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jim carl bob nocek senior director president/ceo On behalf of the Carolina Theatre of Durham, Inc., it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 16th annual North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. Whether you’re a Durhamite who is lucky enough to be familiar with all that our city and the Carolina Theatre offer, or a visitor joining us for the first time, I sincerely hope that your NCGLFF experience is engaging and enjoyable. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished over 16 years. NCGLFF is not only one of Durham’s signature events, but one of the oldest and largest in the southeast. This year’s festival includes 87 films, and as always we’ve sought to capture the breadth of the gay experience through a variety of stories, some funny, some tragic, and some that are just intended to entertain. Although we come together under the banner of gay cinema for this festival, our lives and our experiences are broadly different. It is my hope that somewhere in the range of films we’ve chosen this year, that something resonates with you. The festival, as I’ve said since arriving in Durham two years ago, is about more than just film. It’s about community. That’s why last year we introduced our Plaza Party, which was a resounding success and gave festivalgoers a chance to socialize and have fun without leaving the festival grounds. We’re bringing it back this year, and we’ve made it even better. As you’ll notice throughout the Carolina Theatre, this year’s NCGLFF comes with the challenge of construction. The City of Durham’s $1.8 million renovation project that began in June won’t be complete until the fall, but we couldn’t let a year go by without NCGLFF, so we’re making it work. There may be some holes in the walls, or some unfinished finishing touches, not to mention three stories of scaffolding in Fletcher Hall. We hope you’ll excuse the mess and come back in the fall to see the all new Carolina Theatre. It is also with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to announce our ambitious plans for the future of the North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. We have begun to plan an even bigger NCGLFF beginning in 2012, with many more days of films, parties, and events that will make this the premiere LGBT film festival in the Southeast and an even greater draw of visitors to Durham. I thank you for your loyal support, and I hope you have a fabulous festival!

I have always loved going to the movies. It says something that I can’t recall my childhood without envisioning trips to the Texas Theatre, a grand, old-fashioned single-screen movie house, and the only place to see movies in my hometown of Sweetwater. If you’ve seen Stand By Me or any of those films where the narrator reminisces about their upbringing in small-town America, you know where I’m going here. It was not a show palace, the Texas Theatre; just an aging building, probably built in the 1950s, but if you were a boy under thirteen in the mid-70s, it was the best place in town to spend Saturday afternoon. One of my earliest movie-going memories happened in 1976. I was seven years old.  It had been a great year for movies, but there was one movie that made no sense to me, whatsoever. It was called Ode to Billy Joe, and was based on a country song whose lyrics I’d memorized by playing my 45rpm record over and over. My mother would commandeer my record player and spin her own favorite song, “Wildfire”, which was about a girl who froze to death while searching for her pony during a blizzard. “What the song didn’t tell you,” the film ads cooed, “the movie will.” I was hooked.  Billy Joe marked the first time in my life that I saw a PG-rated movie without an adult in tow, but I felt only bitter disappointment. Billy Joe explained absolutely nothing.     “What does it mean?” I asked my mother the next morning. “Homosexual?” Billy Joe took the plunge after telling his girlfriend he was gay, whatever that meant. “It’s when a man likes other men,” my mother explained, slowly. She should have stopped there, but no; she instead used a metaphor. “What would happen if the Six Million Dollar Man lived with Spider-Man instead of the Bionic Woman?” My mother actually asked this, I swear. It’s gospel. My mother had been right. “Wildfire” was a better song than “Ode to Billy Joe”. Jumping off a bridge because you liked guys was indeed dumber than freezing to death while shouting a horse’s name in a snowstorm.    Okay, what’s the point of this story? For starters, thank goodness it’s not 1976 anymore and we’ve progressed to a point in queer cinema where stories of gays and lesbians aren’t always necessarily wrought with melodrama and angst. Let’s also take a moment to consider that today’s younger generation stands a much better chance of knowing and befriending someone who’s gay than did my own generation. I truly hope that events like the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival have helped play a small role in promoting that acceptance. There’s still much more work to be done and---if we’ve programmed good, smart movies---perhaps someone in the audience this weekend will feel inspired to take a stand against prejudice, misinformation, and uniformity.  Perhaps they’ll even make a movie? Yes, there are reasons I program movies rather than make them. Good ones, my boss tells me. All my best,




the carolina theatre The Carolina Theatre of Durham, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which manages the city-owned Carolina Theatre complex. Each year we present a variety of performers that encompass a broad and diverse cross-section of arts and entertainment. Proudly produced by the Carolina Theatre of Durham, Inc. the North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival celebrates a worldwide glimpse of today’s gay and lesbian life, helps bring the community together and features entertaining and sophisticated films and filmmaking.

Executive & Full-time Staff for The Carolina Theatre Bob Nocek President/CEO Jim Carl Senior Director Aaron Bare Director of Marketing & Communication Elisabeth Branigan Marketing Coordinator Cora Bryant Administrative Assistant to the President/CEO Michelle Irvine Director of Audience Services Marlene Leavell Box Office Manager Alison McPherson Business Manager Betty Rhodes Education Coordinator Ryan Shivar Graphic Designer Jamin Skipper Facilities Manager Carl Wetter Technical Manager Abdul Woods Audience Services Manager

Friday, March 9


Thank you Volunteers!

The Carolina Theatre gratefully acknowledges the contributions of NCGLFF volunteer committee members.

2011 NCGLFF Volunteer Committee Members Community Outreach Committee Glenna Maynus, Dale Mackey – Co-chairs Patron Services and Logistics Committee Mark Ambrose, Edie McMillan – Co-chairs Howard Koslow Marketing Committee Theresa Champion, Carson Fernandez – Co-chairs Elaine Tola, John Comer, Kent Parks, Michael Klingensmith, David Sledge Artist Hospitality Committee Chuck Wheeler, Monique Velasquez – Co-chairs

Steering Committee Chuck Wheeler, Monique Velasquez - Co-Chairs Glenna Maynus, Dale Mackey, Mark Ambrose, Edie McMillan,Theresa Champion, Carson Fernandez Men’s Programming Committee Chuck Wheeler – Chair, Mark Ambrose, Bob Winstead, Ray Richardson, Bob Levin, Paul Mihas, Ken Gray, Javier Gayo, Blake Crews, Sam Hull, William Rothwell Women’s Progamming Committee Monique Velasquez – Chair, Marilyn Hays, Kim Turk, Piper Kessler

Festival Resources

Community Resource Organizations

Information Central The Carolina Theatre proudly acknowledges the • The check-in point for all your information needs. following community organizations for their presentation RBA N l N E I of G Hinformational B O R H O O D materials. l RURAL • Access listings of local accommodationsUand restaurants. • Take the festival survey, or go to the festival website Alliance of AIDS Services-Carolina at Awakening Change • Purchase festival merchandise. Center for LGBT Life -Duke University • Meet up with friends or make other connections. Common Woman Chorus Crape Myrtle Festival, Inc. Community Resources Equality North Carolina Please gather information from the many LGBT and Gay & Lesbian Ministry at the Catholic LGBT-friendly organizations offering an array of informa Community of St. Francis of Assisi tional materials on local programs and services, social events, and volunteer activities. The Carolina Theatre is Imani Metropolitan Community Church proud to offer this vital space for the LGBT community! (MCC) of Durham LGBT Center of Raleigh PFLAG Triangle Triangle Gay Men’s Chorus URBAN





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MAINSTAGE IN THE NEXT ROOM (or the vibrator play) by Sarah Ruhl • 919.768.3088 •



H THE PARCHMAN HOUR written & directed by Mike Wiley H EDWARD ALBEE’S WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? H HENRY IV & V by William Shakespeare (in rotating repertory) H NOISES OFF by Michael Frayn

PRC2 A NUMBER by Caryl Churchill H

TBA H PENELOPE written & performed by Ellen McLaughlin; music composed by Sarah Kirkland Snider






MEN’S SHORTS PROGRAM (US/New Zealand/Australia, 82 min) Eighty-something Tristan Arthur Jones used to write about fictional war heroes, and fell in love with every single one. He always hoped he’d meet one for real, and with the arrival of Colonel Robert Leadley at his rest home, it seems like his dreams have come true in The Colonel’s Outing. As two strangers who met at a party now have a long rambling conversation into the night, their secrets are revealed in Morning Before. In Foot Soldier, a door to door salesman gets lost and is helped back on the right path by the hands of a small town. In the dark drama, Fucked, an evening of celebration forever changes the life of a young British man. When you can’t sexually satisfy the person you love, do you call it quits in Cakes and Sand? Viewer’s Guide: Nudity and graphic sexual content.

(US, 84 min) Bite Marks is a delightful vampire buddy comedy with a witty script and a cute cast. Brewster’s tryst with his brother’s wife is interrupted by a call from the truck dispatch. His brother has not shown up for work, and if Brewster doesn’t cover his route, his sibling will be fired. So Brewster heads out to deliver a shipment of coffins to a funeral home several states over. Trying not to fall asleep at the wheel, he picks up hitchhikers Cary and Vogel, a gay couple whose cross-country trip is a last-ditch effort to mend their failing relationship. Brewster takes an instant dislike to Cary but becomes uncomfortable when he finds himself somewhat attracted to Vogel. His GPS guidance system misleads them into an abandoned junkyard, where the truck’s axle breaks. When night falls, they learn that the coffins aren’t exactly empty. There are vampires…hungry ones! Vogel, Cary, and Brewster barricade themselves in the truck’s cab, hoping to fend off the vampires until dawn. Viewer’s Guide: Graphic violence.



(US, 95 min) Oddmund is a bumbling Norwegian soccer player who arrives on a small-town Kansas bison farm to work as an au pair. And the inevitable question arises: is he gay? Oddmund’s new employer is Helen Hazelton (Traci Lords), an uptight widow, who’s been seeing her husband’s ghost— and talking with him. Oddmund’s charges are a sullen fifteen year old, Atticus, and a shy nine year old, Beau. To draw the boys out of their shells, he gathers together a motley soccer team. With encouragement from her dreamy dead husband, Charlie, Helen is trying to move on. As details of Charlie’s life filter through, it’s clear that he tried to hide a secret gay life, but he wasn’t very successful.

(UK, 80 min) From the makers of Shank and Release comes this side-splitting new comedy about sex, money and the benefits of a fast broadband connection. Seb and Aaron are a pretty, twenty-something British gay couple in modern economic times who find themselves partying like it’s still 1999 one day… and discover that they’ve overspent on credit cards and are in financial ruin the next morning! How to make some fast cash? How about selling your gay sex tapes on-line? One small problem: Aaron neglects to tell Seb that he’s secretly filming them! Now they’re “getting paid off by getting laid” and things are running great…until their friend Jern suggests adding a third to really kick start those Internet sales! Viewer’s Guide: Nudity and graphic sexual content.



(US, 100 min) August is a magnificent journey that touches on a familiar note for many: “What if he comes back?” Emotions run high when Jonathan receives a message that his ex, Troy, is back in town after living in Barcelona for years. A blast from the past becomes a passionate current affair. But things aren’t so simple, especially since Jonathan is happily partnered with his new love, Raul. –What develops is a tangled web of tough choices that each character has to make for love. Viewer’s Guide: Nudity and graphic sexual content.

(Iran, 107 min) Winner of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award: Dramatic category! In a vibrant contemporary Tehran, two beautiful teenage girls struggle for their personal freedom. Atafeh and her best friend Shireen are full of youthful exuberance and a healthy streak of rebellion as they drink, smoke and go dancing at underground parties. When Atafeh’s brother Mehran returns from drug rehab, he embraces a new way of life and joins the Morality Police---much to the surprise of his affluent and liberal parents---and becomes increasingly obsessed with Atafeh and Shireen’s intimate relationship. In Persian with English subtitles



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WOMEN’S SHORTS PROGRAM (US, 75 min) Playing on the “Ice Teasers” flag football team means adhering to a strictlyenforced “tea only” drinking policy, but Angie has a secret in Fluid. Alice’s recent return home from Iraq has caused her upset enough, and now her current employment struggle is only adding to that heartache in Alice in Andrew’s Land. When Anna’s long term boyfriend breaks her heart, she tries several ways to get over it in It Was Like That. Jamie falls in love with the GPS in her parent’s car in No Direction. Becoming a lesbian isn’t as easy as Angie thought it would be. She’s been fantasizing about girls, so after her boyfriend turns out to be a jerk, she joins her roommate at a gay bar…but Girl Scouting doesn’t turn out quite the way she imagined.

(US, 95 min) Marshall is a cocky young man who, after seven years with his boyfriend, Gabe, is beginning to feel the itch. Attempting to shake up his dull routine, Marshall searches for a new life online. Here he discovers a mysterious application – eCUPID – that promises to find its user true love. From the moment Marshall downloads eCUPID, the application provides Marshall with a line-up of sexy, available guys, each promising to fulfill all of his fantasies. But too much of a good thing may not be a good thing. With the help of a wise and mysterious waitress (played by 1980s television icon Morgan Fairchild), Marshall is given one last chance to listen to his heart and figure out what– and who– he really wants.



MEN’S SHORTS PROGRAM (US/France, 82 min) When a young terrorist is trapped by a hunter of the Special Intervention Unit, the games of domination begin as they start a long walk through the forest in Man Hunt. Frank’s plan to murder Leo is tampered by a flat tire! Now, the two gangsters embark on a chase deep into the woods in Spare. In Refuge, a West African soccer player sneaks away during a game in the hopes of creating a new life in the US. Max is a closeted college student who’s self-medicating with recreational drugs in pursuit of an endless party in Earwig. Neal wakes up in a strange man’s bedroom with a splitting hangover and no memory of the night before. What happens next is even stranger in Regrets. There’s no use crying over Spilt Milk in this hot and heavy glimpse into one man’s early morning activities. There’s a lot more cooking in this kitchen than just breakfast. Viewer’s Guide: Nudity, graphic sexual content, and violence.

WOMEN’S COMEDY SHORTS PROGRAM (US/Canada, 77 min) In order to hide her sexuality from her own parents, a sexy lesbian asks a drunken frat boy to pose as her “fiancé” at her own upcoming engagement party in You’re Cordially Uninvited. Cowboy chic meets gorgeously inked ladies as a mysterious girl looks for her first tattoo in Slow Burn. A girls’ night out game of poker takes a turn from giggle-fest to an evening of secrets revealed in Poker Face. In Cyclicity, two young women ride the Ferris wheel, talk Nietzsche, and discuss how a relationship is like the ride. On a trip to a “crippled children’s camp”, Terry falls for her deep-end swimming instructor in the hilarious, The Performance of Drowning. Two Mexican day-laborers in Los Angeles innocently talk about lunch and computers…with very inaccurate and hilarious subtitles in The Help Part 1 & 2. A couple argues over who’s more gay in Miserable Animals. In Nice Shirt, a woman spars with her ex-girlfriend when she shows up to a friendly lunch wearing a printed t-shirt that reads “taken!”



WOMEN’S SHORTS PROGRAM (US, 76 min) A fictional all-gay community mocks, bullies, and ultimately destroys a teenage girl for her romantic interest in a boy in Love Is All You Need. In Out of Bounds, Rose and Samantha are on the cusp of moving in with each other, but Rose’s conservative mother doesn’t know she’s gay. Come Back to Me introduces us to a young lesbian couple that finds their relationship turned inside out by internalized homophobia and torn apart by societal pressures. Looking for Cassidy and Dawn? Chances are, they’re down at the pub in the small suburb they’ve never left. They’re together all the time, and the co-dependence is starting to chafe in 30 is the New 12.

(US, 85 min) Adam wants to launch his TV and movie career, but seems further than ever from his dream. His friend, Nick, hooks him up with an office job at a porn production company. Despite several offers, including from his endearingly creepy boss, Adam repeatedly refuses to go in front of the camera…at least until his bills catch up with him and he falls for Nick’s dubious charm. Circumstances snowball until he’s being pimped out by his boss as a high-class escort to famous men who need discretion with their booty calls. But when Adam falls in love with one of his clients, a closeted TV star, his dreams of serious acting—and true love—hang in the balance. Viewer’s Guide: Nudity and graphic sexual content.



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(US, 88 min) After three years in prison, macho Enrique (Esai Morales) returns home to the Bronx and finds things changed. His wife, Angela (Judy Reyes), is distant, and his teenage son, Michael, has come out as Vanessa, a transgender woman. Unable to accept his child for who she is now, Enrique clings to his masculine ideals while Angela attempts to hold the family together by fiercely protecting Vanessa. Still under the watchful eye of his parole officer, Enrique must become the father he needs to be or once again risk losing his family and freedom

(US, 79 min) This amazing and inspiring documentary follows Gary and Larry Lane, twins from North Carolina, who set out in an RV named Jolene to meet their idol, Dolly Parton! They left their small town home ten years ago to make it in Hollywood and are finally ready to get their script to Dolly. The boys embark on the adventure of a lifetime. This road trip is also a journey of selfdiscovery and an attempt to resolve mommy issues that have divided them since childhood. Featuring 15 of Dolly’s classic songs and Chad Allen, Dustin Lance Black, Beth Grant, and Leslie Jordan.



(Australia, 72 min) A hilarious Australian flick that plays out like a demented episode of Golden Girls. If your girlfriend decides she’s suddenly totally hetero, do you have to give a straight guy a toaster? Reserved Hannah finds out that the love of her life just isn’t into the whole girl thing anymore. But Breigh may not be able to untangle herself from persistent Hannah, who is unwilling to believe that a gold star lesbian is now 100% set on a life of hot man-on-woman action, just because reading Twilight made her more Team Jacob than Team Bella. With flashbacks to the not so distant past when the two leads were falling in love, it’s hard to tell where the girls will land, but the getting there is a roller coaster of hilarity.

(US, 118 min) Can Paul get married in just 6 days? Paul Roll is a lovable nerd who’s achieved everything he’s set his mind to, except…he’s never been successful at finding a man. After witnessing the marriage of his best friends---6 days before Election Day 2008---he realizes he desperately wants to get married. Forced by the current economy to take on an ultra-conservative (and antigay) conglomerate known as The Family as a new client, Paul must now tangle head-to-head with its Disney-like villain, Miss Deborah Anderson. Through a series of comedic mishaps that include a crusty old lounge singer named Miss Piggy B, Paul finally meets the man of his dreams. But is true love meant to be? Starring Matthew Montgomery, Ashleigh Sumner, Peter Stickles, Dylan Vox and Vincent De Paul.



MEN’S SHORTS PROGRAM (US/Canada/UK/Germany, 80 min) When Bobby spends the night with an attractive stranger, he dreams about the lifetime relationship they could have in Bedfellows. And see what happens In The Morning after a threesome in this mumblecoreinspired short. A young man struggles with the lies he tells himself on the eve of his anniversary in Where Truth Lies. What are the boundaries of friendship when you’re in an intimate friendship? That’s the question posed in Boys Like You. In Finding Judy, an African-American teen from Chicago looks inside himself and discovers that he can sing and act just like the legendary Judy Garland! Fermented is a light comedy about a passionate gay man who seeks to help solve the “Number 1” problem his current lover is having: Aiming at the toilet!

(US, 96 min) From writer/director Wendy Jo Carlton (Hannah Free) comes a lesbian romantic comedy with musical numbers! Jamie is moving from Chicago to New York to become a Broadway actress. Her best friend and roommate, Jessica, is bummed, because she’s in love with Jamie. Jamie just doesn’t get it. She thinks the biggest problem with moving is who’s going to pay the bills if she goes early. If only it were that easy. As moving day gets closer, Jessie tries to make Jamie jealous by dating other women. But as the pair struggles with the grey area between lust and love, Jessie’s plan backfires, in a way she could never imagine.




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(US, 94 min) Judas Kiss follows Zach Wells, once a young directing prodigy, who now mooches off his old college friend, successful horror director Topher Shadoe. When Topher has to back out of judging a film competition at their old alma mater, he convinces Zach to go in his place. While Zach seems disconcerted in his old stomping grounds, he soon discovers that one of the filmmakers he’s supposed to be judging is…his own younger self! A quirk in time gives Zack an opportunity to make right what, in retrospect, went wrong all those years ago. But Zach’s doppelganger is more interested in finding sex, love and filmmaking stardom than in listening to strange theories about time travel. Will Zach get a second chance? Will his younger self choose love and friendship over money and fame?

(US, 74 min) Texas, 1982. It’s a world ruled by big hair, synth-pop and cowboy boots as Kevin, a straight frat-boy, enjoys finding creative ways to bond with his fellow schoolmates, usually with some ‘straight’ porn and an extra hand. When he encounters Cesar, an openly gay student, Kevin’s heart starts to flutter for the young man, setting off a chain of events where his own sexual identity comes into question. When a weekend with Kevin’s childhood buddies arrives, the heady mix of beers, straight porn and sexual frustration will lead to multiple bed-hopping and soon these ‘longhorns’ won’t know what side of they fence they sit on! Director David Lewis (Rock Haven, Redwoods) returns to NCGLFF with a frisky sex comedy! Viewer’s Guide: Nudity and graphic sexual content.

ONCE IN A LULLABY KINK CRUSADERS (US, 74 min) This documentary is a loving profile of the International Mr. Leather contest, an annual event that got its start in the back of a Chicago bar over thirty years ago...and which now draws thousands of men from around the world to compete for a title and a sash. In tracing the history of the contest, Kink Crusaders also reveals the many ways that the Leather community - once a small, insular niche - has expanded into the mainstream.

WOMEN’S SHORTS PROGRAM (US, 74 min) Returning home to our families of origin can be awkward, but when you’re the black sheep it can just be downright painful in Baby Steps. Days before deployment to Afghanistan, Joey returns to rural Pennsylvania for Christmas with big dreams of running away to Canada in AWOL. Two strangers in love with the same women must come to terms with each other’s existence in The Wait. See what happens when you ask your girlfriend for an unusual birthday present in Reverse Cowgirl. Baby Cake dares to see what happens when a gay couple and a lesbian couple attempt to conceive a baby…the old fashioned way. After suffering an injury that causes her to forget her identity, Andy now believes that she’s a man. Now she’s forced to choose between two selves: her past or future self. A women’s bible study meeting takes an unexpected turn when the members’ true motives are revealed in The Fox in the Snow.



(US, 102 min) You think you can dance? So do Toni and Tasi, the ballroom dancing Campari sisters. Only problem is, they’ve each got a secret that’s dying to be let out. Tasi is the sequined drama queen, sick of the spotlight, while mousy Toni is the stand-in, the wallflower pizza waitress who’s never been kissed—although she has her eye on Mona, a girl with rhythm of her own. The sisters have some big dancing shoes to fill, courtesy of the ultimate stage mom, Cheri (US Latin Ballroom Champ Melanie LaPatin). When Tasi’s secret explodes, Toni sees her chance to sashay in with Mona in tow. They take the lead in the big ballroom competition, challenging everyone and paving the way for queer dance champs to come!

(US, 98 min) Love knows no boundaries, but same-sex attraction in an all-boy military academy is a tough drill. When eight cadets are left behind from a training exercise, love and trouble abound at McKinley Academy. The story begins in the classroom with the cadets reading Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The characters are soon revealed as their classical counterparts, with rival cliques acting as the warring houses of Capulet and Montague. Audiences will gush at the star-crossed lovers’ first kiss, but their encounter leaves each longing for more. The text takes on new meaning as our man Juliet and his Romeo follow their hearts, oblivious to the sidelong glances and smirks of their fellow soldiers. As the war between the two houses boils over, all of these handsome cadets are pulled into the turmoil of forbidden love.



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FRIDAY 1:10 pm

WE HAVE TO STOP NOW 2 105 min, Ends at 2:58 pm

1:20 pm

KINK CRUSADERS 74 min, Ends at 2:37 pm

1:20 pm

3:00 pm

AUGUST 100 min, Ends at 4:43 pm

2:45 pm

3:20 pm

THE DREAMS THAT YOU DARE TO DREAM 76 min, Ends at 6:29 pm YOUR DADDY DON’T ROCK N’ROLL 67 min, Ends at 6:40 pm

6:50 pm 7:00 pm

THE WISH MAKERS OF WEST HOLLYWOOD 85 min, Q&A After, Ends at 8:30 pm CIRCUMSTANCE 107 min, Ends at 8:52 pm

7:10 pm

9:15 pm

HOLLYWOOD TO DOLLYWOOD 79 min, Q&A After, Ends at 10:32 pm eCUPID 95 min, Q&A After Ends at 11:03 pm

9:20 pm 11:00 pm

11:20 pm

5:00 pm

ONCE IN A LULLABY 74 min, Ends at 4:17 pm BUFFERING 80 min, Ends at 4:30 pm THE WISH MAKERS OF WEST HOLLYWOOD 85 min, Q&A After, Ends at 6:20 pm TRIGGER 83 min, Ends at 6:16 pm AUGUST 100 min, Ends at 6:43 pm

6:35 pm

TEENY, TINY MISUNDERSTANDINGS 75 min, Q&A After, Ends at 8:18 pm

6:45 pm

7:30 - 10:30 pm

PRIVATE ROMEO 98 min, Q&A After, Ends at 8:36 pm SPORK 86 min, Ends at 8:39 pm

VIP Party 7:30 - 10:30 (in the Connie moses Ballroom)

8:45 pm

9:10 pm THE DEVIL IN BALLBRICKER JONES 82 min, Ends at 12:25 am

BITE MARKS 84 min, Q&A After, Ends at 12:47 am BUFFERING 80 min, Ends at 12:43 am

HOLLYWOOD TO DOLLYWOOD 79 min, Q&A After, Ends at 4:14 pm

GIVE ME A HAPPY ENDING EVERY TIME 77 min, Q&A After, Ends at 10:13 pm

9:00 pm GIVE ME A HAPPY ENDING EVERY TIME 77 min, Q&A After, Ends at 10:50 pm

11:10 pm

WITH DEEP EMOTION, DEVOTION TO YOU 74 min, Ends at 2:37 pm

4:50 pm

7:00 pm

JUDAS KISS 94 min, Q&A After, Ends at 8:59 pm

9:00 pm

GUN HILL ROAD 88 min, Ends at 2:41 pm

4:45 pm

I WANT TO GET MARRIED 108 min, Ends at 6:51 pm

5:10 pm 5:20 pm

3:10 pm

SOMEDAY I’LL WISH UPON A STAR 77 min, Q&A After, Ends at 4:50 pm

JAMIE AND JESSIE ARE NOT TOGETHER 96 min, Q&A After, Ends at 10:49 pm AU PAIR, KANSAS 95 min, Q&A After, Ends at 10:58 pm

11:00 pm

THE DEVIL IN BALLBRICKER JONES 82 min, Ends at 12:22 am

11:10 pm 11:20 pm


3:00 pm


5:00 pm


1:00 pm

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT 98 min, Q&A After, Ends at 2:51 pm

3:10 pm


AWAY ABOVE THE CHIMNEY TOPS 82 min, Ends at 12:35 am BITE MARKS 84 min, Q&A After, Ends at 12:54 am


SATURDAY 9:00 am




9:20 am

THE SLEEPING BEAUTY OF EACH FINCHLEY 72min, Ends at 10:32 am HAPPY LITTLE BLUEBIRDS FLY 80 min, Q&A After, Ends at 12:18 pm

12:45 am

HOLLYWOOD TO DOLLYWOOD 79 min, Q&A After, Ends at 12:29 pm WE HAVE TO STOP NOW 2 105 min, Ends at 2:30 pm

12:50 pm

THE WISH MAKERS OF WEST HOLLYWOOD 85 min, Q&A After, Ends at 2:35 pm

2:40 pm 2:50 pm

THE CLOUDS ARE FAR BEHIND ME 75 min, Q&A After, Ends at 4:10 pm

ONCE IN A LULLABY 74 min, Ends at 4:14 pm CIRCUMSTANCE 107 min, Ends at 6:17 pm

4:45 pm LONGHORNS 74 min, Q&A After, Ends at 6:27 pm

7:00 pm

10:55 pm 11:00 pm

AWAY ABOVE THE CHIMNEY TOPS 82 min, Ends at 12:17 am BUFFERING 80 min, Ends at 12:20 am



9:00 am


HAPPY LITTLE BLUEBIRDS FLY 80 min, Q&A After, Ends at 10:40 am TEENY, TINY MISUNDERSTANDINGS 75 min, Q&A After, Ends at 10:45 am

10:45 am

11:10 am

1:00 pm


THE CLOUDS ARE FAR BEHIND ME 75 min, Q&A After, Ends at 10:30 am

JAMIE AND JESSIE ARE NOT TOGETHER 96 min, Q&A After, Ends at 12:26 pm GIVE ME A HAPPY ENDING EVERY TIME 77 min, Q&A After, Ends at 12:27 pm GUN HILL ROAD 88 min, Ends at 12:38 pm ONCE IN A LULLABY 74 min, Ends at 2:04 pm

12:50 pm AU PAIR, KANSAS 95 min, Q&A After, Ends at 8:35 pm

LEADING LADIES 102 min, Ends at 8:45 pm

KINK CRUSADERS 74 min, Ends at 12:04 am

12:45 pm I WANT TO GET MARRIED 108 min, Ends at 8:31 pm

6:50 pm

HANNAH AND THE HASBIAN 72 min, Ends at 10:35 pm

11:00 am BITE MARKS 84 min, Ends at 6:19 pm

6:40 pm

GOING DOWN IN LA-LA LAND 85 min, Ends at 10:38 pm

9:20 am

3:00 pm

5:00 pm

in the plaza in front of the theatre

TEENY, TINY MISUNDERSTANDINGS 75 min, Q&A After, Ends at 10:25 pm

9:20 pm

9:10 am

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT 98 min, Q&A After, Ends at 4:38 pm

4:30 pm

9:10 pm



THE DEVIL IN BALLBRICKER JONES 82 min, Ends at 2:12 pm

1:00 pm

official ncglff 2011 plaza party /

10:50 pm

GIVE ME A HAPPY ENDING EVERY TIME 77 min, Q&A After, Ends at 12:27 pm

11:00 am


9:00 pm

WITH DEEP EMOTION, DEVOTION TO YOU 74 min, Ends at 10:27 am

10:50 am


SOMEDAY I’LL WISH UPON A STAR 77 min, Q&A After, Ends at 10:27 am

9:10 am

10:45 am


THE DREAMS THAT YOU DARE TO DREAM 76 min, Ends at 2:06 pm JUDAS KISS 94 min, Ends at 2:34 pm





2:30 pm

HOLLYWOOD TO DOLLYWOOD 79 min, Q&A After, Ends at 3:59 pm

2:40 pm 3:00 pm

LEADING LADIES 102 min, Ends at 4:22 pm eCUPID 95 min, Q&A After, Ends at 4:45 pm

4:30 pm

BITE MARKS 84 min, Q&A After, Ends at 6:04 pm

4:50 pm 5:00 pm

LONGHORNS 74 min, Q&A After, Ends at 6:24 pm SPORK 86 min, Q&A After, Ends at 6:26 pm

6:30 pm

GOING DOWN IN LA-LA LAND 85 min, Ends at 7:55 pm

6:40 pm 8:00 pm

HANNAH AND THE HASBIAN 72 min, Ends at 7:52 pm TRIGGER 83 min, Ends at 8:13 pm

8:10 pm

AWAY ABOVE THE CHIMNEY TOPS 82 min, Ends at 9:22 pm

8:15 pm 8:30 pm


YOUR DADDY DON’T ROCK N’ROLL 77 min, Ends at 9:22 pm PRIVATE ROMEO 98 min, Ends at 10:08 pm

GET INVOLVED! VOLUNTEERS make the festival happen!

Each year our dedicated volunteers donate their time and earn free movie tickets by planning the festival, staffing important positions all weekend and serving as our voice through the gay and lesbian community across the state. Visit our table in the main lobby for more information how to get involved.

THE SLEEPING BEAUTY OF EAST FINCHLEY (UK/Germany, 72 min) Middle-aged Joan is sleepwalking through a dreary life, tending to her ailing mother and working a boring office job. Her only pleasure is in the songs she sings in the solitude of her room. Enter Patricia, her mum’s visiting nurse, who persuades Joan to join a women’s choir and share her voice with the rest of the world. Complications ensue when Joan, troubled by her Catholic faith and fears of public exposure drops out of the choir just as it heads to the big LGBT music festival. Will Pat have to sing solo? Preceded By: In Summer They Sit, The Elderly is the story of Petra who, prompted by the death of her grandmother, visits Gertrud, her grandmother’s life partner. Gertrud gives her an old suitcase full of memorabilia. Petra, in an attempt to protect memories from fading, decides to make a filmic ode to the love Magdalena and Gertrud shared.

TEENY, TINY MISUNDERSTANDINGS WOMEN’S SHORTS PROGRAM (US, 75 min) In Tracks, based on true events, a shy and lonely runaway falls for a flirtatious high school basketball player with an overbearing, church-loving grandmother. Selena and Jane are caught in a web of desire, deception and untruths in Slip Away. The question is: Who’s lying to whom? In Recessive, Shay is conflicted about whether to have a child with her wife, Norah, knowing that she may carry the marker for a serious genetic disorder.

SOMEDAY I’LL WISH UPON A STAR NC ARTISTS SHOWCASE (US, 76 min) These five short features highlight the contributions from artists across North Carolina including Durham, Greensboro, Fayetteville, Charlotte, and Greenville! Close By That Much examines two aging identical twins who find themselves at a crossroads late in life and how their relationship has affected the family bond. Gordon, a devout Christian, can’t come to terms with his twin’s sexuality. Blair, on the other hand, doesn’t understand why the rest of the family has almost forgotten about him. Alex is the new waitress at a lesbian bar in Curvature. She’s had enough with the constant come-ons and gropings! Along with her fellow employee, Madison, they devise a way to keep the girls off her back. What happens when you realize that you’ve slept with your best friend’s newest date! That’s the dilemma faced by Hayden and Kara in Pride. In Bystander, Dillon is a young man who must find the courage to ask out someone who might possibly be the love of his life. What’s a drag mom or a drag kid? The answer may have you laughing with dressing room hilarity in Kings and Queens: A Royal Family of Drag in North Carolina. Viewer’s Guide: Graphic violence.




(US, 86 min) Meet Spork. She’s a girl-identified 13 year-old with an intersex condition. Middle school is a dangerous battleground—and dance is Spork’s weapon of choice. Spork is determined to win the $236 prize at Cherry Lane Middle School’s upcoming talent show so she can use the money to become beautiful and fit in. Unfortunately, the token gang of mean girls (Betsy Byotch and the Byotches) is determined to come out on top, and they aren’t willing to let anything get in their way! But Spork has more people on her side than she thinks.

(US, 105 min) Our favorite hot lesbian therapist couple is back! In this follow-up feature film to We Have to Stop Now, Dyna (Cathy DeBuono) and Kit (Jill Bennett) are as charmingly neurotic as ever as they attempt to maintain their relationship amid endless hilarity and drama. Part Two brings us all up to speed on the current state of the couple’s affairs. So where are they now? Kit’s sister is still crashing on the couch and cracking jokes about the sex swing they bought—and fought over assembling—as part of their attempt to “reinvest” in their marriage. Their place gets even more crowded when Dyna’s sister comes to visit. Kit and Dyna start therapist shopping, but somehow, the new therapists (including Meredith Baxter) all look an awful lot like their old therapist, Susan (Suzanne Westenhoefer).



(Canada, 83 min) More than ten years after having a band-ending fight on stage, musicians Kat and Vic reunite for the first time on the night they are being honored at a tribute concert for women in rock. Right off the bat, unresolved issues and buried emotions dominate their awkward reunion. Both former slaves to their vices, recovering alcoholic Kat (Deadwood’s Molly Parker) is now successful, pretentious and the epitome of pristine preppiness. Shaggy-haired Vic (the late Tracy Wright, beloved Canadian actress) still dresses the part of a rock star and lives with the same guy from over a decade ago, but she’s substituted drugs with spirituality and a new acoustic sound. As they candidly reconnect over the course of one incredibly eventful night, egos are lost, layers are peeled away, and repressed feelings are revealed.

Tickets @

Festival updates @ncglff



(US, 98 min) Paul Greco seems to have it all. He’s a straight philanthropist from an elite world of socialites and black-tie benefits who’s just sold his lucrative business for a fortune and has more time and money than he could have possibly imagined. When his overbearing (but well-meaning) sister decides to give Paul a dog, he now finds himself assuming the daily dog-walking routine in the park. There he encounters Andy Chance, a young, gay, self-employed advertising whiz who happens to walk his own dog on the very same schedule. What starts as a casual daily meeting in the park soon develops into something a bit more questionable. At least that’s what the women in each man’s life seem to think! Now, Andy and Paul find themselves in a series of hilarious situations as they struggle with the differences in their personalities, backgrounds and ages. But most important of all, what happens next in their undefined relationship?

MEN’S SHORTS PROGRAM (US/Canada, 67 min) In 52, Scott Thompson (The Kids in the Hall) probes one man’s greatest nightmare: getting old. 4 Pounds is the story of an actor who focuses his considerable will to the goal of losing some weight. Recording artist Troy Jackson calls for sassy, irreverent voices to join a chorus of queers, who demand justice and equality in Batty Boys Revenge. A warring family is shocked to learn who’s inheriting the family fortune in Who Is Candy Bernardino? A seemingly normal subway ride across Manhattan transforms into a comic anthropological study of the local and exotic species of New York City’s gay “wildlife” in Domestic Shorthair Underground. Bobby, a Korean-American teenage outcast, is working at his parents’ dry cleaners on prom weekend. When the prom queen stops by with her dress, Bobby creates his own night to remember in The Queen. And remember the hilarious “gal detectives” from Chico’s Angels? Well, they’re back in three new comedy music videos: Run From Immigration, You Don’t Know My Life, and Get Down! What does it mean when the only person you love forgets you are his lover in Tell Me a Memory?

THE WISH MAKERS OF WEST HOLLYWOOD (US, 85 min) This old-fashioned and sexy romantic comedy finds three young gay men simultaneously arriving in Los Angeles to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. It’s a coming-of-age story set during a summer that will change their lives. Innocently, they make a wish in a fountain to find true love, fame, and transcendence. But in a bitter world of YouTube celebrities, Facebook, unemployment, and downward mobility, do wishes made in a fountain even still come true? Even more so, are there any hopeless romantics left in the world?

Your perspective is our advantage

WITH DEEP EMOTION, DEVOTION TO YOU WOMEN’S SHORTS PROGRAM (US, 74 min) Jay Dreams combines a series of vignettes, improv, and spoken word/ haiku interludes to tackle issues of identity, polyamory, desire, family, power, and relationships. Will Emily’s first massage also lead to her first lesbian encounter in Candy Apple Red? And could Allison be the object of her own affection…even during lovemaking? That’s the question posed in Allison, My Love. In Recipe for Love, two women from disparate backgrounds embark upon a journey of self-discovery, passion, and their love of food.



Tickets @

Festival updates @ncglff

How you see the world depends on your point of view. That’s why Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina supports the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. We believe a diverse community is a healthier community. An independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. U7655, 6/11


CHEAT SHEET Au Pair, Kansas August Away Above Chimney Tops Bite Marks

Buffering Circumstance

Clouds Are Far Behind Me Devil in Ballbricker Jones Dreams that You Dare Dream eCUPID Give Me a Happy Ending Every Time

Going Down in La-La Land Gun Hill Road Hannah and the Hasbian Happy Little Bluebirds Fly Hollywood to Dollywood

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FH C2 C2 FH C1 C1 C2 C1 FH C2 C2 FH FH FH FH C1

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I Want to Get Married

Thursday, August 11 Saturday, August 13

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5:00 pm 6:40 pm

Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together

Friday, August 12 Sunday, August 14

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9:00 pm 10:45 am

Judas Kiss

Thursday, August 11 Sunday, August 14


7:10 pm 1:00 pm

Kink Crusaders

Thursday, August 11 Saturday, August 13

C2 C2

1:20 pm 10:50 pm

Leading Ladies

Saturday, August 13 Sunday, August 14


7:00 pm 2:40 pm


Saturday, August 13 Sunday, August 14


5:00 pm 4:50 pm

Once in a Lullaby

Friday, August 12 Saturday, August 13 Sunday, August 14

C1 C2 C2

3:00 pm 3:00 pm 12:45 pm

Private Romeo

Friday, August 12 Sunday, August 14


6:45 pm 8:30 pm

Sleeping Beauty East Finchley

Thursday, August 11 Saturday, August 13

C1 C2

3:10 pm 9:20 am

Someday I’ll Wish Upon Star

Thursday, August 11 Saturday, August 13


3:20 pm 9:00 am


Friday, August 12 Sunday, August 14


7:00 pm 5:00 pm

Teeny, Tiny Misunderstandings

Friday, August 12 Saturday, August 13 Sunday, August 14

C2 C2 C2

6:35 pm 9:00 pm 9:20 am


Friday, August 12 Sunday, August 14


4:50 pm 6:50 pm

We Have to Stop Now 2

Thursday, August 11 Saturday, August 13


1:10 pm 12:45 pm

What Happens Next

Thursday, August 11 Saturday, August 13


1:00 pm 2:50 pm

Wish Makers of West Hollywood

Thursday, August 11 Friday, August 12 Saturday, August 13

C2 C2 C2

6:50 pm 4:45 pm 1:00 pm

With Deep Emotion, Devotion

Friday, August 12 Saturday, August 13

C1 C1

1:20 pm 9:10 am

Your Daddy Don’t Rock N’Roll

Thursday, August 11 Friday, August 12 Sunday, August 14

FH C2 C1

5:20 pm 1:00 pm 8:15 pm



The Carolina Theatre proudly acknowledges the following individuals for their volunteer work at the 2010 festival. Volunteers in 2011 will be acknowledged in the 2012 program guide. Rick Adams Juan Arango Rebecca Arnold Steve Barrell Brianne Beck Cynthia Blaker Paul Cain Lyman Clayborn Ashley Cogdell Bonnie Cohen John-Edward Comer Kiki DeLovely Linda Dudley Carson Fernandez

Joseph Franklin Joseph George Michael Gilchrist Johanna Gresset Barbara Hindenach Spier Holloman Annette Horan Fulton Hunt Julie King Tom Kirby Kryn Krautheim Rick LaRose Stacy Lehrer Dale Mackey

Rodney Mangum Clitha Mason Mark Medlock Eve Meyerson Ron Miller Kay Oates Sarah Palmer Kent Parks Rock Pereira Liz Perkinson Jerry Perkinson LeJune Perrin John Ringland Carter Rouke

Fran Scarver Brian Senter Julie Shaffer J.Michael Sullivan Matt Tomko Chela Tu Chelsea Violand Linda Warren Jenna Weidig Marie Williams Dawn Williams-Houck Susan Wingate Wei Zheng

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award winners © Brian Vetter, 2010

The Emerging Film Award winners are selected by the NCGLFF Programming Committee. Apart from general artistic excellence, eligibility is limited to films that have not, at the time of consideration, secured a domestic theatrical distributor. The winners will be announced at the festival. Best Men’s Feature Best Men’s Short Best Women’s Feature Best Women’s Short

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Festival updates @ncglff

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t h e at r e oct

01 Lindsey Buckingham 23 7 Walkers


Sweet honey in the rock

paula poundstone

nov 05 13 15 19 29

Boney James Chris Thile John Tartaglia’s ImaginOcean Numero’s Eccentric Soul Revue Christmas with Aaron Neville


07 Leahy Family Christmas 15 George Winston

Serving food from 11 am to 2 am • 15 imported & domestic beers on tap 427 West Main Street 919/682-3061 Only 2 blocks from the Carolina Theatre just past the SouthBank Building Outdoor seating available. DJs & Live Music Friday & Saturday Nights!

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20 Paula Poundstone 21 Travis Tritt 27 Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show

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03 Mike Birbiglia 11 The Second City 14 Bruce Hornsby

Jaye Kreller


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Chris Culbreth

carrie fisher

20 Henson Alternative Stuffed and Unstrung 21 Max & Ruby: Bunny Party

mike birbiglia

New for 2011-12 Pick 3 shows and save 15% Pick 5 shows and save 25%

Tony Hall

311 W. Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 Office: 919/933-8500 Toll Free: 800/382-0673 Fax: 919/933-0507

Jon Anderson, The voice of Yes An Evening with Carrie Fisher Sweet Honey in The Rock The Peking Acrobats Cinematic Titanic David Benoit & Brian Culbertson: Piano 2 Piano


ABR, CLHMS, CRS, GRI, SRES Voice Mail: 919/547-4104

ABR, CRB, CRS, CLHMS, GRI, SRES Voice Mail: 919/406-5539

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On Sale Now

919.560.3030 |

Friday, January, 20





The LGBT Center of Raleigh is a safe and welcoming space for LGBT organizations, groups and individuals in downtown Raleigh providing support, services and smiles to the Triangle and beyond.

Price includes beer, wine and food Takes place in the plaza in front of the Carolina Theatre

$15 Admission

Everyone is welcome under our tent!

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