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Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed

growth and success on the road to healing with her sessions. She always has included the family members in her approach. Her follow up care is also admirable.” Franklin S. Hanson, Superintendent QTS

“I approached this class with scepticism. It’s true that I believed in the possibility of emotional and physical healing through suggestion. Also, I have successfully used the ‘power of positive thought’. However, the idea of being able to teach a person to help heal themselves was daunting. Not because of the skill involved, but because it is outside of what I considered ‘normal’. The course covered four intensive days. There were six students and two instructors. We listened, talked, shared and finally facilitated healing. I volunteered as one of the first clients, because I didn’t think I could remember all of the questions I needed to ask as a facilitator, even though the sheets were provided. I know the student who facilitated my healing had many questions and doubts about this process. I was sceptical, but trying to stay open to the possibility. In spite of these doubts, healing took place. I was impressed. I still had questions though. I wondered if I could really do this on my own. I wanted to know how the technique could be used with the students in exceptional education. I kept asking questions with different students in mind, trying to imagine how I could work with each of them. I practiced facilitation with my classmates. The class ended too soon. The next day one of my students came into the resource room tense, angry and unwilling to work. After five minutes of ‘Mind Body Magic’ techniques, he went to work, willing


Maureen Edwardson is a certified delegate of Nassim Haramein's breakthrough Unified Field Theory physics. Her work is cited in Dr. Bruce Lip...