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A Message From The BCoM Ramadhan Mubarak From The BCoM Ramadhan Mubarak to all and may the Almighty keep you in good health and Iman in this blessed Month. The last four months has been very busy for the Bolton Council of Mosque’s staff and volunteers, supporting inter-faith engagement, managing key community relations, health initiatives to planning for children and young people’s activities. No two days are the same at the Bolton Council of Mosques, supporting to tackle health inequalities one day, managing a funeral another and representing the Muslim community at civic engagements. This summer edition will cover some of the work undertaken on behalf of the Muslim community, from delivering Hajj and Umrah Meningitis Vaccination Clinics, to up and coming events and programmes for our Mosques and Madrasah teachers. As Ramadhan falls in the summer months and the need for diabetics to take extra care, we have added a special feature on how to manage your fasts in Ramadhan. A large proportion of work on a day to day basis is around inter-faith and inter-community engagement, this edition shares with you our plan for inter-faith engagement and commitment, building bridges to ensure that the Muslim community is part of the wider ‘Bolton Family’.

I would like to take this opportunity to request everyone to pray for all the projects and volunteers involved in supporting the Mosques and Madrasahs, the Bolton Council of Mosques, and the wider community. May the Almighty keep us united within the Muslim and wider Bolton Family. Ameen Dr Kamran Khan

Take time out to pray Regular requests are made from Muslims and non Muslim for Prayer times as individuals and colleagues would like to complete their obligatory prayers. It is sometimes difficult for individuals to travel to a Mosque, therefore the prayers are offered in the work place or on travel. Download the Annual prayer calendar, this will help support you to manage your prayer times. For congregation times for you local Mosque, please contact your local mosque directly.

Click Here to see Ramadhan Guidance information, sharing with our partners key information for Ramadhan 2011

Click Here to see the Annual Muslim Prayer Timetable for 2011 and 2012 (A.H. 1433)


Mosque And Madrasah Every Child Matters in Madrasah Annual Seminar A Madrasah plays a very important role in the lives of children and young people from three years and upwards. Madrasah teachers managing and developing young people have an even greater responsibility and role to play, ensuring that teachers are familiar with legal, moral and cultural responsibilities when young people are in their care. It is very important that whilst the madrasah teachers deliver an Islamic curriculum, they are also familiar with the social and community issues and how these can be addressed. The start of the new Madrasah Term in September 2011, will see 400 male and female teachers come together from the local Madrasahs to participate in this important seminar.

First Aid At Madrasah 32 Teachers from the local Madrasah’s have signed up to a First Aid at Work course in September 2011. The Course will give each of the Madrasahs in Bolton a designated first aider, and giving the teachers a good understanding of the: • The Law relating to First Aid • Dealing with Incident • Dealing with Casualty • Artificial Ventilation and CPR • Choking • Recovery Position • Epilepsy and Diabetes • Shock • Burns and Bleeding

Mosque Community Notice Boards Bolton Council of Mosques has been for many years supporting our Mosques to promote opportunities and initiatives available for the community through announcements by the mosque imams, newsletters, text and email messaging and through posters and notices. Due to the vast amount of information that is requested for the Mosques and Madrasahs to share and advertise, the Bolton Council of Mosques are proud to announce that a number of Mosques have signed up to the Community Notice Board project, positioning a notice board outside of the Mosque in a prominent area that can be accessible to all using the facilities. The external noticeboards provided by BCoM will allow the Mosques to promote social and community projects and programmes, allowing the internal mosque noticeboards to be used for religious programmes and Mosque information. Watch out for Health, Education, Children and Young people and other opportunities and information being promoted on these noticeboards.

supported by the Bolton Council of Mosques


Health Managing Your Diabetes In Ramadhan Fasting as a diabetic

Low blood sugar during Ramadhan

If you have diabetes and plan to fast during Ramadhan, it will help you to be aware of these facts:

Having diabetes means you are prone to high blood sugar and this is why you may need tablets to lower your blood sugar to a normal level. You may even be injecting with insulin. However, when fasting during Ramadhan, your blood sugar may already be low because you’re not eating during the day. Your treatment could then make your blood sugar levels drop lower, which could make you unwell and make it necessary for you to break the fast.

Fasting while you are taking sugar-lowering tablets or injecting with insulin may lead to low blood sugar, which can make you feel dizzy and generally unwell. Doctors call this condition ‘hypoglycaemia’ and it can lead to serious illness. It is important to avoid this condition so that you stay healthy.

It is important that you keep taking treatment for your diabetes, even when you are fasting. So, before the month of Ramadhan starts, it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor or nurse about your diabetes treatment, as it may be necessary for them to adjust your treatment for the fasting period.

• Having the right treatment for your diabetes will help you stay well so you can continue to fast safely. Before you start fasting, speak to your doctor or nurse about your diabetes treatments and how best to take them. Even with diabetes, with good advice from your doctor or nurse, you should be able to fast without complications and stay healthy during Ramadhan.

Different treatments work in different ways. Your doctor or nurse should make sure you have the right treatment to reduce your risk of having low blood sugar during Ramadhan, while still controlling your diabetes and keeping you well.

Avoiding low blood sugar It’s important to remember that low blood sugar can lead to fainting and falls. This is especially important in the elderly, whose bones can easily break. Low blood sugar may also make people irritable and badtempered, which has an effect on the whole family and can impact negatively on the enjoyment of the fasting period. Having low blood sugar may also affect your ability to drive or concentrate. Each year in the UK there are serious, and sometimes fatal, traffic accidents as a result of people driving when they have low blood sugar.

Avoiding low blood sugar is important to keep you well.

Healthy Eating Advice • Limit the amount of sweets taken at Iftar. Have only small amounts of sweets such as ladoo, jelabi, and burfi. • Fill up on starchy foods such as basmati rice and chapatti, which will keep you from feeling hungry during the day. • Include fruits, vegetables, dhal and yoghurt in your meals at Iftar and Suhur. •

Try to have the meal at Suhur just before sunrise, as this is recommended by the Prophet (Peace be upon Him). This will spread out your food more evenly and help keep your blood sugar at a good level when fasting.

• All drinks should be sugar-free. Avoid adding sugar to tea or coffee, use a sweetener where needed, e.g. Canderel/Sweetex. • Have 1–2 glasses of fruit juice between Iftar and Suhur. •

Don’t eat too many fried foods such as paratha, samosas, chevda and bombay mix, as these can actually make you put on weight during the fasting period. Measure the amount of oil used in cooking - use only 1–2 tablespoons for a 4-person dish.


Health Boot Out Breast Cancer

Monthly Health Professional Development Programmes

Bolton Council of Mosques is supporting Boot out breast cancer charity to help raise vital funds to purchase the state of the art diagnostic equipment for women with breast cancer or suspected breast cancer, to be used at the Royal Bolton Hospital Breast unit.

Our monthly health education programmes have been a great success, not only for existing medical practitioners, but also for students who are training for a career in the field. Our in-house Islamic Medical Ethics expert Imam Fazlurrehman Hassan from Think Brite Services, enhances the proceedings with Islamic Theology and Knowledge. He also answers questions from the professionals regarding issues regularly faced back in their practices.

Breast Cancer affects women from all communities, let’s do our bit and support our local hospital to get the best equipment. Watch out for the Fundraising events through your mosque communities and get involved. For further information or get involved, please contact us on 01204 363680

• Refer you, if necessary, to your hearing aid provider or GP • Give advice and training on correct maintenance and fitting

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• Help you fit new batteries or tubing • Discuss other types of hearing aids and equipment to help with hearing loss.

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What will you

Fifteen years on, due to demand, the Bolton’s Circumcision clinic now runs as a weekly service from the Pikes Lane Health Centre.

0pm Sign in,

6.15pm - 7.0

az Ramatoola

7.00pm Shan

Hot Buffet &


spital Blackburn Ho - Diabetologist,month of Ramadhan

ounding Diabetes ing issues surr

during the


8.00pm Q & A 8.30pm Close

The cost of the Service is £95, for more info and to book an appointment contact Pikes Lane Health Centre on 01204 463 700.

We’re Hear to Help; offering hearing aid support services from the Bolton Council of Mosques. Your hearing aids require frequent maintenance to keep them working to their full potential. Our community support officers and volunteers can: • Carry out simple checks

iabetes Addressing D In Ramadhan

Bolton Circumcision Clinic

Having Problems With Your Hearing Aids?


ng opportunit

and networki

nference Suite Mosques Co 11 n Council Of At The Bolto On Tuesday 19th July 20 04 363680 | www 5LE | 012 Of Mosques on: Bolton Council se contact The plea nce est in attenda To register inter health@thebc et, Bolton, BL3

1 Vicarage Stre


tel 01204 3636


Drop in on the first Tuesday of every month, starting on the 2nd August 2011 from 10am till 11.30am at the Bolton Council of Mosques (1 Vicarage St, Bolton BL3 5LE). For more information call 01204 363680, or email


Health Hajj And Umrah Vaccination Service Vaccination Success

Bolton 2012 ACWY Vaccination Service

Friday 24th June 2011 saw 350 people vaccinated and given advice on other health matters as part of Bolton Council of Mosques Hajj and Umrah Vaccination Service.

Next years clinics are only for Bolton residents. All Clinics need to be booked and paid for in advance. Contact the Bolton Council of Mosques on 01204 363680 or for further details.

Pilgrims from across the country booked into the programme delivered by the BCoM Health Forum Medical team. Muslim GP’s and Nurses from across Bolton volunteered for this noble cause with other volunteers supporting with the Paperwork.

Nationwide ACWY Vaccination Service Available With the Success of the clinics in Bolton, The Council of British Haji’s have launched a national service supported by volunteer doctors in the different towns and cities. Contact CBHUK on 0845 833 4145 or visit the website at

Not For Profit Bolton H ajj and Umrah Meningitis Vaccination (ACWY) S ervice For Bolton residents only

Bolton Council of Mosque s Health Forum Doctors have organised the following dates to give support to hajj and umr ah pilgrims to have thei meningitis vaccination r at cost price, including certification. The vaccinations will take place on the following dates and times:

Friday 2nd September 2011 6:00pm-9:30pm Friday 16th Septemb er 2011 6:00pm-9:30pm


Please book and pay in advance, and fill out the form overleaf.

For residents outside Bolt on, clinics are organised nati onally. Contact CBHUK on 084 5 833 4145 or visit www.cbhuk.or g


Children And Young People Shorai Conflict and Prevention Annual Club Competition Success

Girls Only Courses Starting September 2011

Shorai Karate Club hosted its annual club competition on Sunday 26th June, 2011, at Goshia Mosque Community Centre, Bolton. The event brought together families and young people from clubs all over the northwest to take part in what promised to be a fun and action-packed day. A wide range of fighting categories provided fighters of all ages and skills to participate, in a mixed martial arts (MMA) event.

A range of girl’s only classes are now available to book in time for September. For more info, please contact the BCoM on 01204 383860.

Trophies were awarded for the first, second and third placed fighters in each category, and all other fighters received a medal to commemorate their participation. Former world champion Sensei Joe Tierney once again acted as the tournaments main referee. Support from the Bolton Council of Mosques has seen the clubs grow from strength to strength with now over 200 members and volunteers supporting on a weekly basis. New sessions for Crompton, Gt Lever and Farnworth are being planned. Join today and learn the art of Shorai; Contact Sensei Imran Majid for further information on 07834 537 019 Day





Hobart St. Community Ctr.

7:30 - 8:30pm



Hobart St. Community Ctr.

8:30 - 9:30pm Adults


Zakariya Mosque, Derby St

7:30 - 8:30pm



Zakariya Mosque, Derby St

7:30 - 8:30pm



Hobart St. Community Ctr.

10 - 11am



Zakariya Mosque, Derby St

1 - 2pm


Children’s Arabic Language Classes

Learn basic Arabic for travel or leisure. The classes look at all aspects of Arabic; reading, writing, speaking and listening. All children aged between 7 and 11 years are welcome to attend these classes.

Girls Only Courses Star ting

September 2011 Healthy Cooking Class

Every Saturday (start ing 10th Sept 2011) 1.30pm - 3.00pm at the BCoM | ages 8 - 14 Every Saturday (start ing 10th Sept 2011) 3.00pm - 4.30pm at the BCoM | ages 15 - 19 £25 full commitment for ten week required prior to start of cours e

For more information contact Bilal on 01204 603583, or mobile on 07588 610 245 Every Tuesday (starting 13th Sept 2011) 7.30pm - 9.00pm at the BCoM | ages 11 - 19 £35 commitment depo sit required prior to start (15 weeks) of course (returned in full upon completion of the cours funded by e)



per lesson (10 weeks)

Fifteen Week Course Every Saturday (start ing Saturday 10th September 2011) 3pm - 5pm at the BCoM | ages 12 - 19 Fifteen Week Course Every Sunday (starting Sunday 11th September 2011) 2pm - 4pm at Weston House, West on Street, Bolton, BL3 2AR | ages 12 - 19

Every Saturday (start ing 10th Sept 2011) 3.00pm - 5.00pm at the BCoM | ages 8 - 12 Every Sunday (starting 11th Sept 2011) 2pm-4pm at Weston House 13-19 years Every Wednesday (start ing 14th Sept 2011) 7.30pm - 9.00pm at the Cobden Community Centre, Cobden Stree t, BL1 8BE | ages 13 - 19 £20 full commitment for fifteen week required prior to start of cours e

£45 full commitment for fifteen week required prior to start of cours e


£3.00 per lesson (15 weeks)

supported by

per lesson (10 weeks)

Certificates will be awa

rded at the end of eac

For more information

Bolton Council Of Mos

h course.

contact Khadija on fyw@ or call 0120 4 363680 et, Bolton, BL3 5LE

ques, 1 Vicarage Stre


Community Development And Leadership Somali Community Leaders Conference BCoM hosted a collaboration event between the Bolton and Manchester Somali community leaders at the Bolton Council Of Mosques. Leaders from both communities came together to discuss common issues and celebrate achievements.

Al Ansar The Al Ansar are a supportive group for reverts to Islam, organising many programmes for individuals and partners wanting to learn and be confident in understanding the religion of Islam. The fasting in Ramadhan programme in July 2011 saw over thirty people participate in educating themselves in how to manage themselves within the coming blessed month. To join the Al Ansar group, and for further information on future programmes, email

“How Do I Know What I Don’t Know ?”

“ How Do I Know What I Don’t Know ? ”

The Pillars Of Islam Fas

ting In Ramad Your Question an: s Answered The Pillars Of Islam Satu

rday 16th July 2. Salah - Prescribed Prayers 6pm till 9pm At BCOM, 1 Vi carage St Friday 25th March 7pm till 9pm At BCOM, 1 Vicarage Street, Bolton, BL3 5LE

reet, Bolton, B L3 5LE

• creche facilit ies available up on request • gu • light refreshm est speaker ents • dinner will be served • group works ho ps • questions Please register your attendance at and answers Please register your attendance at boltonmuslim reverts@gmail.c om • guest speaker - Shaykh Abdur-Raheem Limbada • group workshops • questions and answers • light refreshments • creche facilities available upon request


Community Development And Leadership

A Load of Rubbish in Rumworth

Women and girls from the Bolton Council of Mosques supported by officers from Bolton Council and the local Neighbourhood policing team took part in the Big Bolton Tidy up in Rumworth on the 7th of July 2011 This initiative part of the Love Bolton Hate Litter Campaign which aims to encourage people to take responsibility for tidying up their own local area saw a number of schools and community groups throughout the day swarm onto the streets of Rumworth armed with litter pickers and bin bags.

The Big Bolton Tidy Up is also being supported by Keep Britain Tidy as part of their national Big Tidy Up campaign across the UK.

If you want to volunteer and earn your reward, then get involved and contact your committee members now.

The Message from the Muslim Community leaders is simple and guided through the teachings of our prophet. “To remove items of hindrance from the pathways is an act of charity (Hadith)”

If you would like to get involved in a Big Bolton Tidy Up in your area please visit the Big Tidy Up website at Alternatively call 01204 336 930.

All the Mosques in Bolton have also been encouraged as part of their commitment to the Love Bolton Hate Litter Campaign to support in litter picking around the Mosque’s and Madrasahs. Litter Pickers and High Visibility vests have been provided to all Mosques.


Community Development And Leadership

Bolton’s Somali Women Celebrating 20th Anniversary Of Somaliland’s Independence Celebrations Somaliland communities in Bolton joined forces with the rest of Europe on 18th May 2011, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Somaliland’s independence. Bolton Council of Mosques hosted a women and girls only programme on Saturday 21st May to Celebrate and commemorate Somaliland’s 20th Anniversary since it withdrew from the union with Somalia after 30 years of oppression, indiscriminate killings and injustice. Young and old from the community came together, dressed in traditional colourful clothes to celebrate the unique milestone, reflecting on the last 20 years, educating the next generation and looking towards the future.


Interfaith Development And Leadership

Interfaith Engagement Bolton Council Of Mosques undertake a number of civic engagement programmes and support interfaith initiatives. Some of the priorities and programmes are highlighted.

Delivering And Supporting Partnership Interfaith Community Events • Spirit of Bolton • Charity Events • Prayers for Natural Disasters • Inter-Faith Sports Activities • Eid and Diwali Celebrations • Hate Litter Campaign

Civic and Strategic Engagement

Interfaith Executive Representation

• Interfaith week

Meet every two Months with the board of Trustees and contribute to the Interfaith Vision and Action plans

• One Bolton 5K Legacy Run

Additional Sub Committee involvement to undertake specific pieces of work.

Faith Trails, Assemblies, Talks and Training

• Community Licensing Services

• Holocaust Memorial Day • Genocide Memorial Day • Faith Leaders Forum • Stronger Communities Partnership • Vision Steering Group • Inaugural ceremony - Civic Sunday to welcome the new Mayor of Bolton

Interfaith Support Group

• Promoting the One Bolton brand and Bolton Family Values

Meets every 3 months with other faith groups and projects that are involved in inter-faith dialogue and activities.

• Partnership approaches and dialogue

We undertake the Delivery and manage requests for the following areas: • Mosque visits • Assemblies in Schools and talks • Promotion of Fast Breaking in Ramadhan • Statutory and Partner guidance and support


Interfaith Development And Leadership

Genocide Memorial Ceremony Speech delivered by Moulana Qari Faruk at the Genocide Memorial Ceremony Mr Mayor, Mayoress, Distinguish Guest, Ladies and gentleman. Today we have gathered here to remember and pray for all those people who have been affected by genocide around the world, with this act of genocide peoples statues changes overnight, wealthy person become poor, healthy become sick, and children’s with parent become orphans. So when this things happens it is our duties responsibilities’ to remember, help and pray for them in whichever way we can.

Spirit Of Bolton Hence today we gathered here to do good, so easy and simple good deed is to pray for all victims and for all people who are suffering.

Let us pray O’ Allah (The God Almighty) we pray to you that give us the ability and strength that we help all those who are suffering because of genocide, and we pray that you safeguard all the humanity so we can live with one another side by side in peace and harmony. Aameen.

Islam has laid great stress on providing for weak, poor, orphans, destitute, and deprived people, irrespective of their colour, faith, or nationality. The Holy Quran emphasises that all mankind in spite of difference of colour, language, faith, and nationality is a single brotherhood, because all are creation of one God and the descendents of one set of parents (Adam and Eve), the final status of each person in the sight of Allah( The God Almighty) depend on how he or she has fulfilled their obligations to other people. Prophet Mohammed P.B.U.H. said: “Do good to everyone pious or impious” “The root of wisdom after religion is to love people and do good to everyone”

Join us at the Spirit Of Bolton Event on Saturday the 10th of September 2011 from 10am till 3pm. A fantastic event where the different faith communities of Bolton come together to celebrate the diversity of our town under one roof.


Interfaith Development And Leadership

Bolton 5k Run Bolton Council of Mosques Entered 4 runners into The One Bolton 5K run. The event saw more than 400 people don their trainers, starting outside the Reebok Stadium. People of all ages and abilities - including Whites’ goalkeeper Jussi Jaaskelainen - set off on the 5km course along Burnden Way and around Red Moss nature reserve.

Zulfi Jiva, aged 31, of Over Hulton, was one of six runners representing Bolton Council Of Mosques. He said: “I got involved in the race to help create cohesion and cultural integration. “It was a great course and I finished in my best 5k time, so I’m very pleased.”

Many people were raising money for good causes, with the Bolton Council of Mosques taking the opportunity to support this community cohesion initiative that aims to bring Bolton together to celebrate its diverse community and embrace equality through partners that are working together for the good of the community.

Ahmed Ali one of the runners for BCoM stormed through to the finish coming 5th with a time of 18.35 seconds Let us know if you want to be part of the 2012 5K team. Register your interest now on


Interfaith Development And Leadership

Mosque Visit By Andy Powers - Buddhist Chaplain This was only the third time I had visited a Mosque, and the first time I had been inside one with traditional Islamic architecture (the beauty of which I have always admired). The mosque was unmistakably the beating heart of the local community – a testament both to the genius of its design and the faith of those who worshipped within its walls. Whilst in the main prayer hall, I was shown the various positions of the Muslim prayer ritual. What a great leveler it must be, I thought, to have Muslims from different backgrounds, different social statuses, and with differing amounts of material wealth, prostrating themselves side by side. Khadija led the tour around the Mosque. Perhaps the first thing the visiting school pupils would have noticed about her was that she wore the veil. Wearing the Niqab has recently become a political issue in the UK. Why? Is it because Muslim women following their religion with piety and devotion are the greatest challenge we face as a nation? Or could it be that in a time of great challenges (a global financial crisis; climate change; and the longest and deepest recession this country has faced for generations) making an issue of the veil is a convenient distraction for politicians pursuing failing policies?

Whatever the explanation, it seemed to me that by wearing the veil throughout the school visit, Khadija will have helped the children to see the Niqab in the way that she and other Muslims see it – as a symbol of modesty before God – and not as barrier to community cohesion. One of the qualities that most struck me about the Mosque’s interior was its simplicity. As a Buddhist, I am used to shrine rooms dominated by statues of the Buddha. I have always felt somewhat ambivalent about this, because there is clear archaeological evidence to show that for the first few centuries after the Buddha’s death, no statues of him were made. The prevalence of Buddha statues in today’s Buddhist temples is the result of Greek influence on India and its religions – a little known fact in the Buddhist world.

As I looked at the empty alcove at the front of the prayer hall, I contemplated the Buddhist teaching that ultimate truth is beyond any concept our minds are able to conceive, and perceived a profound teaching in the absence of images. Surely any image of a being capable of creating this infinitely large and infinitely complex universe would be no better a representation of its subject than a child’s potato painting. If you or your organisation would like to book a mosque visit please contact the Bolton Council of Mosques.

March 2011 to June 2011 Bolton Mosque Visit Stats •18 organisations • 24 visits • 933 individuals visiting



Don’t Suffer in Silence Speak to somebody as soon as possible Our Counselling Service between April and June 2011 has undertaken 54 sessions with clients. Issues presented have been around family, bereavement, depression, phobia, addiction and relationships. The Counselling service is provided on a Monday and Tuesday with appointments made via the BCoM reception on 01204 363680 Our Counsellors are all qualified and members of BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psycotherapy) They speak English, Gujrati and Urdu.

April to June 2011 54 counselling sessions with individuals.


BCoM Mosque Committee Decisions

BCoM Staff Structure

BCoM Commitee Representatives

A list of the representatives that make up the Bolton Council of Mosques connecting you to the work we do is listed below:

Muslim Community

22 Mosques

Executives Nominated By The 22 Mosques Dr. Kamran Khan (Chairman) Imteyaz Ali (Vice Chairman) Asif Patel (Secretary) Bashir Shama (Vice Secretary) Rashid Nadat (Treasurer)

Manager Inayat Omarji

Admin Sufya Koli Fauzia Andleeb

Full Time Female Youth Worker Khadija Patel

Part Time Male Youth Worker Khalid Kadva

Part Time Counsellor M. Yunus Mohamed

Part Time Volunteer & Forum Development Officer Hava Yakub

Part Time Community Development & Interfaith Officer Yunus Bobat



Aleef Mosque

Asif Patel, Ibraheem Patel

Al Falah mosque

Abdul Bux, Ayub Bux

Al Rahman

Iqbal Patel, Hanif Mohmed

Aqsa Mosque

Mubashir Khan, Arfan Ali


Altaf Limbada, Imran Kotwal

Darul Quran

Maulana Hassan, Zakaria Patel

Darul Uloom

Asif Patel, Maulana Suhail

Ghosia Mosque

Bashir Shama, Yakub Jiva

Masjid Ibraheem

Saqib Sheikh, Hanif Kola

Jamiah Alavia Mosque

Maulana Sabir Ali, Tariq Mahmood

Madina Mosque

Afzal Rasul, Gulfam Hussain

Makka Mosque

Sajid Malik, Kamran Khan

Makki Mosque

Gaffar Patel, Ismail Adam

Masjid e Usman

Babu Bhai, Qari Faruk

Masjid e Noor

Rashid Mogradia, Mohammed Iqbal Mogradia

New Madina Mosque

Khalil Ahmed, Sabir Khan

Noorul Islam

Usman Gazra, Faruk Patel

Salaam Mosque

Imtiaz Ali, Babu Bhai

Sughra Mosque

Haroon Rashid, Anwar Raee

Taiyyabah Mosque

Mehboob Bhaiji, Yakub Talati

Zakariyya Mosque

Farook Chapti, Zaheer Malek * correct at the point of publication

1 Vicarage Street, Bolton,,BL3 5LE Tel 01204 363680 Fax 01204 363681 Email Web

BCOM Newsletter Summer 2011  
BCOM Newsletter Summer 2011  

The Bolton Council Of Mosques Summer 2011 e-Newsletter.