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Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed

Introduction: Who Are We: Really? The nature of our Universe is expansion. We are constantly in a state of evolution. Mostly this happens by default, leaving us feeling like victims of everything that seems outside of ourselves. This worldview is at the edge of disintegration, being against the higher laws of nature. Dr. Bruce Lipton points out that, like our body which appears to be one organism but instead is really a community of cells, we are, each of us, a cell in the greater body of creation. This gives meaning and understanding to spiritual quotes including this one from the Bible that teaches “What you do to the least of these you do to yourself”. There is no separation. As the scientist David Suzuki says, we are breathing in particles of recycled atmosphere that has the memory of all life from the beginning of time. Physically, we are ONE from the perspective of this miniature world. Therefore part of who we are is recycled. If we are truly made of the stuff of the universe, if we are a cell in the body of creation and creation itself is expanding, so must we be, as an integral part of that system. With new bridges being built between those old antagonists, Science and Spirit, a wondrous new land is being opened up for exploration and creation of expanded possibilities. We are adventuring to a new place of quantum squatting, staking out our individual claims only to find out that we can only build this new world together. Each of our gifts represents a brick, a piece of the multidimensional puzzle that, only by putting our unique selves together, will be whole. A place with new laws is being discovered with a strange way to live – one that, surprising to some, is in total balance and harmony with natural and universal laws. A land of ancient opportunities indeed: An interactive 1


Maureen Edwardson is a certified delegate of Nassim Haramein's breakthrough Unified Field Theory physics. Her work is cited in Dr. Bruce Lip...