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Bringing down the house E

arlier this month, Teapublicans picked up 62 seats in the House and six seats in the Senate in a sweeping vote of no confidence in one party control.

From Dan Kiniry, class of 2006




unemployment. Democrats need to stay away from health care. Republicans can’t repeal it and Americans are tired of it. With persistent gridlock for the foreseeable future Americans want out politicians finding solutions they can agree on. Republicans need to start laying groundwork for 2012. They aren’t going to make any broad sweeping changes without control of the Senate or presidency. They need to extend the tax cuts to help ease the overwhelming uncertainty for businesses and focus on jobs. Lower the capital gains taxes and the corporate income tax which is the second highest in the world. They need to start identifying places to cut spending. Start with defense. Show they can make tough decisions, and then start making the case for entitlement reform. They should hold back on healthcare but be clear it is priority number one in 2012. Token statements like the moratorium on ear marks or Boehner giving up Pelosi’s mega jet won’t get Republicans very far. The next two years will be grueling. There will be gridlock. There will be partisanship. Who will step to the plate with real solutions Americans can get behind? This election was a win for Republicans but game seven is in 2012.

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s— drew n An Eva

Democrats took control of conthan “No” gress in 2006 and the presidency ama since Obama in 2008 by winning indepenfice. took office. dents. This year they passed the getThe forgetindependents to Republicans in edge table Pledge hot potato-like fashion. Leading rica to America into this election, 73.8 percent of ed to pandered Americans disapproved of Conative conservative Taylor gress while a meager 19.8 percent but failed ideals, Wolken approved according to the Realulate any to articulate sophomore general specifics. ClearPolitics, RCP average. s. Cutting studies major Republicans took the house but spendingg is always Democrats have the Senate and popular until people presidency. Americans don’t like the direcey aren’t going find out what they tion the country is headed, but Republicans orm of cutting to get. The platform lation has been can’t say where they would take us. Americans taxes and deregulation want the parties to compromise and each party canonized in Democrat mocrat rhetoagrees the other should. Conservative talking ric as the “failed policies of the heads call this election a mandate while liberals past.” In the process cess of distancing try and normalize the landslide as the result of themselves from the Bush Adminiscans failed to defend their polia down economy. What did this election mean tration, Republicans emocrats to characterize any and what happens now? cies, allowing Democrats This election is a clear indication Americans policy as part of the Bush failures. are very unhappy. The RCP average shows ly did this election mean? So what exactly nhappy and independents and 63.6 percent of Americans think we are heading Americans are unhappy down the wrong track. Unemployment is stuck moderates, who decide elections, are shopping an step up to the challenges just below 10 percent. We need jobs. We need for a party that can economic growth. We need functional govern- we face today. Democrats pushed too hard left ment. One party rule shoved through legislation and opened the door for formerly defunct Retacked too far left has been too much for most publicans, hurting moderate Democrats most. Americans to stomach. What happens now? The Democrat leadership spent time in As overstated as it is, Democrats must power trying to fulfill a liberal wish list instead triangulate and move to the center. Calling of focusing on jobs. They miscalculated the Republicans the “party of no” doesn’t stick depth of the recession as their stimulus fell when Americans don’t like their agenda. flat. They squandered the president’s political Democrats best bet is passing the Bush Tax capital in a long unpopular process leading to Cuts in full now and showing Americans they an even less popular Affordable Care Act. This are ready to work together. They have the served to lead Blue Dog Democrats like lambs votes to do it now. Not only will it show an to the slaughter in the elections. effort to compromise, but with the economy All this unpopularity left the maimed Relooking gloomy, the vote allows them to take publican brand in the lucky position of being some credit if the economy improves and lets the other guy. The sweeping gains in congress Republicans take some blame if it doesn’t. are far from a vote of confidence for the party Next, they need to focus on jobs. Shipping that has had trouble articulating anything other jobs overseas is a good political issue with high


thebattalion thebattalion 11.18.2010 11.16.2010

In response to the anti-undocumented student letters, you anti-immigrant folks speak of undocumented students “cheating the immigration system,” but our abusive immigration system is such a source of persecution and suffering that it must be changed completely. No one is obligated to live by laws that are immoral. I’m always shocked to find how hard-hearted to humanity people can be. If you support imprisonment and deportation for immigrants because they cross an arbitrary imaginary line called a “border,” you should definitely have yourself arrested and deported and see how you like trying to make a living in one of the countries these folks come from. Then in a week, when your starving self is hopping a train from El Salvador trying to make it up to the U.S., I hope you beg forgiveness for your silly views of everyone else who’s on the train with you trying to make it here so they can feed their family. To any undocumented students out there, I’m glad you’re here, and so are many other people who feel the same. Don’t give up hope, and God bless you for your perseverance.

From Addison Rogers, senior kinesiology major

The Student Body President’s veto of SB 63-11 bill is way off base. I understand lawmaking should be left to lawmakers, not students. But if we can’t change the face of our University to shape into what we want and reflect us as a student body, what is the point of student government? Being from out of state, I feel the financial burden placed on citizens of the other 49 states. I am extremely confused as to why I have to pay a tremendous fee as a U.S. citizen simply because I’m from a different state, yet illegal immigrants are given a discount? I understand the president’s issues are not with the bill, but rather the validity of the student government passing and enforcing this bill. My question to the president is if student government does not exist to represent the student body and the majority’s beliefs, what is the real purpose? Why veto what the student senators have passed by a wide margin? Why limit the power of the student, the entire reason Texas A&M University exists?

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The Battalion: November 18, 2010