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PARTNERS Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals


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beacon Registered Charity: 298388

Welcome to the first ever SICK! Festival SICK! is an ambitious, international, cross-art form festival that seeks out new ways of talking about and dealing with the experience of sickness of all kinds: physical, mental, ethical and spiritual. It is about how our bodies and minds can act against us and against society’s expectations of what is normal. It is about understanding and taking back control. The diverse and engaging programme of performance, dance, film and digital art is framed by presentations from leading medical practitioners and academics. Public debates will bring together artists, health professionals and people for whom sickness is an urgent, present reality. The festival is aimed at anyone who has ever been sick, cared for someone who is sick or struggled to find the right words to talk about these difficult issues. Surely that is all of us. We invite you to reconsider illness humanely, critically and sometimes with an irreverent humour as we seek out new languages for understanding and dealing with illness. Generously funded by the Wellcome Trust with support from Arts Council England and Brighton and Hove City Council, SICK! 2013 is a pilot for a new annual international festival. We are delighted to be working with a host of partners from the arts, healthcare services, local authorities and education establishments. Without their support, input and guidance SICK! would have remained just an idea. We hope to see you at the events within the festival programme, and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Helen Medland Artistic Director



QUICKFIRE WORKSHOP WITH BOBBY BAKER In the build-up to SICK! Supper Club, Bobby Baker will lead a free, Fri 1st March day-long workshop for students and artists entitled ‘Culture Cake’. 11am – 6pm Over the course of the day, each participant will produce a brand The Basement new 3-minute solo performance drawing on participants own FREE experiences and perceptions of illness, to be presented at Supper Club the following night. It’s not about making a polished piece, but a fresh and spicy bite-sized nugget of performance ingenuity. To apply see It’s also a great opportunity to work with a legend of performance art, meet other performers and take part in one of the most exciting whats-on contemporary performance nights in the country.

SICK! SUPPER CLUB Various Artists, HOSTED BY BOBBY BAKER Defiant, daring and generous in equal measure, the legendary Bobby Baker hosts a SICK! Supper Club. As the patients take over the asylum, this evening of performance, film, installation and music will offer an exuberant celebration of peculiar, problematic and provocative bodies.

Sat 2nd March 8pm – 2am £8 / £6 concs & under 25’s The Basement

Supper Club has grown to become The Basement’s signature dish: a fantastic social night of intriguing occurrences and unexpected encounters taking place throughout the venue’s various subterranean spaces. Grab a tasty, home-made bite to eat and see what the night will hold. This evening’s artists include Jo Bannon, Tom Marshman, Martha Mosse, Jezebel & Oakenburg, Martin Lewton, James Wheale, Me & The Machine and students from the Brighton & Sussex Medical School. Work up an appetite for Supper Club by joining A Wall is a Screen – SICK!: A moving cinematic exploration of the architecture of the city starting at 6.30pm in Jubilee Square (see page 7).

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Videoclub AND The Basement present


A WALL IS A SCREEN - SICK! A SHORT FILM TOUR (GERMANY) Created especially for SICK! A Wall is a Screen will lead an audience of festival-goers and passers-by on a unique, cinematic journey through the streets of Brighton. This free event will incorporate a host of SICK!-themed short films in a guerrilla-style intervention, transforming the architectural fabric of the city.

Sat 2nd March STARTS 6:30pm FREE Begins at Jubilee Square

During the daytime, the streets are filled with life, fuelled by the businesses and work places. After business hours certain parts of the city become deserted. These are the places that A Wall is a Screen seeks out and reanimates. It is a combination of a guided city tour and a film night. Armed with a mobile projector, sound system and energy supply A Wall is a Screen makes unexpected connections between film and the city landscape: the location and passers-by seem to interact with the film, become part of it. Street noises seem to have an impact on the action of the plot. Thoughts and places that remain otherwise hidden are made visible. Join us in Jubilee Square and see where the trail will take us, then after the tour, why not roll on to The Basement for Supper Club, a packed night of performance, video, installations and music (see page 4).

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UNDER OBSERVATION An afternoon of durationAL performance and video

BLEU REMIX: Yann Marussich (Switzerland) Bleu Remix is a stunning and unsettling visual meditation on the nature of the body - a reflection on the relationship between inside and outside. Over the course of one hour, Yann Marrusich’s body is transformed, as a blue liquid gradually and magically seeps through his skin. The physical pathways between the interior and the exterior are startlingly revealed, but more, a complex relationship between interior consciousness and public perception is established. A live soundtrack provides a haunting response to the performance.

MUCUS FACTORY: MarTIN O’Brien (UK) A durational performance-installation which subverts the common representations of people with severe illness as icons of bravery or eliciting sympathy by presenting a transgressive but more realistic image of what it means to have a severe chronic illness. Presenting his body as a medical specimen, O’Brien literally performs medicine, taking physiotherapy, a common treatment for Cystic Fibrosis, from the hospital to the gallery space.

Sun 3rd March 3.30pm – 6pm Free The Basement

Blue Remix credits: Design and performance: Yann Marussich Artistic collaboration and lighting: Daniel Demont Music composition: Clive Jenkins who remixes Yann Gioria Scenery construction: David Châtel Production: Perceuse Productions Scènes With the support of the City of Geneva, la Loterie romande and Pro Helvetia


Mucus Factory credits:

A selection of films of documentation and performances to camera drawn from the Live Art Development Agency’s extensive archive. The works reflect the ways in which the practices of artists working with Live Art have engaged with and represented issues of illness in innovative and radical ways.

Commissioned by: Live Art Development Agency, London, 2010

8 ENQUIRIES: 01273 699733

Supported by: Arts Council England Live percussion: Becky Beyts With thanks to: Ron Athey


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UK Premiere


ELEONORA bambie (The Netherlands) Eleonora is Jochem Stavenuiter’s mother. When he was fifteen years old, she suffered a stroke and, as a consequence, lost her memory. Rooted in this true story, this honest and profoundly insightful performance is about forgetting who you are. It is about struggling to retain dignity and identity and about weekly visits to an Alzheimer clinic. It is also about hope, the hope that one day she will be cured.

Thurs 7th March Bar opens 7pm Show starts 8pm £10 / £8 concs & UNDER 25’s The Basement

For the past fifteen years, Dutch theatre company Bambie have been creating physical theatre that moves and amazes. Theatre in which the actors work up a sweat while letting their imaginations run riot. With Bambie, slapstick can go hand-in-hand with poetic choreography. This is theatre created ‘on the floor’, and forged by the bodies of the actors. What starts out with big themes and big emotions ends up as pursuits, death-defying leaps, mock battles and soothing rituals. The starting point is the body as reflector of the human soul. Impulses and urges, dreams and frustration are exaggerated until the characters on the stage are almost crushed beneath their weight. Featuring a discussion between Jochem Stavenuiter and Dr. Sue Eckstein, Lecturer in Clinical and Biomedical Ethics at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, exploring the condition from personal, ethical and medical perspectives.

Creation: Hans Man in’t Veld and Jochem Stavenuiter Script: Jochem Stavenuiter Director: Hans Man in ‘t Veld Played by: Jochem Stavenuiter Technician: Markus Schnizer

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INCONTINENTAL Kazuko Hohki (UK) Drowning my hopes of romance The fear of losing control whilst I dance Hiding away from public eyes An invitation to Secrecy and Lies Kazuko and Company invite you to join them for an incontinental cabaret of stories, situations, song, science and a spot of ballroom dancing exploring everyday control and what it means to loose it. Incontinental is the new show from the multiple award winning Kazuko Hohki created in collaboration with artists Colin Carmichael, Lewis Barfoot, Andy Cox and Max Hallett in partnership with Professor Alastair Forbes and the Gastroenterology team at University College Hospital London. ‘Delightfully batty and bizarrely charming… a wonderfully eccentric piece of hokum.’ The Guardian (On Evidence for the Existence of Borrowers) Featuring a discussion on the experiences and people suffering from incontinence and related conditions, with Kazuko Hohki and Prof. Alastair Forbes, Professor in Gastroenterology & Clinical Nutrition at UCL, chaired by Dr. Sue Eckstein, Lecturer in Clinical and Biomedical Ethics at Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

Sun 10th March Bar opens 7pm SHOW Starts 8pm £10 / £8 concs & under 25’s The Basement

Creative Team Conceived & Created by: Kazuko Hohki Performed by: Kazuko Hohki, Lewis Barfoot, Colin Carmichael, Alastair Forbes & Max Hallett Voice Over: Danielle Marshall Dramaturgy: Andy Cox Music by: Maxwell Hallett ‘Tesco’ song by: Lewis Barfoot ‘Incontinental’ lyrics by: Lewis Barfoot (based on ‘Continental’ by Con Conrad and Herb Magidson) Animation: Andy Cox Video, Design & Production Management: Nao Nagai & Andy Cox Producer: Joanna Crowley This project has been supported by a Wellcome Trust Small Arts Award

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Photo Alex Brenner

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MAD GYMS AND KITCHENS Bobby Baker (UK) Prepare to be surprised and delighted, moved and enlightened as Bobby Baker demonstrates how she achieves that ultimate ‘wellbeing’ factor. From working out to chilling out, via the kitchen sink, Bobby’s ‘wellness roadshow’ investigates how to get better at feeling better – cup of tea included. Bobby Baker is one of the most popular and acclaimed performance artists working today. In a career which spans nearly four decades she has, amongst other things, danced with meringue ladies, made a life size edible version of her family and driven around the streets of London strapped to the back of a truck yelling at passers by to ‘Pull Yourselves Together’. ‘…what Baker is offering is not a show but a priceless gift wrapped in a theatrical box of tricks.’ Lyn Gardner, The Guardian ‘I would go without food for a week just to get a ticket for her next show’ Nigel Slater, The Observer

Thurs 14th March TWO PERFORMANCES: 5pm (BAR OPENS 4pm) 9pm (BAR OPENS 8pm) £10 / £8 concs & under 25’s The Basement limited capacity

Artists: Bobby Baker & Charlie Whittuck Performance Development & Public Engagement: Sian Stevenson Technical Director: Steve Wald Performer: Marie Collins Stage Manager: Emma Cahill Mad Gyms & Kitchens has been commissioned for Unlimited, a project celebrating disability, arts, culture and sport as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The project is principally funded by the National Lottery through the Olympic Lottery Distributor.

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UK Premiere


South East Dance and The Basement present

PARKIN’SON Giulio D’Anna (Italy/The Netherlands) Two generations, Father and Son, confront each other on stage, telling the story of their relationship through their two, very different bodies: A 62 year-old therapist with no dance experience and a 31 year-old choreographer. A journal of personal events is revealed, shared through the lines of the skin and the shapes of two bodies tied by blood and their stories. An intimate shared choreography responds to the limits set by the disease and the differences of age and youth. Limitations become opportunities and to tell the two stories and shine a light on the moments that make existence memorable. Parkin’son is a memorial and a manifesto, an exorcism of that which haunts past, present and future. Featuring a discussion on Parkinson’s disease, giving an insight into the clinical features of the disease and its effect on the lives of those with the condition with Dr. Adam Harper, Consultant Geriatrician, Royal Sussex County Hospital and Giulio D’Anna chaired by Bobbie Farsides, Professor of Clinical and Biomedical Ethics at Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

Fri 15th March BAR OPENS 7:30pm SHOW STARTS 8:30pm £10 / £8 CONCS & UNDER 25’s The Old Market

Concept and direction: Giulio D’Anna Creation and performance: Giulio e Stefano D’Anna Production and direction assistance: Agnese Rosati Original soundtrack: Maarten Bokslag Light and set design: Theresia Knevel and Daniel Caballero Produced by: Fondazione Musica per Roma, stichting Gillen In collaboration with: Officina Concordia and Civitanova Casa delle Danza With the support of: Danceworks of Luana Bondi-Ciutti, Anna Maria Quinzi Winner of the 2011 Premio Equilibrio Roma

16 ENQUIRIES: 01273 699733


Photo Cinzia Camela


MENTAL the vacuum cleaner (UK) The Metropolitan Police call him a Domestic Extremist. The NHS have labeled him as Schizophrenic, Bi-Polar and more recently Borderline Personality Disorder. ‘A real and present threat to the safe running of our lawful business’ is how E.ON described him at the Royal Courts of Justice. He prefers the term Mental.

SAT 16th march TWO PERFORMANCES: 4pm & 6pm bar openS 3pm £10 / £8 CONCS & UNDER 25’s THE BASEMENT LIMITED CAPACITY

After 10 years of being an outlaw and inpatient, artist activist ‘the vacuum cleaner’ presents an autobiographical performance told through his psychiatric records, police intelligence files and corporate injunctions collected through the Data Protection Act. This show contains material some may find challenging, and is not suitable for people under the age of 16. ‘the vacuum cleaner is one of the most significant and exciting artists working in the UK today. Blurring the boundaries between art and audiences and between performance and politics, the vacuum cleaner’s work not only gets people thinking about things, but actually doing things to effect social, cultural and political change.’ Lois Keiden, Director, Live Art Development Agency

Supported by: Arts Council England the vacuum cleaner is an Artsadmin Associate Artist and a co-founder of the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination (2004 – 2009)

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PRESENTED BY CINECITY AND THE BASEMENT Director: Michael Haneke, Introduction: DR. KHALID ALI: Senior Lecturer in Geriatrics, Brighton & Sussex medical School / Stroke consultant physician, Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath Michael Haneke’s masterful, heartbreaking film is compelling tribute to a marriage tested by the onset of illness. Elderly couple Georges and Anne, retired music teachers, live a contented life enjoying one another’s company in Paris. When Anne suffers a stroke, Georges must learn to care for her in an entirely new way. Oscar-nominated and winner of the Palme d’Or, this exquisite, beautifully acted film is undoubtedly one 2012’s finest.

OUR CHILDREN (À perdre la raison)

Sun 3rd March STARTS 1pm Duke’s at Komedia Adult £9.50, Member £7.50 ConcS £8.50, Child £5.50 Family of 4 £26.00 Book AT: 0871 902 5728


Director: Joachim Lafosse, Introduction: DEBORAH BOWMAN, Professor of Bioethics, Clinical Ethics and Medical Law at St. George’s, University of London Young, effervescent and full of life, Murielle has a promising future ahead of her when she meets and falls for the handsome Mounir. A wedding soon follows, and the happy couple move in with Mounir’s adoptive father. As Murielle brings new life into the family in the form of four beautiful young girls, the tensions rise between her and the controlling Doctor. This intense, multi-layered dissection of an unorthodox family unit is based on real-life events.


Mon 11th March STARTS 6:30pm Duke’s at Komedia Adult £9.50, Member £7.50 ConcS £8.50, Child £5.50 Family of 4 £26.00 book AT: 0871 902 5728

PRESENTED BY THE SUSSEX BEACON AND THE BASEMENT Director: Amr Salama, FOLLOWED WITH A Discussion, ChairED BY Dr. Khalid Ali This visually beautiful film captures the experience of an Egyptian woman facing the challenges of life with HIV. Profoundly moving, the film depicts her daily battle with prejudice and discrimination. Featuring acclaimed actor Hend Sabry in the title role, this is more than simply a film about HIV, it is a film about fear, endurance and courage. This event is organised by The Women and Families Service at The Sussex Beacon, a charity which supports people living with HIV both locally and nationally.


Wed 13th March Doors 5:30pm, Starts 6pm Sallis Benney Theatre Panel discussion from 8pm register for your free ticket at: uk/asmaa



ONLINE / interactive

Richard DeDomenici: We all know a sick joke or two. Some are about sickness. Some reveal hidden truths about unpleasant experiences. Some reveal attitudes and prejudices that we find unacceptable. Sick Notes is an online video archive of over 100 patients, doctors, comedians and members of the public telling their favourite (or least favourite) sick jokes and funny stories about illness. Artist, activist and political gadfly Richard DeDomenici has been commissioned to track down and record the best and most inappropriate sick jokes. The website will be launched at the start of the festival and gradually grown by Richard DeDomenici over the course of 2013. How do different groups of people say the unsayable and use humour to deal with physical and mental illness? Go to to find out.

BREAKING TABOOS We have all been sick yet sickness remains resolutely the other, different, hidden, a transgression against what we think we should be. Despite its many forms and degrees of intensity, we define and separate it, build walls around it and bury it. How can we as individuals, family members, friends, members of society, healthcare professionals and sufferers find more direct ways of talking about difficult subjects? The panel includes Professor Bobbie Farsides and Lois Keidan.

WHO SAYS I’M SICK? The world is designed for people who are ‘well’, so being ‘well’ can be defined as belonging to the category for which the world is designed. If you do not fit, does this make you sick? This debate looks at the way in which illness can be seen as a social rather than physical or medical condition. It will explore the possibilities of changing social perceptions and finding new ways of living, and consider the role that the arts might play in this process. The panel includes Dr. Sue Eckstein, Gillian Bendelow, Lisa Rodrigues and ‘the vacuum cleaner’.

The website will be launched at the start of the festival and gradually grown by Richard DeDomenici over the course of 2013

DEBATE Thurs 14th March STARTS 6pm Free Sallis Benney Theatre Visit The Basement’s website for full profiles on the speakers

DEBATE Fri 15th March STARTS 6:30pm Free THE OLD MARKET Visit The Basement’s website for full profiles on the speakers

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