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Ultimate Tools for Divine Co-creation


This book is dedicated to all the brave souls who chose to be on earth at this time, to be a part of the unfolding events and the birthing of a new energy. Also, a great big “hats off� to the Indigos, the system busters, who are changing the status quo and will continue to do so, in their own special way.


This book chronicles a journey, an evolutionary path that led to spiritual awareness and the understanding of the working of universal energy and how it impacts daily life. I have included the journey back to health simply because many people have asked how I was able to overcome this illness. It demonstrates my choices and preferences. In no way is this information meant to influence the choices that each of you needs to make for yourself. The people, presented to illustrate each law, are fictitious. The inspiration for many of them came from actual events. They serve the purpose of showing how the laws work to impact daily life and how we may be able to use the energy for simple self-empowerment, in order to attain all of our dreams and desires.

What is the spoken word when not spoken in truth? Nothing. It is merely created illusion, nothing more. What is truth? Truth is all that is. It reaches through the veil and touches the soul. Why expend energy on anything less?


Life is like a bowl of cherries according to Erma Bombek. To Forrest Gump it’s like a box of chocolates. I believe life is a constant dance with the universe, made easier by understanding and utilizing the Hidden Laws.



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The Struggle Back to Health Journey to Spirituality The Opening Encounters With the Other Side THE LAWS The Law of Vibration (Law of One) The Law of cause & effect The Law of Attraction The Law of Free Will The Law of Creation The Law of Transition (About death) In Summation Tribute to light workers


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THE STRUGGLE BACK TO HEALTH It was New Years Eve 1979. While sitting in a small French restaurant with my husband, I had no idea that my life was about to change drastically. We were celebrating the coming of a new decade, with my cousin and her husband. Good food, fine wine, and great company, were all the ingredients needed for a pleasant evening. Yet, glancing out the window, as the rain was pounding onto the uneven pavement of the small parking lot, I experienced a sudden, intense wave of sadness; a sadness that totally engulfed me, a sadness that reached deeply into my core. Noticing the change in mood, my cousin asked what was wrong. “I’m not sure. I just feel very, very sad all of a sudden. It feels almost as if a wave of sadness washed over me.” I replied. “Why?” She asked. “We are on the brink of a new decade as well as a new year. This is not really a time to feel sad. It’s a time for celebration.” “Maybe it’s seeing the 70’s come to a close.” I said. “We (my husband and I) have accomplished so much in our first ten years, together. I’m sorry to see this decade end.” Even as I spoke these words, I knew that there was something else trying to make itself known; a feeling of impending doom. In retrospect, I realize much more was happening than sentimentality. It was a premonition, a precursor of what was about to come my way; health problems that would consume the next nine years of my life. Bowel problems had plagued me since coming off the birth control pill, progressively getting worse. A diagnosis of ulcerative colitis was made. The medication prescribed for this disease produced flu-like •

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symptoms at first and then worked only for the short term, then, symptoms returned. Steroids came next. No one seemed to know the cause of this disease. Consequently, there was no known cure. Being the type of person that is not always accepting of a doom and gloom prognosis led me to research alternative methods of healing. I spent the next eight years trying various potions, herbs, vitamins and supplements while reading everything available, in an attempt to help this condition. Some things worked better than others, mostly for the short term. Bee Propolis and Vitamin C helped the most, while aloe vera juice helped to stop the bleeding. According to research, aloe has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. This helped to kill off, what I later learned, was the real problem—Candida Albicans yeast. Life was quite hectic caring for our small daughter, running a household and taking a real estate course in my spare time. We were also building our second home, which we had designed ourselves. All the while I was feeling unwell. Toward the end of 1985 my husband, who noticed my condition still deteriorating, suggested that perhaps meditation would help. Hey, why not? It certainly can’t do any harm. So, off we went to the local tm

center. The center founded by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi taught

Transcendental Meditation. This was the beginning of a turnaround for me. The practice of meditation provided a calming effect and also gave me more energy and a new focus. The following year we decided to make changes to our way of eating. It was extremely fortunate that we were both in this together, •

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mutually agreeing to make changes. We have always been on this journey together, while also growing individually. So, the decision was made to eat less meat. I started by preparing a vegetarian meal once a week. As time progressed, we found ourselves looking forward to this meal, easily digested, it really agreed with us. Naturally this led me to prepare more vegetarian meals each week. Finally, we were down to just eating one meat meal a week. At this point, feeling so well, we agreed that meat could easily be eliminated entirely from our diet, this included chicken, turkey and pork as well. Hence, the decision was made to become vegetarians. I studied many books from the library in order to become familiar with this lifestyle. It was fun to try all the different recipes. The best recipe books I purchased for my own library, a library consisting of books about healing modalities and cookbooks that still continues to grow today. Synchronicity was already at work as well. I showed serious intent by making changes to get well. Consequently, books and people came along to further assist my quest for health. Through a number of events that transpired at this time, we were led to an Iridologist, practicing in Vancouver, BC. One event led to another and then another, in sequence. If we had not taken the first step, which we were reluctant to do, the others would not have followed. A momentum was unleashed, a dance with the universe, providing an opportunity we chose to take. A door opened and we made the decision to step through it. Universal law was at work but more on that later. The step we were about to take provided the means to finally get the •

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help needed to end this chronic illness. Circumstances led us to meeting a couple, whose daughter was a practicing Iridologist. For the benefit of anyone that is not familiar with the term Iridology, it is the practice of looking into the eyes to establish the health of the major organs and the general well being of the body. It is a very ancient healing modality. Dr. Bernard Jensen wrote a book on this subject called“Iridology – The Science and Practice in the Healing Arts”. Off we went, on an adventure, toVancouver, for personal assessments. At this point I had tried so many various things to get well. Nothing seemed to work for the long term, however, I was once again, hopeful that, this time, a cure would be discovered. After listening to the report presented by the iridologist I was puzzled by the fact that Colitis was not mentioned in any part of the diagnosis. Allopathic medicine had labeled me as having Ulcerative Colitis, a prognosis that never resonated with me. The drugs administered, only made me fell more ill. Since this was the main reason for our trip to Vancouver, this point needed to be clarified. This condition needed to be fixed once and for all. It had gone on, way too long, draining energy from my body. I needed to be completely well, again. “You don’t have colitis”. The Iridologist informed me. “But, just let me have another look to make absolutely certain.” She proceeded to bring out a smaller, more intense, light than the one used before, and looked into my eyes, once again. “No. I do not see any indication of Ulcerative colitis.” she reaffirmed. “I never really felt comfortable with this diagnosis. The medication to treat it only made me feel sicker. So, if it is not Colitis then what the heck is going on in the large intestine that has given so much trouble, •

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for such a long time?” Out came the little light again, as she took another look. “There is a lot of yellowish colour in the area of the iris corresponding to the large intestine. Looking at that, I would say that you have an overrun of Candida Albicans yeast in there.” she said.“Have you been on a lot of antibiotics?” “Yes, all my life; as a child, many times. Also, when I went off the pill, my entire face was covered with a rash. I had a session of antibiotics to clear that. Then, the problems began.” “So, what is the next step? What can I do to get rid of the yeast?” I asked. “I know of a really good naturopath working in North Vancouver, that has helped people with this. His name is Jon Matsen. He has written a book called “Eating Alive.” she replied. Great. We live inVictoria. He practices in NorthVancouver. This would mean a one-hour and forty-minute ferry ride, each way, for each visit. Not to mention the lengthy commute to and from the ferry. So, I filed the information away for the moment, not really planning to act on it. Perhaps there would be someone closer to home that could help this condition. The researcher in me was, however, immediately awakened by a new book title.“Eating Alive” I would have to read that. My husband’s diagnosis with the Iridologist revealed the presence of yeast and also, the beginning stages of hardening of the arteries. This showed as faint white rings around the outside of the iris. Both of our diagnoses made us realize that some further dietary changes were necessary. We were both just in our early forties. What would the future hold, health wise, if we kept on this same path? Research and experimentation made it clear that meat was not the only culprit in •

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our diet. White sugar, white flour, processed-foods, margarine, dairy products, and any food containing preservatives or additives, were the next to go. If at this point you are wondering what was left to eat, so was I! While I had always cooked and baked many things from scratch, white sugar and white flour abounded in the recipes. However, these two items were feeding the yeast in our bodies, making the immune system weaker and the body more toxic, zapping energy. We both felt the need to cleanse our bodies of the previous years of transgressions. Next step. We each did a complete body cleanse. This included periods of fasting, juicing with fresh vegetables, and then slowly, after a number of days, reintroducing steamed vegetables and brown rice. The first few days were difficult, as toxins were released into the bloodstream for removal. Headaches and a lack of energy resulted. By the time the fast was ended we felt extremely well, full of energy and vitality. Consequently, cooking as I knew it, took on a whole new perspective. Meal preparation had always been taken seriously but now health oriented recipe books called to me. It was time to think beyond the past conditioning of the four food groups and other myths I was brought up with. The old ways no longer served us well. It was time to move on, to find a healthier way. We had devoted a lot of time and energy towards getting healthy and wanted to continue to keep supporting this very important objective. Eating in restaurants was not part of the equation at this point. I realized that we needed to control all food in-take in order to avoid anything that was taboo. At this time, there were no vegetarian restaurants in our city. Conventional places were not offering meatless •

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meals, either. At first it was difficult to be really creative and to keep preparing new things. In part, this was due to the ongoing cleansing process. Throwing off toxins at a rapid pace can have a tendency to sap energy levels. Also, the body needed an adjustment period to rebalance to the new way of eating. Out of a sense of self-preservation, I kept it simple. Standard fare was a baked potato and salad with homemade dressings. To keep the monotony at bay, I varied the salad ingredients and made different dressings. Whole-wheat spaghetti with organic, no sugar added, pasta sauce was also a good standby. Now, I have evolved to making many, varied, wonderful vegetarian dishes that even our nonvegetarian friends enjoy. It took some time to get to this point but the journey was well worth the effort. Friends of ours living in West Vancouver, were also on a quest, finding their way to better health. We discussed the Iridologist’s diagnosis with them. They, in turn, mentioned a great new book they had just read called “Eating Alive” by Dr. Jon Matsen. They enjoyed the book so much that they had already booked personal appointments with Dr. Matsen. There was that name again. Dr. Jon Matsen, wasn’t that the name mentioned by the Iridologist? So, we bought the book. It was so well written and easy to understand, complete with cartoon images. The book also offered some great recipes. If this is starting to sound like a plug for the book, it most certainly is. I highly recommend this most important read to anyone looking to improve digestion. It is full of good information. This book should be in all the high school libraries. Young people starting out on their own could really benefit from the information supplied in order to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I truly believe that the •

25 •

meal provider has an awesome responsibility, not only to him/herself, but also to everyone else within the family. This is where good health and eating habits begin, at the dinner table. Habits formed, establish trends. When children leave home they take with them all they have learned. They replicate learned behaviour. They may eat fast food with their friends but nutritional knowledge has been gained. Teaching them about good nutrition, helps to allow them to make informed choices about their meal preparations. Taking this responsibility seriously, I still keep current on the latest nutritional updates. It has become a paramount goal to regain and reclaim health. Off the soapbox…back to Dr. Matsen’s book! One of the case history testimonials mentioned by Dr. Matsen was from a woman displaying many of the same symptoms that I had been struggling with for almost nine years. Dr. Matsen cured her in three weeks. Reading this testimonial the very first thought I had was,“If he can cure her in three weeks, he can cure me in three weeks.” It is my belief that if your focus is drawn to something once, that’s interesting but if it comes again does it perhaps deserve some attention? Does it need to be looked at more closely? Is it trying to get our attention? Dr. Matsen’s name had cropped up again within a span of two days. Coincidence? Synchronicity? Knock knock. Are you listening? So, you guessed it, our next stop was North Vancouver. Dr. Matsen did a number of tests consisting of kinesiology (a form of •

26 •

muscle testing) iridology, as well as a live blood culture assessment. He concurred with the diagnosis presented previously by the iridologist. There was indeed, an overrun of Candida Albicans in the large intestine. Additionally, it was not just isolated in the bowel but had gone systemic. That explained the rashes that had been appearing over the eyelids and on the back of the hands. The body was trying to expel this stuff in any way possible. He placed me on Micocidin (caprylic acid) in order to eradicate the yeast. It was gone within the three-week period, as shown by followup tests. Of course I was applying the Law of Creation here as well, by deciding that he could cure me as he had cured the person depicted in his book. I just didn’t know it at the time. The discovery of the laws was still a few years away. Simultaneously, having made changes to our way of eating and adopting a healthier lifestyle also helped. There have been no further occurrences of bleeding from the bowel. Once the yeast was eradicated, I re-colonized the bowel with probiotics (acidophilus compound) in order to change and enhance the intestinal flora. This presentation is a very basic and simplistic summary of the circumstances that led to a better diet, leading to better health, then, leading to a change in consciousness with the help of meditation. In reality, the search for health was a long and arduous journey that took almost nine years, leading to meeting many wonderful people that helped to provide new thought patterns along the way, bringing my awareness into the “new age spirituality” movement. This is ‘like drawing to like’ or the universal law of resonance which will be explained more fully, later. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. At this point I was ready to dance with the universe and to •

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discover the Hidden Laws. The account of the struggle back to health was a part of my journey that progressively led to spirituality and discovering the Hidden Laws. Sometimes there are alternative ways of dealing with health issues. Whether or not to explore such alternatives is a choice that each individual would need to make, as decreed by the Law of Free Will. Free Will allows each person to make his or her own choices.


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Hidden Laws  
Hidden Laws  

This book offers spiritual principles for self-empowerment that are as old as time. It examines the existence of five cosmic laws, which can...