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WE BUILD BAKERIES. Baking & Snack Production Plants


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CONSULTANTS Due Diligence Incentive Negotiation

The Austin Company utilizes decades of experience over hundreds of baking and snack facility projects to address the safety, quality and cost issues faced by bakers. This knowledge allows the project

Location Strategy Site Selection

team to streamline the bakery facility into its most efficient form based on proven best practices, industry standards and design innovations. This process reduces project cost and schedule, while providing an optimized layout and maximized operational efficiency. • Logistics studies that increase profits through optimized location for transportation and labor costs, utility cost and taxes, as well as other factors • Equipment layouts designed to reduce manpower and minimize product losses • Production equipment selection assistance

DESIGNERS Architectural Design Conceptual Design Master Planning & Layout Production Line Layouts Refrigeration System Design

• Existing equipment and process evaluation that identifies cost reduction and production increase opportunities • Performance specifications for controls and instrumentation • Facility layouts that provide product and employee safety and operational efficiency • Best of breed materials of construction and equipment that ensure energy efficiency and low maintenance

ENGINEERS Electrical Fire Protection HVAC Plumbing Process & Packaging Structural

CONSTRUCTORS Preconstruction Complete Design-Build Services Construction Management Operations & Maintenance Project Management Start-Up & Commissioning

Production Plant Design-Builders Shifting regulations, changing consumer preferences, increasing ingredient costs and a shrinking pool of skilled and unskilled labor interested in bakery employment, along with rising wages are challenges faced by bakers every day. To compete, bakers must produce safe products of high quality at the lowest unit cost in facilities that attract and retain the needed workforce. The Austin Company’s approach to designing and building baking and snack facilities delivers a highly efficient process and building, with a focus on worker and product safety, in the most attractive working environment possible.

Austin offers a comprehensive portfolio of site location, planning, design, construction and maintenance solutions that incorporate lower cost alternatives and accelerated delivery schedules to deliver highly successful and flexible facilities. Austin’s facility solutions accommodate immediate and future requirements and ensure a quick payback on the facility investment. From FSMA and FDA regulations to cGMP design standards and HACCP analysis and application, Austin’s designers, engineers and construction professionals are knowledgeable, experienced and trained on the latest requirements affecting baking and snack manufacturers.

Designing and 1. Sanitary building Integrate sanitation into the facility design and equipment Design site with pest defense in mind Design proper environmental building finishes Design sanitation access around equipment Design sanitary utility runs throughout production and packaging areas Control building hygienic zones Control personnel, product and material flow Control water accumulation in facility design Control room temperature and humidity Control room airflow and pressures Design wastewater treatment systems Address varying levels of personnel hygiene

3. Wastewater Treatment Flow equalization to minimize the overall treatment footprint Segregation of streams to treat specific wastes in smaller, more concentrated solutions prior to dilution Segregation of storm systems from the process wastewater systems pH adjustment of CIP system discharges and production wastes Oil/grease removal from wastes, utilizing conventional interceptors, along with rope/belt skimmers Solids removal, screens, clarifiers, thickeners, filtration and multiple types of dewatering systems Precipitation for conversion of dissolved solids

d Constructing From The Inside Out

2. Refrigeration High pressure and high temperature piping systems Modularization of major piping systems Ammonia refrigeration systems and related equipment CO2 refrigeration systems and related equipment Refrigeration system and refrigerant conversions Cascade CO2 and ammonia systems 3D system design platforms PSM to satisfy OSHA 1910 for large NH3 piping systems, including pipe stress analysis Design of freezer walls, racking, floors, under floor freeze protection system, and vapor barrier

4. Packaging Integrated team works to address critical packaging systems considerations Concept definition and feasibility Scope and functional requirements documentation Detail design Equipment selection assistance and procurement Construction, installation, commissioning and start-up

Virtual Design and Construction Upfront Commitment to VDC Reduces Time and Saves Money Later in the Project In the design and construction industry, adopting and utilizing virtual design and construction (VDC) technology provides layers of data not previously available. Autodesk tools such as Revit, AutoCAD, Plan 3D, Navisworks and BIM 360 Glue improve the efficiency and accuracy of projects through the entire project life cycle. With VDC, clients can see virtual 3D views of their designs long before construction, providing a deeper understanding of the design and revealing what can’t be seen in standard 2D views. This results in fewer changes after the design is complete, lowering project costs and allowing for better control of the project schedule.

3D Modeling Outcomes • Reduced risk • Clash detection • Leveraging of model information • Increased efficiency • Increased collaboration and coordination • Improved decision-making

Lean Design & Construction Maximizing Value and Project Efficiency Austin applies Lean methods to our design, engineering and construction services to continuously improve our approach to developing and managing projects through relationships, shared knowledge and common goals.






Project team adds value in their project performance

Improved coordination among all project team members

Reduced safety hazards and increased productivity

Optimization of budgets, including life-cycle costs

Potential for earlier project completion due to minimized inefficiencies



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We Build Bakeries. Baking & Snack Production Plants  

The Austin Company utilizes decades of design-build experience with hundreds of baking and snack facility projects to address the safety, qu...

We Build Bakeries. Baking & Snack Production Plants  

The Austin Company utilizes decades of design-build experience with hundreds of baking and snack facility projects to address the safety, qu...