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OVERVIEW The Austin Company, a design-build firm based in Cleveland, Ohio, began serving the aerospace industry in 1916 with the design and construction of the Curtiss-Wright aircraft plant. This plant served as the first of many “world’s largest” industrial facilities designed and built by Austin. Other large-scale, notable projects include the 747, 757, 767, and 777 aircraft assembly facilities in Everett, Washington, and the Delta IV EELV —now United Launch Alliance (ULA)—Focused (rocket assembly) Factory in Decatur, Alabama. Through a complete portfolio of architectural, engineering, and construction services, Austin has planned, designed, engineered, and constructed more square footage of commercial and military aviation and aerospace facilities than any other firm of its kind in the United States. Austin applies the most effective methodologies to any situation and deliver facilities designed for long-term service. Our expertise includes Defense Security ICD-705 compliance, wide-span, highbay structures with environmentally controlled conditions, advanced material handling systems, flexible aircraft-rated utility infrastructure with supporting program offices, research centers, and assembly and delivery centers.

In addition, Austin understands Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 705 – the physical security standard for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) and Special Access Program Facility (SAPF). Our team’s expertise includes designing and building fully compliant ICD-705 within advanced manufacturing condition controlled facilities, program offices and research centers, and high-bay hangar and assembly centers. With over 100 years of continuous service to the aviation and aerospace industry, Austin has most recently partnered with Aerojet Rocketdyne, Airbus, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Embraer, and General Atomics.

THE AUSTIN DIFFERENCE Austin maintains an active role in the design and construction of aircraft hangars, manufacturing, assembly and support facilities that respond to the specific requirements and characteristics unique to commercial aviation and defense industries. Recent client partnerships include: Airbus, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Embraer, Aerojet Rocketdyne and General Atomics.

AIRBUS AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURING CENTER  The Final Assembly Line (260,000 SF), Logistics Building (70,500 SF), and Service Building (95,500 SF). Special design considerations were necessary due to location in Mobile, Alabama. (Total 426,000 SF)




Aircraft Assembly Manufacturing High Bay (220,000 SF), Mezzanine & First Levels (60,000 SF), Cafeteria & Auditorium (13,000 SF) and Support Shops (73,000 SF). Supports U.S. Navy, St. Augustine, Florida. (Total 366,000 SF)

Production Assembly, Flight Preparation, Two-bay Paint Facility and Delivery Center at Melbourne Airport Authority for Melbourne, Florida. (Total 168,000 SF)

Advanced Development Programs (ADP) Controlled Conditions Facility for Skunk Works classified programs. ICD-705 SCIF compliant, $140MM with mid-2021 completion. Palmdale California. (Total 220,000 SF)

Austin serves aviation clients with project requirements that are often complex and logistically difficult. This includes projects that are both large and small, projects that have difficult schedule or implementation requirements, and projects that face challenging budget objectives. We don’t shy away from difficult or challenging projects, but instead deliver our best performance in these situations.

On-Time Delivery, Cost-Effective Solutions Austin pioneered the design-build project delivery method in 1904 and continues today as a leader in delivering projects on-time and on-budget. Austin’s knowledge and experience in providing single-responsibility design, engineering and construction services ensures guaranteed performance relating to quality, schedule and cost.

Best-In-Class Facilities Austin maintains a leadership role in, knowledge of and has extensive experience in the design and construction of aviation, aerospace and defense facilities that respond to the specific operational and security requirements and characteristics unique to commercial and military aviation.


Lean Design & Construction Lean design and construction maximizes value and project efficiency. Austin applies Lean methods to our design, engineering and construction services to continuously improve our approach to developing and managing projects through relationships, shared knowledge and common goals.

High Quality Installations As a national design-build firm, Austin routinely builds what it designs. Austin’s engineers spend a portion of their careers in the field, giving them firsthand experience under field conditions. This “real world” experience is reflected through the quality of the design and construction work that is produced.

PROGRAM CONSIDERATIONS Aerospace & Defense Operations

Project Management

• Logistics Engineering/Lean Manufacturing

• Define Requirements

• Aircraft Painting and Stripping

• Analyze Costs

• Clean Rooms

• Create and Administer Schedules

• Environmental Control Upgrades

• Manage All Austin-Provided Technical Services

• Machining, Forging and Casting

• Provide Project Status Reports

• Chemical Milling

• Develop Financial Reports and Analyses

• Cleaning and Plating

• Composites Fabrication

• EMI/RFI Shielding and TEMPES

• Microchip Fabrication

• Avionics and Electronic Assembly and Testing

• Logistics and Distribution

Consolidation & Relocation Services

Partnering Capabilities

• Create Integrated Operations, Design, Engineering and Construction Team

• Deliver Project Solutions Based on the Control of Quality, Schedule and Budget

• Create and Administer Schedules

• Develop Enhanced, Long-Range Facility Plans

• Maximize Supplier Resources

• Develop Company Facility Standards

• Define Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution Operations Layout

• Conduct Product/Process Rationalization

Specialized Facilities Projects

• Prepare Implementation and Commissioning Strategy

• Aircraft, Helicopter, Satellite and Missile Assembly Plants

• Phase-In and Manage Installation of New, Relocated or Refurbished Equipment

• Manufacturing Facilities

• Research and Development Laboratories

• Train Personnel on New Equipment, Policies and Procedures

• Components Manufacturing Plants

• Schedule, Manage and Execute FF&E Planning

• Engine Manufacturing and Testing Facilities

• Space Laboratories

• Develop Local Public Relations Strategies

• Data Processing Centers

• Training/Simulation Centers

• Production and Quality Control Laboratories

• Paint Hangars

• Warehouses and Distribution Centers

• Battle Management and Combat Simulation Theaters

Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Support

• Assist Clients in Structuring FMS Contracts

• Develop Facilities Programs in Support of FMS Agreements

• Identify Offset-Credit Opportunities


• Aircraft, Helicopter, Satellite and Missile Assembly

• Lean Manufacturing

• Logistics Engineering

• Chemical Milling

• Painting and Stripping

• Cleaning and Plating

• Machining, Forging and Casting

• Electronic Assembly and Testing

• Composites Fabrication

• Sheet Metal Fabrication

• EMI/RFI Shielding and TEMPEST

• Additive Manufacturing

• SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility)


Profile for The Austin Company

Aviation, Aerospace & Defense  

The Austin Company is a leader in helping our clients meet the demands of their aircraft operations by delivering effective, high-quality fa...

Aviation, Aerospace & Defense  

The Austin Company is a leader in helping our clients meet the demands of their aircraft operations by delivering effective, high-quality fa...

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