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M I L I TA R Y Presents

Surf Festival

NOVEMBER PIER SPECIALS Shrimp and Grits - $19.95

Sweet potato and Parmesan grits served with sautĂŠed shrimp and Cajun gravy.

Seafood Tatchos - $13.95 Tatchos served with seafood, pico de gallo and lime crema.

Shrimp Burger - $16.94

Savory shrimp burger served with dark ale and cilantro remoulade.

Space Coast Boil - $23.95

Garlic herb broth with boiled potatoes, sweet corn, shrimp, mussels, scallops and clams.

Enjoy a Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner at the Pier! Adults: $24.95 Children (Ages 10 and Under): $10.95 Seconds are on us!

Regular full menu also available.

401 Meade Avenue | Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 | 321-783-7549 |

MKTG 114024

Oceanview breakfast served on boardwalk daily 8:30 to 11 a.m.

Southeastern Honda Brevard’s #1 Certified Pre-Owned Dealer

APR 1.99% Financing *

*1.99% APR for up to 36 months for well qualified buyers on select Honda Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. See dealer for financing details.

3125 US Highway 1, Palm Bay, FL 32905 Just 1 Mile South of 192 Causeway, 20 minutes from Patrick Air Force Base

Eau Gallie Causeway 192

Southeastern Honda A1A

US 1


321-984-4224 •

Pineda Causeway

EDITOR’S NOTE Remember to draw out the creative soul within you. Dig deep and express what moves you; what gets you out of bed in the morning. We are all capable of beautiful, expressive art. Art is subjective. That means whatever you consider art, is art, and no one person can dictate whether it’s truly “art” or not. Make it, support it or inspire it. Be someone’s muse or someone’s medium. Travel places to find it. Talk about it. Do whatever you can to be a part of it. You are an inspiration, each and every one of you, to the gifted visionaries that surround us. “We all start out knowing magic. We are born with whirlwinds, forest fires, and comets inside us. We are born able to sing to birds and read the clouds and see our destiny in grains of sand. But then we get the magic educated right out of our souls. We get it churched out, spanked out, washed out, and combed out. We get put on the straight and narrow and told to be responsible. Told to act our age. Told to grow up, for God’s sake. And you know why we were told that? Because the people doing the telling were afraid of our wildness and youth, and because the magic we knew made them ashamed and sad of what they’d allowed to wither in themselves.” - Robert R. McCammon, Boy’s Life I lifted this quote from the back of a flyer from Bula, a kava bar in downtown Cocoa Beach. I found it laying on the counter of Wahoo Coffee, randomly placed, just for me to find. It moved me and I wanted to share it with you. Because that’s what art does, it moves you and then inspires you to share it with others. I hope you enjoy this month’s publication.

Sharon Lacy

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C O N T R I B U TO R S P OT L I G H T GARY PROPPER Mentor, muse and friend, Gary Propper swept into our lives with all the ferocity and movement of a Category 5 hurricane. A badass surfer from the 1960s, Gary hails from Florida’s coastlines and is recognized in the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame. Not only has he mastered the curves of ocean’s crests but channeled his passions into a variety of business concepts which has lead into a life very well lived. VOLUME 13/ISSUE 6/NOVEMBER


M I L I TA R Y Presents

Surf Festival

We could go on and on about the careers he helped skyrocket to fame, but we won’t. Not that he doesn’t deserve the accolades, as he is a man well worth his weight in gold. We, however, wish to illuminate what a cool cat he is and how much we appreciate him sweeping into our lives and opening our consciousness to the greater possibilities. Propper, as of recent, tossed the collective of Beachside Media into his creative machine in an effort to help us seek new business ventures. Gary Propper’s enduring wish is to, with our help, create something which will leave this world a cooler, happier place. His stories are as wild and free as his spirit.The road to success is often marbled with challenges and opposition. Like a Godfather with the purest of intention, Propper has taken our hands and continues to lead us down a path illuminated by him.

ON THE COVER Created by David Rothman, a celebrated local artist whose works are splashed on the walls throughout our community, “New Sun,” a 36”x48” acrylic on canvas, was inspired by our local culture, ecology and Indigenous narrative. Rothman suggests this work is a “loose interpretation of local local tiki carving legend Wayne Coombs’ art.”

COMING UP NEXT... DECEMBER 2018 HOLIDAY ‘Tis the season! Regardless of religion or creed, December is a time for goodwill. It also happens to be a time for Surfing Santas! In the Holiday Issue, we’ll talk gifts, events, and about peace on the Space Coast.


WRITE FOR US The Beachside Resident is a media company for, about, and written by beachside residents. We’re looking for talented, passionate writers. Articles need to be topical, contain 500 words or less and include photos. We’ll reference your blog, business or social media pages in your article. If you prove you have what it takes, we’ll pay you. Grab your moment in the spotlight, feather your resume, and let your voice be heard. If you have an opinion, internet access, and the ability to tell a story...

Email us at or Call: 321 613 2158 N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8


Craig Harriman EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Sharon Lacy MULTI-MEDIA MANAGER Courtney Wolfgang ACCOUNT MANAGER Amanda Dreyer ASSISTANT TO THE EDITOR Matt Herold CONTRIBUTORS Becca w/ the Good Hair “The Russian” Beachside Radio Whitney Bailey David Rothman Suzanne Elliott Lulu Van Nordstrom Misti Blu Day McDermott Samantha Gallo Steve Hauser Callie Boyer Gary Roen Greg Rapp Cocoa Beach Reggae The Shark Tank Ruth Nelligan Summer Cowhig A D V E RT I S I N G & C O N T R I B U TO R DECEMBER DEADLINE NOVEMBER 15, 2018 S T R E ET D AT E NOVEMBER 30, 2018

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MONEYTALK By Steve Hauser


rt has been a part of our culture from the beginning of time. It defines us as people. As an investment, I think it’s priceless. If you have the means, support our local artists and buy art that makes you happy. Down the road, should it become valuable, that’s a bonus. Last month, we covered the need for insurance and emergency funds before investing, a brief history of the stock market, and how the role your broker plays when you buy or sell sets the stage for our various investment choices. Nearly everything roots back to stocks, so it’s here we begin. Stocks, by themselves, are far too risky. It’s so easy to diversify your portfolio with mutual funds and ETFs (Stock Exchange-Traded Funds) that we should only buy individual stock under special circumstances and in limited quantities. Buying stock means you’re buying a piece of a company. The stock price is determined by supply and demand. If there is demand for shares, the price will go up. If sellers start dumping shares and there aren’t enough buyers, the stock price will fall. The number of shares issued during the IPO, or initial public offering, is basically what trades every day. If you take that number and multiply it by the price per share, you get that company’s total market capitalization. In the future, we’ll talk about large, medium and small cap stocks. It’s simply a fancy way to describe big, medium or small companies. The price of a stock is based on future earnings expectations. If a company is coming out with new products that are big sellers, their stock price should be on the rise. If a company makes replacement parts for 8-track players, well… you get the picture. Comparing a company’s stock price to its earnings gives us a P/E, or price to earnings ratio. Don’t be overly concerned with the math but know the lower the P/E ratio, the better, and it’s a good way to compare companies in similar industries. It wouldn’t make sense to compare a computer maker to a restaurant chain. The P/E ratio is only for companies with earnings. If a company loses money every year, they won’t have one. Send questions and comments to: spacecoastmoneytalk@gmail. com

Check us out on

@thetinyturtle | CATERING AVAILABLE

Mon-Thurs 11:30am-8:30pm Fri & Sat 11:30am-9:30pm Sundays 11:30am-5:30pm NOVEMBER 2018





Don McCully Surfside Theatre should be heavily promoted.

Tricia Lynne Gragg


Chriscoral Ahola

Lindsey Evon Hoffman

Joanne Weiner

Gina Koch

Scooter Newell

Suzanne Taylor

Raelene Longenecker

Hogiefest (We didn’t know what that was either: all classic 10-inch hoagies, including breakfast, cold and hot varieties, are $4.99. It’s seasonal. And now you know, too.)

Randy N Annette

Scooter Newell’s Cocoa Beach Memes


Brevard Symphony, Orchestra performances, all the local community theaters, ie, Cocoa Village, Titusville. We are always amazed at the breadth of musical selections offered, and the amount of talent in our community. And we really enjoy feeling like a part of the community when attending the concerts.Very reasonably priced, as well!

Not so much an event but White Sands Buddhist Center is amazing! Run by volunteers and donations from the public.

You want real CB Culture? COCOA BEACH MEMES N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8

If you’re looking for culture go to Orlando. Art galleries, museums, fine dining, great shopping. Need I say more?

I’m sure you are familiar with EGAD? The constant promotion of all forms of art! Music, art, performance art, murals, comedy...Derek Gores, Standard Collective, Little Latitudes, Foosaner... hard to be specific because there’s just so much!

Roderick Fields Cocoa Village Playhouse performances.

Cocoa Beach Art Show and Port Canaveral art shows the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Space Coast Veg Fest 2018. I went to it last year when it was in Cocoa Village. It’s just got a lot of great vendors and it’s a great place for people that are vegetarian or vegan to see what businesses around the area offer things for them.


“Chuck Jones: A Flurry of Drawings” By Hugh Kenner 97805220087972, $34.00

The works of Chuck Jones and the other contributors to the Warner Brothers cartoons play on television sets somewhere in the world everyday, but what do many of us know about the creators? Hugh Kenner delves into one of the creative forces behind the studio in “Chuck Jones: A Flurry of Drawings.” He exposes the competition between Disney Studios and Warner Brothers, many of whom are behind the works, and stories of how many of the characters came into being. “Chuck Jones: A Flurry of Drawings” is a fast paced, well-written story that is for anyone who loves the work of the Warner Brothers animation studios.  A note of warning is in order, however, because it can be difficult to locate a copy in stores. I recommend Google, or I was lucky enough to find mine at a thrift store for a fantastic price.

“A Gal’s Guide to Becoming Happily Unsingle” Kimi Ayers 9781943789245, $13.95

“A Salute To Our Veterans: Vignettes of Those Who Made The Difference 1939 – 2000” Irene J. Dumas 9781412071307, $15.50

“A Salute To Our Veterans” deals with many different wars our veterans have been a part of, from W.W.II to Desert Storm/Desert Shield. Dumas even includes a story from the British Royal Navy. Many of the stories are told by the veteran him- or herself about their time in the military and, if relevant, actual combat experience.  Others are told by the author who reveals a lot about the people who make the world a safer place to live. The flow of reading can be a little difficult to follow at times, but even with that problem “A Salute To Our Veterans” is a wonderful tribute to the many men and women who get very little recognition for what many take for granted.

Photo by Byron Cisneros

Kimi Ayers uses her own experiences of finding true love to help others find happiness in “A Gal’s Guide to Becoming Happily Unsingle.” She discusses different types of dating people frequently use, places to meet another person, ways to stay safe while trying to find your soulmate, and what makes a good relationship. Unlike many in the field of relationships, Ayers provides many easy-to-use tips on finding the right person from the perspective of someone who isn’t a therapist.  Even the title portion “Happily Unsingle” should attract people because of its clever, witty use of language.




The Power Of Art

By Ruth Nelligan

The artist Michael Moffett, longtime resident of Cocoa Beach, is well-known in our local community, but if you are new to the area, let me introduce you to the man behind the art. He is called controversial, a provocateur, a “shock artist;” his work has been labeled disturbing, violent, erotic and macabre. Yes, he is a Vietnam Veteran with the diagnosis of PTSD, and that experience has been the impetus behind much of his work, but don’t categorize him as a Vietnam War artist. Michael Moffett’s art encompasses a wide range of political and societal themes in addition to war. Depending on our own personal backgrounds, his images can evoke uncomfortable emotions, but they also serve to ignite difficult conversations in the public arena, both of which are needed to illuminate darkness in order to promote healing and understanding. Although Moffett began working in bronze sculpture, winning many awards along the way, his creative ideas are depicted in multiple mediums: painting, plaster and silicone castings, and extraordinary multi-media sculptures. At his Downtown Cocoa Beach studio, the artist Michael Moffett is casual, relaxed, humble, and generous with his time, despite telling me he is “always working.” The fact that he has “ten ideas in progress right now” gives insight into the extent of his passion. When I asked about his motivation, he answered, “It’s what I do. I’m an artist.” He admitted, half-jokingly, “I do it for my sanity.”

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12 N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8

FISHING REPORT @allwateradventures @AllWaterAdventures


Captain Greg Rapp What did the fish say when he ran into the wall? “Dam!”

at all to move around more than once or twice. The numbers game is just having everyone drop chicken rigs with small pieces of squid and cut fish. You will need to stay

November can be a very unpredictable month. It can leave you like that fish, “Dam!” or it can leave you like “Oh, daammm!” If we are blessed with calm seas and moderate winds, November can be as bountiful as Grandma’s kitchen table on the 22nd of this month. The 90’ to 120’ reefs will hold a variety of pelagic species for those who like to troll live bait. You can expect good numbers of king mackerel with a steady hodgepodge mix of cobia, blackfin tuna, dolphin (the fish), wahoo and sailfish. The key to success with live bait trolling is first and foremost finding the live bait. “Pogies” or menhaden, cast netted along the beach or threadfin herring sabiki rigged on the buoy chains will be your baits of choice. Find clean, green-to-blue water between 70’ and 120’. Now you have to locate the mackerel. The best way to locate mackerel is to fish the clean water, preferably over natural bottom. Give it 15 minutes with the live bait and see what happens. If you are not catching mackerel, then make a move north or south in one-mile increments. Repeat this until you find them. Once you find the mackerel, that will be where you find everything else in the mix. One of the very best ways to have plenty of fish to eat once you get tired of turkey is simply a numbers game. Try chicken rigging or Hi-Lo rig fishing artificial and natural reef bottom between 70’ and 120’. Find a section of the reef that marks up lively on your bottom machine, set anchor and spend the day. There’s no reason


Captain Alex Hughey vigilant because grunts and other small reef fish will keep you busy, however before you know it you will see a few keeper vermillion, lane, mutton, mangrove and even yellowtail snappers. Porgies, seabass, triggerfish, almaco jacks and banded rudder fish will also be in the mix. At the end of the day if you fish steady, you should have a great catch. Always have a spinning rod ready with a cobia jig because they are notorious for following stringer fish to the back of the boat. Also, keep a float line out the back with live bait of any kind because all that bait will get the attention of any blackfin tuna in the area. The ocean will need a solid three or four days after any large swell to let things settle and the water to clear up. When and if that happens, the fishing will be good. If that doesn’t happen just say “dam!”

This past month has been some truly incredible fishing! From bull redfish and black drum on the flats to snook fishing around the inlets, it really couldn’t have been much better! The redfish bite has been getting better and better with fish ranging from 15 to 30+ pounds. These fish have been roaming the flats along sandbars and drop-offs pretty much all day, but the best bite has without a doubt been early in the morning and late in the evening. They can be caught using large topwater plugs, swimbaits, and chunk baits such as ladyfish, mullet and even pinfish. The black drum bite has slowed a bit, but they are still around. Blue crab, or a rotten shrimp fished on the bottom around the bridge fenders and dock pilings simply can’t be beat.

Anglers can find all three species taking refuge in deeper troughs, residential canals, and then pushing into the shallow water, sandy flats come mid-day. Typically, I like to get on the water between 8am and 12pm this time of year for the best bite. Bouncing small artificial baits such as a 3-inch Gulp shrimp on a 1/8 oz Mission Fish’n Jig head off the bottom or a live shrimp fished freelined are two best bets. All Water Adventures, located at Sunrise Marina behind Grills in Port Canaveral, offers the full spectrum of on-the-water activities. Each trip is run by full time guides of our family owned businesses. They have a love and passion for the area and what they do. If you want to get on the water for some fishing or just relaxing, then give them a shout. 321-222-7511 -

This month we usually start to see some cooler temperatures. With that being said, we are going to experience some change. Expect to see less tarpon and snook roaming the flats as they begin to move into their winter hiding spots. On the bright side, this time of year all three drum species, redfish, speckled sea-trout and black drum, tend to pick up. NOVEMBER 2018



Ocean 302 If you are tired of the same old, same old, then rest assured: you’re not alone. I recently went in search of something different; a new perspective on traditional dishes, something that was grounded in the familiar but explored the boundaries of flavor and texture to a degree that could be called Art. I was not disappointed. From the description, to the presentation, to the harmonious combination of flavors that each dish was exquisitely prepared with, Ocean 302 promises a culinary experience like no other. Located at 302 Ocean Ave. (where have I heard that before..?) in Melbourne Beach, expect upscale quality food with an open kitchen and a casual, relaxed atmosphere, perfect for dates, get-togethers, or special occasions. The name of the game here is “craft,” as in craft beer, craft cocktails, and craft cuisine. The menu is interesting and unique, and to be honest, fairly difficult to choose from. I feel as though I could’ve closed my eyes and pointed to anywhere on the menu and been happy with whatever I received. Every time I thought I made a decision I fell in love with the next option. Our server, Stormy, had fluent knowledge of the menu. I would recommend asking your server for a suggestion if you suffer from indecisiveness as acutely as me (or convince your friend or date to share with you, so you get to try more than one entrée!). The appetizers are crowd-pleasing classics such as bruschetta, calamari, or charcuterie, and the

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Written by Callie Boyer @supercalliefragillistic salads are imaginative and could easily contend with any of the entrees for #1 spot in my belly. They offer a variety of handheld options (a.k.a. sandwiches) and brick oven pizzas so tempting they’ll make you consider taking one home for leftovers. Let it be known, however, this place is known for their melt-in-your-mouth 21-day wet aged steaks, available in three different cuts and weights (filet mignon, New York strip, and ribeye). If you’ve been feeling a bit anemic, or maybe you just need to treat yo’self, the steak is the only way to go. While there is something for everyone on the menu, perhaps you are more interested in a one-ofa-kind dining experience. Introducing “The Chef’s Table,” an opportunity to have the chef curate a four- or six-course pre-planned meal and wine pairing especially for you and your counterparts. A true characteristic of any great restaurant, in my opinion, is the ability to accommodate and anticipate guests and their needs. Ocean 302 has come up with an ingenious solution to provide their guests with a unique culinary venture that they can get nowhere else. Concurrently this is ideal for guests with food allergies, sensitivities, or preferences, or who cannot or do not want to make up their own mind. Imagine arriving at the restaurant, being led to your own special table right within view of the kitchen, and having the Chef personally introduce, prepare and explain

The Power Of Art

The quality of his art is undeniable. For one of his most provocative works, the iconic sculpture titled “Portable War Memorial”, Moffett used a silicone mask mold of his own face in creating the two riveting characters in this piece. Seen close up, anyone can appreciate the realism, the anguish in the contorted faces of the veterans he depicts in the wheelchair and on top of the tank. Referencing the individual in the tank holding a gun pointed at his head, I asked Moffett if he is concerned that it might inspire suicidal tendencies in vets with PTSD. “No, I hope it will start the conversation to prevent it,” he said. The power of Michael Moffett’s art is in the dialogue it triggers among those of us affected by violence. Check out MoffettArt. com for more visual proof and see for yourself. Better yet, catch the Special Exhibit “Soldier’s Home: Veterans’ Art in Central Florida” at the Art & History Museums, Maitland, before it ends on January 7, 2019. 14 N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8

each dish and wine pairing that was curated especially for you. Sounds ballin’, right? It is. If you’re looking for somewhere fresh to impress your date, or you just need to give your taste buds a tune-up, I highly recommend checking out Ocean 302. Reservations are recommended; at least 24 hours in advance for the Chef’s table. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating, and it’s an easy place to get comfortable while still having that “special-night-out” feel. None of that would matter, however, if the food wasn’t any good. Luckily, here the food doesn’t just speak volumes, It SHOUTS them!

RECIPES By Misti Blu Day


The Art of Plant Based Diets

Mother Nature gives us the good stuff. Not only are fruits and vegetables beautiful but they fuel our bodies. Dragon Fruit: High in nutrients, fiber, minerals and vitamins, low on calories and a great source of antioxidants and magnesium. Ideal for gut health and boosting your immune system. Put it in a smoothie or with your yogurt. Star Fruit: High in vitamin C and a great source of potassium with antiinflammatory properties. Also high in fiber. These also look awesome as a garnish on a martini glass. Carrots: Rich in vitamin A. Great for your metabolism, promotes healthy skin and reduces vision problems. Reduces cancer risks and lowers cholesterol. Top carrots on your salad or sneak them into your muffins or meals. Beets: Wonderful source of fiber, C and folate. Beets have a plethora of benefits, like boosting your endurance, digestion, brain health and sexual health. Just don’t be scared when you drink a glass of beet juice and the next morning your poop turns red. It’s just the beets. Juice them or top off your salad with them. They also make a great base for a veggie burger and pair well with goat cheese. Spinach: Folic acid is a synthetic form of folate and it isn’t good for you. In fact, 40% of the population can’t even process it due to the very common MTHFR mutation, which causes many issues, including ADHD, autoimmune disorders, depression, brain fog, anxiety and more. Folate can be found naturally in your leafy greens. I put some in all of my meals and even in my smoothies. Also a great source of tons of other minerals and vitamins your body needs that you can’t get in a bag of Doritos.

Shallot Sriracha Dressing 2/3 cup of Balsamic vinegar 2/3 cup of Olive oil 1/4 cup of liquid aminos 1 lime juiced 1 tablespoon of Sriracha  1 teaspoon of ground ginger Pinch of ground pepper 1 teaspoon of garlic and parsley seasoning (or fresh) 1/2 shallot 1 tablespoon of Local honey  Combine all of the ingredients in a food processor or blender. I use my Ninja, the smaller single use container for smoothies. Blend and serve!  This salad dressing is very simple, natural and fresh. When you realize how easy and delicious making your own dressing may be, you will be spoiled and turn your nose up to the bottled dressings that have the shelf life of your grandmother. You are skipping all of the preservatives and fillers and making something that tases like it belongs in a gourmet restaurant. Go ahead, impress your friends and family with this recipe at your upcoming holiday parties. If you have someone that can’t do spicy, leave out the Sriracha. You can also throw in cashews and a little more honey. I store mine in a mason jar. You can play with different flavors by using a 1:1 ratio of oil and vinegar. Another favorite that I make is olive oil, apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, shallots, honey, ginger and garlic.



RESIDENT OF THE MONTH: Written by Samantha Gallo @samgalloart

Here in Cocoa Beach we are referred to as ‘locals living as tourists.’ This city is full of activities, love, diversity and community. Being a community as strong as Cocoa Beach allows us to develop an extension of family; our neighbors become part of our family. And with family comes constant support, dedication and memories. One of our community members who shows support in Cocoa Beach, year after year, is Marlene White. Originally from Pennsylvania, Marlene married her husband Dick in 1996. Soon after their engagement Marlene and Dick began a journey together running marathons in all fifty states, as they continue to do today. Raising their sons and daughter, and now their grandson, in a healthy and fit lifestyle is very important to them and providing the community with opportunities to be active and healthy is something they very much enjoy doing together. Having graduated with an MBA and a Bachelor of Science, Marlene has found her place in the career world as a consultant for a software company. When asked about how she finds time to be involved in her many nonprofits and activities she says, “I travel a lot but work from home when not on the road, which has allowed me some flexibility in my schedule to be involved in various community activities.” The Whites are active members of the Cocoa Beach Fun Runners/Walkers, which is a group who meets every Wednesday for fun runs around town. The grandparents also support the local Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral races by volunteering as well as participating. They annually work with the race directors of the Fall Into Winter 5k and the Reindeer Run 5k. This year they have been asked to help with the Mayor’s Fitness Challenge by recruiting and organizing fun runs. Keep an eye out for the runs scheduled and join in! Marlene is very supportive of our local high schools and making sure the students have ample opportunity for growth. She is a member of the Cocoa Beach Kiwanis, our local chapter of the international club, also acting as the Key Club sponsor from Kiwanis, helping to organize fundraising activities as well as community service projects. She also volunteers for the Cocoa Beach Junior/Senior High School Cross-Country Team. When speaking of the cross-country team Marlene tells me, “I can appreciate the hard work and effort each athlete goes through to improve, and it is rewarding to watch their progress over the years. This has also led to good friendships with parents and coaches.” In every event that the Whites volunteer or direct you can most definitely see their passion for helping

16 N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8

Marlene White

to keep our community healthy and on our feet, including our children. Motivating them to continue healthy habits is so important and because of Marlene’s hard work, there are so many opportunities for our children to be a part of active groups. While directing several races in the past, including ones for the Space Coast Runners, Freedom 7 Elementary, and many in her hometown, Marlene now directs the annual Cocoa Beach Turkey Trot 5k. The profits from the race all go back to the high school to the cross-country and track programs, and Kiwanis Foundation Scholarships for graduating seniors. For the past nine years Marlene, alongside Dick, has been the local in charge of this traditional Thanksgiving Day race. “He (Dick) does so much for the race and takes a lot of burden off me – distributing advertising, promoting the race at other races and events, visiting sponsors, hauling supplies and managing the water station. The race would not be as successful without his hard work.” She tells us that “the race also collects non-perishable food for the food pantry at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, where we are active members.” The year 2018 is the Turkey Trot’s 20th Anniversary and in lieu of this exciting year, the theme of the race will be “20 Years Having a Blast at the Cocoa Beach Turkey Trot 5k.” An exciting part of this year’s race is that every finisher will receive a 20th year commemorative medal designed by local graphic artist Kellyn Quill. Another exciting part this year is there will be the ‘Turkey Team of 4.’ This team consists of four racers, who will take turns carrying a 12-pound turkey the entirety of the race route through Cocoa Isles. Along with this funny and exciting team option there is also the Costume Parade and judging, which never disappoints with how many creative members we have in our community! From the walkers to the runners, the costumes to canine participants, the sponsors to the volunteers, the Turkey Trot truly is an admirable feat. Thank you to all the businesses who sponsor the event, as well as the students who volunteer to help make the day a success. Marlene has done, and continues to do so much for our community, and with the help of her husband they help to make Cocoa Beach what it is. We are locals who are proud of our community and are so proud to call The Whites one of ours. So if you see her on the street be sure to give her a Cocoa Beach high five!


Pork Chop Written by Amanda Dreyer @addreyer7

Hello to cats and dogs of ALL colors!


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As you can see from my photos, I am a fur-ever young, single, albino poodle. I am a lover and like long walks on the beach… wait, wrong bio. Let’s just start from the beginning, shall we? My name is Pork Chop, but my friends call me Chops. I was saved from a ruff life by my mom, Robin, as a pup a little over six human years ago. I am now living a very quiet life amongst all the many creatures that hang out at the Ohana Pet Resort in Merritt Island. How, you ask? Well, I live in a hotel full of barks, meows, tweets, and oinks, but my days are so peaceful. Well, depending on how you see your water bowl, half empty or half full, I like to think I was born with the ability to not be bothered. Or, as my Veterinarians like to call my superpower, “deaf.” Now, don’t you feel bad for me, my life is PAWsome! While I do have many different friends to choose from in the resort, I like to think I am the ONLY butterfly in the group; a social butterfly that is. Though my natural demand for love gets me enough attention as is, it doesn’t seem to hurt that my Human likes to keep me up to date with all the latest fashions and colorful attire that make me somewhat of a local celebrity, I can’t tell you enough about how the puparazzi is always on my tail! Not only do I get to take photos with all my adoring fans, but I am also the official mascot on business cards, signs, and websites for my mom’s shop. Yes, my days are full of the Pawllywood lifestyle and faux colored fur, but my mom, who is also my best friend says that hasn’t changed my heart of gold. Along with the primping, pampering, rub downs, and resort life, my mom loves to remind me how much she loves me any way she can, and much like many of my friends the best way to do that is through the heart, which in my case is in my belly. Woofles, pupsicles, Bark-B-Q, or pup-corn, any and all are pawsitively delicious and accepted at any time of the day. So, if you’re in the area and need someone to give your love and affection to, feel free to come visit me! I’ll be the one working hard as ever to keep my bed from getting cold! TO NOMINATE YOUR PET, EMAIL US A PHOTO AND TELL US WHAT MAKES YOUR PET SO SPECIAL: STAFF@THEBEACHSIDERESIDENT.COM

Please call the office to set an appointment


Ocean Landings Resort MM24975 900 N. Atlantic Ave Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Holiday Inn Club Vacation Resort MM14723 1000 Shorewood Dr. Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

$20 off

1 hour massage

One time use only Coupon MUST be presented Cannot be combined with any other coupon

Please call the office to set an appointment


Ocean Landings Resort MM24975 900 N. Atlantic Ave Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Holiday Inn Club Vacation Resort MM14723 1000 Shorewood Dr. Cape Canaveral, FL 32920


$20 off

1 hour massage

One time use only Coupon MUST be presented Cannot be combined with any other coupon



Standard Collective, Eau Gallie

Nov 3, 9am-3pm Satellite Beach Founders Day, 1089 S. Patrick Drive in Satellite Beach, Join the City of Satellite Beach and the Satellite Beach Women’s Club as we celebrate our Annual Founders Day and Marketplace, featuring more than 100 craft and specialty vendors, flea market and bake sale at the DRS Community Center. The community will enjoy a parade of local clubs & groups. The parade steps off promptly at 11am from the Delaura Middle School parking lot off Jackson Ave., winding through SB Streets ending up at the DRS Community Center, where families can enjoy various kids’ activities in addition to the marketplace.

e d i s t r

Nov 17-18,10am-5pm 22nd Annual ArtWorks of Eau Gallie Fine Arts Festival, Eau Gallie Arts District, 321-242-1456,, The ArtWorks Festival is a ‘plein-air’ show in Melbourne, FL which takes place in the historic district of Eau Gallie. All artists exhibit their skills with public demonstrations. Plus, live music, food vendors, and fun activities for the whole family.

A 18

Nov 17, 9am-4pm 25th Annual Fox Lake Christmas Festival of Crafts, Fox Lake Park,Titusville 321-264-5105, Our 25th year! More than 250 crafters will have their handmade items for sale. Concessions will be available for purchase and the event is free to attend.

Nov 23, 5:30pm-11pm, 24-25, 9am-5pm Cocoa Beach Art Show & Music Fest, Cocoa Beach,, The Cocoa Beach Art Show is the place to be Thanksgiving weekend in Cocoa Beach! Always located in the heart of beautiful downtown Cocoa Beach, the whole family will enjoy unique art, music and food. A perfect weekend of fun and festivities! Saturday, Music until 11pm. Sunday, Music 10am - 5pm. Nov 23, 6pm-9pm “Friends and Family” Exhibit and Members Show The Studios of Cocoa Beach will hold an opening reception for their annual Members Show and “Friends & Family” Exhibit on Friday, November 23, 2018 from 6 to 9 pm. Resident artists will display the best of their current work and compete for awards including the Award of Excellence. The show will be judged by sponsor Dan Striby of Sterling Photography in Melbourne.Visitors can also vote for their favorite piece with the winner being awarded the People’s Choice Award also sponsored by Sterling Photography.

Nov 24, 9am-5pm, The City of Indian Beach Harbour Art Fest, Gleason Park,, Many vendors will display their work, which includes custom woodworking; hand crafted jewelry; photography; mixed media; acrylics; and mosaics; knitted and crochet items; sculpture and stained glass; crafts; pottery; homemade soap and much more. Come enjoy a day in the park, shop at our many vendor booths and enjoy yummy treats to eat. N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8

BEACHSIDE @ YOUR SERVICE! Owning a home (or any property) takes a lot of upkeep. Here is a sampling of some of beachside’s best maintenance and service professionals that are at your service to keep your property in tip-top shape.

1. INSURANCE | Carl Coddington Insurance “Our family protecting yours” Charles Coddington Homeowners • Flood • Auto • General • Liability O: (321) 784-5705 • 2. HANDYMAN | Gabe McTavey LLC. “Get your to-do list done!” Licensed • Insured • Commercial • Residential (914) 420-6095 3. PLUMBING | Tom Walker Plumbing Serving Brevard County for Over 30 Years Sales • Service • Installation • 24 Hour Service 102 Columbia Dr, Unit 101, Cape Canaveral 32920 321-799-0508

6. CLEANING | East Coast Gleam Team Inc. Licensed • Insured • Bonded “We outSHINE the Best, MOP up the Rest” Residential • RealEstate • Construction • Commercial 321-480-5425 • 7. POOL | Sea Clear Pool Service “Keeping your pool clean so you don’t have to.” Weekly Cleaning and Maintenance Leak Detection • Green Pool Restoration 321-759-6824 •

4. COOLING | I.C. Air LLC Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Balancing Comfort and Cost Service • Repair • Replacement 10% Senior and Military Discount 321-890-7904

8. MOBILE BOAT REPAIR | Tom’s Mobile Marine Inc. In Business for 30 Years Marine Engines • Sales and Service 4880 Cangro St, Cocoa 32926 • 321-636-5758

5. WINDOW & DOORS | Fountain Window & Door Licensed & Insured Certified master installer of windows and doors. 73 West Bay Drive, Cocoa Beach, FL (321) 783-0126 •

9. CONTRACTOR | Alron Construction LLC State Certified General and Roofing Contractors New Roofs, Repairs, Maintenance, Residential, Commercial, Insurance Claims, Manufacturer Warranty, Free Inspections 321-639-0911 • 467 Forrest Ave, Suite 115 Cocoa CCC1328819 CGC1515789





TWIN FINNEGAN’S Wednesday Game Night 7:30pm

SUN: 25 Queen Naija: The Birth of Queen Naija Tour 6pm

Friday Happy Hour 4-7pm

TUE: 27 Atmosphere 7pm



Sunday Open Mic Night 8:30-11:30pm

THU: 1 Roast of Ronnie Radke 7pm


SAT: 3 Pale Waves 6pm

Tuesday Trivia 7pm Thursday Tradition Irish Music 5:30pm

TUE: 6 Blac Rabbit 7pm


THU: 8 Aqueous: The Heavy Pets 7pm

Monday Acoustic Open Mic 7-10pm

SAT: 10 Mae 6pm

Tuesday TBA 7-10pm

MON: 12 (Sandy) Alex G: Half Waif 7pm

Wednesday Comedy Night (18+) 8-10pm Thursday Blues Jam 7-10pm Friday Jazz Jam 7-10pm Saturday Music Showcase & Events 7-10pm BEACHAM FRI: 2 Allen Stone: Nick Waterhouse 6pm THU: 8 Modestep w/ Fox Stevenson 9pm FRI: 9 Bas: Milky Way Tour 6pm FRI: 16 Magic City Hippies 7pm MON: 19 Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers 6:30pm

THU: 15 Giraffage Ryan Hemsworth 9pm TUE: 20 Saves the Day: Kevin Devine an Horse 6:30pm THU: 29 Yung Pinch- Fueled by Monster Energy Tour 7pm GRILLS (PORTSIDE) THU: 1 J & Kenny 5pm FRI: 2 Fabulous CTs SAT: 3 Derek 2pm Sonic Mole Chasers 7:30pm SUN: 4 The Kore 3pm WED: 7 Jason Domulot 6pm

FRI: 23 THU: 8 Silverstein: When Broken 15 Hyperduo 5pm Easily Fixed 5pm 20 N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8

The James Brocato Band

Sunday Sandbooze with DJ Cerino & Guests 9pm

FRI: 9 Umbrella Thieves 7:30pm

WED: 28 Honey Cutt 6pm

SAT: 10 Johnny Danger 2pm Even Odds 7:30pm

THU: 29 Allan Wood 5pm

FRI: 2 Reggae Friday w/ Musical Seduction 9pm-1am

FRI: 30 Muckfire 7:30pm

SAT: 3 Absolute Blue 9pm-1am


FRI: 9 Reggae Friday w/ Dub Masters 9pm-1am

SUN: 11 Derek & The Slammers 3pm WED: 14 Jake Salter 6pm THU: 15 Johnny Danger 5pm FRI: 16 Coco Locos 7:30pm SAT: 17 Derek 2pm Quick Change 7:30pm SUN: 18 Hypersona 3pm WED: 21 Jason Domulot 6pm FRI: 23 Hypersona 7:30pm SAT: 24 Krazy Ivan 2pm Red Tide 7:30pm SUN: 25 Tru Phonic 3pm

Every Monday Adam V 5-9pm Every Tuesday Jon Parrot or Jake Salter 5-9pm

SAT: 10 HOT PINK 9pm

Every Wednesday Jim Mitchell 5-9pm

FRI: 16 Reggae Friday w/ The 506 Crew 9pm-1am

Every Thursday Jake Salter 5-9pm

SAT: 17 Cover story 9pm-1am

Every Friday Ton E’ 12-4pm Rick Allen 5-9pm

WED: 21 Wing Eating Contest 6pm

Every Saturday Splash 12-4pm Chase Harvey 5-9pm SANDBAR Wednesday Jam Band 9pm Thursday Big Daddy Karaoke 8pm

THU: 22 ***Open Thanksgiving FRI: 23 Reggae Friday w/ Natty’s Common Roots 9pm-1am SAT: 24 Love Valley 9pm-1am FRI: 30 Reggae Friday w/ Musical Seduction 9pm-1am


THUR: 15 Jeremy Hagen 4-7pm

FRI: 2 Rocktown 6-10pm

SAT: 17 Jeff Marquis 1-4pm

SAT: 3 Teddy Henderson 1-4pm Tripp Tide 6-10pm

THU: 22 None 4-7pm

SUN: 4 Scotty Jordan 2-6pm FRI: 9 Absolute Blue 6-10pm SAT: 10 Patrick Smith 1-4pm Absolute Blue 6-10pm

SAT: 24 Kris Brocato1-4pm


SUN: 18 Smokin’ J’s 2pm-6pm

THU: 1 Jimmy Mazz 7pm-11pm

MON: 19 Nils Borregaard 6:30pm-10:30pm

FRI: 16 Kings County 6-10pm

SAT: 3 Alex Rodriguez 1pm-5pm TBA 7pm-11pm

SUN: 18 Fes Up 2-6pm FRI: 23 The Scott Baker Band 6-10pm SAT: 24 Patrick Smith 1-4pm The Scott Baker Band 6-10pm SUN: 25 Marvin Parish 2-6pm FRI: 30 Bro Code 6-10pm WESTGATE CB PIER: RIKKI TIKKI TAVERN

SUN: 4 Chillakaya 2pm-6pm MON: 5 Nils Borregaard 6:30pm-10:30pm TUE: 6 Jonathan Honeycutt 6:30pm-10:30pm WED: 7 Sean Manvell 6:30pm-10:30pm THU: 8 Joshua Keels 7pm-11pm FRI: 9 MojoHand 7pm-11pm

THU: 1 Jeff Marquis 4-7pm

SAT: 10 TBA 1pm-5pm TBA 7pm-11pm

SAT: 3 Brad Taylor 1-4pm

SUN: 11 El Dub 2pm-6pm

THU: 8 Brad Taylor 4-7pm

MON: 12 Alex Rodriguez 6:30pm-10:30pm

SAT: 10 Kris Brocato 1-4pm

FRI: 16 Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds Free show! SAT: 17 TBA 1pm-5pm Tripp Tide 7pm-11pm

FRI: 2 TBA 7pm-11pm

SAT: 17 Scotty Jordan 1-4pm Changes 6-10pm

THU: 15 Jimmy Mazz 7pm-11pm

THU: 29 Jeff Marquis 4-7pm

SUN: 11 Dana and Sharon 2-6pm

TUE: 13 Jonathan Honeycutt 6:30pm-10:30pm

Powered by

WED: 14 Sean Manvell 6:30pm-10:30pm

TUE: 20 Jonathan Honeycutt 6:30pm-10:30pm WED: 21 Sean Manvell 6:30pm-10:30pm THU: 22 Joshua Keels 7pm-11pm FRI: 23 Plush Cake 7pm-11pm Hypersona Rock Legends Photographers

SAT: 24 TBA 1pm-5pm TBA 7pm-11pm SUN: 25 Tripp Tide 2pm-6pm MON: 26 Alex Rodriguez 6:30pm-10:30pm TUE: 27 Josh Whittaker 6:30pm-10:30pm WED: 28 Sean Manvell 6:30pm-10:30pm

MAMBOS FRI: 2 Greg & Brian 6-10pm SAT: 3 Triple Play 6-10pm FRI: 9 Cash Colley 6-10pm SAT: 10 Live Acoustic Entertainment 6-8pm

THU: 29 Jimmy Mazz 7pm-11pm

SUN: 11 Zander, Dub 321 & DJ Lance O 3-9pm

FRI: 30 Them Seeds 7pm-1am

FRI: 16 Iris 6-10pm

SAT: 17 Krazy Ivan 6-10pm THU: 22 Thanksgiving Buffet FRI:23 Greg & Brian 6-10pm SAT: 24 Rocket City Unplugged 6-10pm FRI: 30 Ted Villarreal 6-10pm

NOVEMBER 2018 Photo by David Rothman



BARTENDER OF THE MONTH THIS MONTH’S BARTENDER OF THE MONTH FEATURES THE BEAUTIFUL STELLA SEARPITTA… NEWLY MARRIED AND MINTED MRS. STELLA JONES! Billy Paul could’ve written that song just for her (“Me and Mrs. Jones”)! This brunette beauty dishes up sweet smiles and strong libations, patrons be warned. She’s clever, she’s cute and she can fully inspire a hunger deep in the gut … for tasty treats, of course! Safely perched from behind one-hell-of-a cool bar, Stella tickles the fancy with her fine knowledge of Preacher Bar’s delicious dishes and adult beverages and serves it up with all the aplomb you’d expect from a nice Catholic school girl.







Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale! Which is no surprise since I am Venezuelan, and south Florida has the highest percentage of Venezuelans in the nation.

Preacher Bar is my first bartending job, and I’ve been here for almost 3 years. Prior to that, I was a cocktail waitress and I’ve also been a server since I was 18 years old. (9 years ago yikes!)

A margarita with Casamigos tequila, please! Casamigos is the Titos of tequila super smooth and delicious.





Health studies will say: rest, water and rest… I say, “Eat some bacon and keep on drinking!”

Overrated: any red drink. I’m bored of people thinking something is cool simply because it’s red. Some people don’t even know what’s in the drink, just that it’s red and sweet. Underrated: Old Fashioned. I’m not a bourbon drinker, and I didn’t think there was anything real skilled about putting together sugar and bitters (and an orange and a bourbon cherry), but after working at Preacher Bar, I have earned a new respect for the process and outcome.





“Know what’s on the menu? Me-n-u” (Insert knee-slapping gesture here.) N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8






Juicing limes. We use fresh-squeezed lime juice for our mules and that’s one of our most popular drinks, so we have to juice A LOT and limes are so small, ugh.

Every day is pay day! Tax free dough $. Networking: I get to socialize with a number of people each shift and build relationships and friendships. Also, the ability to alter schedule with short notice (in case of emergencies, of course!)

WHERE DO YOU SPEND YOUR TIME ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BAR? Radisson Tiki Bar (super hot bartender!), Dog-n-Bone, Fish Lips, Hogans and Grahams are the mains, but I show love at almost all the bars! I’m super excited for the new places getting ready to open up.




I had a pretty full bar and two people walked in. I briefly looked over and said, “Hi ladies! I’ll be right with you.” Then I walked over to them with menus and said “Sorry for the wait, ladies. How are you today?” When I looked up, I realized one of them was in fact a man… thankfully neither one of us acknowledged the “ladies” comment (that I did twice!) and continued on.







Depends on the bar and the type of clientele the bar is attracting. I’m pretty social and outgoing, so mostly everyone who comes to the bar knows I’m married within .2 seconds of talking to me lol, so my tip increases typically come from me being friendly, attentive and sweet. If it were up to my flirting, I’d be broke.

Pulled pork nachos and a Preacher Burger with a side of Bacon Mac-ncheese! It would definitely be my last meal because I’d explode from being so full after all that deliciousness.

To go to Italy! Come sit at Stella’s bar and talk about life or her cute, new husband. Make your way in to Preacher Bar today and say hello. We recommend the Moscow Mules. Preacher Bar is located at 8699 Astronaut Blvd, Cape Canaveral. Just in front of the Radisson Resort. Learn more and see their menu at

Do you know of a great bartender and would like to nominate them for Bartender of the Month? Email staff@thebeachsideresident. com and tell us all about them.


Nov 2, Cape Canaveral Friday Fest, City of Cape Canaveral,, Free admission, Craft and Retail Vendors, Food Trucks, Bounce House, live music, Wicked Garden Gnomes with the goal of building stronger relationships with community residents.

Nov 9 - 11, Native Rhythms Festival, Wickham Park Amphitheater, 321-452-1671,, Native American Cultural Music, Arts, and Crafts, Free Admission, Family Friendly. The Indian River Flute Circle and Native Heritage Gathering, Inc. proudly presents the tenth annual gathering of the Native Rhythms Festival.This three day festival during Native American Heritage Month honors the culture of the indigenous peoples of the Americas through music, and especially the music of the Native American Flute. Nov 9, Movie in the Park - Wonder, Canaveral City Park, 7920 Orange Ave, 7 - 10pm, Bring blankets and lawn chairs. Concession sales benefit BCSO Police Athletic League. Nov 9, 8th Annual Chili Cook-Off, Cocoa Village, 321-631-9075,, Historic Cocoa Village is hosting the 8th Annual Chili Cook-Off at Riverfront Park. Come out for a night of live music and great food. This event is kid and pet-friendly, so bring the whole family and bring your appetite. $5 Event Admission Nov 10, 7th Annual Bicycle Bar Tour for Homeless Veterans, A leisurely ride from Port Canaveral to Sandbar in Cocoa Beach and back on improved bike paths and sidewalks. 50/50 Drawing to benefit area Homeless Veterans. Other items awarded too. Co-hosted by Jennifer Taylor with National Veterans Homeless Support. Nov 10 & 11, Veterans Day Weekend Open House, Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum, Space Coast Regional Airport, Titusville, 321-268-1941, Nov 11, 6-8pm, Street Eats on Taylor Cape Canaveral, 7300 N Atlantic Ave, Gourmet Food Truck Experience! Free Admission & Family Friendly! Quarterly event with new trucks every time! Nov 11, VETERANS SURF FESTIVAL @ INTERNATIONAL PALMS


Surf Festival

Nov 11, WAR, Space Coast Harley Davidson, 321-914-9808, Nov, 12, VMC Veterans Day Ceremony, 9:30-10:30am, Celebrate our nation’s heroes with us on Veterans Day Nov 15, Salute to Our Veterans Dance, Melbourne Municipal Band Association, 321-724-0555,, Military personnel free with ID Nov 16, Cocoa Beach Friday Fest, Hosted by Cocoa Beach Main St, Inc., Cocoa Beach Friday Fest is a fun, safe festival where the Cocoa Beach community, our families and visitors can enjoy a Friday night out together. Taking place from 6 to 10 pm, this month’s party features “Brevard’s Largest Karaoke Show & Street Party” with DJ Tom. The Cocoa Beach Friday Fest takes place in downtown Cocoa Beach on Minutemen Cswy. between Orlando and Brevard Ave. Stop by and enjoy the fun of what’s become the best downtown Friday celebration in the area. Look forward to live music, food vendors, family-friendly activities and much more. Nov 17, Boom ShakaLoco, Lori Wilson Park,, Surfers Helping Kids (SHaKa) is hosting a family friendly surf social to raise money for their next humanitarian project in Sunzal, El Salvador. Nov 17, 3rd Annual Downtown Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, Melbourne Main Street, 321-724-1741,, The Downtown Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is the perfect place to explore the diverse array of flavors and cultural influences found on the Space Coast. Music and entertainment can be enjoyed throughout the festival.

Nov 18, Vegfest, Cocoa Village, SpaceCoastVegFest. com,The event is intended to be both entertaining and educational. The objective is to heighten the awareness of all things vegan and plant based, and to promote the health advantages of a plant based diet, as well as emphasizing compassion for animals and care for the environment. Nov 22, Turkey Trot 5k, Cocoa Beach,, 321-288-5388 A Cocoa Beach road race for runners and walkers through residential Cocoa Isles. Youth runs of 1/4, 1/2, and 1 mile for the young gobblers. Get your Thanksgiving off to a healthy start and create a great holiday tradition with family and friends! Race benefits the Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High School Cross-Country and Track teams and Cocoa Beach Kiwanis Foundation Scholarships. Nov 24, Shop Small Sip & Stroll, Historic Cocoa Village Association, 321-6331-9075,, Enjoy taking a nice, relaxing evening stroll through Cocoa Village, stopping by unique shops which will be open later just for the occasion. Each shop will provide complimentary wine tastings and appetizers for you to enjoy while shopping, Nov 24, Light Up Viera,, Light Up Viera will kick off the holiday season for Brevard County! There will be a magical parade full of sparkling lights, which will include professionally decorated floats, marching bands, and Santa Claus arriving on a sleigh. The parade will have a battle of the bands with local schools competing for ultimate bragging rights. The parade will begin at 6 p.m. on Stadium Parkway and it will finish at the Space Coast Stadium with festive fireworks. Nov 26, Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon, Cocoa Village,, Running Zone Foundation and Space Coast Runners are proud to present the 46th running of the Space Coast Marathon and Half-Marathon – Florida’s oldest marathon. Both races start in historic Cocoa Village and finish with a lap around the Riverfront Park amphitheater where family and friends can cheer and watch your finish. Nov 30, Cocoa Village Fridayfest , Please join us the last Friday of every month from 6:00 - 9:00 the Gazebo in the Village, Free Family Fun! Food, Vendors, Kid Activities and Live Music! 321-459-2200, business.

Nov 2-11, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Titusville Playhouse, 321-268-1125,


Nov 16-Dec 2, A Christmas Nov 2-18, Young Frankenstein, Story: The Musical, Cocoa Village Playhouse, 321-636Surfside Playhouse, 321-7833127, 5050, CocoaVillagePlayhouse. com Nov 9-18, Crowns, Henegar Center for the Arts, 321-723-8986,

Nov 30-Dec 24, The MCT Christmas Show starring Alfie Silva, Melbourne Civic Theatre, 321-723-6935,

Nov 23, It’s A Nov 30-Dec 16, Willy Wonka, Wonderful Life, Henegar Center for the Arts, The New Musical, 321-723-8698, Titusville Playhouse, 321-268-1125,


NOVEMBER Calendar of Events Happy Hour Everyday MON - FRI 4pm - 7pm SAT & SUN - 11am - 2pm FRI: 2 Greg & Brian 6-10pm

SAT: 17 Krazy Ivan 6-10pm

SAT: 3 Triple Play 6-10pm

SUN: 18 Football Sunday

SUN: 4 Football Sunday

Thursday 22 Thanksgiving Buffet

FRI: 9 Cash Colley 6-10pm SAT: 10 Live Acoustic Entertainment 6-8pm

FRI: 23 Greg & Brian 6-10pm SAT: 24 Rocket City Unplugged 6-10pm

SUN: 11 Zander, Dub-321 & DJ Lance-O 3-9pm FRI: 16 Iris 6-10pm

SUN: 25 Football Sunday FRI: 30 Ted Villarreal 6-10pm


Surf Festival

SUNDAy, Nov. 11 Veterans’ Day Weekend

7am Volunteer and Lifeguard Check-In 8-11 am Veterans’ Surf Session featuring FOX custom boards and Jetson Surf Technology

3pm-9pm Free After Party

with Zander, Dub-321 and Lance-O

MilitarySurf 1300 North Atlantic Ave. • Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

24 N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8


The Art of Reading a Swell By Callie Boyer @supercalliefragillistic

We all know how to read an app, but how can we be more accurate with our predictions? Many of us have experienced, firsthand, how fallible most weather apps are (think, 100% chance of sunshine, only to get rained on), and I’m sure many of us have been let down by the inaccuracy our preferred online surf report (oh, the FOMO!). It’s not just surfers that can benefit from reading a swell report, however. Fisherman will want to know when there’s a swell because it can dramatically affect the fishes’ underwater environment, and ergo their behavior. Large waves on the coast can potentially affect visibility for spearfishers and freedivers, as well as create hazardous conditions. Charter boats will want to avoid unnecessary roughness to keep their guests comfortable and their vessel clean (never puke into the wind!). Even a relaxing day at the beach can be ruined by a hectic shorebreak, and powerful rip currents caused by a swell. So what do we need to know if we are going to accurately interpret the information all these apps are giving us? The most important factor determining the size and quality of a swell is wind. A wave is born when the energy of the wind is transferred into water, and that energy comes up against a reef or shoreline. A swell is just a “train” of waves. The longer a wave has traveled to reach the shore, the better quality it is likely to be because it allows it time to build in size. We call these “ground swells,” as opposed to “wind swells,” which are produced locally. Wind swells are when heavy local winds comb the surface of the water and stir up short, choppy waves. The direction of the wind at the wave-break can also have an effect. Onshore winds come from behind the wave and blow the wave out, making conditions choppy and messy. Offshore winds blow towards the wave and help hold it up before it breaks. Even though the wind is credited with the birth of the wave, the best conditions for good, clean surf is a light offshore wind, or no wind at all. Other factors also influence the height and quality of a wave as well, such as which direction the swell is coming from. Just like the wind, we always identify the swell according to the di-

rection of its origin (an east swell comes from the east). The angle that the wave hits a coastline or reef will affect its shape and appearance. This means that different reefs or sandbars may react differently depending on which way the wave hits it. The underwater topography (or bathymetry, if you’d like to get technical) of certain areas may favor a particular swell direction, but behave less than ideally once the direction changes. There’s no way of knowing for sure which areas suit which direction best, but patience, careful observation, and word-of-mouth are the most surefire ways to learn. Additionally, you may have noticed terms like ‘wave height’ and ‘swell interval’ when perusing various surf reports; which may seem like self-explanatory terms, however, they can be slightly misleading. The ‘wave height’ refers to the height of the wave as it passes by offshore buoys. The swell interval is the time that it takes for the waves to pass by the buoy. A longer interval creates a large wave. For example, which would be a larger wave, 12 feet at 14 seconds, or 14 feet at 12 seconds? If you said 12 feet at 14 seconds, then congratulations! I haven’t lost you yet. The last factor to affect the surf, and occasionally our moods, is the tide. Size, quality, and speed are all affected by the tide, which is affected by the gravitational pull of the moon. The tides change from high to low roughly every six hours and alter the depth of the water on the shoreline. Tides are important in the surf because depending on the tide, certain spots that were too deep during high tide may be exposed during the low, and vice versa. Just like with the swell direction, local spots can vary greatly in quality depending on whether they favor a high or a low tide, so take note of what works for each spot. Tides affect far more than just surfers, however. Riding your bike on the beach will only be possible at low tide. Boaters should be careful not to get stranded anywhere shallow during low tide. Plus, all that movement of water is bound to affect the behavior of sea life. Take note, all my fisherman: a falling tide (transitioning from high to low) is reputed to be the best time to fish.

Inquire of


By Juliet Pomodoro Dear Juliet,

Dear Jules,

I’d me to go to yoga with her. My girlfriend keeps asking and I rts spo es hat football. She rather stay home and watch e? mis pro com d goo a be don’t love yoga. What would Bob, Cocoa Beach Dear Namaste in Bed, to up ess maven is encouraging you It sound to me like your fitn out with do ld . As a woman who cou your flexibility and unwind gs, win n dow g win plo le a T.V. whi watching grown men yell at those part in her downward dog in my advice would be to take days Sun on spa the to her and send curve-hugging Lululemons m tea with s nt each other’s face while you and your boys pai ed, have more fun without a bor ’ll You ce. sau BBQ colors and , absence said is It s. sub r you zle guz judging face watching you ! makes the heart grow fonder

Dear Juliet, I have the best boyfriend ever. The only issue is he has a crazy ex who won’t stop harassing us even after 10 years. She’s covered in jailhouse tattoos and has even threatened to kill me! She takes advantage of my man’s kind heart by guilting him to let her stay on his couch until I came along and put an end to it. Melinda, Cape Canaveral Dear Soon to be Poisoned, Sounds like this girl might be your average, run-of-the-mill, “classic” psychopath. I would advise you to choose your words and weapon’s wisely. Your man’s hostile, home-wrecking ex would love nothing more than an excuse to dethrone your rightful place as “Queen of the Castle”. Never, ever sink to levels so low you can no longer see your face in all that crystal. Her demise will be her own undoing. Karma has a boomerang effect so powerful it’s been known to slice the head off fire-breathing dragons. Protect your palace and your man with dignity; keep your boundaries firm. She will soon learn her misguided attempts to win back his royal heart are futile. Your King must also learn to never indulge her attention-seeking behavior. His one-true-love’s panties are the only treasures that should be tucked in his sofa pillows. Dear Juliet, My woman isn’t giving up the booty as often as I’d like to have it. I love her and she’s so sexy, but her love muffin is off limits. What’s a guy to do? Harry, Rockledge

Dear Harry Palms,

My man drives like a lunatic and I’m terrified I’m going to die on a grocery run to Publix. On top of that, he yells at stupid drivers like they can hear him, but I’m the only one who can hear him. How do I stop this insanity? Sincerely, Darla, Cape Canaveral Hold Onto Your Pigtails, Pumpkin! Nothing ruffles my feathers like being stuck on testosteroneinfused crazy train. Your Beauregard has a responsibility for the care and consideration of your safe transport; his rant should never be delivered to a captive audience (and by captive, I mean prisoner). It has been my experience, some men simply cannot handle their privilege. It’s time for Jesus to take the wheel, and by Jesus, I mean YOU, sister! It’s 2018, we don’t need anyone to open our doors or carry us over rain puddles, so why should driving be any different? You’re probably a perfectly safer driver, anyway, right? If his Neolithic brain can’t handle a woman of your class, start by opting to use your own transportation, or let him know you won’t be dealing with his childish outbursts. If all else fails I know a great psychiatrist who could offer some tips while you pack your things.

You your lady than you may comprehend. Perhaps there’s more going on with must be ria crite n Ofte d. bree plex com a see, my bonnie blue ball, women are very eloquently put it, is up for grabs. Deli met before the “booty”, as you so first, with est, sugg ld wou I e efor ther suit, and timing may not be your strongest in, your sheets, draw a warm bath - get setting the mood: begin by washing ar has safely erwe und your and n shor and n scrub vigorously. Once you are clea Offer the lights and turn off Sports Center. made its way to the hamper, drop your cards play you If . sage mas le gent d, your cool Countess a no-strings-attache ng. py endi right, your evening may have a hap

Hand-craft Cocktails, Wine & Full Liquor, Outside Bar, Open for Lunch & Dinner 7 days a week, Street Tacos, Seafood, Burgers, Pizza, Barbecue, Kids menu, Great Happy Hour.

1850 N Courtenay Pkwy.• Merritt Island, FL 32953

Located next to Kelsey‘s Pizza in Merritt island

321.735.4810 NOVEMBER 2018



Surf Festival

Inspired by an outstanding American hero, Travis MacCody Strong, a veteran who recently learned to surf in Cocoa Beach despite losing both legs in the Iraq War, the MILITARY SURF FESTIVAL was founded to bring a positive-vibe experience to our nation’s heroes through the healing power of the ocean and its people.

umented. Sent home to heal and restore their lives on their own, our Veterans are asked to rebuild from the rubble and mend what surgical stitches and pharmaceuticals cannot.

November is an important month for a number of reasons. The weather is changing. For some, greatly so. For Brevard residents, the tropical weather transitions just enough for us to feel more inclined to venture outdoors. The oppressive heat has subsided and we celebrate its cessation with outdoor activities, festivals and fairs. November also begins a season of gratitude. We honor family, friends and time-honored traditions. We gather with loved ones to break bread and annoy each other with affable banter. The outreach to those who are less fortunate increases. Many search for ways to give back. November begins a season for reflection in the face of yet another year closing.

During Strong’s extended visit to Cocoa Beach, a handful of locals took the opportunity to usher Strong into the ocean so mother nature could do her work. During that time, there was a generous outpouring of support from our community. This was how we came to meet Jetson Surf Technology. Though we had the brawn and skillful direction of talented watermen, there was still a larger challenge of navigating the tidal pull of strong waves. Enter Jetson and their electric-powered propulsion surf technology, affording extra power to launch into waves. For those with a handicap, this is monumental. Though not exclusively for those with a handicap, Jetson’s technology lends assistance to anyone who needs (or wants) an extra boost to get into a wave, sending the passenger gliding down the crest with the ease of a seasoned surfer.

ORIGIN STORY We are a company owned and operated by Veterans. Because of this, we have a strong inclination towards supporting military programs and initiatives, often gravitating towards them organically. When we were introduced to Travis Strong, we were gifted an extended visit wherein we were given the opportunity to introduce him to the powerful, healing caress of our ocean’s waves. Travis’ body no longer holds the shape he was born with. While defending our nation’s freedoms, Travis was gravely injured, losing both of his legs in a tragic event which changed not only his body, but the very core of who he once was. The struggles our Veterans suffer with in the aftermath of war have long been doc26 N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8


MILITARY SURF FESTIVAL Inspired by Strong’s courage to face all obstacles set before him, and powered with the technology to support him, an idea was born. We felt it our duty to honor not only Travis, but ALL our brothers and sisters in arms. With Veteran’s Day just around the corner (observed November 12th), what better way to show our support than creating an event encouraging that initiative. Thus, the conception of the First Annual Military Surf Festival, hosted by Mambos Beachside Bar and Grill at International Palms Resort and Jetson Surf Technology in Cocoa Beach, FL. November 9th begins a weekend-long event in which we, a community surrounded by all branches of the armed forces, will gather together and dedicate our time and resources to hosting a handful of Veterans for a weekend they won’t soon forget.


1st Annual

MILITARY Surf Festival

A positive vibe experience for combat-wounded veterans through the healing power of the ocean

International Palms Resort Cocoa Beach, FL

SUNDAy, Nov. 11 Our selected Veterans will be accommodated by International Palms Resort who will provide room, food and travel. International Palms pulled out all the stops and will roll out the red carpet for our heroes. Jetson Surf Technology has provided motorized boards, which we plan to utilize in escorting these men and women into the waves with the help of Ashley Nolan’s Surf School instructors. For those who wish to brave less bumpy waters, Beachside Media has partnered with Beachside Helicopters, Fin Expeditions, Rusty’s Raw Bar and H.O.T. Yoga on the Island (to name a few) so the Veterans can do as much, or as little, as they desire during their weekend respite.

FESTIVAL DAY We invite all those interested in attending the event on Sunday. This is a free event. Visitors who are interested in a longer stay will benefit from a discounted room at International Palms (just mention the Military Surf Festival). Also there, Merritt Island’s Veteran Memorial Center will be present, handing out flyers and answering questions for anyone who wishes to partic-

ipate further in their outreach and support for military Veterans.

PARTY IN THE SAND Mambos Beachside Bar & Grill will host a FREE After-Party on Sunday the 11th. The day will be pumped with rhythmic sounds and live performances from headlining artist Zander (@zanderwaves) followed Dub-321 (@dub321music, a local favorite reggae band) and Lance-O (@kulchashok, widely regarded as a top reggae DJ in Florida). Those in attendance will have a large Locals’ Market to peruse complete with art, food, clothing, accessories and various wares. Contact Beachside Media if you would like to join or be a part of our cause. We wish to keep the awareness alive and the support continued. Please join us as we celebrate these fine Americans and gather together, annually, to celebrate the armed forces. Mahalo!

By Sharon Lacy @lime_and_a_coconut

Veterans’ Day Weekend 7am Volunteer and

Lifeguard Check-In

8-11 am

Veterans’ Surf Session featuring FOX custom boards and Jetson Surf Technology

3pm-9pm Free After Party

with Zander, Dub-321 and Lance-O

MilitarySurf NOVEMBER 2018



Healing. Original. Therapeutic. Yoga

Body Art to take to Heart @Suzanne Elliott Create an attitude of gratitude for all the chances you have in life to move and groove. One of the most artistic, creative ways to get moving, awaken every cell and show appreciation for the day, is to start the day with a Sun Salute. Practiced in the morning, it relieves stress, revitalizes your body and refreshes the mind. Say Aloha to yourself by moving through a series of 12 body positions to warm up every part of your body you need to wake and shake. Sun Salutes originated from the Physical Culture of India and became part of the yoga revolution. There are many variations from different areas of India, from different types of Hatha Yoga and physical culture practices. Find one that you like doing that helps you live on the sunny-side up. Follow your heart and create an art of you and your body parts, moving and grooving. Here are a dozen steps to create a beautiful dance in or out of your yoga pants: Step 1: Salute the Sun -- Center the hands in prayer at your heart to greet the day. Step 2: Bring arms overhead sideways, connect hands in prayer; look up to the sky. Step 3: Bow to the Earth, knees slightly bent; press hands down by your feet, press head to knees, arms and legs straight; press fingertips to Earth and look forward and up. Step 4: Step your right foot back into a low lunge, hands still grounded. Step 5: Bring your left foot back and lower hips to a high plank. Step 6: Slowly lower down to low plank, elbows bent close to body; hover over the ground. Step 7: Press hands down, straighten arms, hips down, legs straight; look up to the sky. Step 8: Press hands down, lift hips up to the sky and become an inverted V.

28 N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8

Step 9: Step your right leg forward into a low lunge, hands grounded; look up. Step 10: Bring your left foot forward, both feet together; press hands down by feet, press head to knees, arms and legs straight; press fingertips to Earth and look forward and up. Step 11: Slowly stand up, look up to the Sun; bring arms over head sideways, hands together overhead. Step 12: Bring prayer hands to heart, look to your heart. Repeat. Get up and wake and shake ! Celebrate that every cell in your body is alive! Get them circulating by circulating yourself to get up and do, do more for you! GET FIT TIPS from Suzanne Elliott, MA, Ed. Fun Innovative Training offers customized personal fitness and therapeutic Yoga. FIT teaches clients how to incorporate home equipment into their fitness regimen and honor nature. Suzanne has been involved in elderly, kid & teen fitness and Team Training since 1972. She is a Master Yoga Teacher, Health Minister and Life Coach. She and her husband, Joe, live in Cape Canaveral, are involved in their city, sponsor Keep Brevard Beautiful Beach Yoga, Walks and Clean-ups, and together, own H.O.T. YOGA on the Island: Healing. Original. Therapeutic. YOGA, established 2006.


The Art of Herbal Formulation By Summer Cowhig @passiflorareincarnata

Creating an effective formula is one of the great arts of herbal medicine. The blank bottle - the herbs blended together - it is all created to be greater than the sum total of the parts. What you can do with a custom, specific and precise herbal formula is miraculous. No herb works the same for each person, and the most supportive herbs for your body are dependent on you as a whole. The only way you’re going to know how an herb impacts the state of your tissues is by knowing the energetics of your herbsone of the top things overlooked in herbal medicine. When I say the energetics of the herbs, I mean the tone, the moisture and the temperature. Herbs heal because of the vital intelligence, or the energetics, of the plant. The plants heal us through an interaction between the vital intelligence of our body as an ecosystem. There is no one size fits all kind of practice when it comes to herbal medicine. In order to create an effective formula, receive the healing benefits and avoid aggravating any symptoms, we must shift out of the modern allopathic approach.

How do you create a potent potion to best suit your constitutional needs? Besides looking at the energetics of the plants and the state of your tissues, you should look to the five elements that most of us are familiar with: Ether, Air, Earth, Water and Fire. Each represent a component of a balanced and complementary formula. First, you need a leading pair or triplet- these herbs have the broadest spectrum of actions and energetics suitable for the overall state of the person and their condition. Second, you will need ‘drivers’- these are herbs that will drive, or deliver the medicinal properties through the body. They do this by way of circulatory stimulation or sometimes they may have an affinity for a specific body part. Third, you will need to add some supportive herbsthey reinforce the leading herbs and emphasize specific actions you want to see more of. Lastly you need a corrigent, or the corrector. Most herbs can be drying in nature and these herbs act as synergists to balance and harmonize the taste or energetics of the formula. After you assemble this creation you must assess how to receive the most desired effects. How do you combine the herbs, are you going to powder them or keep them in a crockpot for a few days, or make and take a tincture? A cold or hot infusion? Different extraction methods pull different constituents. The dosage and frequency play important roles as well. In order to be sure what herbs to use, how long or how much to take, it is important to have an herbal practitioner that has a clear vitalist understanding of the constitutional and energetic patterns of tissue states as well as herbs and how they work together to bring about healing. As Mary Barnes says, “Formulation is an art deepened by intuition, experience, and relationship with botanical medicine. It is the heart of a successful practice.” NOVEMBER 2018


ned w O y l i Fam

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s t s i l a i c e p S den

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of s e r c A 2.5


o r C , s a i Plumer


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world e h t d n u o from ar t r a h t i w p garden o h d S n t a f i e G m o • our h y r o f s t c e j b Art o colors d • n a s s r e e z z i i s l i elry rt all w e f f e J l o a s e t t u n o q e P i n m • •U nviron e , y l d n e i r f niture r • Useru f n w a L and turday a S .1375 3 y • Garden 7 a 7 d . n 1 o 2 3 M 5 each • B r Open 9 o b r a H Indian m • o . c d . v l y B r e i l e l a s r u au G N r o b r 920 East E nHa N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8

u S . w w w


“THE ART OF LANGUAGE” Florida is loved for being a mixing pot of many people from around the world, with many different cultures, looks, and languages. However, this Vermontian may not have the same love after a failed attempt to rob a family owned Chinese Restaurant in Fair Haven. Reports state that after many attempts to shout, yell, and even WRITE his demands on a napkin, the three employees could not complete his order and he was forced to leave with not even as much as a fortune cookie for good luck against being caught by the City’s Police.


A man was arrested in Port Orange for stealing a forklift… again. His reasoning? He said he was tired of walking. When questioned about the forklift he said he thought it was the forklift he stole from his boss in Alabama. Turns out, in 2016 he also stole a forklift in Daytona Beach. When officers in Daytona Beach asked why he stole the forklift he said he was tired of walking.

No child, government employee, or artist gone wrong likes to be forced to clean up their own mess. A store clerk in Melbourne called the police for what she thought was a man attempting to steal food and store it in his clothes. Upon checking the aisle, the clerk did not find any of the crappy junk food stolen. However, much to her surprise, ACTUAL human feces direct from the source, the man’s pants, had been added for what he must have thought to be an abstract form of vandalism. He was not only charged for the crime and items lost, but was sentenced to his own “diaper duty.” The clerk really just wished the man had been stealing.

“THE ART OF SCIENCE” A Hawthorne, FL man drove to the local Police Station DETERMINED to press charges against another man. Not just any man, the “scientist,” of sorts, whom he believed sold him a bad batch of his “experiments.” He handed over a clear, crystallized substance to be tested and was promptly arrested for possession of methamphetamines. We suppose the lesson to learn here is to never question another man’s art.

“WOULD YOU LIKE HEROIN WITH THAT?” A Florida couple was arrested for selling Heroin out of a drive-thru window in their mobile home. Police were alerted due to drug overdoses occuring in the local area. When they arrived at the scene, they found signs used to direct people where to drive, also a sign to indicate whether they were open or closed. The police said the couple had turned a kitchen window into a drive-thru so customers would not constantly enter and exit their home, to which the couple believed would “draw unwanted attention.”

ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE A man was arrested after police discovered seven missing zoo animals inside his apartment. Police found three Florida box turtles, two red-foot tortoises, a skink and a squirrel monkey. Four more animals two gopher tortoises and two box turtles - are still missing in action. Where’s Ace Ventura when you need him?



Cocoa Beach Murals

32 N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8

Eau Gallie Murals



Melbourne Titusville Murals

34 N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8


Art is a Big Word By Dr. Margaret M. Steciuk, PMP (Better known as “Maggie” Steciuk) @steciukmargaret

Art not only describes the creative process, but the products of that process as well. Art can describe a tastefully arranged home interior; a large scale skillfully executed mural; a carefully crafted coffee cup handle; it can even describe the most dreadful of concepts: the ‘art’ of war.

Vincent Van Gough, Starry Night, 1889

Most of us apply the concept of art each day, consciously or not, by arranging a lovely meal, selecting the outfit we will don for the day, or composing photographs to share with our friends and loved ones. Painters facing a blank canvas or an empty sketchbook page may freeze up at first, not feeling their connection to creative energy, but once that first dot is made, or line is drawn, the process kicks in and a work of art eventually results. I am always eager to demonstrate the use of erasers. I keep several types in the pencil box (the kneaded eraser is always the biggest hit with the budding artists) and teach students that using an eraser is not just prudent, but often enhances the end product by helping to place lines where they best belong, and at the same time creating depth in the work and sharing a little bit of the artistic process with the audience. After all, artists such as Richard Diebenkorn (Figure 1) used line replacement as an integral part of his work, forming his super structural style, one line taken out, one placed in, another painted over and barely visible.

Richard Diebenkorn Ocean Park No. 67, 1973

Georges Braque (Figure 2), and the more renowned Pablo Picasso used lines to explore Cubism, taking the art world by surprise; while others like Claude Monet, with his palate of lavender, lemon yellow, and cerulean blue, or Hans Hofmann (Figure 3), invoked the use of color in contrast and light to create Impressionism and beyond, the Abstract Expressionist movement. Few people realize that van Gogh, also a French Impressionist, and one of the most easily recognized names in art today, struggled with draftsmanship once he had realized he wished to embark on a career as an artist. Vincent van Gogh (Figure 4) evolved into a skillful painter who could capture the French countryside or a vase of sunflowers with his thick and passionate application of paint.

Hans Hofmann, Pompeii

Georges Braque, Rhum et guitare (Rum and Guitar), 1918

Our legacy of art and art appreciation goes back to chalk paintings on cave walls, when the world was most likely a frightening place. Can you imagine the conversation (or sounds) between the first artist and his friends or family? Today we have so much to choose from; materials (including body art), subject matter, and styles that span the ages -- it is more difficult to create art because of all these choices. Artists have to look inside themselves for guidance, get some help

with execution if necessary, and I think, most importantly, find venues to share their work and effort with other artists and with the very important people who may not make art but who appreciate art.

Thank you Beachside Resident, for this issue; for focusing on local art, the foundation of our experiences and the jumping off point for young artists who want to make a career out of the creative process. In art, it is not always just about the product, but the process. Art Studio of Coquina Point, 1170 S.R. A1A, Satellite Beach, FL 32937 NOVEMBER 2018



This is your month, Scorpio, so let the creative energy flow! When you’re focused on your heart’s desire, there’s no one more determined and relentless than you. So get to work on your masterpiece!

Open yourself up to criticism this month, Taurus. Instead of being so “bull-headed,” listen to your peers and colleagues instead of shutting them down. Listen, but take critiques with a grain of salt. After all you have to be happy with what you create.

Sagittarius Get yourself together, Sagittarius! Your colors are bleeding and your frame is cracked.

Capricorn You may not be able to see the full scope of the work of art you are creating, Capricorn, but that doesn’t mean you’re directionless. Keep going, and let the work evolve and develop with you. Even the best works of art start as a blank canvas.

Aquarius Get to work, Aquarius -- the Mona Lisa wasn’t painted in a day! This could be a very creative and productive month if you step it up. There are numerous opportunities in your life to help you grow and develop, but only if you take them.

Pisces You are in a creative re-awakening and are coming into your own, Pisces. Reinvent yourself and revise your personal life itinerary. More than ever before, you need to be you and do what you want to do in your own unique way.

Aries Are you feeling a little stagnant, Aries? Then change things up. Reach out and and make new connections. While you may enjoy working by yourself, collaboration with another can lead to new creative expression.

Gemini Your social life may be marred by tension and rivalry, Gemini, but just like Picasso and Matisse, a rivalry may spur you on to greatness. Use any tension to help focus and motivate you. And who knows, maybe your rival will become your friend.

Cancer Everything looks wrong to you, Cancer, and your perfectionism wants to kick in and make everything look right. Don’t bother! There’s nothing you can do today, so relax. You’ll see things differently tomorrow.

Leo While you are normally gregarious, fun-loving and outgoing, Leo, you may be feeling more private, withdrawn, and introspective this month, which is totally fine. Give yourself a break from the spotlight and enjoy some alone time.

Virgo Lighten up on yourself, Virgo, and quit being so anal about everything. You can miss the true meaning of art if you’re so focused on every little detail. In the words of Bob Ross, “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

Libra It appears that everyone is your raving fan, and people are coming out of the woodwork to support you in making your dreams come true, Libra. Try not to let it overwhelm you, but make sure to enjoy it while it lasts.

Photo by Byron Cisneros 36 N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8






1 Swiss mountains 5 Deliver by post 9 Piece together 14 Gambling game 15 Decorative needle case 16 Sound of a sneeze 17 On top 18 Doings 19 Belonging to you 20 Review 22 Ornamental stand 24 Hubbub 25 Bearing 26 African country 28 Compass point


1 Far away 2 Unpunctual 3 Professor (abbr.) 4 HBO mob show 5 Time of the year 6 Engrave 7 Tree seed 8 Unload from a ship 9 Recipient 10 Squirrel’s dinner 11 Hoodlum 12 Cob vegetable 13 Flexible tube 21 Decrees 23 __ pong

29 April (abbr.) 32 Disturbance 33 Pulls along 35 Sign of the zodiac 36 List of highly desired guests 37 Atmosphere 38 Small talks 40 Permit 41 Courage 43 Comfortable 44 Those who make the food laws (abbr.) 45 Hard boiled food 46 Draw with crayons 47 What a mosquito

bite does 49 Pole 50 Crop 53 Heat 57 Once more 58 Black 60 Deviate 61 Gathered the leaves 62 Baseball’s Nolan 63 Self-esteems 64 Clothe 65 Gorgeous 66 Shrimp

26 Bundled hay 27 1997 Madonna movie 28 Twist the water out 29 “Remember the __” 30 __, Paul and Mary 31 Good outlook 32 Not whole 33 Female children 34 What children attend 39 Held over tradition 42 Upper body muscles 46 Nook and __

47 Crawling vines 48 Takes care of 50 Difficult 51 Seaweed substance 52 Collect leaves 53 Cajole 54 Prego’s competition 55 Take the wrinkles out 56 Saclike structures filled with fluid or diseased matter 59 Farewell


ALBUM TITLE: ZEDDEMORE One lonely night coming back from a solo sesh at Spanish House I noticed the power running out in the Combi. Aw shizzy, the fuel indicator was on E. With no coin to my name, I knew I didn't have any Monet to buy Degas to make the Van Gogh. As I slept in the front seat sniffing the fumes from my fresh ding repair from E.T., I remembered Johnny B had shot me the new Zeddemore CD. So like Black Flag, I Slipped It On In. This is Zeddemore’s debut EP, following up on the heels of the release last year of their first single "Don't Fear My Love." All of their previous bands have released CDs. Local 518, Jacie and the Knick Knacks, Grindstone, The Heart Ring, etc...You may have heard of these Renaissance Artists from Melbourne who display a musical palette not heard of in many a Starry Night. The CD itself holds together with a theme of Perpetual New-Age Romanticism. The first song, I Do, is an example of Classical Realism that reverberates with a catchy beat and instantly gets your head bobbing with a fun punk kinda feel. Fear My Love, the second cut, has a post-BSSM Chili Peppers Expressionism. If you didn’t know better, you might think that was Flea plucking the bass, but no, it’s local pride Brian Roberts. This is followed by Break Through, which captures essences of Rage Against the Machine in an Edvard Munch Fauvist style. The vocal range of Bradley Burton is the vocal equivalent of Pablo Picasso, but I assure you he will never be called an assho. Another head-banger for sure. The fourth cut, Taboo, starts out with a Fishboneesque groove that melds into a world of its

own. The Photorealism is evident as he sings of getting crazy; it had me ready to cut off my ear and mail it to Romeo Pomodoro. This song will really take you into another realm. Alex Petrosky on the drums is phenomenal. Road to Redemption, the final cut, starts out like a cross between a sci-fi movie and some old Kraftwerk, then melds into some Transcendentalist plane that makes you feel like you are floating into a galaxy far away. The Guitar work by John Bridges is incredible and compliments the other band members well. These guys play together like a well-oiled machine. The only bad part was at the end of the last song I feel like I just bought a Banksy, only to have it shredded before my eyes, because I just wanted the CD to keep going and going and giving me more and more. But do not fret, like a Robert Mondavi Special Reserve 1997 or an Opus 1, this libation will age well and gets better with time. The more I play it, the more I like it. It is actually my favorite CD right now. So go ahead and grab a copy. At five samolians for a download, you won’t go Baroque like I did. And if you see me sleeping in the Combi on the side of A1A, wake me up before you Gogh Gogh. I’ll probably be like Dali, barely able to afford some Surreal. CDs/Vinyl @ Zeddemore. com

ALBUM TITLE: TIDEWATER BLUES Legendary Blues Guitar Maestro Paul Urban does it again on his latest barn-burner “Tidewater Blues.” Having put in decades paying the cost to be the boss, this hoodoo man tears the frets off of the axe from the Barrelhouse to Beale Street. The Urban Blues Band on this CD has a 4-man lineup featuring Julian Burrell thumping the killing floor on Bass, Tyler Bevington tickling the ivories, and Dwight Epps banging the skins. And of course Mr. Paul Urban like a steel-driving man on guitar and vocals. If you think the thrill is gone, pop this baby in and you will be a lemon-squeezin’ daddy in no time. On the cut Down, he laments “when you push your soul, in a deep dark hole, the light don’t shine, inside your mind”...that’s some deep stuff there way down low country. In Hurricane Woman, he isn’t singing about the latest blast from Florence or Michael, but about a female that be done put a mojo on yo ass. In Cant’ Do This he tells about a woman who is out there being a backdoor Santa

to everybody but him. Sounds like it might be time to break out the black cat bone for her. He knows he aint fattenin’ no more frogs for snakes. In Jessie, he pays tribute to a close friend Jessica Lauren Hiltable with a blistering instrumental lamenting a friend taken from Earth long before her time. Julian’s Jam is another instrumental that flows like bootleg liquor in a juke joint from Hialeah to Highway 51. He slows it down in See My Tears singing about how he has put that old garbage out . In Tears In The Ocean he once again lets his guitar prowess shine as he plays like he has 10 fingers on each hand. Paul counts among his influences Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson 2, Duane Allman, Johnny Winter, and Jeff Beck. So if that sounds like your kind of Blues and I know it does, you will wanna run out and get the CD at Reviews by Dr. Joseph G. Smith AKA Fursey O’veebee





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n° 311144 - Level Hard

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n° 21344 - L

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ANSWERS 9 2 1 7 5


1 6 8 9 3 EASY 5 7 7 2 2 4 4 9 9 3 3 1 1 8 5 26 7 4 28 696 3 8 8 1 1 5 5 6 3 7 4 2 9 766 99 544 22 11 889 33 55 77 4 2 9 3 3 8 8 6 6 2 2 5 5 7 7 1 1 4 4 9 344 22 66 11 77 99 55 33 88 7 1 5 5 7 7 8 8 3 3 4 4 9 9 6 6 2 2 1 577 66 55 99 88 11 22 7 6 4 3 3 4 2 1 1 3 3 7 7 4 4 6 6 8 8 9 9 5 5 2 1 8 4 4 9 9 3 3 5 5 2 2 6 6 7 7 1 1 8 MEDIUM6 4 8

n° n° 111729 111729 -- Level Level Easy Easy n° 111729 - Level Easy

n° n° 220729 220729 -- Level Level Medium Medium n° 220729 - Level Medium

8 1 1 6 6 9 9 2 2 8 2 9 4 5 7 6 3 8 1 6 8 8 1 1 3 3 2 2 9 9 4 4 7 7 5 5 6 1 5 5 2 2 8 8 6 6 7 7 9 9 4 4 3 3 1 8 3 7 1 9 4 2 5 6 8 9 4 4 6 6 2 2 3 3 5 5 8 8 1 1 7 7 9 4 1 9 6 5 2 7 3 8 4 Page 1/2 - Check solutions, print more free sudoku and play online 7 6 6 : 8 9 9 1 1 3 3 5 5 2 2 4 4 7 8 3 2 2 5 5 7 7 4 4 8 8 1 1 6 6 9 9 3 n° 311144 - Level Hard

5 7 7 3 3 4 4 5 N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8

4 9 2 1 28 6 79 52 7 5 4 3 11 7 3 7 54 7 5 5 96 7 8 2 3 34 2 25 1 7 1 5 4 2 73 8 2 6 2 8 5 23 34 : 2 5 Solutions

n° 220729 - Level Medium

2 6 7 3 7 1 4 2 5 2 3 8 4 1 2 7 2 3 2 4




n° 220729 - Level Medium



3 8 6 6 4

n° 111729 - Level Easy

n° 34861

n° 311144 311144 -- Level Level Hard Hard n° n° 311144 - Level Hard


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40 N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8

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