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Lynn, Lynn, the city of sin, after the water comes, can it be in?

Currently, the Lynn Harbor is underutilized as a waterfront location, but serves the needs of the industrial facilities and accommodates regional traffic with a mix of automobile orientated businesses, big box retail, and light industries. As a result of its historical use and the continuation of many industrial uses, the land has environmental issues that need to be addressed during future development. Since Lynn has been through many iterations of industry, the city is in search of an inspirational icon that motivates society.

Shoe Making Factory, Lynn, MA - stock photo taken from Google

Historically, Lynn has seen significant change - from its reputation as the American center for established shoe manufacturing industries, to its relationship with neighboring towns along the North Shore. At one point Lynn competed with Italian leather shoe making and consisted of the towns of Saugus, Swampscott, Reading, Lynnfield, and Nahant. As the nation experienced a significant change in its light to heavy industrial capital, most manufacturing industries left the region of New England.

Lynn Harbor Waterfront, Lynn, MA - stock photo taken from Google


Resilient Lynn // Arch 3 Studio: Site Work  

Arch 3 Studio: Site Work // Fall 2016

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