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Corporate Gifts with Social Impact

Taking a Local Brand Global Fair fashion, home goods and gifts that empower the people behind each product. Created in 2013, Batik Boutique is a social enterprise created to disrupt the cycle of poverty in Malaysia. We train artisans from low-income backgrounds to produce gifts and fashion accessories made from traditional Malaysian fabric called batik. Each purchase directly benefits the artisan who made it.

What Is Batik?

Batik is an ancient art practiced for over 2,000 years in Southeast Asia. This intricate dyeing process results in beautiful designs that are unique to the artisan. Batik uses dye-resistant wax to create patterns and designs, and the wax is then washed to reveal the pattern with the process repeated to create multiple colors and layers. Each stamp is hand-made, and batik artisans create repeating patterns with a single stamp. Batik Boutique works with family run businesses and batik artisans in Malaysia to manufacture our fabrics, and all of our products incorporate hand-dyed textiles and designs.

Our Seamstresses

Purchasing from Batik Boutique creates Impact 177 Artisans Employed (Seamstresses, Batik Artists, etc.) 1,428 Total Beneficiaries (Families, Groups, etc.)

TRAVEL ACCESSORIES Authentic Malaysian batik for your employees and clients on the go *Custom products available upon request

Passport Holder A unique touch of Malaysia for your international clients

Leather Passport Holder An executive touch of batik for VIPs

Leather Luggage Tag Setting baggage apart with leather and batik **Embroidery & embossing available upon request

Leather Zip Pouch A multi-purpose pouch that provides a unique look from office to home

Zip Pouch A versatile pouch for everyday use

Toiletry Bag Plenty of on-the-go storage for travel needs; waterproof lining **Embroidery & embossing available upon request

Jewelry Roll Store jewelry in a convenient and stylish way; available in eco-dye cotton

Drawstring Pouch Reversible pouch for travel storage and packing ease

**Embroidery & embossing available upon request

ECO-FRIENDLY GIFT ALTERNATIVES Premium Gifts with Environmental Impact *Custom products available upon request

Pens Variety of eco-friendly pen options including recycled paper or bamboo

Tote Bag Tote bags with custom design and branding, available in a variety of sizes, colors and materials

Umbrella 30� umbrella with custom branding **Embroidery & embossing available upon request

Infused Water Bottle BPA-free water bottle with flavor infuser (710mL)

A5 Size Water Bottle A5 notebook size water bottle

Coffee Mug Ceramic coffee mug with custom design and branding

Travel Coffee Mug Ceramic coffee mug with takeaway lid and custom design/branding

Travel Adapter Electronics adapter with batik travel bag for storage

Travel Organizer Travel organizer for employees on the go. Pockets for passport, documents, etc.

Shoebag Custom branded or batik fabric shoebag for travel ease and organization

OFFICE ACCESSORIES Handmade gifts for the office that incorporate authentic Malaysian batik *Custom products available upon request

Coffee Tumbler Coffee on the go with style. Plastic lid with batik fabric inserts, branded graphics, or hand-drawn designs that can be colored by recipient

Laptop Case Executive leather and batik case for VIPs (holds 13” laptop)

iPad Case Batik and leather mix to create a unique storage case for iPads (measures 12” x 9”)

**Embroidery & embossing available upon request

Yearly Planner Customizable pages including monthly and weekly calendars with important dates, to-do lists, lined-note pages, or blank pages; can include company logos and branding

Eco-Dyed Notebook Recycled palm paper and eco-dyed cotton, available in A4 or A5

**Embroidery & embossing available upon request

Leather Card Holder A sleek look of leather and batik for business cards

Business Card Holder Snap closure and two pockets to store business cards

Leather Key Fob Leather and batik for key storage

Cotton Key Fob A universal gift made of durable cotton **Embroidery & embossing available upon request

OFFICE ATTIRE Offering a professional look for everyone that incorporates authentic Malaysian batik *Custom products available upon request

CUSTOM OFFICE ATTIRE Create a unique and custom look for your company or event. Whether choosing an existing batik print or designing something new, let us create custom pieces that reflect your company’s brand. We produce apparel on cotton or silk, with additional services like embroidery as available upon request.

Silk or Cotton Necktie

Silk or Cotton Scarf

Batik Shirt

Handkerchief A vintage look for special occasions; available in cotton or silk

Lanyard Leather and batik lanyards with transparent window for IDs or cards; comes with or without ID holder

Cufflinks Hand-crafted from stainless steel for VIPs **Embroidery & embossing available upon request

HOMEWARE Creating a space that sparks conversation with authentic Malaysian batik *Custom products available upon request

Coaster Set Set of four batik coasters for the perfect universal gift

Table Runner 100% cotton lined runner for table decor (measures 64” by 12”)

Placemat Batik table settings; sold individually or as set (measures 17” x 13”) **Embroidery & embossing available upon request

NASI LEMAK COLLECTION Where Malaysian’s beloved dish meets batik

NASI LEMAK & BATIK Our take on Malaysia’s infamous breakfast, nasi lemak. Bags are available in cotton or canvas, and can be branded or embroidered upon request. Tea Towels are hand-printed on 100% up-cycled linen fabric, and additional embroidery is also available. Have an idea for your company or event? Let us customize your products, colors, and prints.

Tote Bag

Tea Towel **Tote bags measure 14.5 x 15 3/8” and Tea Towels measure 18 3/8 x 28 1/4”

GIFT SETS & PRESENTATION Presenting your gifts in a unique way by incorporating hand-dyed Malaysian batik

Box Packaging

CUSTOM PACKAGING Bags, boxes, and totes create personalized packaging that reflect your company’s brand. We offer customized printing, textile design, and graphic images. Incorporate your logo on gift boxes or event information on canvas or cotton bags to create a unique and lasting look that is a takeaway for your guests and clients.

Non-Woven Bags

GIFT SETS & PRESENTATION Let us take the hassle of gift presentation for you. For holidays, events, conferences, or gifts, we can create custom boxes, cards, and bags for your company. Present a hand-crafted gift in unique packaging. Customizable in color, design, logo and theme.

Batu Seremban

Batik Gift Boxes

Hamper Sets

BATIK & YOUR EVENTS Create a company outing filled with team building and fun

BATIK: CANTING & BLOCKED Batik is a method of hand-dyeing fabric using removable, resistant wax. Canting is a pen-like tool used to apply liquid hot wax in the batik-making process. In this batik workshop, you will learn the process of designing and painting batik, from making preliminary drawings, to applying the wax, dyes, and setting colors.

TIE DYE: SHIBORI Shibori is a method of dyeing fabric after knotting or clamping it to produce interesting and irregular patterns. There are an infinite number of ways one can bind, stitch, fold, twist, or compress cloth for shibori, and each way results in distinct patterns. In this shibori workshop, you will learn several different shibori techniques to create your own unique textile, demonstrating the diversity of beauty from each participant for everyone to enjoy.

MAKE PRODUCT AT YOUR NEXT EVENT Join us and learn how to make your own handmade gifts. Create buzz and something to talk about as your employees and guests create their own masterpiece to take home! From notebooks to scarves, we offer batik and shibori classes both on-site at your office or event and at our studio. A great team-building opportunity that is fun, memorable, and gives back to the local community.

Gifts That Contribute to Your Company’s Goals With every corporate gift order, you directly contribute to sustainable economic opportunities and empower artisans in Malaysia. i  T @ @thebatikboutique

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