation, balance and harmony. Organic wild rose alongside a base of olive and jojoba essential oils combine to intensely nourish the skin. Emerge from your bath silky soft, fragrant and with an intense feeling of well-being. 100ml RRP £12.95 |

YUZU AND COCOA BUBBLEROON When I want to give my bath or shower a boost the Lush store is the first place I visit, it feels a bit like being in a sweet shop with so many gorgeous handmade bath and shower products to choose from. For those times when you need a bit of comfort, instead of reaching for a sweet treat, run a

07958 651329

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FAIR SQUARED BODY SCRUB COCONUT Fair Squared offers a gorgeous range of beauty products that contain Fairtrade ingredients and do not include any nasty chemicals. The range is cruelty free and suitable for Vegans. I am obsessed with coconut oil and use it to moisturise my face and body and even to remove eye make-up. I love the Fair Squared coconut body scrub for the bath or shower. This gentle scrub soothes the skin. The high quality oil nurtures and moistures the skin whilst coconut flakes gently buff away dry skin. Stimulating micro circulation leaving your body soft, smooth and glowing. RRP £12.95 250ml |

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Beacon Magazine Issue 73  

September/October 2016 Wedding Special - A local Leicestershire publication

Beacon Magazine Issue 73  

September/October 2016 Wedding Special - A local Leicestershire publication