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Factors for Developing A Top-Ranked Mobile Application The App update is considered to be the best marketing technique and the most popular apps on the app stores usually provide updates on a regular basis. This is because developers are releasing regular updates for relevant bug fixes as well as features that application user’s request. In addition, regular updates show that you are committed to the app being error-free. This way, your mobile application will have a loyal user following and they will prefer your app over others.

In addition, App updates provide an amazing way for the developer to talk with the user base through release notes and some of the users certainly read the release notes and these users are usually tech-savvy and are very dedicated. Therefore, release notes should not be underestimated.

The development of an app is not the end of the task. In fact, after completing the development it is the time to decide when your app is due for an update: Any Kind of Modification to Hardware or Software Platforms There is no exaggeration in saying that hardware and software changes act as the important catalyst for updates. One hardware changecan lead to a change in the behavior of your device. In addition, changes to the camera, RAM, battery life, sensors can affect the behavior of the app.

Talking about software updates, the most important issue for developers is modifications to the operating system, but these issues rarely happen. Each new Android version comes with ways of altering the way mobile app performs and also changes the way third party APIs can be used.

Bug Fixing Updates Apps with bugs are very common. When your app scales you can anticipate some sudden issues can occur so, another type of app update is a bug fixing release. Bug fixing updates are very common. These updates can happen every week or every other week.

Always Be Updating It is recommended to update your app as often as possible. A steady stream of updates play a vital role in keeping the content fresh and urging the user to come back. The thing about update is that with any update, you can connect to the users via notifications and you can tell them that you are putting your best efforts to provide them with a great app.

Objectives If your app works as a complement to your core services, then try not to push too many updates. On the other hand, an amazing mobile experience is the only goal, then frequent app updates. If the app development team is redundant with an agile developmental structure, the frequent updates should be taken into account.

With Google Play, app developers have the opportunity to submit new updates. For Apple, each new update is treated as the first version, which must follow a complete approval process. Therefore, Android developers update more often than iOS developers. Because of this, Apple is looking forward to accelerating the process, but only in case of security gaps or some serious errors. Conclusion Updating an app is a crucial component that mobile app developers should not neglect. However, the update time of the mobile app may differ. All of the above factors will help you in determining the time when it is crucial to update an app.

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Factors for developing a top ranked mobile application  

The App update is considered to be the best marketing technique and the most popular apps on the app stores usually provide updates on a reg...

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