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certain rich man once tried to '\ pretend that he didn't believe in God. He tried not to see God's love in anything or anyone.

He would say, ~

"I'm an atheist. I do not believe in God:"~ I only believe in myself and money." He was very proud but he wasn't a happy man. Just across the road from the rich man lived a very poor, woman. Unlike the rich man, however, she greatly loved Jesus and although she was very poor in this world, she was very rich in faith and God's Spirit, and was happy, peaceful, and loving to all. But the rich man was not a good neighbour to her. He could not understand how she could be happy without money. He especially could not

understand her love for Jesus. But if you want to know a secret, he was jealous of the poor woman, and even angry that all his money couldn't buy him the happiness she had for free. So, in his selfishnessand lack of love, he was sometimes quite mean to her.


Often when the woman was walking along the hot dusty road into the village, the atheist would ride by in his fine carriage and say, "Well, how are you today? Hot isn't it? Why doesn't your God turn down the heat a little for you?" And then he would laugh at how clever he was and drive on without even giving her a ride. The rich man was not this mean to everyone. important man in the village.

He was a very

But th_epeaceful woman

reminded him too much about God and so he liked to bother her all he could. He even did many silly tricks and said many unkind things to upset her. In spite of him, however, the poor woman kept her inner peace and her faith never failed. It was strange that the tricks he played on the woman never seemed to work as he planned.


his lack of love did not make her difficult

life any

easier, and his foolishness often deeply saddened her.. ~


~ "-',.

l-' ,I


, ~--

~ --'-I


One day the rich man was out ,for a walk with his dog and passed close by an open window of the woman's little house. Inside he could hear her softly talking to someone. He was very curious to know who she was ~--"'----1trtalking to, so he came closer to the window to listen. , The woman was praying





and talking to Jesus.

\11 :\Ii \:/1

\'~\ 'I-


"Dear Lord, I have no bread to eat today, nor h money to buy more. You said in Philippians 4:19 a you would supply all of our needsthrough your riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Pleaselook after me Lord, in Jesus' Name, I pray." The atheist was touched inside for a moment, but soon an impish smile came on his face. He thought of a new trick to play on the woman. He ran quickly and got a nice big loaf of bread and tossed it in through the open window. 5

The lady was thrilled. God had answered her prayer so quickly! Immediately she began to praise the Lord and to thank Jesus. "Oh, thank you Jesus for this wonderful loaf of bread! Truly you have never failed! "

1I Suddenly she heard

a _.

very mocking laugh. And the atheist stuck his head through the open window. "Ha!" he said, "It wasn't God at all! It was me! ' But to his surprise, the woman only smiled peacefully and went on with her prayer and praise, "Oh, thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! You sent me this loaf of bread, even if you had to make the devil bring it! Thank you Jesus! " The man's face turned a bright red. His joke had not worked again. Off he went in a very bad temper, and was quite grumpy the rest of the day. But deep down inside he felt just ja little afraid. He was wondering if perhaps God really had used him to answer the woman's prayers.



is about:

, a boy

and a donkey; It was a fine summer morning. Juan jumped out of bed. Today he and his father would go to the big market to buy a donkey. It had taken a long time to get enough money to





Father was already up . -- 1....-,_ ~li~'\~'1 and outside finishing the fJ!-...--:' ~~: I (!,' I morning chores and getting ..•., I j?1 I ',./



rea':::a:~ ~~iIY was very (z);/ ~' " I d poor and simple. They ,. : ~ hardly ever left their small )/' /h,' ",' . farm, so a trip into town '7 /~~ was very special. Father, ~ ~~~. '.. however, did not like to go¡ to town very much. The ~ townspeople made him feel badly about being so poor and simple. He had never gone to school either and he felt awkward and embarrassed around them.

~. .


t,' id

~,IIII ~




Today, however, he would go into town to buy a donkey. The donkey would be a great help on the farm in pulling the plow and carrying the heavy loads. "Come Juan, let us go now!" called Juan's father at last, and so off they went. It was a long walk into town, but Juan didn't mind. The birds were chirping away and the honey bees were buzzing b looking for new flowers. Juan was so happy inside that he wanted to sing, and so he did. Father just laughed and smiled at him.


At long last they came to the town. It was market day and people , were scurrying everywhere. Juan felt a Iittle afraid. There was so much noise and confusion. Father's face looked harder too, and he had stopped answering Juan's questions.


Father turned down a

:I~: ~:;

~::e:~iffAed at

~~~-~I=; -------~--

a pile of garbage and then ran off. At last the street opened up into a big open area full of people and all sorts of things. Father hardly turned his head. He only wanted to buy the donkey and leave. Juan wanted so much just to stop and look at everyth ing but he was afraid that he would get lost in the crowd. Finally they came to a small corner of the market where a very fat man with a large beard was sitting. "Well, well," said the man when he saw Juan's father. "Let me guess, Pablo. You have at last got enough money to buy a donkey! " Behind the big man was a rather small shabby little donkey tied up. It seemed -~ to be half asleep.

(rH -


"Yes," said Juan's father --==-=------~-"="=='''''--=---...• *'''""=""~. and took from inside his

I i t<;::= ~ ;l§l~

coat a small package and gave it to the man. Juan 00' .£). knew it must be the money .. (~. , ~" that they had all worked so f,~ :.,....:, \ long and hard to save up. W I . .-. The big man smiled in a .' funny way as he opened I

~~~ ::k~:n:~




c:~) :

never seen so much money\. ; {\ together in his whole life. I "I should really charge you more for this fine animal," he said, "but as a special favour for you I am going to let you have it so cheaply." ~Juan's father didn't say much. The men shook hands and soon Juan and his father were leading the donkey back through the streets towards the open country.





' =:


. '.



Juan was so excited he could hardly stand still. Even Juan's father seemed

,- -


. Father lifted him up on the donkey's back, and said, "Well, I suppose a good donkey should be able to carry me too," and Father climbed onto the donkey's back with Juan. Then the trouble began. Some townspeople were passing by, and a thin man in dark clothes and a dark hat yelled out, "How terribly cruel you are to that Iittle donkey, making it carry both of you! "


Juan's father was hurt and embarrassed, but he wanted to know if the donkey would be able to do the hard work on the farm. So he said to Juan, "Why don't you jump down and lead the donkey. I want to see if this donkey will be strong enough to carry the heavy loads." Soon, however, they passedby some women washing clothes. A big woman suddenly stopped her work to stare at them.

,. Then she said in a loud harsh voice, "Oh, look how cruel you are to make your little boy walk!" All the women stopped their work to stare at them. Juan's father felt badly again and got off the donkey, and set Juan on the donkey instead. Juan was not so happy any more. They just didn't seem to be able to do anything right that would please the people.


It was not long before a group of school children passed by, led by a very stern-looking woman who sLiddenly stopped and said for everyone to hear, "Oh, look how cruel that little boy is to let his poor old father walk! " This time Juan was hurt. He quickly slipped off the donkey and walked quietly behind. Neither Juan nor his father even raised their eyes as they trudged homeward. They just wanted to get home. --



It was not long, however, -== _ before some men carrying ..some meat to the market on a pole between them, _. r: stopped to laugh and laugh ~~ J- at Juan and his father.

~~~mm~ 13

"Look how ridiculous they are! " said the first. "They've got a donkey, but they're both walking!" . The second man called out to Juan's father jokingly, "Why don't you do the donkey a favour then and carry him?" The men laughed.

Juan seldom saw his father angry, but now he was. Juan's father walked over to the men. They stopped laughing. One of the men had a big pole. Then he set the donkey Juan's father took it from ~ifii._ him. down and untied it and "What a very good idea," lau~ed at the people of he said to the men. "It the town who were all seemsthat some people will staring at them. He gave criticize and complain, no Juan a big pat on the bac and scratched the donkey's matter what you do to ears and set off merrily pleasethem. So I might for home. just as well learn how to carry my donkey, too, if I am going to live my life by the opinions of others." And with that, he tied the donkey's legs to a pole, and to the shock and amazement of the townspeople, he and Juan carried ~~-~!IIiiiii~j the donkey the last way out of the town.


...... :... ..

:... <:- .•.••..

.• :·:·:·~~:::~~:i:~f~·'·· ~:~:~:·;·;~~~~~~f·~·I···:~;i~;~·:i:;;j:i::~~:::::~:~~:~::;~····· ..·:::.·:·::

.firel Children should not play :jHive in a big tent instead.;·;:::;:;:;:::::::: :·with fire. Don't even play'·' He built a strong wooden .··)···i··· around fire or near it. Fire can floor up off the ground and put catch other things on fire that the tent on it. He fixed the you don't want to burn. inside of the tent all nicely just Once my father was camping like a little house with thick in a tent in the wooded hills carpets, beds and furniture. He behind a college where he was had electricity, a stove and heat working on the staff. and everything. There were housesall around, but they belonged to very rich people, with rent too much for


I need to clean tnese ashes out:


It was a terrible fire, and it was burning towards all the rich houses. Someone rang the fire alarm, and soon men in big fire trucks came to help fight the fire. It was hard work but finally they put it out. Then a policeman came and wanted to know what had started the fire. I think they made Father pay some money for starting a dangerous fire. Well, that put an end to Father's camping on the college

campus! It's funny that they call the yards of a college a campus, but they don't let you camp there! So children, fires can be dangerous! Fire can not only catch more things on fire, but it can catch you on fire too, or your tent, or campsite, or house, or the whole forest! Fires are sudden and fast, and you have to be faster and m:!Y harder to stop them!



4. Teach the little children to keep away from hot things like stoves, heaters and fireplaces.

c::=::::::::::!::~ ::::::~~~~....

~ 1. Never play with matches!


2. Practise a fire drill in your home. Do you know some different ways to get out of your house if it's on fire?

5. Do you know the telephone number to call for help?


3. If your clothes catch fire, ~ run! Cross your arms across your chest and drop to the ground or floor, and roll slowly over and over. Never run because it makes the fire burn faster.

6. Always keep things that burn easily away from fire. And remember - accidents are caused mostly by someone's lack of love for others. So love one another! Be careful and prayerful with fire.

18 236

Hot soup on a cold winter day, "Wear warm clothes! " Mommy will say.

If you seeyour breath in the cold morning air, ~ Winter is coming, get your long underwear!


, , ,










You can try to catch snowflakes : o in your warm little hand, But they just seem to melt as soon as they land.



And down in the caves so cold and damp, You need a sweater and a very good lamp.




I know of some places where .there's s~~w all around,



Yet steam IS seen rising

~~ /#

And Eskimos live



In igloo houses ~

~> . ~ ~ ~'-~~


all the lakes

/'?~~ ..


-- ~

seem hard and frozen, "",. the fish are dozing.



d;l-r" '"

' Yet under the ice



all made of ice, -~~

===~~~=====-Where .


quite warm and nice,



~<-----: I

up out of the groun,:~






, Where all is cold, not a creature around, -::-~~


They're all asleep ~ down in the ground. ~

~ ~

And some people wear furs after the Fall, While out in the jungle they wear no clothes at all. _ And doesn't it seem a little strangeto you, That we blow hot our hands and blow cold our stew? Of things hot and cold there is really too much,

Don't walk with bare feet on the hot sidewalk, Or you'll burn yourself and have to hop! And don't pour hot water


in a cold drinking glass,~ Or "crack:' it will break and at that, very fast!


And when someonesuns himself on the deck, Don't suddenly drop something cold down his neck. So children you see there is really a lot, ~

On this very big subject

\I ~/

of cold and of hot.



---=- And

God even said, and so it's been told,

That He'd rather that people be hot or be cold. For those who want to stay lukewarm, Will soon be out in the cold and the storm. ~~~~~ For soon there is coming


a spiritual night, ~ . When God's love, like the sun,


will seem out of sight. And you must keep on shining and doing what's right, To help the cold, frozen people come back to the light.





'd Sam had worked hard all of his life on the big cotton _--: plantation. His mother and father had been slaves on this same plantation, but since the Civil War no one was called a slave anymore. Yet the poor still had to keep on workina for the rich. When Sam was younger he had worked out an the cotton fields. Now he was getting Old. His wife had gone to be with Jesus, and all he had to do was look after his master. He was happy, though sometimes life was hard. Sam's life had never been easy. He knew from experience what sadnessand sorrow were, but his love for Jesus never changed. He loved Jesus. Jesus loved him. He did his best to help others and tell them about the Lord.

\~,\~~ \ ;\.11 ~



Master Jackson was younger than Sam. His life had been easy. He liked old Sam, but he could never understand Sam's faith. Secretly he wanted to believe in God like Sam did, but it seemed to him that Sam had more problems than he did! _..../'... -,,-f One day he asked Sam, "How come, Sam, you're a Christian, and yet you have all of â&#x20AC;˘..these troubles and trials and tribulations? Here I don't even believe in God, and yet I don't have nearly as many troubles as you do! " Sam was silent for a moment. "Well. boss," he finally said," I guess I have -to think for awhile before I can answer that one."


"Quack! Quack! Quack!"! A few days later the sound of migrating ducks reminded Master Jackson that it was duck hunting season again. "Let's go, Sam! Get the shotgun ready. We'll have roast duck tonight! Soon Sam and his master were hiding down by a big pond. A flock of ducks circled to land and suddenly, "Bang! Bang! Down fell a few of the birds, dead or wounded. "Bag the Iive ones! Bag the Iive ones! Leave the dead ones lay! shouted Master Jackson to Sam. He knew that wounded ~-,.. ' ducks ~ould still get. up and fly .- away If someone didn't grab them quickly. 11




When Sam returned with the'ducks in the bag he looked at his rich master with a big smile 'â&#x20AC;˘.-' on his face. "l think I've got the answer to your question, "4 boss! You see, I'm a live one!, The Devil is afraid that I am h going to get away, so he tries In to bag me first. You're a dead one! He's already got you. He's not a bit worried about you! The Devil wants me to stop serving God, so he gives me more trouble." So children, Christians have many battles, but their rewards are very great. Count your blessingsand resist the Enemy! He will flee from you. When we get saved, we join God's army and become His soldiers. Keep fighting the good fight of faith. If you keep fighting, you'll keep winning, and you'll be a "Iive one" like old Sam.


ay, Momm~}


Have you ever been sad because your mother had to leave you at home? Here is a true story about a Iittle boy named David.

soon God blessed them PR!o~~: so mightily that they were GP able to make millions of people's lives much happier! Here is David's own story:

David's mother often had to leave him behind to go and do the Lord's work. Sometimes, however, it made David and his mother very sad not to be together. David and his mother were very brave, though, and

One evening when I was eight years old, Mother and I were playing the piano together - something we enjoyed very much. Then mother said, "Well, Honey, I'm sorry, but I've got to go now."


But she said, "I'm sorry Honey, but I've got an important church business

I began to cry, "No, Mommy, please don't go! We're having so much fun! We're having such a good

meeting, and I've got to



Please don't go! "

They're expecting me

and it's important business , for the Lord." But .1 wept, "Oh, Mother, please stay home with me! Why don't you stay. home with me like Lamont's mother does with him? She said, "Well, I'm sorry Honey, but your mother's got to serve the Lord, and that's it! I've got to go and put God's work first! " I cried when she tucked me into bed, and she cried too.


When Mother came back late that night, I was sound asleep,but my face was still tear-stained. I had apparently cried myself to sleep after she left. My mother had to leave me behind lots of times to go on with the Lord's work.

But this time

Mother felt stubborn, rebellious and bitter, and went to her room and her bed and told the Lord, "Lord,

I know You said to

give up houses and lands and husband and wife, mother, father, brother and sister and all that, but You certainly didn't expect us to give up our children! " But the Lord said, "Get up and look!"

So Mother

got up and got her Bible and looked at Matthew, Chapter 19, verse 29, and there it was!


So children, try to remember David's faith when his mother had t leave him to serve the Lor "You gotta keep going, yo gotta keep sacrificing, you gotta keep forsaking, you gotta keep fighting everyday!

The next morning I came in as I was on my way to school and kissed my mother good-bye. I was all bright and cheery and smiling, as I said, "Mother, I put you on the altar.

Jesus is trying to make you stronger every day. He wants to make sure you are going to put Him first, and He tests you to find out! God bless you and help you gain greater victories every day! "-00 you put God first?

That's all right, you can serve the Lord. Don't worry about me." Then it was Mother's turn to cry - she was so happy that I could understand!


David had a vision of a city, and a burning wall, and he wondered what it was for. But the scene didn't change until he began to describe it ....

I see a broken wall. There's fire beyond the wall. The fire is ring out through the break in the wall. It is night and the sky is very black and dark. It is as though the fire has caused the wall to crumble. Outside of the city the enemy are rejoicing because now they have a chance to enter the city. And the peopie are so busy fighting the fire that they don't even notice that the enemy are about to enter through the breach .

. It is a terrible fire! They are trying to stomp it out and swat it out with blankets - but it doesn't work!



Suddenly there arises in the gap in the wall a great knight in shining silvery armour, with a mighty, broad-bladed, two-edged sword, lifted, facing the enemy! He is desperate and knows that the first thing to do is to repair the wall and show the enemy that they are prepared to fight them. So he calls to the people to face the enemy, and the minute they obey the Lord's call, and turn to repair the wall. ...


to return ana repent, or to stay outside with the enemy. And while they're waiting, the gap in the wall is repaired and made strong, high and very mighty. The gates are closed and the drawbridge is drawn up and it looks like they can't get back in. Those of a pure heart and loyal to the King are saved! They are rejoicing and merry! And even though the forces are smaller, the city is now even stronger and safer!

:iti (/- 1). t ~




(I~ I, >


But then, overhead are black clouds of a coming storm - a flood of water from God! All the dirt of the city is washed away, down the gutters and out into the moats - off houses and roofs. All that is burned and black is washed away!


The sun breaks through the clouds and there is a beautiful rainbow. The city shines, it's so clean! The Sun is getting closer and closer - till we're suddenly like the Sun! The Sun has settled right down upon the city, and we're all part of it. There are still those outside the city that watch it from afar - from the darkness. Only the city is light. But the "people outside have not lost hope. Then the light starts to pour out of the city and across the land, just like a flood of light, and the waiting watchers are rewarded. The light has come - thank the Lord! Here's what the vision means01. The city is like God's work and people. spiritual Enemy is always looking for a weakness, a way to enter into our city. 2. The walls are our spiritual strength from the Lord, which were crumbling from neglect and sin, giving place for the Enemy to enter in.


I 171~


3. The. fir~s are our own troubles and fighting amongst ourselves. ~ 4. Only the cool winds and rains of God's chastisements and the water of His Word can smother the flames of disunity in His Love. It washes away the blackness of our lack of Love and loyalty, so we can unite" against the Foe, save His own, and fill the Earth with God's Light! Hallelujah!




SETTING: It's a cold winter's night in the desert. An Arab camel driver has made camp for the night and is getting ready to go to bed inside his nice warm tent. He has a small fire of hot coals. Outside, the camels are murmuring.

ARAB: It sure is a cold old night. I'm so glad I'm in my nice warm tent. Ha! Ha! Well, it's getting late now. I had better lie down and go to sleep. Oh! Oh! But first I had better stoke up the coals a little, to make sure it stays nice and warm. Well, into my nice warm bed.


CAMEL'S VOICE: My goodness, it sure is cold out here. (Sniffs) Just feel my nose. It's freezing. Our Arab master is curled up in this tent. Why he's just as warm as can be. If I could only get the tip of my nose into his tent - it would be so good. I think I'll just use my teeth and rip a little hole right here in the tent. RIP! !

ARAB: What's that? It sounds like something ripped a big hole in my tent! (Up he jumps and grabs his big pitlow.} What's happening? What's going on? Oh! A camel's nose is sticking right through the side of my tent. Out! Out! You terrible animal! (Whap!


He begins hitting


camel with his pillow.)

CAMEL: (Weeping) Oh, please, please, dear master. Don't hit me. Don't hit me! Please don't hit me! (Sniffs) It's cold out here, and my nose is so cold! It's so awfully cold outside! Please! Just let me warm my nose now that it's in your tent. One little nose, shouldn't bother you. ~. Alright?

(The Arab is angry, however he puts his pillow


ARAB: Look what you've done - you've ripped my tent! It will take me a lot of work to fix it. Oh, well, I guess it is kind of cold outside. Very well then, I guessyou can warm your nose, but just your nose! (He goes back to bed.] Oh dear, it really is cold. I'd better put an extra blanket on. (Yawns) CAMEL: (Quietly to himself) Oh, my nose is getting warmer already, and now I had better warm my head too. RIP!





to you how cold it is - the cold which I feel on this night. Your gracious hospitality has been too wonderful to describe. Blah...blah...blah.... It is so terribly cold outside, and your tent is so warm. Let me get this half of my body warm and then I'll go - just warm up a little and I'll go out and leave you in peace. ARAB: Oh dear, what am I going to do with such an animal? You are halfway into my tent and look at the big rip you've

(Up jumps the Arab and grabs his pillow angrily. To his surprise, the camel now has his whole head in the tent.l

ARAB: Out you animal! Out! Out! Out! (Whap! Whap! Whap!) CAMEL: No, no, dear master! Please,please don't hit me! Don't ask me to leave. You don't know how cold it is outside. I couldn't even begin to tell you of the awful feeling of ice creeping across my tender skin, and my ears were so cold! Master, please don't hit me. Just let me warm my head, just my head. Is it too much to ask on such a cold night? ARAB: Okay, but just your head! And be quiet so I can sleep! (He yawns and returns to


his bed.)

RIP! RIP! RIP! ARAB: That does it! This time it is out for sure! That camel is really asking for it! Oh, no! He is halfway into my tent now! Out! Out! (Whap!



CAMEL: Oh, dear master! You are a kind and generous man. Dear, dear, sweet master, it is so cold. I can't even describe



(He is si/ent for a moment,

(Before the Arab can do anything, suddenly through the rip come the

Well, the damage is done, so I guess I can let him stay for a little while to warm up. He promised he would soon leave. He's nearly all the way into the tent anyway, and he can't rip it much more. (He goes once more to lie down.) Oh, that camel has kept me up most of the night! So I'd better get a good sleep now. thinking.)

rest of the camels! )

CAMELS: Hey, look at this big hole into this nice warm tent! Wow! It's really warm in here. Hey, quit pushing! Me first! Not everybody at once! Aagh! ARAB: Oh dear! Help! Stop! Stop! Get out! Get out! Oh, no, I've got to get out or all these camels will stomp on me!

( Yawns and sighs)

(The poor. Arab just manages to

CAMEL: Oh, my freezing bottom!

escape into the cold night in his pyjamas before his whole tent is full of camels.)

(The whole tent shakes like it is about to fall down.)

ARAB: Oh, it's freezing cold out here! If only I had stopped that camel while he only had his nose in, I would still be in my nice warm bed.

ARAB: What's happening? Oh, no! The whole camel is in my tent!



here once was a king who was very sad. Why was he sad? He was sad becausehis people were very selfish. No one wanted to help anyone else. They grumbled and complained about everything. They fought with each other to get more things for themselves. One day the sad king looked out of his window. He saw how badly everyone was behaving. The sad king said to himself, "Isn't there one fair and faithful man in all of my kingdom?" He thought for a moment and said, "1 have a plan, but I must not let anyone find out about it . or it will not work! "


That night, someone with a large black cloak crept out of the castle. He went down to the main road that passednearby. He begandigging and then rolled something very heavy onto the road.

Early in the morning the king ran to the castle window above the roaa. It was a strange sight. On the road sat a big rock. There was a crowd of people around the rock. The king smiled a little and said, "Well, I will soon know who is faithful." All day the waguns and horsemen and great knights and nobles passedby the rock. Some stopped to curse it or kick it, but still no one moved the rock. No one did anything about the rock becausethey were all too selfish. No one felt that it was their job. The day slowly passedby. Every hour the king would go to his window to see if the rock was gone, yet it was always there. Finally the sun was beginning to set. The sad king went once more to the window. The rock was still there. Only an old shepherd could be seen bringing his sheep up the road. 40


"What is.this big rock doing on the road?" said the old shepherd, "It shouldn't be here. It is in the way! " The old man decided that he had better move the rock himself and make the road clear for people to use. It was hard work for the old man. He had to use his big staff to move away the stone. Slowly it rolled out of the way. To his surprise there was a small box under the rock. It opened easily and was full of gold! There was a letter . in the box too. He unfolded the letter and began to read:


"T 0 the person wno cares for others enough to move th is stone: Th is gold is for you ! Love, The King. P.S. Most ot the greatest saints I know were little people who just did what they thought should be done, without you hearing about it or even knowing they were around. But God has a great big book, and it's known to Him and He's writing it all down! And He'll reward everyone according to his works. (123:1,5) 11


Family Care Comix Dramas  

Nine fun and upbuilding dramas of real life situations with morals for children and grown ups as well!

Family Care Comix Dramas  

Nine fun and upbuilding dramas of real life situations with morals for children and grown ups as well!