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Primary voting for the 2011-2012 yell leaders, student senate and student body president positions is today. Runoffs, if necessary, will be Thursday and Friday.

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Making sense of issues

The Battalion’s endorsee The Battalion editorial board interviewed candidates and chose to endorse Hilary Albrecht for student body president. Reasons for this endorsement can be found on

‘The Battalion’ aims to serve students by reporting as fair and balanced as possible

march 1, 2011

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Cadets take newspapers on campus newspapers. The Corps was aware that a story would be published Monday regarding the behavior of Josh Light, a junior yell In an effort to keep an article published leader candidate. in Monday’s paper from being read, Corps “We told them that we want this to get members took editions of The Battalion out, we feel like it was appropriate, and we from several campus stands but returned were comfortable with this coming out besome by mid-morning. cause we knew that this was something the Brett Bergamo, a senior information and student body needed to know,” Bergamo operations management major and head said. “We specifically said do not take Batyell leader, said cadets were told at a meet- talions in the morning.” ing Sunday night not to take Monday’s Bergamo said he knows of a group of

Megan Ryan The Battalion

cadets who took copies of the newspaper, but he said the cadets put them back before 9 a.m. “I was at Wehner, and I saw them put them back at 9 o’clock,” Bergamo said. “They said they returned them, and I believe them. I don’t know if there was a completely different incident, but the group that I caught returned [the papers]. They said they took them from West See Newspapers on page 2

Taylor Wolken junior economics major


istakes are all but guaranteed during the college experience, but when properly handled, they can provide the best lessons and develop the strongest character. During this election season I hope candidates and students learned a little something. Thanks to your thoughts, comments and concerns, I know The Battalion staff has. In student body elections, a few Aggies will be chosen to fill a small number of positions where they will represent nearly 50,000 students. As the primary media outlet covering student body elections, we take coverage seriously. Some news coverage has come under fire, as happens during elections, when the student body is divided into factions of supporters for various candidates. This dynamic culminated in the act of stealing thousands of issues of Monday’s edition of The Battalion. At The Battalion, we strive to keep the student body informed to the best of our ability on the candidates and the issues. Unfortunately, what might be relevant news to one student could be “muckraking” to another student. Reporting information on one candidate might be seen as unfair to that individual’s supporters, but not reporting it would be unfair to the other candidates and our readers. While some candidates might


The flabby five Texas has five of the 10 fattest cities in America $15 billion on overweight and obesity related health problems. Dr. John SimThe Battalion Maybe everything is bigger in Texas. mons, assistant professor of family and community medicine and physician for According to recent men’s health research, Texas has five of the top 10 fat- the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine, said such reports test cities in the U.S. in the past year. The rankings are based off of the over- of obesity in Texas are not surprising. “This is something to be expected. weight and diabetes type 2 populations, Texas is always ranked between eight the percentage of people who haven’t and 15 on fattest states in the nation. left their couch in a month from CDC The BMI, body mass index, relating the reports, the money spent on junk food height and weight of a person, give you from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a number. The higher the number, the the number of people who ate fast food worse, a BMI of 25 is overweight, and nine or more times in a month from 30 and up is obese,” Simmons said. “To Mediamark Research. give you an idea, the average American In 2010, the Texas Department of male is 5 feet 9 inches, so being at 175 State Health Services estimated spending pounds, you are considered overweight,

Amber Jaura

and at 200 pounds, obese. The average American female is 5 feet 4 inches and overweight at 150, obese at 175 pounds. Two-thirds of the U.S. now is overweight 25 percent of the U.S. population is obese.” Simmons said the rates of overweight and obese people have increased exponentially over the past 10 years, and it’s up to society to realize that things need to change before they get out of hand. “The average overweight person spends $1,500 more a year in health care costs than a healthy person. A lot of Texans are on Medicaid so they’re not actually paying that medical bill but See Texas on page 8

Texas top 10 Five of the top 10 fattest cities are in Texas. The Texas Department of State Health Service estimated spending $15 billion on overweight and obesity related problems. No. 1: Corpus Christi No. 3: El Paso No. 4: Dallas No. 7: San Antonio No. 9: Houston

See Lessons on page 2


silver taps

Academy provides rescue experience is a live fire burn demonstration, as well as CPR and first The Battalion Firefighters have responsibil- aid courses provided to participants. ities and obligations to uphold “The class is a taste of what rescue procedures within the it would be like to have the community. The College Staabilities that firefighters need,” tion Citizen’s Fire Academy is Giedraitis said. a program for people who want Many class participants have to learn more about the local stories and experiences from the fire department. Participants training. A community action range in age from18 to 80 years response team was organized old. Day-to-day operations, out of the first academy alumni injury and fire prevention proassociation. grams are taught to participants. “The first class wanted to keep “The most important thing is helping citizens and get involved to educate citizens about what by staying, giving and doing, so we actually do,” said Cindy Giethey became the liaisons between draitis, who is involved in public the victims of the fire and getting education about the Fire Acadlife back to normal, ” Giedraitis emy. said. The academy is offered durPart of the impact of the ing the spring Monday evenings academy is the difference and and runs for 11 weeks. There understanding of the citizens

Nov. 13, 1990 - Feb. 11, 2011 Nicolis Terrel Williams

Friends remember student as positive

Christine Perrenot

Pg. 1-03.01.11.indd 1

Nico poured into other people The Battalion and had a very Nicolis “Nico” Terpositive outlook. rel Williams, from Sugar Land, died Feb. 11, at the Katie Mahand, College Station Medical senior finance major Center after being hospitalized for bacterial meningitis. William’s death impacted the Aggie family, and he is missed by his friends and loved ones. Nico, 20, graduated from Kempner High School and was a junior economics major at Texas A&M. He made many positive contributions to the University through his involvement in FLIP, Fish Camp and CARPOOL. “This kid touched a lot of people,” said Nico’s father, Greg Williams. Nico was a student worker at Evans Library and a research assistant at the Educational Psychology PRA lab during his time

Christine Perrenot


Participants in the College Station Citizen’s Fire Academy practice typical procedures for extinguishing fires. when the classes end. “After every class a student can be heard saying ‘wow,’” Giedraitis said. With the largest group of residents in the area being student renters, it becomes increasingly important for students to understand safety and how to be cautious. “It helps if the public un-

derstands the training we do, as each specialization takes special training,” said Bart Humphreys, public information, research and planning officer. The academy provides information on the hiring process for firefighters, safety education and CPR training, portable fire See Academy on page 4

See Williams on page 6

2/28/11 10:18 PM

1805 Briarcrest, Bryan (corner of 29th St. & Briarcrest)

979-776-0999 OPEN


$60,000 won weekly OVER • Monday thru Saturday Event Packages & Planning Availabl e

1st Session 6:30, 2nd Session 8:00

• Sunday -


Session 6:00pm,

Silver Taps will begin at 10:30 p.m. today in Academic Plaza to honor the student who died this past month, Nicolis Terrel Williams. The parents of Taylor Gillespie will be in attendance to honor their son, who was honored at month’s Silver Taps. last mont


2nd Session 8:00pm

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fully ed p p i u eq


1/2 price paper on Thursday $10.00 1/2 price FortuNet Electronics Thurs. - Free Beer (limit 2) $2500 session play 1/2 price full pay Monday, Wednesday and Friday


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Summer 2011

Fall 2011–Spring 2012

(The summer editor will serve May 15 through Aug. 13, 2011)

(The fall and spring editor will serve Aug. 14, 2011, through May 12, 2012)

QualiďŹ cations for editor-in-chief of The Battalion are: REQUIRED t #FB5FYBT".TUVEFOUJOHPPETUBOEJOHXJUIUIF6OJWFSTJUZBOE FOSPMMFEJOBUMFBTUTJYDSFEJUIPVST JGBHSBEVBUFTUVEFOU EVSJOH the term of ofďŹ ce (unless fewer credits are required to graduate); t )BWFBUMFBTUBDVNVMBUJWFHSBEFQPJOUSBUJP JGBHSBEVBUF student) and at least a 2.25 grade point ratio (3.25 if a graduate student) in the semester immediately prior to the appointment, the semester of appointment and semester during the term of ofďŹ ce. In PSEFSGPSUIJTQSPWJTJPOUPCFNFU BUMFBTUTJYIPVST JGBHSBEVBUF student) must have been taken for that semester. PREFERRED t Have completed JOUR 301 or COMM 307 (Mass Communication, Law, and Society) or equivalent; t )BWFBUMFBTUPOFZFBSFYQFSJFODFJOBSFTQPOTJCMFFEJUPSJBM position on The Battalion or comparable daily college newspaper, – OR – )BWFBUMFBTUPOFZFBSFEJUPSJBMFYQFSJFODFPOBDPNNFSDJBM newspaper, – OR – Have completed at least 12 hours in journalism, including JOUR 203 (Media Writing I) and JOUR 303 (Media Writing II) or +063 &EJUJOHGPSUIF.BTT.FEJB PSFRVJWBMFOU

Application forms should be picked up and returned to Sandi Jones, Student Media business coordinator, in room 013 of Bldg. #8901 in The Grove (between Albritton Bell Tower and Cain Hall). Deadline for submitting application: 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 23, 2011. An equal opportunity, afďŹ rmative action employer committed to diversity


Matt Woolbright, Editor in Chief THE BATTALION (ISSN #1055-4726) is published daily , Monday through Friday during the fall and spring semesters and Monday through Thursday during the summer session (except University holidays and exam periods) at Texas A&M University. Periodicals Postage Paid at College Station, TX 77840. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Battalion , Texas A&M University , 1111 T AMU, College Station, TX 77843-1111. News: The Battalion news department is managed by students at T exas A&M University in Student Media, a unit of the Division of Student Affairs. News ofďŹ ces are in The Grove, Bldg. 8901. Newsroom phone: 979-845-3313; Fax: 979-845-2647; E-mail:; website: Advertising: Publication of advertising does not imply sponsorship or endorsement by The Battalion. For campus, local, and national display advertising, call 979-845-2696. For classiďŹ ed advertising, call 979-845-0569. Advertising ofďŹ ces are in The Grove, Bldg. 8901, and ofďŹ ce hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Fax: 979-845-2678. Subscriptions: A part of the Student Services Fee entitles each Texas A&M student to pick up a single copy of The Battalion. First copy free, additional copies $1. Mail subscriptions are $125 per school year. To charge by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express, call 979-845-2613.

thebattalion 03.1.2011

Primary election results for student body president, student senate and yell leaders will be announced at 8 p.m. today in Academic Plaza.

Graduate school

A graduate school information session will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday in the exhibit hall of Rudder Theatre Complex.


For daily updates go to â—? Facebook â—? Twitter@thebattonline



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Continued from page 1

Campus and Northside, and they said they returned them to those places.� Keith Marrocco, class of 1990 and software developer for the division of student affairs, saw students in T-shirts and shorts with “Corps haircuts� walking into the Student Recreation Center. “Around 7 a.m., as I was leaving the Rec, there was some apparent Corps members, but they were wearing non-reg clothes, so it’s hard to say for sure. I thought they were coming in to work out, but they grabbed a stack of newspapers and walked off with them in their arms,� Marracco said. “Regardless of the content of the newspaper, that is a very dishonorable thing to do.� Marrocco contacted Matt Woolbright, editor-in-chief of The Battalion, of the incident by e-mail. “I heard about the incident from an upset University staff member around 10 a.m.,� said Woolbright, a junior sociology major. “Within an hour, I had covered main campus and discovered that thousands of newspapers were missing. By 3 p.m., I finished a second walk and some were back, but by that time the majority of students who normally read had missed it.� According to the Student Press Law Center, “publishing a student newspaper is an expensive undertaking; student newspaper thieves deprive rightful owners of their valuable property. Among other expenses, student news organizations pay editorial staff to produce the newspaper, advertising staff t o sell ads, printers to print it and circulation staff to distribute the finished product.� Advertisers will be offered makegoods totaling $5,447.32, said Robert Wegener, general manager of Student Media. There were 18,000 copies of The Battalion printed Monday. Sarah Smith, a freshman international studies major and staff writer for The Battalion, was disheartened because she worked on a story that appeared on the front page Monday. “I put a lot of time and effort into writ-

have controversial issues come to light, not every candidate will. While we believe in second chances at The Battalion, we also believe that students and candidates are responsible for their actions, past and present. How they handle themselves in light of and react to adversity is as important to student leadership as being the loudest and proudest member of the Twelfth Man. Some candidates might bear responsibility for their actions, some might not, but each candidate elected will go forward representing Texas A&M with all their strengths and all their flaws, whether or not we are aware of these qualities. As a student newspaper serving some of the premiere students in the country, we choose to report the news and present as much information as possible. We leave it to each discerning individual to weigh issues and decide for themselves. Regarding our endorsements, it was the result of debate, deliberation and ultimately approval from our editorial board, on which I am a member. Concerning our reporting, it is not influenced by our endorsement choice, but our endorsement choice was influenced by the news and information available. We look forward to this election week and seeing which candidates will be given the honor and opportunity of representing our esteemed University. We hope that you, the student body, will continue to read and engage The Battalion through our various outlets and continue to let your voice be heard as we strive to represent you fairly, openly and honestly. We strive to improve daily. You are the heart of Aggieland.

Matt Woolbright — THE BATTALION

The stands at G. Rollie White and many other campus locations were empty Monday. ing for The Battalion because it’s something I love to do. This just left a really bad taste in my mouth,� Smith said. As editor-in-chief ofThe Battalion, Woolbright said most students don’t understand the amount of work that goes into publishing a newspaper each day. “There is an incredible amount of time and effort that goes into each copy of The Battalion,� Woolbright said. “From the photographers and writers to the editors and designers, so much is poured into our product. To see a day’s work, not to mention the time taken on assignment, go unnoticed and information remain unknown is just unfortunate.� Letting thieves get away with newspaper theft threatens the viability of free press, according to the Student Press Law Center. “We will be working to figure out who is responsible and seeing that this is something they can learn from,� Woolbright said. “It’s a serious matter, not just something we can, or will, ignore. We plan to file a complaint with the University and handle the incident through the judicial systems.�

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Primary election results

Wednesday mostly sunny high: 74 low: 48 Thursday mostly sunny high: 74 low: 54 Friday mostly sunny high: 74 low: 56

Today sunny High: 71 Low: 44

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Silver Taps

Register your bike for free.



Thousands of bikes are abandoned on our campus each year. Please take pride in ownership and register your bike. Help us clean up the campus and provide a bike program that Aggies can be proud of. Pg. 2-03.01.11.indd 1

Moving Forwar w rd For You ÂŽ

2/28/11 10:21 PM

5 before you go things you should know


Canvas painting

Students will have the chance to paint a canvas and learn about the arts and entertainment programs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday in the Koldus Student Services Building Plaza.


U.S., Islam lecture

John L. Esposito will speak for “The U.S. and the Muslim World: Where do we go from here?” at 4 p.m. Wednesday in Rudder, room 601.



Post-racial Opening dilemma night of lecture International The Africana Studies Week Program Lecture Series presents “Africana Studies and Afrocentricity: The Post Racial Dilemma in the Academy” with Molefi Kete Asante all day Wednesday in the Evans Annex, Room 204E.


‘Tron’ screening

MSC Aggie Cinema Blockbuster presents: Tron: Legacy at 7 p.m. Opening ceremonies for Friday outside the Clayton International Week begin Williams Alumni Center. at 8 p.m. Friday in Studio 12 of the Commons. Aggie Nights present “Dance Around the World.”

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Striking the right chord Student a capella event impresses audience


n an encore by HardChord DynaMix at Sunday evening’s Acappellooza, the audience was treated to a fantastic performance of Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek.” This was one of the most Ryan Seybold memorable performances of the senior philosophy night and every member of Hardmajor Chord deserves a delicious cookie. In fact, it was so epic that my laptop’s battery died (and went to laptop battery heaven), probably because it realized that it would never again hear anything so wonderful in this world. Acappellooza included singing groups from universities both in and out of Texas. It was organized by Texas A&M’s own HardChord DynaMix, and proceeds went to music arts programs in public schools. “It was a really awesome experience to get together with so many great singers from other schools for a good cause. They were all incredible people, and I really enjoyed meeting and singing with them,” said Andrew O’Leary, a senior management information systems major and HardChord DynaMix member. Each performance was done well and each group had its specialty. Some were comical, some theatrical. Others demonstrated beauty in quiet precision, while others pushed the limits of vocal performance. The show started with a bang. The groups

took the stage at once and delivered a bold rendition of “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi, which set a fast-paced and lively atmosphere that persisted throughout the night. “I loved the opening act; having all eight groups on stage made the performance so fun and energetic. The solo was split between about 20 singers that would run or dance to the center of the stage, so it showed the uniqueness of each group and kept the audience wondering what would happen next,” said Lauren Havelka, a freshman general studies major. The first to perform was HardChord DynaMix, who sang “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri. Mayra Loera, a sophomore communication major, flawlessly delivered the lead part, and the rest of the group replicated the music track vocally. Pitches and harmonies were spot on — evidence talent, dedication and many hours of practice. The next group to perform was the Femmatas, the all-female group from A&M. The members sang “Always Be my Baby” by Mariah Carey and “Chasing Pavements” by Adele. The Femmatas take what might ordinarily be a disadvantage, the lack of tenor or bass voices, and turn it into an advantage by focusing on the intricacies of the female voice and showcasing its abilities as distinct from male vocals. Next up was The Green Tones from the


Mayra Loera, a sophomore communication major, leads a solo in HardChord DynaMix’s rendition of “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri during Saturday evening’s performance. University of North Texas. The group sang, “Wanted” by Jesse James, which featured a female lead with a rich, sultry tone. The percussive arrangement included particularly talented bass, which contrasted and complemented the lead extremely well. The arrangement sounded more like rock than a capella. The group’s second song was “AutoTune Medley,” a vocal arrangement of popular Internet memes, including the famous Antoine Dodson interview (“He’s climbin in yo windows, he’s snatchin yo people up…”), followed seamlessly by “Double Rainbow.” The Men of Moores from the University of Houston were the first to feature choreography, to which the members performed a Lady Gaga medley, starting with “Monster,” which blended seamlessly into “Bad Romance” and gave a nod to “Telephone” as the medley reached its end. The arrangement blended the songs in a way that each one complemented the whole piece,

and it was delivered in a unique way which made the most of the a cappella style rather than attempting to recreate the studio version. The Men of Moores went for a different style in their next number, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” by Stevie Wonder, which had a decidedly gospel flavor to it. A&M’s Swaram was up next. The lights came up, revealing the group clad in grayscale, and they began the first number, a mash up of “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis and “Jaane Kya Chahe Mann” by Pyar Ke Side Effects. Swaram was noticeably more theatrical than the rest. The group featured choreography in the performance and exchanged lead vocalists several times throughout the song without interrupting the flow. One of the leads hit an especially high note right on pitch, and a cheer from the audiSee Acappellooza on page 7

WARRANT ROUND-UP FEB. 28 - MARCH 11 COLLEGE STATION MUNICIPAL COURT College Station Municipal Court and the surrounding Justice of the Peace of¿ces will conduct a warrant round-up from Feb. 28 - March 11th. If you have a warrant out of College Station Municipal Court please contact the court to avoid being arrested at your home, school, or job. The Court will be open Monday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the remainder of the week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. To contact the court please call 979-764-3683. Warrants are available on the web at

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tuesday 3.1.2011

STUDENT LEADERS for the 2011-2012

Southerland Aggie Leader Scholarship The scholarship program recognizes and rewards student involvement at Texas A&M University. Each recipient will receive an award in the amount of $1,000 for the 2011-2012 academic year. Eligible Students Include: t Undergraduate t Graduate t Professional Candidates Must: t Have proven examples of leadership and involvement. t Have completed one fall or spring semester at Texas A&M at the time of application. t Have a minimum cumulative GPR of 2.5 at Texas A&M.

Apply Online at Application Deadline Friday, April 1, 2011


gency. If anything happens, they have to be at their vehicle within one minute. KnowlContinued from page 1 edge and preparation for any extinguishers, hoses and vensituation are required of all firetilation, 911 dispatch systems, fighters. fire engines and ambulances, “We don’t always meet vehicle extrication, hazardous people under the best circummaterials, history of the fire stances,� Humphreys said. department, emergency mediThe academy teaches the recal services, incident command sponsibility and commitment systems, fire ladders, fire prethat firefighters make to the vention, protective clothing community and how lives can and disaster procedures. change because of what they “There is a lot of training and do. paper work that is ever-chang“You have to be very coming as we are moving from 7 mitted and responsible,� Gieda.m. until the next morning,� raitis said. said John Moore, who was on Applicants must be 18 years call at the fire station. old, live in the Brazos Valley Firefighters are always work- and show a physical ability to ing and waiting for an emerattend the academy.

“There is an application for the academy and participants can have no criminal history,� Giedraitis said. Having a criminal record can inhibit a career and is an important thing for students to think about while they are still young and making career choices. “Citizens will be able to use the knowledge we give them in a positive way,� Giedraitis said. The academy meets at the five College Station fire stations and the Brayton Fire Training School. People interested in applying can contact Cindy Giedraitis by phone or e-mail during application periods. Classes start in late February and run through May.

Questions? Contact Tammy Thomas at 979.845.3982.

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football | Von Miller had an impressive showing at the NFL Combine Monday, registering a 4.53 40-yard dash, a 6.7 3-cone shuttle, an 11.15 60-yard shuttle, a 37 inch vertical jump and a 10 foot 6 inch broad jump. Miller also weighed in at 246 pounds. The performance has pundits and experts calling Miller a surefire Top-10 pick and one of the best players in April’s NFL Draft.


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Hometown hero College Station native Gilbert adjusts to life in college

“As a kid I was born and raised in College Station, and I started to come to the games,” Gilbert hometown hero that was highly said. “I kind of grew into the of A&M. I didn’t know sought-after coming out of high school, tradition everything about it but I’ve Texas A&M freshman center and Colgrown to like it.” Already showing her potential lege Station-native Karla Gilbert is on her way in her first collegiate season, Gilto becoming a household name on the Aggie bert has given the Aggies another tall body in the post but has also women’s basketball team. displayed her unique talents on the floor. She is averaging 4.6 Graduating from A&M Con- I came back home.” points and 3.1 rebounds per game solidated High School, Gilbert In the end, Blair convinced in the 2010-2011 season. Despite began drawing a crowd early Gilbert that she was meant to be her success this season, Blair still in her high school career. As a an Aggie, and she chose A&M sees room for improvement. junior, she averaged a doubleover several women’s basketball “She’s very fundamental double with 19 points and 15 powerhouses including Baylor, catching the ball and scoring with rebounds per game. Texas A&M Duke and Connecticut. Now her left,” Blair said. “However, Head Coach Gary Blair, howev- Gilbert has developed a strong she’s having trouble scoring with er, saw Gilbert’s potential before sense of identity with both the her right, and she’s right-handed she entered the ninth grade. school and her teammates. because she doesn’t extend the “When I started middle “As a team, I like how we ball to its highest point with her school, Coach Blair was the first always have each other’s back,” right. With the left hand, it’s fine. one to come to all my games and Gilbert said. “If we have a down- We’re not going to fix that in one everything else,” Gilbert said. fall in practice, we’re going to try game. It will probably be over “It was a good reason to come to pick it up and try to end on a the summer. If there’s anybody to A&M.” good note. We’re together every that needs to play summer ball, A 2010 McDonald’s Allday, so we really don’t have to it’s Karla so she can get a little bit American, Gilbert was ranked worry much team cohesiveness. more confidence.” the No. 1 post player in the We’ve already bonded with each In Gilbert’s first collegiate country and ninth overall by other and know what each of us start, she recorded eight points, seven rebounds and a careerESPN HoopGurlz. Despite her likes and doesn’t like.” high seven blocks on the deconnections to A&M, Gilbert Gilbert comes from a terfensive end. Facing one of the also considered leaving home rific pedigree of success on the toughest matchups in collefor college. basketball court. Her mother, “I liked other teams, but I Nelda, played the game at North giate basketball, she played an never really thought hard about Texas and was Karla’s head coach excellent game against Baylor where I was going,” Gilbert said. in high school. A member of the All-American center Brittney Griner. Gilbert pulled in a ca“It was just wherever I liked in 1983 Southwest Conference reer-high eight rebounds and the back of my mind. I thought Newcomer Team, Gilbert’s faabout leaving College Station. I ther, Jimmie, played basketball at effectively slowed down Griner during A&M’s 67-58 loss looked but really didn’t like it, so A&M from 1983-1986.

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in Waco. Gilbert’s level of play recently has not come easy, however. Aggies’ sophomore center Kelsey Bone has been working every day to help Gilbert reach her full potential and that hard work is starting to pay off. Bone and Gilbert’s friendship, since playing summer ball in high school together, has given Gilbert a valuable mentor. “She helped me a lot because she’s more physical and has helped me toughen up,” Gilbert said. “She has played longer than I have, so she introduced me to new stuff. With her, you know what you need to work on more because she will expose that.” Bone agreed with her. “From my point, it’s about trying to get her tougher,” Bone said. “I try to get her not to see our friendship sometimes because Karla is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet and sometimes that carries over to the court. Sometimes I try to provoke her and will hit her really hard to get that fight out of her. Lately, it’s been going really well. She’s starting to get comfortable with college and exert herself. She’s trying to show everyone that the transition period is over, and she has grown up fast.” Despite the bright future that lies ahead for Gilbert, she is making sure to not get too ahead of herself. Gilbert said she is focusing on her success at A&M but would like to play in the WNBA if the opportunity presents itself

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Freshman center Karla Gilbert is averaging 4.6 points per game this season. when she’s done.” “Of course I think about it and if it’s there in a few years, I’ll take it,” she said. As the Aggie women prepare for the Big 12 and NCAA Tour-

naments, the play of Karla Gilbert could determine how far A&M can go. The solid post player off the bench could make the difference as the Aggies chase their first Final Four appearance.

4th Annual



Music Fest & Chili Cook Off


Saturday, March 5th

Charlie Robison

Double R Nothin E Shellee Coley Jubal Lee Young E Scooter Brown EJesse Dayton

Sunday, March 6th

Cody Canada & The Departed 2500 Chili 1st Place Prize $

Mason Lankford & The Folk Family Revival Dustin Welch Band

March 5th (OPEN cook off) E March 6th (CASI cook off)

Heritage Place Amphitheatre in Historic Downtown Conroe, TX For more info call 936-788-5819 or visit

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Texas universities. “I hope people understand how important it is to get the vaccination,” said Clay Huddleston, a junior English major and close friend of Nico. Nico was involved in campus organizations and had many friends he enjoyed spending time with. “He was looking forward to studying abroad in Ireland this summer,” Williams said. Family and friends said they will remember Nico’s positive attitude and ambition. “Nico was one of those people that really lit up a room

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at A&M. “He planned on using his degree to go to law school,” Williams said. Nico was hospitalized for four days after being diagnosed with meningitis. The illness is preventable with vaccination, and Nico’s family members said they hope to work with legislation to make the vaccine a requirement for students enrolled in

with his big personality. He was always having a good time,” said Katie Mahand, a senior finance major, friend and co-chair in the same Fish Camp as Nico. People that knew Nico repeatedly mentioned how service-oriented he was and how he had the ability to put other people first. “Nico poured into other people and had a very positive outlook on things,” Mahand said. The Aggie family continues to mourn the loss of their fellow Aggie.

“I would like to add that Nico’s family is very humbled by the outpouring of support by all Aggies. It has helped us tremendously as we grieve this tragic loss,” Williams said. Nico will be honored at 10:30 p.m. today at the Silver Taps ceremony in front of the Academic Building, as well as at Aggie Muster in April. “The impact he has made is amazing and he has affected so many lives,” Huddleston said. Nico is survived by his parents, Greg and Arlene Williams, and his sister, Tiffany Williams.



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BED AND BREAKFAST Bogart’s Casa Blanca B&B/Weekend Restaurant. Now booking rooms for all University events. Gated 4 acres, 12 elegant rooms with private bath and heated pool. Green Parrot Bar. Hearty Southern breakfast. (Hollywood in Texas). (936)825-1969.

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Student Body Elections The Association encourages you to cast your vote.


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Vail • Beaver Creek • Keystone • Arapahoe Basin

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ETYMOLOGY As per a law or custom in medieval England, peasants were allowed to take as firewood from the King’s forests, any deadwood that could be reached with a shepherd’s X or cut off with a reaper’s Y; rhyming words for “direct” (reachable with a long X) and “indirect“ or Y. The phrase now means going to the full extent of getting something done or in that context. Another explanation is biblical, where reference is made to the Devil’s Y and Jesus’ X. So what is the expression we’re talking about? ANSWERS TO YESTERDAY’S PUZZLE: 1. agree, amen 2. mini, minute 3. fay 4. boast 5. vice Surakshith Sampath — THE BATTALION

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Acappellooza Continued from page 3

ence leapt out before the end of the song. The next song was “I’m Feelin’ Good� by Michael Buble, in which the male lead managed to capture Buble’s tone. Next up was The Ransom Notes from the University of Texas. The performers opened with “Make You Feel My Love� by Adele, and made especially good use of dynamics, building up the volume and then dropping it back down at the perfect moment to highlight mood changes in the music. The group’s next song, celebrating disco music, was “Superstition� by Stevie Wonder, in which they implemented interesting chord structures that were made apparent by very precise execution. The male lead had excellent range, and brought out his solid falsetto several times, probably earning himself some Fightin’ Texas Aggie fan girls. The next group to perform was Apotheosis, A&M’s all-male group, who began with “Hallelujah,� which has been performed famously by several different artists including Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley. The unique take was more rhythmic than the other versions, and at the climax, a second lead stepped out and it became a duet for a few measures. When the first song ended, they unbuttoned brightly colored shirts and rocked out to “Larger Than Life� by the Backstreet Boys. As this was originally written for a male vocal group, it suited them, and the crowd got into it, clapping, cheering, whistling and laughing at the choreography. The Redliners from Oklahoma University came next, and the group’s first song was “Video Killed the Radio Star.� This performance was unique because, though the original was sung by Debi Doss and Linda Jardim of The Buggles, The Redliners implemented a male lead who, despite initial misgivings, pulled it off remarkably. They followed up with “California� by Phantom Planet/Mates of State. HardChord finished up with “We’ll Be a Dream� by We the Kings featuring Demi Lovato, which while it was very well done, could not be enjoyed to the fullest because my head had exploded after “Hide and Seek.� The performing groups took the stage once more and closed the show with “Use Somebody� by Kings of Leon. “The best part was getting to meet all of the great people who came a long way to perform with us. Hearing them perform was a great experience that exposed our group [HardChord DynaMix] to different styles and ideas, and connected us with people who have a great passion for performing,� said Lindsey Sheridan, a junior communication major and member of HardChord DynaMix. “The whole experience has been extraordinarily rewarding.�

Students, Faculty and Staff are invited to attend one of the noted sessions to hear from Transportation Services Executive Director Peter Lange regarding the completion of the Ross Street Construction Project and the associated Pedestrian & Traffic Plan: Wednesday, March 2 1-3 pm Evans Library, Room 204 E


Aggieland 2012 QualiďŹ cations for editor-in-chief of the Aggieland yearbook are: REQUIRED t #FB5FYBT".TUVEFOUJOHPPETUBOEJOHXJUIUIF6OJWFSTJUZ BOEFOSPMMFEJOBUMFBTUTJYDSFEJUIPVST JGBHSBEVBUFTUVEFOU  during the term of ofďŹ ce (unless fewer credits are required to graduate); t )BWFBUMFBTUBDVNVMBUJWFHSBEFQPJOUSBUJP JGB graduate student) and at least a 2.25 grade point ratio (3.25 if a graduate student) in the semester immediately prior to the appointment, the semester of appointment and semester during the term of ofďŹ ce. In order for this provision to be met, BUMFBTUTJYIPVST JGBHSBEVBUFTUVEFOU NVTUIBWFCFFO taken for that semester; PREFERRED t )BWFDPNQMFUFE+063PS$0.. .BTT Communication, Law, and Society) and ARTS 203 (Graphic Design I), or equivalent; t )BWFEFNPOTUSBUFEBCJMJUZJOXSJUJOHUISPVHIVOJWFSTJUZ DPVSTFXPSLPSFRVJWBMFOUFYQFSJFODF t )BWFBUMFBTUPOFZFBSFYQFSJFODFJOBSFTQPOTJCMFQPTJUJPOPO the Aggieland or comparable college yearbook.

Application forms should be picked up and returned to Sandi Jones, Student Media business coordinator, in room 013 of Bldg. #8901 in The Grove (between Albritton Bell Tower and Cain Hall). Deadline for submitting application: 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 23, 2011. An equal opportunity, afďŹ rmative action employer committed to diversity

Friday, March 4 9-11 am Rudder Tower, Room 401

TAKE A PIECE OF A&M HISTORY WITH YOU Reserve your 2011 Aggieland The 109th edition of Texas A&M University’s official yearbook — the Aggieland — will chronicle the 2010-2011 school year: traditions, academics, the other education, sports, the Corps, greeks, campus organizations, and seniors and graduate students.

By credit card go online to http://aggieland. or call 979-845-2613. Or drop by the Student Media office, Bldg. #8901 in The Grove (between Albritton Bell Tower and Cain Hall). Cost is $64.90, including shipping and sales tax. Hours: 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday–Friday.

“A World of Healthy Products for Your Family!�

Gourmet To Go Ready To Eat Anytime Anywhere You don't have to heat to eat

includes Gluten Free and Vegetarian 4303 S. TEXAS AT ROSEMARY BRYAN • 979-846-4459 MON–FRI 9 TO 6 • SAT 9 TO 4 Celebrating 22 Years of Serving the Brazos Valley!

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