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NOVEMBER 18, 2011



Fall Fashion JULIA ELLINGS , LONDON LEE Operations Manager, Photo Editor

When selecting your wardrobe, think about the big picture: You may get attached to those stylish ankle-grazer jeans, but remember that you are creating an overall silhouette. Keep in mind what you are trying to accentuate. Even though some magazines may encourage fashion-rule-breaking fads, you may want to think twice before you walk out the door looking like you were hijacked by Lady Gaga’s wardrobe consultant. Here are some fail-safe tips that will follow fall trends and flatter your figure: Bottoms: Even though a light cotton skirt may look great with summer sandals, it is overshadowed by tights and heavy boots. Pair tights and boots with corduroy, wool, velvet, velveteen, or even heavier cotton twills. The 70s are coming back: courdoroy bell bottoms are comfortable and trendy! Tops: Ditch the sweatshirt for a blazer or a trench coat and pair it with dark jeans. It’s tailored, versatile, warm, and is an easy way to dress up an outfit. Knit sweaters come in many interesting patterns and can be the centerpiece of a plain, solid colored outfit. Accessories: Thick belts with loose dresses or shirts draw attention to your waist, whereas a small belts gets lost and create a sloppy impression. Knit hats and heavy knit circle scarves are warm and available in a large array of fall colors. Shoes: Rain boots are cute and practical in our rainy Seattle weather! Pleather lace up boots are even more popular this fall than they were last year. Warning: If you choose to mix patterns, do it carefully, making sure that there is a unifying element like color that pulls the two items of clothes together.

NOLAN TSANG, WILL SHEERAN Business Manager, Copy Editor

Those old cut-off jean things that go up to your belly button and show your butt:


Jean shorts are fun and sturdy. However, some girls have decided that they are the most fun and most sturdy when shoved all the way up their down unders. By pulling these shorts up to their belly buttons, girls have made their behinds look as if someone took a denim strip, wrapped it around a pale, skin-colored balloon and squeezed the balloon ever so slightly so that it divided the balloon into two equally gross hemispheres. Please stop showing us your lumpy balloon butts by wearing these high, cut-off jean shorts.

WHAT NOT TO WEAR: Will Sheeran and Nolan Tsang advise girls to wear more clothing on a regular basis.

Bros on Clothes

Girls who wear makeup with sweat pants:

When girls wear loads of make up with sweat pants, it is difficult to delve into their minds to guess the thought process behind their decision. Most of these girls probably wanted to take a break from their usual routine of crop tops, lululemons and scarves. However, similarly to how a painter cannot sell a blank canvas, many ladies here cannot go a day without their layer of “make me pretty” goop. Unlike the canvas, the girls do not become a lovely portrait. Their faces are more akin to the kind of finger paintings that

we did in first grade. Girls: If you are going to go for the casual look, leave the make up at home.

White Vans:

Personal pet peeve here. The point of buying Vans, one of the most cheaply manufactured brands of shoes on the planet, is basically not to worry about beating them down and collecting smudge marks along the way. Girls have apparently tired of seeing how white they can keep their Range Rovers and Audis and have continued this pursuit into their Vans. These shoes were once for skateboarding. They are now for displaying how pristine you can keep your clothes.

Lululemon Pants:

A lethal weapon in the eyes of guys. Let’s break it down: you didn’t have a butt earlier but now you do and your thong is showing and I can’t believe your mom let you out of the house like that and now that silver logo thing is reflecting light in a weird way but now I’m too busy staring information overload ajjdfadfoiioioadjfoijdiodoif BUTT BUTT BUTT BUTT BUTT BUTT BUTT BUTT BUTT

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JULIA ELLINGS , LONDON LEE Operations Manager, Photo Editor NOLAN TSANG, WILL SHEERAN Business Manager, Copy Editor Lululemon Pants: Girls w...