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Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed

Chapter 1: Invitation to the Journey I am delighted to welcome you to this adventure of consciousness! Together we can explore beyond the frontiers of mind/body to the limitless Human Spirit, creating new possibilities and realities, beyond our current limited beliefs. “Someone asked us recently, ’Is there any limitation to the body's ability to heal?’ And we said, ‘None other than the belief that you hold.’ And he said, ‘Then why aren't people growing new limbs?’ And we said, ‘Because no one believes that they can’," Abraham Hicks. Interestingly, many years ago in my talks I would share that when a young child has an injury that severs part of or a whole digit from their hand or foot, most often their bodies re-grow a fully functional part. This also goes for a thumb, for example that has been torn off and is stitched back on for “cosmetic effect.” Almost always I would get stories from the audience of first or second hand accounts of this happening. The child has not learned from his environment that this is impossible, so the body is free to regenerate itself from the energetic blueprint. Einstein is quoted as saying that we can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it. Goodness knows we need new and different solutions for our troubled times. Indeed we need a paradigm shift: a shift in perception of who we really are. Over the last 20 years I have been on a journey of discovery resulting in an amazing technique I am excited to share with you called Inner Resonance Technologies (IRT). 5


Maureen Edwardson is a certified delegate of Nassim Haramein's breakthrough Unified Field Theory physics. Her work is cited in Dr. Bruce Lip...