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REACHING OUT A review of BCOM’s global charitable work

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And be steadfast in your prayer and pay charity; whatever good you send forth for your future, you shall find it with Allah, for Allah is well aware of what you do’ (2:110)

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Through the Bolton Muslim community we have managed to carry out a number of projects around the world and helped those who have been affected by natural disasters or other events 4

South Asia Swat Valley Pakistan Floods Earthquake Appeal

Haiti Appeal

Iraq Relief

Gaza Appeal

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Relief Report - Forward The Bolton Council of Mosques is an umbrella organisation and has been established for over 15 years working with the mosques and local community of Bolton. One of the focuses of work of Bolton Council of Mosques has been to respond to humanitarian disaster situations whether they have been at a local or International level. This has only been made possible with the support of the Mosques, the generosity of the people of Bolton, and the will of Allah. Through the blessings of the Almighty, we have managed to raise over £500,000 and support humanitarian relief in over 15 countries. The funds raised have been distributed either through NGO’s working in the region or in some cases developing and delivering projects through a special Project Team. In most cases NGO’s have presented their project proposal to BCoM before deciding on which is the most suitable and appropriate project and delivery partner. The most important criteria being to ensure that every penny raised is used for charitable purposes and that the funds are used to provide where possible longer lasting benefi ts. Our rational has been to take advantage of the pooling of resources to support medium to longer term capital and sustainable development programmes. Bolton’s Muslim community has been extremely generous and has on every occasion supported those in need. We pray that that he Almighty accepts our small efforts, accepts our contributions and allows us to continue helping those in need for a long time to come with sincerity and unity. 5

Sudan Appeal There has been ongoing conflict in Sudan for many years, with a number of civil wars due to continuing political and military struggle. The most recent conflict erupted again in 1983 and lasted for 22 years. In this period millions were made homeless and hundreds of thousands killed. In 2005, Darfur was described by the UN as the worst humanitarian crisis. The Bolton Council of Mosques worked in partnership with Human Appeal International, who has three field offices in Sudan, to help those affected by the conflict. The money raised was used to help internally displaced people as a result of the conflict in Darfur. Food items were distributed to families, provision of water made available and field hospital was set up to provide medical aid.

Total amount raised: ÂŁ19,104.40 Partners: Human Appeal International Money Food items given to families, Spent on: provision of water, and a field hospital setup to provide medical aid Summary: Over 2 million killed since 1983. Over 3 million displaced. Over 300,000 civilians killed


Iraq Relief Iraq was invaded in 2003 with the devastating effects of the war continuing today. Hundreds were dying every week. Over 3 million people had been displaced with over 2 million living as refugees abroad. Although the situation has improved, the days after the invasion many were forced to live in abandoned public buildings or construct their own makeshift shelters. Due to these conditions there was a lack of access to clean drinking water, proper sanitation facilities or electricity. And with the contaminated water there was a large risk of the public being affected by diseases such as typhoid, cholera and dysentery. In light of the desperate situation, BCoM worked in partnership Human Appeal International to help with the immediate relief efforts in Iraq. The money raised was used to purchase mattresses, medical equipment and medicines. And the second phase was to support the orphans and widows by providing food parcels, clothes and Eid gifts.

Total amount raised: ÂŁ19,104.40 Partners: Human Appeal International, with a delegation going from Bolton Money Medical equipment, Spent on: orphan and widow support Summary: Over 3 million displaced, over 2 million refugees, thousands dead 7

Bangladesh Flood In 2004 Bangladesh suffered from one of the worst floods in the country’s history. Along with the floods came the danger of hygiene as there was a shortage of clean water and sanitation. Hundreds had died from the floods and millions were made homeless. The Bolton Council of Mosques worked in partnership with Muslim Welfare Institute who had already started work on a number of projects in Bangladesh. BCoM identified two projects. The first was a rehabilitation project where houses that were damaged by the floods were repaired. In total 35 houses were repaired by the damage caused by the severe floods. The second project was to distribute food parcels to the people affected by the floods.

Total amount raised: ÂŁ9,448.73 Partners: Muslim Welfare Institute Money Rehabilitation project Spent on: Repairing houses severely damaged by the foods. Food arcels Summary: Over 800 dead. According to sources 36,000,000 were made homeless


Bangladesh Cyclone Not long after the floods of 2004, Bangladesh suffered another natural disaster in 2007. Cyclone Sidr was formed in the Bay of Bengal and hit Bangladesh on November 15th 2007. Red Crescent reported that up to 10,000 had been killed with millions made homeless. With the aftermath of the storm the problem for survivors was the shortage of the most basic necessities of food and drinking water. The storm had also washed away many of the rice farms which were waiting to be harvested. Due to their knowledge of the area and the workers on the ground, the Bolton Council of Mosques decided to work with Muslim Welfare Institute again, as we had done for the floods in Bangladesh 2004. Our project was a part of MWI’s rehabilitation programme to construct 108 houses. The funds raised by the Muslims of Bolton went towards constructing new houses at Sharankhola in Bagerhat. Total amount raised: £14,085.10 Partners: Muslim Welfare Institute Project:

Rehabilitation programme, new houses constructed at Sharankhola in Bagerhat

Summary: 10,000 dead, over 500,000 homes destroyed, millions made homeless, harvest destroyed 9

Tsunami Appeal On December 26 2004 an earthquake struck under the Indian Ocean near the west coast of the Indonesian Island of Sumatra. The resulting Tsunami caused devastation and destruction mainly affecting Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and the Maldives. Hundreds of Thousands of people died and millions were made homeless. A member of the BCOM travelled to the region with representatives from Preston and Batley for a fact finding mission. A strategy was developed and a coalition formed with IMWS Batley and Preston Mosques to form UMRA (United Muslim Relief Agency). UMRA partnered with re-build Aceh to deliver the capital programme and the sustainable livelihood projects and other local charities in Sri Lanka and India which were the most affected areas. The joint approach through UMRA pooled together over ÂŁ600,000 and enabled us to build a whole village complex in ACEH including 100 homes, a mosque, a health clinic levering other funds from other agencies. UMRA was also able to build new homes in India and Sri Lanka and provide fishing nets, equipment, etc. and supported people into employment and enterprise. UMRA sent delegations on three occasions to monitor and ensure delivery. Total amount raised: ÂŁ160,282.76 Indonesia: 110 new houses built, 1 new Masjid, 1 Masjid repaired, 1 Medical clinic built, play area, 8 live work units for widows, grants for business and enterprise India: 100 houses built Sri Lanka: 20 houses built, fishing nets & equipment Partners: United Muslim Relief Agency (UMRA) Summary: Over 250,000 dead, 14 countries affected, millions homeless

10 11

South Asia Earthquake On 8 October 2005, a devastating earthquake struck South Asia killing tens of thousands and leaving many more homeless and in danger as a bitter winter approached. An intensive effort to find, rescue and feed survivors was closely followed by BCoM due to the sheer scale of the disaster - 73,000 people perishing in Pakistan and many more thousands in India and the region, a crisis that UN Emergency Coordinator Jan Egeland characterised as the “worst logistical nightmare” the world body had faced. Focusing on immediate humanitarian needs, BCoM assisted in providing, relief supplies, medical help including supporting a delegation of Medics with medical supplies and worked with relief authorities agencies already working locally.

Total amount raised: £44,825.00 Partners: BCoM volunteers and Local agencies Project:

Emergency relief supplies, medical aid

Summary: Over 75,000 dead. Over 100,000 injured. Millions made homeless


Indian Floods and Earthquake The city of Surat in the Gujrat District of India was hit by some of the worst floods in recent history during the monsoon of 2006. Hundreds of people had been reported to have died due to the floods and over 3 million people affected. The floods also badly affected farmland, washing away harvest and killing thousands of cattle and livestock taking away the farmers livelihood. Nearly seven thousand houses were damaged structurally and thousands were completely destroyed. The Bolton Council of Mosques teamed up with North West Relief Trust (NWRT) which had been set up to deal with the aftermath of the floods and had good local knowledge and Muslim Welfare Institute (MWI) who were also working locally. The funds raised were used to support the construction of new homes, fund a homes re-pair programme, rebuilding of Mosques and providing medical aid.

Total amount raised: ÂŁ66,112.88 Partners: North West Relief Trust , MWI and Local Agencies Project:

built new homes, repaired houses constructed, re-built Mosques, Medical supplies

Summary: hundreds dead, 1000’s of homes destroyed or damaged, over 3 million affected, harvest destroyed 13

Bihar Appeal In 2008, floods in the northern Indian state of Bihar had devastating effects on the region and its population. Claiming many lives and rendering even more homeless. The floods destroyed crops and homes, which affected the livelihoods and security of the people. Again the lack of clean drinking water and hygiene had increased the risk of disease. BCoM in partnership with Ummah Welfare Trust helped rehabilitate the victims and also provided immediate relief. Foods packs were distributed and arrangements were made to provide clean water.

Total amount raised: ÂŁ44,825.00 Partners: Ummah Welfare Trust Money Foods packs were distributed and Spent On: arrangements were made to provide clean water Summary: Over 2 million affected, thousands killed


Burma Cyclone In May 2008 Cyclone Nargis struck Burma causing the worst natural disaster in the recorded history of the country. The destruction left by the cyclone was devastating with over 100,000 fatalities and millions made homeless. As usual charities around the world started fundraising for the relief efforts to begin, however the problem was access to the country, and in particular to the most affected areas. BCoM were quite fortunate to once again work in partnership with Ummah Welfare Trust as they had field workers already operating in the country for a few years working on different projects. The Bolton Council of Mosques collected over ÂŁ25,000 through the mosques and contributed to a number of projects including a family health mobile clinic, wells construction, orphan sponsorship, and Mosque and Madrassah construction amongst other projects.

Total amount raised: ÂŁ25,104.52 Partners: Ummah Welfare Trust Project:

Family health mobile clinic, wells construction, orphans sponsorship, boats and fishing nets, home repairs, home construction, ramadhan food distribution project, mosque/ madrassah construction.

Summary: 138,000 15

Gaza Appeal December 2008 saw a fragile ceasefire broken in Gaza. This resulted in a three week bombardment of Gaza with over a thousand people killed and thousands of homes destroyed. Things were not made easier by the blockade which had been in place since 2001 restricting movement into the area. A number of hospitals and health care facilities had also been damaged or destroyed which had major implications on those that had been injured. The Bolton Council of Mosques immediately started raising funds to support the humanitarian efforts in Gaza and worked in partnership with Human Appeal and Ummah Welfare Trust. BCoM also supported the Viva Palestina relief efforts by providing an ambulance which was taken in the convoy. With the lack of life saving equipment, BCoM donated £30,000 towards Intensive Care units and a further £10,000 was spent on a Food Relief project. Our work with Ummah Welfare Trust was to support the poor with the Iftaar and Eid Gift Distribution project. Over 10,000 benefited from this project at a time when families were struggling to arrange food for the members, especially the children and elderly. Total amount raised: £134,538.32 Partners: Human Appeal and Ummah Welfare Trust Money Intensive care units, food parcels, Spent On: iftaar and eid gift project Summary: 1300 killed; over 5000 seriously injured; 400,000 without water; over 20,000 homes destroyed; 50,000 homeless

16 17

Swat Valley Appeal The conflict between the Taliban and the military forces in the Swat district of Pakistan had major implications for the local population. The continuous bombing and shelling forced the locals to flee their homes with over 2 million people being displaced and a large number sustaining serious injuries. On a daily basis, thousands of families were fleeing their homes for safer places. Most NGO’s had set up camps to deal with the Internally Displaced persons (IDP’S), providing them with immediate relief in the form of food, medical aid and clean water. The Bolton Council of Mosques worked with Islamic Relief and Ummah Welfare Trust with the money raised going towards emergency relief for the millions who had been displaced.

Total amount raised: £3,517.85 Partners: Ummah Welfare Trust and Islamic Relief Project:

Emergency relief aid, Food packs, medical equipment

Summary: Over 2 million homeless


Haiti Relief Tuesday afternoon, January 12th, the worst earthquake in 200 years - 7.0 in magnitude - struck less than ten miles from the Caribbean city of Portau-Prince, Haiti. The initial quake was later followed by twelve aftershocks greater than magnitude 5.0. Structures of all kinds were damaged or collapsed, from shantytown homes to national landmarks. An estimated three million people were affected by the quake; the Haitian Government reported that an estimated 230,000 people had died, 300,000 had been injured and 1,000,000 made homeless. BCoM in partnership with Islamic Relief responded to appeals for humanitarian aid in an innovative manner by introducing children to children postcard project whereby children at Madrassahs in Bolton sent postcards along with their donations to children of Haiti.

Total amount raised: ÂŁ3,517.85 Partners: Islamic Relief Money Water and food distribution, hygiene Spent on: kit distribution, blanket and kitchen set distribution Summary: Over 200,000 killed, over 1 million displaced, 300,000 civilians killed 19

Pakistan Floods In July 2010, Pakistan was crippled by heavy monsoon rains which were the worst that the country had seen for nearly 80 years. The number of people affected by the floods outnumbered those affected by the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004. At one point, one fifth of Pakistan’s land mass was underwater due to the flooding. In the aftermath of the flooding came the threat of disease and the first documented case of cholera was confirmed on 14th August 2010. The Bolton Council of Mosques worked with Muslim Aid to focus on the immediate relief efforts for those affected in the form of providing food, shelter, medical aid and clean water.

Total amount raised: ÂŁ15,846.91 Partners: Muslim Aid Project:

Emergency relief aid. Food packs, medical equipment.

Summary: Over 1700 dead, 1 million homes destroyed, 20 million people affected

20 21

Supporting UK based charities

Bolton Coronary Care Unit Appeal

Mayors Appeal

In February 2002 the Bolton Coronary Care Unit Appeal was launched by the Royal Bolton Hospital .The unit which opened in December 2003 was built to help in the fight against heart disease, which is the biggest cause of death in this country, with the North West being one of the worst areas.

Ayat Merrad Ayat In November 2004, with it also being the holy month of Ramadan, the Bolton Council of Mosques generously donated £500.00 to fi ve year Ayat Merrad. Ayat, a young girl from a poverty-stricken village in Algeria, had come to Bolton for treatment in the hope that it will save her life. Little Ayat Merrad had a rare debilitating condition, caused by a narrowing of her oesophagus, that made her vomit constantly and meant she had difficulty breathing. The General Secretary of BCOM Maulana Mohammad Adam said, “It was the month of Ramadan, a month in which charitable actions are greatly increased. In light of this sacred month we at BCOM had collected this money in the hope that our actions will help save the life of little Ayat and help us appreciate our duty as individuals to humanity”


The Bolton public, from all ages and backgrounds, joined in to raise the money vital to saving people’s lives. And by the grace of the Almighty the Muslims of Bolton also contributed to this worthy cause by raising funds through the mosques. A total of £16,950.29 was raised and this was acknowledged by the Hospital when the mosques were invited to the launch which was held at Reebok Stadium.

Forbes Charity Peter Turner a consultant at Forbes Solicitors with whom we have been working for some time to offer free legal surgeries at BCoM, and his wife Christine took up a challenge in 2007 and raised over £20,000 for the Pendlebury Children’s Hospital, Cystic Fibrosis Trust and the National Autistic Society.

The Bolton Council of Mosques raised £931.32 for the Mayors Charities which went to Bolton Hospice. The money was raised at the working together event held on Monday the 12th of March 2007 at the Holiday Inn and presented to the Deputy Mayor. The Mayor of Bolton was delighted with the donation and thanked BCoM for their contribution and commented that it will go a long way to supporting the appeal.

The couple took part in a ‘Plymouth to Banjul Challenge’ by driving across Europe and into Morocco through Western Sahara and into Banjul. The Bolton Council of Mosques contributed £500.00 towards the appeal.

Our Partners 23

Thank you for your continued support please feel free to get in touch with BCOM

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BCOM Relief Report 2010  

A report detailing BCOM's relief efforts over the last twelve months.

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