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Bald Head Island Club 2018 Golf Program Guide

Golf Shop Hours of Operation: March: 7:45 AM—5 PM April and May: 7:45 AM—6 PM June, July and August: 7:45 AM—7 PM September and October: 7:45 AM—6 PM 910-457-7310 @bhiclub_nc

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Table of Contents Message From The Golf Shop……….3

Tournaments and other events….….4

Summer Clinic Schedule…………….5

Junior Programs………...……………..6

Junior Programs……………………….7

Osprey Junior Golf League………….8

Adult Programs………………………...9

Adult Programs………………………..10

Pricing Information…………………...11

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A Message From The Golf Shop We are all looking forward to another great year here at the Bald Head Island Club! New for 2018, we have several player development programs for adults and juniors that we are most excited to roll out this season. Our golf course is always in immaculate shape thanks to our amazing Golf Course Maintenance staff. In 2017, we were ranked #61 in Golfweek Magazine’s Top Resort courses. Come see our amazing layout with beautiful views and abundant wildlife soon. We will continue to provide the best tournaments, excellent player development programs and the most unique golf experiences in the state.

See you on the island! BHIC Golf Shop Staff 3 333 3

Tournaments and Other Golf Events Major Member Events* Opening Day Event: April 6-7 Habitat for Humanity Outing: April 23 Ladies Member- Guest: May 15-17 Member- Member: June 21-24 Club Championship Weekend- July 13-15 BHI Cup: August 3-5 Mixed Championship: September 14-16 Ladies Invitational: September 24 Shipwreck at Cape Fear: October 17-20 BHIC Pro-AM: October 24 George Cobb Closing Event: November 2-4

Golf Course Aerification Aerification ~ Monday, June 4th and Tuesday, June 5th. Aerification ~ Monday, August 13th and Tuesday, August 14th. Monthly Events MGA/ LGA Special Saturday Events: May 5, 2018 June 9, 2018 July 7, 2018

August 11, 2018 September 8, 2018 October 6, 2018 *Tournaments and Events listed are only available to BHI Club Member Categories including Full Members, Lifestyle Members, and Founding Social Members. Guest Members are not eligible to play in these events. Please call the golf shop with any questions.

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All Weekly Golf Summer Activities Monday


Golf Course LGA—18h Open at 11 8:30-8:40 AM AM

Wednesday Turtle Tots 9-9:30 AM Golf Shop

Golf Shop




Men’s Clinic Camp Gator Private InGolf struction 9-9:45 AM 8 AM-12 PM available Golf Shop upon reGolf Shop quest

Golf Shop

Turtle Tots

Jr. Play Day Gator Golf

Ladies Clin- Firepit Golf Clinic 9:45-10:30 AM ic 10-10:45 AM 6-7 PM Golf Shop

2:30-3 PM

4-6 PM

Golf Shop

Golf Shop

Golf Shop

Once a month

Sunday Demo Morning 9-10 AM Once a month Call for details Private Instruction available upon request Golf Shop

First Friday Gator Golf

Private Instruction available upon request

3:15-4 PM Golf Shop

LGA—9 h 11 AM Golf Shop

Golf Shop Private Instruction available upon request

Private Instruction available upon request

Private Instruction available upon request Golf Shop

Golf Shop Private Instruction available upon request Golf Shop

Golf Shop • •

Clinics, Camps & Groups listed above are offered June 1– August 31 Other Clinics, Camps and Groups are offered in March, April and May, please call the golf shop for more information.

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Junior Programs

Turtle Tots Clinics Monday—2:30 pm-3pm Wednesday—9:00 am-9:30 am This clinic is offered for children ages 3-6 years old, and will go over the ba-

sics of each phase of the game. Each Turtle Tot Clinic will feature one specific topic each class such as putting, chipping or full swing with one of the PGA instructors. The students will be learning all the basics to hopefully spark a life long love of golf! A new feature of the clinics this year is we are asking for parent involvement. During the last 10 minutes of the clinic, we will have a game or mini lesson set up for the parents to play with their children so that the kids don’t have all the fun!

Gator Golf Clinics Monday– 3:15 pm-4pm Wednesday—9:45-10:30 am This Clinic is offered for children ages 7-17, and will introduce all facets of the game to new players as well as challenge players that have experience playing golf. Each clinic will combine two areas of the game with instruction from the US Kids curriculum as well as the PGA instructors creativity and expertise. The clinics will heavily feature games and team competition to keep everyone engaged and having fun! Students of all levels can and will benefit from these clinics whether it be learning a new game or meeting some new buddies to play golf with on the island.


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Junior Programs Continued

Junior Play Days Tuesday—4-6 pm This 2 hour clinic is offered to ages 6-17 and is a great opportunity to get your children out on the golf course. They will learn how to check into the golf shop to play and warm up before their round as well as on course etiquette and course management. In years past, we have gone directly out onto the course at 4, but this year we will be going over how to warm up properly before playing a round from 4-4:30. This warm up time will also give the professional staff a chance to properly pair groups to make the day fun for all the players. We will have the juniors play on the course from 4:30-6 with lots of fun competition between the groups!

Camp Gator Golf Friday—8am –12pm This golf camp is offered for ages 6-17, and it offers an immersive experience into golf. Our professionals will teach each day from their own expertise and creativity as well as the US Kids Golf curriculum. The Camp will feature a warm up, time on the golf course, practice sessions with games, rules information, golf etiquette and most importantly fun! This camp will also include a gift package from the golf shop as well as lunch. Students of all levels can benefit from this camp since we will offer different skill challenges based on the students level of play.


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Osprey Junior Golf League Weekly Group Ages 6-17 The Bald Head Island Club Golf Staff is proud to offer the Osprey Junior Golf League as a new weekly program. This league will be a fun way for your avid golfer, beginner or advanced, to get the most out of their stay on the island! They will get the best instruction, plenty of chances to play golf, and the best of all be active outside! This League will also introduce the addition of Baldy Bucks. Each participant will receive Baldy Bucks which they can spend in the golf shop on certain items including golf balls, caps, shirts, head covers, and several other items. The juniors will receive additional bucks for proper etiquette, skills, behavior, and other factors, but the professional staff could also remove bucks for the opposite. We cannot wait for your junior golfers of all levels to enjoy this new league on Bald Head Island! Package Includes: - One Gator Golf or Turtle Tot Clinic (Monday PM or Wednesday AM) - One Play Day (Tuesday PM) - One Gator Golf Camp (Friday AM) - $10 Baldy Bucks with the chance to earn more during the week Full Member $125, Lifestyle Member $135, Social/Guest $155

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Adult Weekly/Monthly Clinics

Firepit Friday Golf Clinics The Professional Staff invites you to a new fun and social once a month Golf Clinic before going over to the Friday Firepit during 2018! If you are new to golf or returning to playing and want to have more fun, then this clinic is for you. Enjoy a cocktail while honing a skill on the practice range, putting green or short game area. This casual setting is ideal for learning something new or improving your overall game!

Men’s Clinic/Ladies Clinic Learn Golf in a traditional but relaxed clinic that covers a new topic each week. This series of clinics run from April-September each season.

Golf Boot Camp It sounds intense but it is really a fun way to do a 2 ½ hour course that covers everything from hitting more consistent and solid chip shots and full swings to making more putts. There will even be time for mental game training and course management sessions. Every Saturday at 10 AM from March to May, the boot camp will meet. Below is a list of the various topics we will cover each week. The camp will also include lunch with the BHI Golf Professional teaching the clinic for a cool down and just to talk about any questions that may come up.

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Adult Private Lesson Programs

The Big Break This program is designed to help you set and reach your scoring goals to play better golf and have more fun. The professional staff at the Bald Head Island Club will help you set new personal bests!! Program Includes · Private Instruction – Short Game Handicap, Full Swing Evaluation, Green Reading and Putting, Goal Setting Questionnaire, Establishing a Consistent Routine and anything else you want to improve. · Group Instruction – Course Management, Getting Out of Trouble, Rules Questions, Mental Training, and many more since the sessions will be Q and A based. · Group Practice – Get a group of other big breakers and practice what you are learning since practice is much more fun together. You can do the 3 series, the 5 series or the 7 series to get your game ready. When you sign up, you will be giving a detailed plan to help you improve your game with recommended practice and specific goals to set!

Get Tournament Ready This program will focus on areas like mental practice and on course management that many players overlook. The program can be completed in a group or an individual setting. The group sessions are

great for people looking to play in tournaments for the first time or simply like the supportive environment of group instruction. The individual program will be more tailored to your personal needs and goals. Program Includes There will be three 1 hour sessions to be completed on your schedule or what works best for the group. Session 1 ~ Finding the Go To Shot/Mental Practice/Usable Routine Session 2 ~ On Course Management Session 3 ~ Short Game Challenges

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Pricing Information Turtle Tot/Gator Golf Clinic Full Member—$15, Lifestyle Member—$20, Social/Guest Member—$25

Junior Play Day Full Member—$15, Lifestyle Member—$25, Social/Guest Member—$30

Gator Golf Camp Full Member—$80, Lifestyle Member —$90, Social/Guest Member—$90

Osprey Junior Golf League Full Member $125, Lifestyle Member $135, Social/Guest $155

Men’s/Ladies Clinic Full Member—$15, Lifestyle Member—$20, Social/Guest Member—$25

First Friday Firepit Clinic Full Member—$20, Lifestyle Member—$25, Social//Guest Member—$25

Golf Boot Camp Full Member—$115, Lifestyle Member—$125, Social/Guest Member—$135

The Big Break Please call the golf shop for information.

Get Tournament Ready Please call the golf shop for information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the golf shop at 910-45-7310

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Bald Head Island Club Golf Info Bald Head Island Club Golf Shop PO Box 3070 Bald Head Island, NC 28461 910-457-7310

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BHI Club Golf Program Guide 2018  

2018 Golf Program Guide Call The Golf Shop for more info: 910.457.7310

BHI Club Golf Program Guide 2018  

2018 Golf Program Guide Call The Golf Shop for more info: 910.457.7310