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Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed

“I have never felt so free and so joyful! My asthma is completely gone!! And I didn’t have to believe. In fact this relief happened in spite of my scepticism”. Fran Hewitt, Langley BC., after a group demo and follow up private session.

“Maureen Edwardson has done several years of healing alternative therapy work at the Quileute Tribal School at La Push, Washington. She worked periodically from January 1996 through April 1998. During this time she worked with community members, students, and staff. Ms. Edwardson’s work successfully reached those who were not successful with the traditional client and mental health therapists’ model. Our community has suffered a lot of intergenerational crises and trauma. It has affected all ages emotionally, spiritually, physically, and intellectually. Maureen’s unique methods of quickly being able to bring pattern interruptions to long term dysfunctional behaviour has been documented and successful for many members in the La Push Community and at the Quileute Tribal School. She was asked to represent the Quileute Tribal School at the National Indian School Board Conference. An Exceptional Education Grant was later funded to share her work among several Native American Communities through the Bureau of Indian Affairs organization. Maureen has made her method available by sharing her knowledge to our staff in various training and workshops. I would not hesitate to highly recommend her services. She is always professional in nature, and has a very fine personal integrity as well. She truly has a wonderful spirit. Some of our most challenged students have met real sustained


Maureen Edwardson is a certified delegate of Nassim Haramein's breakthrough Unified Field Theory physics. Her work is cited in Dr. Bruce Lip...