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NOVEMBER 18, 2011



Editorial: On the need for civil discourse grade, by interests – is to accept that every student serves a vital niche in our community. We should try to appreciate each other’s interests. Even if you choose not to go to the football game, or the orchestra concert, or a student art show, realize that all of the individuals who are representing BHS at these events are working to the same goal: fostering a stronger sense of community. Actions tend to speak louder than words, so instead of attacking the student body for the poor attendance at your event, encourage all your friends to attend, and try to step out of your comfort zone and show support at someone else’s event. No one is being coerced into attending extracurricular events, but at the same time, the more people who go to them, the more fun it is for those involved, and the more likely it is that someone will want to support you in the future. Our ASB has created an electronic public forum on Facebook, the Bellevue Student Forum, where nothing will be deleted unless the writer requests it to be. Join it if you want to voice your concerns and help reconnect our student body. The steps taken in the last two years by student leaders to encourage and increase communication and support amongst all the different activities have helped, but there is still more to be done. Cheer on the sports teams. Appreciate our awesome ceramicists, painters and photographers. Go to a band, orchestra or choir concert. Laugh at an improve show. Or don’t. The choice is yours! SCOTT BOWERS

Following the deletion of a thread on the Bellevue High School Facebook page, we feel it is important to comment on the statement of a BHS football player who told the student body “we’re 12th in the nation, act like you care” and began a debate in which hundreds of BHS students became involved. On page 19 of the Barque this issue, you will find a full page spread devoted to a feature on our football team. Our team is out to win a fourth consecutive state championship, they have yet to lose a game this season, and they have won against some of the best teams on the state and national level. However, these illustrious wins on their own do not warrant the support of the student body. Our support and our attendance at sports games are not based purely on the successes of said team, but more on the respect and connection that we feel to the individuals participating. Although the inflammatory comments posted on the Facebook page do not reflect the football team’s opinion as a whole, the idea that the football team has “the hardest road to get to state” angered members of all other fall sports teams, who have worked hard throughout their seasons (including our water polo team, which won its very first state championship on Nov. 4). Beyond the lackluster attendance at football games, the conversation exposed the chasms that divide our student body. The remedy for these divisions – divisions which extend deeper than sports, which divide us by gender, by

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Lilia Mora

This all must be a joke. A bad dream. An optical illusion. Our first playoff game and not one enthusiastic Bellevue fan in sight. Our expectations of the Bellevue High football program are holding us back from being the rowdy fan base that our team needs. It’s embarrassing as

a student, and as a school, to show up to a game and have more cheerleaders cheering than fans. Student section, population: 16. Literally. I counted. Good thing all of my imaginary friends showed up. Just kidding, even they decided to skip. Come on Bellevue, we are all proud of our football team and their accomplishments, so it’s time to show it!

RIP cafeteria microwave culture Rebekah Cheng

There is a dire problem at our school. Students: Have you ever felt a gaping hole in your life, a vast crevice in your heart, and, perhaps, a slight pang in your stomach? Yes, I can empathize. I too feel the loss of our school’s beloved microwaves. In our old old BHS cafeteria, we had two functional – albeit decrepit – microwaves nestled against the walls. Walking into the cafeteria, one would see the line of Asian students (and the occasional others with their Hot Pockets and microwavable Campbell’s soup cups) intermingling in the school lunch line. Oh, the nostalgia…

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Playoff game # 1: 16 fans



But now, I cannot find a single microwave in our new cafeteria/commons. Where else am I supposed to go to heat up my fried rice? Am I just supposed to eat it in its diminished, room temperature state? I refuse to do so. I am now being forced to bring sandwiches (Sandwiches?!?! God forbid). I am unable to express my culture through my culinary preferences. I am sure there are many others who can relate to my suffering. Now that this pressing issue has been brought to light, I pray that some higher power will reinstate the micro-

Corrections from the Oct. 14 Issue In a Response from the Editors, the Barque inaccurately explained lunchtime closures of the library. The library is closed during B lunch due to a greater need of the space from history and English classes. History teacher Will Linser was misquoted as saying he supports Mitt Romney’s plan to leave Iraq, when in actuality he supported Ron Paul’s plans to leave Afghanistan and Iraq. Senior Nick Lauver was misquoted on the Back Page on comments he made in regards to Herman Cain.

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