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The entire cat population are my bestfriend.

The Balletcats First Issue 2011 Catalog

to be honest what the fuck


Last week, I watched this Greek film called Κυνόδοντας (Dogtooth). There’s a scene where a sociopath father tell his grown son that is an animal called cats are hideous and savage creature that have been causing the death of his brother, the only way out to have revenge is by killing the cat. Unfortunately the son are believe anything what their parents said, soon he behead the cat with garden scissors. Yes, it’s called white lies, daddy just want to protect his loved ones all the time. Jordan Marzuki

Title Barry the Cat & His Little Companion Year 2011 Price idr 175.000 usd 35.00


Meet Barry, half man, half cat. He is streetside performer by day, a human kidney smuggler by night. His little companion, is a shrunken homosexual volunteer that treated badly by Barry, it’s hillarious!

Title The Man With His Words #2 Year 2011 Price idr 275.000 usd 45.00


Statement for cat snob, felinist and people who hates Alf. It was the second sequel of “The Man With His Words” series. Grandma handmade style sweatshirt with embroidered letterings.

Title Bizzare Food: We Heart Humans Year 2011 Price idr 175.000 usd 35.00


Dedicated to our saviour, the host of Bizzare Food, Andrew Zimmern who ates Oysters, Mussels, Octopus, grasshopper (chapulines), armadillo, jumiles, ant eggs (escamoles), maguey worms, mosquito eggs, and shit.

Title Siegfried & R.. Year 2011 Price idr 175.000 usd 35.00


These two GermanAmerican entertainers who became known for their appearances with white lions and tigers, especially producing hardcore beastiality. The fun is never complete without torturing endangered species.

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Photographs Saba Shengelia

Visual Design Jordan Marzuki Special Thanks Fatriana Zukhra, Elizabeth Raisa for copywriting, my whole family, mom, dad, brother, grandma that keep supporting me all the time, the entire cats that lived in my house, friends that can’t be mention one by one. I love to all of you. Let’s get high. The Balletcats © 2011 No part of this presentation may be reproduced without the written permission of the author.

Models Sonia Nikoladze Ana Boko Sandro Chinchaladze

Random cat hall of fame. 1






1) Pidut 2) Pepper 3) Sai 4) Linglung 5) Shiro 6) Yoda

The Balletcats Catalog 1st Issue 2011: The Entire Cat Population  

The Balletcats catalog, first edition in the 2011.