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Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed

Praise “Maureen Edwardson is not only my author, but a dear friend I feel honoured to know. Wouldn't we all want a friend like Maureen, whose Inner Resonance work can give you INSTANT results to those niggling, frustrating things that stop you from moving forward? Wouldn't it be great if you had a friend you could call when challenged.....and then start to see results the moment you put the phone down?" Well Maureen is one of those people. Frustrated people owe you money and not answering your emails? One call to Maureen and the outstanding monies start magically appearing in your inbox! Niggled by a constant body pain that just won't leave you alone? One call to Maureen and you can feel instant relief! Is this really possible? Yes it is and the Magical Evolutionary Code is now available to you, packaged in a book! You will learn how to tap into the code of Inner Resonance and change your belief patterns that are holding you back, effortlessly!” Julie Salisbury, Influence Publishing

“I had never felt completely whole, but this process has allowed me to become ME, a total human being: Spirit, mind, and body.” Carla M. Taos, New Mexico

“Thank you for giving me back my life.” Donna K. Oregon

“I have no more arthritis pain!” Darlene, Chilliwack after one session.


Maureen Edwardson is a certified delegate of Nassim Haramein's breakthrough Unified Field Theory physics. Her work is cited in Dr. Bruce Lip...