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D.O.P.E. Journalists come to guide NabJ students comes to campus esseNce Lee

Register Reporter

cHarLes JoHNsoN Register Reporter

Some of the brightest intellectual minds at North Carolina A&T came out to indulge in some D.O.P.E. last week. D.O.P.E. stands for Dialogue on Progressive Enlightenment. The conference, in its second year, is an event put on through the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi) in conjunction with the Psychology Department and Office of Student Development. The two-day program saw varying ideas collide as the year’s theme of “Liberating Arts and Sciences: The Black WHOLE Defined” was explored through unique and thoughtprovoking discussion. The conference is the brainchild of psychology Professor, Brian Sims, PhD. He explained, “The idea basically came to me because usually school is structured towards a monologue. With D.O.P.E., the dialogue part is encouraging people to not just listen, but also to be able to express themselves and share and help everyone move forward. The other element of D.O.P.E. is to get students to think about ways in which education might be problematic for people of African dissent.” This year’s event offered attendees a multitude of sessions like “The Hate that Hate Made,” “The Politics of Undecidability: Resisting Social Prescriptions in the Black Whole,” and “Breaking the Curse of Willie Lynch.” One of the biggest and most prominent of these took place March 17 in Stallings Ballroom when Dr. Nyokabi Musila presented the keynote address entitled “African Alchemythe Intersect Between Art and Science in Indigenous Knowledge.” The guest speaker, a native of Kenya, offered insight on various issues such as African art and politics, the regulation of African medical plants and the individual versus the community. Another popular session was held on March 18, and was the conference closer, ‘Fight Club,’ where Professors Byron Turman and Dr. Brian Sims debated the legitimacy of the statement:  See dope on Page 2

The 19th annual NABJ Multimedia Short Course was held March 16-19. Students from 14 prestigious universities from across the nation who have a career interest in journalism participated in this four-day program. The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), Cox Enterprises, and the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication sponsored the program. The main purpose was to teach, guide, and mentor future multimedia journalists. The event featured important information from professionals in the journalism field including Anthony Wilson, news reporter and anchor for ABC 11 in Durham, N.C.; Charlitta Rodrigues, content producer for NBC Universal in Washington, D.C.; Anzio Williams, news director for KCRA-TV and KQCA-TV in Sacramento, Calif., and many more. “They are just as demanding as if you were in an actual newsroom. Deadlines have to be met and you have current event quizzes,” said Galvin Wells, a second-time participant and senior mass communication major at N.C. Central University. In addition, the program also allowed time for networking with both peers and professionals to gain insight on what to expect in the field of journalism. The topics discussed included shooting and editing, resumes and portfolios, writing skills, production techniques, newsroom politics, technical skills, and much more. Student participants, both

returning and new had great things to say about the opportunity they received for being chosen for this program. “The short course is a tre-

days. You leave learning way more than you came knowing,” said Wells. Even though some participants were not communica-

major which is filmmaking. I must say that the experience this workshop has given me insight on a more formal style of filming and a more structured



mendous opportunity for mass communication students. You learn so much from the mentors and you get real-world experience working in the newsroom. They give you a complete rundown of a newsroom in three

tion or journalism majors, they still gained knowledge about good photography, editing, recording, web-page design and graphic skills. “The short course is geared toward media tracts or news information, as opposed to my

script. I have a greater respect for news, print, and radio,” said Antonio DeGraffenreaidt, a first-time participant and senior filmmaking and theater major at Winston-Salem State University. Professionals enjoyed the

eagerness and willingness to learn shown by the students. “This was one of the more successful groups we’ve had. They came with the right attitude, were willing to learn, and had some skills. It was very gratifying to see students step up,” said Anthony Wilson, who was also the lead instructor for the NABJ Short Course. Professionals and student participants alike felt that the short course reached all goals that it set out to achieve. “I thought it was quite successful because the students seemed to have gotten something out of it. They appreciated the professionals coming here. It was successful because of the quality of work and the quality of questions. They were prepared,” said Ted Holtzclaw, news operations manager for WANC-TV in New York, N.Y. Real-life experiences that the short course provided were beneficial to the student participants and provided them with knowledge that they could not receive in the classroom. “There was a great bunch of students who went from the first day not knowing a lot to coming up to me saying how much they’ve learned. School only teaches you so much. We’ve tried to give them realworld experience with what it’s like in a newsroom,” said Marc Willis, public affairs specialist for the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Washington, D.C. “Overall it was an awesome program. I’m glad I had the opportunity to participate. Hopefully I will have the privilege to come back next year,” said Vakaya Townsend, a first-time participant and junior electronic media and journalism major at A&T.

A&T wins Best Homecoming and Best Alumni awards NoMa VILaNe

Register Reporter

Students, alumni and faculty from colleges/univerisities around the country filled the Alumni Center to see the awards presented at the inaugural HBCU Awards Ceremony held in the Alumni Foundation-Event Center last Friday, March 18. Initially, the Awards was meant to be an online poll until the founder of The Center for HBCU Media Advocacy, Jarrett Carter, noticed the amount of votes being cast and decided to establish an awards ceremony. Through the use of social

media such as Facebook and Twitter, Carter and his board of directors advertised the event. He credited the board for their hard work and dedication, stating that all of them are young black college graduates. The Center for HBCU Media Advocacy Incorporation promotes and empowers historically black colleges and universities. Carter felt like the success stories about HBCUs were not being told, often with news media focusing on the negative events and issues in the universities. Carter’s desire to help HBCUs progress was how the Center for HBCU Media Advocacy was founded.

“HBCUs need a different approach to telling our stories, not only in our school, but we need to create our own opportunities and media and do a more effective job,” Carter stated. The Master of Ceremonies was A&T graduate Darren Brand. There were a total of 15 categories in which more than 40,000 online voters chose from nominees in the various categories. The nominees were taken over this past summer and people were given the chance to vote for them on HBCU Digest’s website. A&T had four nominations and walked away with two wins, Best Homecoming and Best Alumni.

The event will be held at a different HBCU each year. A&T was chosen for the inaugural awards due to votes cast on HBCU Digest’s website. “Even if A&T had not been chosen, we wanted to have it here. There is a lot of history,” Carter said. “There have been alumni such as Ronald McNair, Jesse Jackson and the A&T Four who have done so much for us as people.” He added that North Carolina has more HBCUs than any other state. Hampton alum Joy Jefferson said, “(This is a) wonderful event that supports HBCUs. Programs like this are a great resource for organizations, schools and other entities that give a portrayal of

historically black colleges and universities and their students.” Deborah Scott Thomas was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Thomas is the founder and CEO of Data Solutions & Technology Incorporated. The company provides management, logistics, information technology, cyber security and aviation operations support services to government and commercial customers around the world. Thomas received her bachelor’s degree from an HBCU, Alabama State University, and shared some advice with the audience. “Students… dream big. You  See Hbcu awards on Page 2

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11-year-old raped?!

aggie baseball falls

prince coMing to greensboro

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The annual forum was held Sunday, March 20 to showcase the talents and appeal of the four candidates for the 2011-12 crown.

The girl was raped by 18 men in Texas and the attackers parents claim it was her fault. Read why Laria Land is outraged.

The Aggies fell in their game last week at War Memorial Stadium against the Princeton Tigers, making their season 6-13.

The famour singer is set to perform at the Greensboro Coliseum, his backup singer, Shelby Johnson, visited WNAA 90.1.

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The A&T Register | | Wednesday, March 23, 2011

theBLOTTER March 16

10:20 a.m. Craig Hall- Communication Threats Case Closed 12:00 p.m. Murphy Hall- Domestic Dispute Case Closed 2:50 p.m. Marteena Hall PVA- Vehicle Accident Case Closed 3:40 p.m. Aggie Suites- Burglary

Case Under Further Investigation 4:20 p.m. Aggie Suites- Burglary Case Under Further Investigation 6:00 p.m. Holland Hall- Larceny Case Under Further Investigation

11:55 p.m. W. Friendly Ave/ CheckpointDWI Case Closed with Arrest March 18

9:10 p.m. New Fitness Center- Larceny Case Under Further Investigation March 17

12:02 a.m. Sullivan St.- DWI Case Closed with Arrest 12:30 a.m. W. Friendly Ave/ CheckpointDWI Case Closed with Arrest

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dope From page 1

2:00 p.m. Barbee Hall- Larceny Case Under Further Investigation

editor in chief: Jasmine Johnson Managing editor: Kelcie McCrae news editor: Sylvia Obell opinions editor:Trumaine McCaskill sports editor: Lauren Morgan scene editor: Jonathan Veal copy desk chief: Yulanda Henderson Copy editor: Justine Riddick photo editor: Kenneth Hawkins staff photographers:

“Hip-Hop was created for and by white folks”. Yabneel Yisrael, a psychology major from Raleigh, NC, describes, “It was exciting to see somebody like Dr. Sims and Professor Turman actually go head to head because it got real intense and was cool. It was my favorite part of the whole thing.” When asked about her overall thoughts on the entire

Hbcu awards From page 1 can take pride in attending an HBCU, and you can add to its legacy,” Thomas said. Carter agreed that we need to add to the legacy. “We need more black voices. Anytime we can share our stories and ideas, it is a great thing,” Carter said. Paul Quinn College won the night’s biggest awards, College of the Year. The University was established in 1872 and is located in Dallas, Texas. It is the oldest HBCU west of the Mississippi River. Many in attendance had never heard of the institution. “We think we know about

conference, president of ABPsi, Jovan Shumpert, a senior psychology major from St. Louis, Missouri said, “I think it was very successful. I think it branched out to more than just psychology majors this time. In comparison to last year I’m not sure if more people attended or not but I know we reached a lot more non-psychology majors this year as well as the Dudley students who enjoyed themselves. It was just nice to be in the realm of great minds.” HBCUs until we come (to an event like this). Makes me proud to attend an HBCU,” said senior Shakirah Randolph, Johnson C. Smith’s 2010-11 Miss JCSU. Randolph was also excited because Bishop Walker, who also attends JCSU, won the award for Student of the Year. Carter and others noted the lack of students. “I would have liked for more students to be involved but this was a fundraising event and the price was a little high,” Carter said. He hopes that despite the price students will find the awards important enough for HBCUs as a whole and will choose to attend subsequent awards.

Think we missed something? Let us know! Email us at! editorial cartoonist: Evan Summerville Kelcie McCrae senior reporter: Charles Johnson reporters: Shequia Cole, Chanel Davis, Ashley Vaughn, Rayven Dulin, Tracy Durandis, Essence Lee, Jared Godley, Jasmine Gurley, Michele Delgado, Shanea Phillips, Deshawn Fleming, Necole Jackson, Karmen Robinson, Kamilah Blackson, Catherine Hamlin advertising& business manager: LaKeisha Brown business staff: Brea Daniels, Jasmine Dash faculty adviser: Emily Harris

corrections Several students were identified incorrectly in last week’s Aggie Reactions. One reporter’s name was misspelled, Shannon Brooks. Essence Lee was mistakenly listed as a contributor. The first picture is of Barry Samuel, a junior finance major from Charlotte. His quote: “When I heard the earthquake was [8.9], I was shocked. I had never heard of anything that high before.” The first quote belongs to Brittney Jordan, a senior psychology major from Largo, Md. She was not pictured. The thrid picture is of Ashlynn Reed, a junior social work major from Washington, D.C. Her quote: “I was in my room when I found out via Twitter. People were tweeting saying to pray for the people in Japan and in California. I did not know what they were talking about at first. I was sad. I think my feelings were not as emotional as they could have been because [the disaster] was not directly affecting me. I think that is one of the reasons help and aid is not provided as quickly as it could be because those providing help are not directly affected.I do not know anyone who is or was over there.”

The A&T Register is published every Wednesday during the fall and spring semesters by students at North Carolina A&T State University. One copy is available free of charge to all readers. Additional copies may be picked up at the Register’s newsroom (subject to availability). All subscription requests should be directed to the Business department. The A&T Register has a weekly circulation of 5,000 copies on-campus and in the community and is a member of The Associated Press, The Associated Collegiate Press and the Black College Wire.



The A&T Register | | Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Ms. A&T candidates ‘survive’ forum



SGA ELECTIONS Exhibit Hall 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

SGA Senate Meetings - VPIA Proctor Hall 7:15 p.m.



Celebration for Spanish Majors/ Minors The Memorial Room 3 p.m.

NABA Leadership Conference Stallings Ballroom Section B 6 p.m.

IAMM Deal or No Deal Exhibit Hall 7:30 p.m.


25 GMAT Preparation Classes Merrick Hall, Rm 123 1 p.m.

Intramural Basketball Moore Gym 6 p.m.


Alexis Sutton

“Push the right button, Vote Alexis Sutton” Dashawn fleming Contributor

A candidate for the next Miss North Carolina A & T State University must possess a number of qualities to get the majority student body vote. In order to display these qualities, the annual Miss A T Forum was held March 20 in Harrison Auditorium. This event allowed, the four candidates (Jennifer McClendon, Jasmine Gurley, Alexis Sutton, and Brittni Bennett) running to become the next Miss A&T, to get more personal with fellow students. The current Mister and Miss A&T, Todd Porter and Carla Saunders, hosted the annual showcase. The theme was Survivor—similar to the reality show. There were four different segments: Introduction, Oratory, Talent and Formal Question and Answer.

Brittni Bennett

“A Reflection of your wants, needs, & YOU”

During the introduction, the contestants first presented themselves in a personalized army fatigue outfit—they stated their name, major and slogan. Contestant number one was Jennifer McClendon, a chemical engineering major from Greensboro. Her slogan is “Jenni Mac, bringing Aggie Pride back.” Contestant number two was Jasmine Gurley, a public relations major hailing from PG County, M.D. “Service with a S.M.I.L.E.” is her motto. Next, was contestant number three was Alexis Sutton, a marketing major from Plymouth, NC. On March 23, she encouraged Aggies to “Press the right button! Vote for Sutton.” Lastly, was contestant number four, Brittni Bennett, an English Technical Writing major from Spring Lake, NC. Her motto is “A Reflection of YOUR Wants YOUR Needs and YOU.” After contestants introduced

Jasmine Gurley “Service with A S.M.I.L.E.”

themselves, they all performed a group routine to Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor,” to enhance the theme. For the next section of the event, oratory, Mr. A&T stated that the contestants had to express themselves in a platform. McClendon felt that her follow Aggies have “lost true Aggie Pride,” and in order to get this back she is prepared to “Bring forth change and action!” Gurley used intellectual quotes from prosperous individuals to define S.M.I.L.E as Service. Mindset. Intellect. Love. Excellent. Sutton correlated her civic duties to the country as a soldier and how she would have that same commitment to the A&T community. Bennett expressed her platform through a poem. She ensured that behind the makeup and what some may see as the “pageant girl” she is just like ‘you,’ a regular person.


For the talent portion of the show, McClendon sang Lauryn Hill’s “Can’t Take My Eyes off You.” Gurley recited her poem “Biracial Hair.” Sutton did a dance to Kirk Franklin’s “More Than I Can Bear.” Bennett also danced to Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.” Because of technical difficulties however, Sutton was the only one of the contestant to have a slideshow playing behind them to go with their performance. For the last portion of the night, formal question and answer, the contestants were elegantly dressed in either a blue or beige long gown. Each was asked different questions regarding their personal qualities or preferences. They were all asked if selected as Miss A&T, would they represent at the National Black

“Bringing Aggie Pride Back”

College Alumni Hall of Fame Miss HBCU competition; the contestants proudly said that they would. Between each category, fellow candidates and current Mister and Misses were acknowledged. There was also a spoke and word piece performed by former Miss A&T Ngozi Opara. The 2011 Miss A&T Forum left students feeling more informed about the four candidates who could serve as Miss A&T 2011-12. Te’Ana Mason, a Psychology major from Capitol Heights, M.D., said “it provided a chance for the candidates to really showcase their platforms, while giving the audience a chance to know who they were voting for and why.” She continued by saying “Miss A & T not only represents herself but the whole campus and the only way to make a good choice about a candidate is to come to a forum.”


“Hello My Name Is” art exhibition Gian Spells Contributor


Jennifer McClendon

Hey Aggies! Monday-Wednesday: 2 LARGE 1-topping pizzas $14 Every day special: LARGE pizza Any way you want it $10! Every day deals: $7.99 1 LARGE 1 topping OR 1 MEDIUM 2 topping

(336) 954-7575

“Hello My Name Is” an art exhibition was held on March 18 in the lounge area of the student union. The event was named “Hello My Name Is” to make it a formal introduction from the artists to the citizens of Greensboro who are not use to coming to art exhibitions. The artists ranged from different styles, backgrounds, schools and areas including students from UNCG, Elon University, and Wake Tech Community College. “If it was just me I would feel as if I didn’t deserve it, the special part is the unity of people from different schools and places,” said Arrington West the creator of the event. The art in the showcase displayed paintings that ranged from different focuses such as body parts, portraits, animations, and others that go uncategorized. “Some people like drawing creatures and some like drawing different cultures and ethnicities and I think that’s cool,” said Tracie Baker, a junior accounting major. Arrington West art style deals a lot with animations, his influences stem from different cartoons and clothing brands specifically “Bathing Ape.” “I want to be an animator, I’m heavily influenced by graffiti and street art, so you get an animation that is based on street art and culture; the character is the fantasy part of the animation I didn’t want it to

be really serious,” said West. West is a visual arts media major and hopes that one day the animation will become very marketable like Mickey Mouse or Snoopy. One of the key factors in the art exhibition was the music, “Me and Arrington were talking about getting the right mood and vibe mix in there, getting the right songs,” said Winston Rathbun the disc jockey from Wake Tech. “The music gave me energy, it fit with the different pieces it wasn’t just hip hop, he played techno electric mixes it was a variety of genres,” said Yabnel`el Yisrael a junior psychology major.

Rathbun’s concentration of art deals more with music, he has been disc jockey for three years and influences first stemmed from Indy rock, electronic rock, and house music; he will soon be setting up a sound club with his own productions. The event overall influenced all that intended in some way, “It inspires me, but not in the art type of way but it makes me want to be creative in whatever I’m doing,” said Baker. West hopes that the event will serve as a gateway for students to go to more art exhibitions and galleries and even b ecoming the norm as far as things to do.

Photos by Arrington west

“Hello my name is” Art gallery Examples of the students artwork (ABOVE).


The A&T Register | | Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Global stocks retreat on Libya concerns PAN pylas

AP Business Wrtier

LONDON (AP) — Stocks in Europe and the U.S. fell Tuesday amid concerns over the military strikes in Libya and mounting expectations that interest rates, particularly in Europe, will rise soon. Earlier, hopes that Japan’s nuclear crisis may be coming under control had helped the country’s stocks post significant gains on the first trading day of the week — markets were closed Monday for a public holiday. Though the Nikkei’s 4.4 percent rally to 9,608.32 gave European stocks an early lift, the momentum soon dissipated, a sign investors remain cautious following big gains in the past few days. “It’s looking like investors are showing signs that shares have got a little over extended in recent days, so it would not be a shock to see some easing back from current levels,” said Will Hedden, a sales trader at IG Index. “Trading floor sentiment still remains cautious as the

Libyan military campaign and intermittent interruptions to the work on the Japanese nuclear reactors continue to unsettle the markets.” In Europe, France’s CAC-40 was down 0.3 percent at 3,894 while Germany’s DAX fell 0.3 percent to 6,798. The FTSE 100 index of leading British shares was 0.5 percent lower at 5,762. On Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average was down around 2 points at 12,036 soon after the open while the broader Standard & Poor’s 500 index fell less than a point to 1,297. Investors’ appetite for riskier trades, such as stocks, was weighed down in recent weeks by the confluence of alarming events around the world. On top of Japan’s natural disasters, investors had to grapple with the potential implications of a nuclear meltdown and escalating conflict in Libya. In Libya, coalition forces including the U.S., Britain and France launched another wave of strikes to protect civilians from government troops and to

Oil hovers over $102 as traders eye Libya strife ALEX KENNEDY

Associated Press

SINGAPORE (AP) — Oil prices hovered above $102 a barrel Tuesday in Asia as traders mulled how long Libyan oil exports will remain shut down amid a third night of allied attacks on forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi. Benchmark crude for April delivery was down 12 cents to $102.21 a barrel at midday Singapore time in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The April contract, which expires Tuesday, rose $1.26 to settle at $102.33 on Monday. In London, Brent crude was down 14 cents at $114.82 a barrel on the ICE futures exchange. Fierce fighting during the last month has halted most of Libya’s 1.6 million barrels a day of crude production, and investors are concerned coali-

tion military intervention on the side of rebels could prolong the shutdown of oil output from the OPEC nation. Goldman Sachs estimates that about $10 has been added to the price of oil from speculation that political unrest in the Middle East could spread to other countries and disrupt oil supplies “These developments suggest that the $10 a barrel risk premium may prove too modest,” Goldman Sachs said in a report. Over the medium term, high oil prices could slow economic growth which in turn would reduce demand for oil, lowering the price, the bank said. On Monday, three senior Yemeni army commanders defected and joined a pro-democracy movement that wants the U.S.-backed president to step down while protesters in Syria clashed with riot police.

enforce a no-fly zone. However, discord was growing in Europe over whether the military operation in Libya should be controlled by NATO. News that a U.S. fighter jet crashed after an apparent equipment malfunction hardly shored up confidence that the military action will be over soon, even though both crew members were able to eject and are back safely in American hands. The prospect of a longer shutdown in oil production in Libya, which accounts for a little under 2 percent of global crude supplies, kept oil prices at high levels, despite modest declines Tuesday. A barrel of crude as traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange was down 79 cents at $102.30 while the equivalent Brent rate in London fell 26 cents a barrel to $114.65. In the currency markets, both the euro and the British pound were supported by mounting expectations that the European Central Bank and the Bank of England will raise interest rates next month.

ECB officials, including president Jean-Claude Trichet, this week reiterated their concerns over inflation, signaling a rate hike can still be expected as early as April. Analysts also said the Bank of England will find it difficult not to raise its main interest rate from record lows in the next couple of months after figures Tuesday showed consumer price inflation hit 4.4 percent in February — more than double the Bank’s target of 2 percent. By mid-afternoon London time, the pound was 0.5 percent higher at $1.6383, just shy of its earlier 15-month high of $1.6401. The euro has also been supported by signs that EU officials are finally getting a handle on the debt crisis that has already seen Greece and Ireland get bailed out. Europe’s single currency was trading flat at $1.42, not far from its November high of $1.4242. On Monday, finance ministers of the 17 countries that used the euro made further progress in establishing a new bailout

mechanism from 2013, when the current facility expires. Analysts think the progress ahead of the summit of EU leaders on Thursday and Friday is a further indication that eurozone countries will do whatever it takes to make the single currency project work. The next hurdle for the euro is likely to be Wednesday’s Parliamentary vote in Portugal. There is a growing concern that the minority government will fall if it fails to muster enough votes for its latest package of austerity measures. The leader of Portugal’s main opposition party said the government’s downfall is “inevitable.” Earlier in Asia, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng gained 0.8 percent to 22,857.90. South Korea’s Kospi rose 0.5 percent to 2,013.66 and Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 inched up less than 0.1 percent to 4,643.40. Shares in mainland China were mixed. The Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.3 percent to 2,919.14 while the Shenzhen Composite Index lost 0.1 percent to 1,284.84.




PREPARATION and e-file

4 Loko causes man heart damage AP

Federal & All States Returns Location: 1st floor Merrick Hall Tuesday 4-6 pm by appointment Contact Dr. Gwen McFadden-Wade School of Business & Economics - Dept of Accounting

@ 336- 334- 7581 x 6006 E-mail us @ Begins Jan. 25 through March 22

Associated Press

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey man who says he suffered permanent heart damage after drinking the alcohol- and caffeine-laced Four Loko beverage is suing its manufacturer. Tire salesman Michael Mustica of Knowlton Township filed the lawsuit last week against Phusion Projects. The lawsuit, first reported last week by The Press of Atlantic City, claims that during a visit to Atlantic City in October, Mustica drank 2½ cans of Four Loko and suffered heart arrhythmia. Each can of Four Loko contains 12 percent alcohol — the equivalent of three cans of beer. Phusion spokesman Chris Hunter declined to comment Monday to The Star-Ledger of Newark but says the company still believes mixing alcohol and caffeine is safe. Phusion agreed to remove caffeine from the drink in November after complaints from the Food and Drug Administration.

theWORLD 4

The A&T Register | | Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Airstrikes boost rebel confidence As Japan mourns Nancy A. Youssef MCT CAMPUS

BENGHAZI, Libya — Two days after U.S. and coalition forces imposed a no-fly zone over Libya, rebels moved Monday to retake the city of Ajdabiya, a critical crossroads in their fight to regain the territory they lost last week. Forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi still held the bulk of Ajdabiya, about 50 miles south of Benghazi, but rebels said they had entered the outskirts. They said that after Ajdabiya, they would move to the oil terminal towns of Brega and Ras Lanuf, and the village of Bin Jawad, which they lost last week to Gadhafi loyalists, and then would tackle Gadhafi’s hometown of Sirte. But that seemed like an ambitious goal on Monday, for the forces in Ajdabiya were poorly armed and scattered, some coming to battle only with knives. The fall of Ajdabiya to Gadhafi’s forces Saturday triggered a wholesale exodus of Gadhafi opponents from Benghazi, which had become the

rebel capital in eastern Libya. But when French fighter jets bombed Gadhafi tanks here and the U.S. and Great Britain followed with Tomahawk cruise missiles and bomber attacks on Gadhafi’s anti-aircraft defenses outside Tripoli, the rebels flooded back. The boost to rebel morale from the allied bombing strikes could be seen everywhere here. Residents who didn’t flee Saturday emerged from their homes for the first time in days. How far the allied bombers will go in supporting the rebel advance was unclear, however, and it isn’t certain that the disorganized and untrained rebel force would be able to retake the towns along Libya’s coastal highway without allied attacks on Gadhafi’s tanks and artillery. The war could well be headed to a stalemate. On Monday, the western city of Misrata sustained more attacks from proGadhafi forces, which apparently were undeterred by the allies’ bombing campaign. U.S. Army Gen. Carter Ham, the commander of the U.S. Africa Command, which is responsible for Libya, told re-

porters Monday that the allies wouldn’t take sides in the conflict. The U.N. Security Council, which approved the imposition of the no-fly zone last week, scheduled a closed-door session Monday to hear concerns from Russia, India and China over how the U.S., Britain and France had carried out the resolution. Despite the allied attacks, Benghazi seemed far emptier Monday than a few days ago, suggesting that not everyone is convinced the fighting here is over. The few shops that were open before the attack are now closed. Residents who remained had set up checkpoints near burnedout Gadhafi tanks and trucks, which rebels had abandoned as they fled Saturday. Residents took their children to the tanks and posed with them, sometimes planting a free Libya flag on the relics. Many suggested renaming the city’s main highway for French President Nicolas Sarkozy, conceding that pro-Gadhafi forces would have taken the city if France hadn’t mounted its air assault here Saturday.

The road is currently named for Gamel Abdel Nasser, the Egyptian leader who supported Gadhafi’s revolt in 1969. The scars from the fighting went beyond the bombed-out buildings, bullet holes and charred rebel trucks. Rebels had suddenly become distrustful of those around them after the discovery Saturday that many pro-Gadhafi forces came from Benghazi’s own population. Young men set up neighborhood watch groups to search for Gadhafi loyalists and fend off another surprise attack. It remained unclear who was governing the liberated east. Many members of the National Libyan Council had fled to nearby eastern cities and even to neighboring Egypt. The council leader, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, was in nearby Baida, his hometown. The council’s Benghazi headquarters was closed. Council members said there was no communication with allied military officials about the no-fly zone, though rebels openly hoped that the coalition would strike Sirte next so that they could move forward.

US, Russia still divided on missile shield LOLITA C. BALDOR Associated Press

MOSCOW (AP) — U.S. and Russian defense leaders said Tuesday they are still divided over the planned missile defense system in Europe but will continue talks to try to resolve the differences. The issue, which has been simmering for several years, was a major topic during a meeting between Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, although the ongoing military strikes in Libya — and Russian opposition to them — grabbed the headlines. “We continue to have an intensive discussion on missile defense cooperation and although we still have differenc-

es that need to be resolved, we continue to make progress,” Gates said after the meeting. Moscow leaders have said the proposed missile defense plan, which is aimed at countering future Iranian threats, could be aimed at Russian missiles or could undermine Russia’s security interests. The plan, which is under way, begins with ship-based, anti-missile interceptors and radars, and would add landbased radars in Southern Europe Speaking through an interpreter Tuesday, Serdyukov said that there is no simple answer to the missile defense debate, but he added that the two countries are sharing views on a possible way to resolve it. Cooperation, he said, is bet-

ter than confrontation. The four-phase plan would put land- and sea-based radars and interceptors in several European locations over the next decade. Gates was expected to also meet Tuesday with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. In other comments to reporters, Gates declined to say whether the U.S. continues to support embattled Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh, or if officials now want him out. But he said that the U.S. is concerned about instability in Yemen, where al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula is based. He said his primary concern is that the instability diverts Yemen’s attention away from dealing with AQAP.

AQAP is al-Qaida’s most dangerous franchise, and it has been behind a number of recent attacks against America, including the attempted airliner bombing on Christmas Day 2009 and the failed mail bomb plot involving cargo planes last summer. Saleh pledged to step down more than a year early but refused to immediately resign on Tuesday, infuriating tens of thousands of demonstrators demanding his ouster. The opposition said it would not accept his offer to resign by year’s end in response to nationwide anti-government protests, which have swelled dramatically since security forces opened fatally shot more than 40 demonstrators on Friday.

US jet crashes in Libya, both crew are safe David rising

Associated Press

BERLIN (AP) — A U.S. fighter jet crashed in Libya after an apparent equipment malfunction but both crewmembers were able to eject and were back in American hands with only minor injuries, U.S. officials said Tuesday. The F-15E Strike Eagle jet was conducting a mission Monday night against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s air defenses when it crashed at 2130 GMT (5:30 p.m. EDT), said Lt. Cmdr. Karin Burzynski, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Africa Command. A spokesman for the Libyan opposition, Mohammed Ali, said the U.S. plane went down about 25 miles (40 kilometers) outside of the eastern rebel stronghold of Benghazi, Libya’s second-largest city. Britain’s Telegraph newspaper published a series of photographs it said was the wreckage of the plane, showing people milling around the burned-out aircraft in a Libyan field.

One of the jet’s airmen landed in a field of sheep after ejecting from the plane, then raised his hands and called out “OK, OK” to a crowd who had gathered, the Telegraph cited witness Younis Amruni, 27, as saying. “I hugged him and said: ‘Don’t be scared, we are your friends,’” Amruni told the newspaper, adding that people then lined up to shake the airman’s hand. “We are so grateful to these men who are protecting the skies,” he said. “We gave him juice and then the revolutionary military people took him away.” A Marine Corps Osprey search and rescue aircraft retrieved the main pilot, while the second crew member, a weapon systems officer who is also a pilot, was recovered by rebel forces and is now in American hands, a U.S. official said in Washington. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the record. Amruni said the Osprey fired shots to keep locals away, then

swooped in and rescued the second crew member. The two were separated after ejecting from the crippled jet at high altitude and drifting down to different locations, Africa Command spokesman Vince Crawley said, adding they sustained minor injuries. The aircraft, based out of Royal Air Force Lakenheath, England, was flying out of Italy’s Aviano Air Base in support of Operation Odyssey Dawn. The cause of the crash is being investigated. The Air Force has said only that B-2, F-15 and F-16 fighters are participating in operations over Libya. The U.S. involvement in Libya is being run by Africa Command, which is based in Stuttgart, Germany. The air campaign by U.S. and European militaries that began Saturday has rearranged the map in Libya and rescued rebels from what had appeared to be imminent defeat. On Monday night, Libyan state TV said a new round of strikes had begun in the capital, Tripoli, marking the third night

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of bombardment. But while the airstrikes can stop Gadhafi’s troops from attacking rebel cities — in line with the U.N. mandate to protect civilians — the United States, at least, has appeared deeply reluctant to go beyond that toward actively helping the rebel cause to oust the Libyan leader.

dead, many bodies remain missing TIM SULLIVAN

Associated Press Writer

NATORI, Japan (AP) — Those in search of the dead go to Natori’s bowling alley, walking up the cracked concrete steps and through the glass door. “Enjoy Coca-Cola,” says a neon sign out front. They go under the two-story painting of the bowling ball crashing into giant pins. They walk past the lists of the dead and the descriptions of the bodies yet to be identified. Inside, they step slowly through the makeshift morgue, peering into satin-wrapped coffins arranged in neat rows where bowlers so recently faced off. They rarely find the people they seek. If a bowling alley is no place to comes to terms with death, there is another pain for many along northeast Japan’s tsunami-battered coast, a pain less specific but perhaps just as agonizing: the pain of finding no body at all. “There should be more bodies,” said Marius Du Toit, a South African search and rescue team leader. His crew was walking through the shattered remnants of hundreds of houses in the devastated port city of Natori, turning over rubble in search of corpses. Eleven days after the tsunami slammed into the coast, obliterating entire villages, more than 9,000 bodies have been found — but some 13,800 people are still missing. The police estimate more than 15,000 deaths are likely just in Miyagi, the province that includes Natori. Some of the missing will turn up elsewhere. They’ll be in hospitals, or staying with relatives, or will have been on vacation. More corpses will be found too as rescue operations shift to the grim work of cleanup, digging through tons of rubble and muck. Increasingly, though, officials and rescue teams believe many people will never be found. A few days ago, rescuers were finding up to 50 bodies daily around here. Local officials were running out of body bags. Now, it’s down to a couple of bodies a day. “We don’t know where they are,” Du Toit said. Isoo Sasaki, the mayor of Natori, is from Yoriage, the neighborhood where Du Toit was searching. It was the old part of town, dating back centuries, from before the seaside fishing village became a modern city of 73,000.

“It is so terrible to find the body of a loved one,” Sasaki said in his office, where he has been sleeping on the floor since one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history spawned the tsunami. “But perhaps those families are also lucky. Many people will not find a body at all.” As of Monday, 315 bodies had been identified in Natori, and well over 1,000 people were missing. Much of Yoriage has been scrubbed from the Earth, with concrete foundations often all that remains. Where the rubble has piled up, it is an incomprehensible jumble of splintered homes, fishing boats and smashed and shattered cars. One house is upside down. A bus is wrapped around the second floor of another. Concrete poles reinforced with steel are twisted like licorice strings. Amid the devastation, it’s the occasional signs of normalcy that look obscene: the little boy’s underpants hung out to dry on a second-floor balcony, the wind chime that rings in the breeze. If history is any guide, thousands of bodies will never be found. Of the 164,000 people who died in Indonesia in the December 2004 tsunami, 37,000 simply disappeared, their bodies presumably washed out to sea. Iskandar, a disaster management official in Aceh province, spent more than a year struggling to compile an accurate tally of his country’s dead and missing. Like many Indonesians, he goes by only one name. He insisted that many Japanese victims could still be found: “It’s still too early to lose hope.” So it is for many survivors, who cannot yet bear to think that their friends or relatives might be dead. Eriko Sato, a 23-year-old acupuncturist, was searching for a friend over the weekend in the village of Kesennuma, repeating her hope over and over again. “She’s alive, she’s alive, she’s alive,” Sato said. “If I stop saying it or thinking it, maybe the worst will happen.” Eventually, though, the survivors of Natori find their way to Airport Bowling, first to read through the descriptions of the bodies: “anchor tattoo on upper left arm” or “short black haircut in a burgundy sweater.” Then they go inside, wondering if they will find what they fear most to see. Or if they’ll never find it at all.


The A&T Register | | Wednesday, March 23, 2011


What makes you think that hip-hop is dead? In 2006 hip-hop legend, Nas dropped an album by the name of Hip-Hop Is Dead. The album, much like the song that was on the album, pointed out the many flaws with the world of hip-hop and how he felt, the art form, he fell in love with, has died. Shortly after, many critics and fans agreed that the skills needed to be a true DJ or MC has been lost. However, I believe that over the years hip-hop has not died, it has simply gone back to its most original form. It is easy to look at mainstream and point out the many flaws there are with the world of hip-hop. Auto tunes, a lack of true skill, overly explicit lyrics, and even southern hip-hop has all been named as reasons for hip-hop being a lost art. However, I believe this is far from the truth. Hip-hop still have very skilled artists, the overly explicit lyrics are very essential in self expression, and southern

hip-hop has not only helped hiphop, but it has shown that everything we complain about are the same things that have helped the industry thrive. First, I think it is important to note that hip-hop should never be judged in terms of positive or negative. Rapper Nelly once said that, “everyone does not want their music to be political, everyone doesn’t want their music to tell them what to do.” I think people get so caught up in the negative aspects of rap they forget many of the most influential songs in the genre were neither positive nor uplifting, but rather feel good music. Songs such as “Rapper’s Delight” by Sugarhill Gang, “Juicy” by Notorious B.I.G, and “I Can’t Live Without My Radio” by L.L. Cool J, had no uplifting message. In fact, they were simply songs based on expression. When looking at and judg-

ing hip-hop, you have to judge it by productive vs. counter-productive. Some critics feel that it is important to change our image since TRUMAINE the major- MCCASKILL ity of hip-hop consumers are white people. However, why should hiphop artists change anything just because white people are listening now? Just because white people primarily consume hiphop does not mean that hip-hop artists have sold out their race or genre. White people primarily consume blues music as well. Does that mean BB King has sold out his people? I personally feel like we should never change our behavior in terms of how we relate to

each other just because somebody might be watching. So if our behaviors and language are overly explicit, then so be it. You are free to express yourself anyway you want to when becoming a hip-hop artist. And if you feel the need to be a little overly explicit then that is your personal choice. Even Lauryn Hill, arguably one of the great female rappers to grace a microphone said she’d throw in a curse word or two in order to get people’s attention. So why is it okay for her to do it, but when an upcoming artist is overly nasty, or curses a lot, people consider him or her as a murderer of hip-hop? I will never understand why people jump in an uproar about naked women in videos, but never say anything about the overly sexual content they see on Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, Real World, etc. Before judging what you see

A crime against one, is a crime against us all Rape can be loosely defined as a sexual assault, oral or vaginal, initiated by one or more persons against someone unable to defend themselves against their attacker(s). The National Victim Center and Crime Victim Research and Treatment Center reports 1.3 adult women are raped every minute, which translates into 78 per hour or 1,871 per day. According to the American Medical Association via the Women’s Rape Crisis Center, sexual assault is, “the most rapidly growing violent crime in America,” and only 10 percent of rapes are reported. Nearly two-thirds of crimes are committed by someone the victim knows and only one of twenty rapists will serve time for their crime. Hurting someone in this manner is disgusting and should be unforgivable in the eyes of the law, especially when committed against a child, the most impressionable member of our society as they are not yet com-

Dear Editor, A year ago this Wednesday, March 23, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act. The law enacts significant health insurance reforms that will take effect over the next several years. One very important piece of that law is already in place, and it may directly benefit you. The Affordable Care Act ensures that college students and young adults can stay on their parents’ employer-provided health care plans until age 26, even if you no longer live with your parents, are not a dependent on their tax return or are no longer a student. The new flexibility even applies if you are married. You are guaranteed the same benefits at the same price

pletely developed mentally or physically. In a community in Cleveland, Texas these facts have been forgotten and the LARIA seriousness of LAND this crime has been ignored. Eighteen men, ages ranging for 14-27, have been accused of gang rapping an eleven year old Latino child and recording some of the attacks on a cellular device. My heart went out to this little girl and her family when I first heard, but I quickly became sick to my stomach when I learned the women of this community, including family members of the arrested attackers, and some community leaders were blaming the victim and defending the men. Asking questions like, “where is her mother or father,” declaring she was known around that

neighborhood for being promiscuous even though she did not live there. More concerned with their “destroyed community,” these people ignored the fact that these men did not behave responsibly. Then Minister Quanell X of the New Black Panthers Party in Houston made the crime about race. He claimed it was not a coincidence only black men were arrested and it was not logical to think only black men could or did have sex with the Latino victim. Every argument they have is irrelevant. The tape proves intercourse occurred, and an eleven year old is unable to consent to anything. That tape circulated among students at the high school and middle school for months before it was brought to the attention of the police, and in a small town of barely 7,500 people, public opinions significantly matter. I am ashamed of the behavior of these women. Relatives or not, as a woman you should first understand the mental and

Letter to the Editor that is available to other dependents. Before, many health plans and issuers dropped young adults from their parents’ policies because of their age. That left countless college students, recent college graduates and other young people with little recourse, and worse: no health insurance. Historically, some 30 percent of young adults have been uninsured, a rate far higher than that of any other age group. But young people don’t need health insurance, right? The statistics say otherwise: one-insix young adults today are faced with chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes or asthma. Also, nearly half of uninsured young adults report problems

paying medical bills. The new law ensures you have an option when it comes to your health care. This is important as you continue through school, and as you transition into the job market, since you may find that health care coverage is not immediately available through your employer. You could also work part time, continue your education and go to graduate school, or take time off to travel and pursue volunteer opportunities. More health care improvements are on the way—and many may also directly benefit you. Already, coverage cannot be denied for those under age 19 because of a pre-existing condition. By 2014, denying coverage to anyone based on a pre-ex-

physical affects that come with sex, and know they are ten times worse for someone so young. Then, if you still need to question something, question the mental state of the man you raised or are related to. If he is a guy unable to control his urges or is unnecessarily violent, he needs some help. If he is attracted to children, he is a pedophile and needs even more help. He put his health at risk, ultimately his life in danger, and ruined a life before it had a chance to really begin. A man who does wrong deserves to be punished for it. By defending him you are sending a misguided message to other disturbed men green-lighting an assault on another unsuspecting person. Think about the child, how would you feel if someone in your family was the victim? Any woman with an ounce of decency knows her allegiance is better deserved to the community of womankind, because a crime against one is really a crime against us all.

isting condition will be banned. Annual dollar caps on care, which are already limited, will be prohibited; and state-based health insurance exchanges will create a new marketplace, giving more employers and millions of Americans the ability to purchase affordable coverage. The Affordable Care Act is based on the simple belief that every American--and that includes college students— deserves access to high-quality, affordable health care. One year after it has become law, that belief is becoming reality. Sincerely, The U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis

in videos always remember that, in the words of Nelly again, “America is built on finance! If you put one booty on TV and it sells a million, then the next person is going to put two booties up there.” If a young man in his early 20s wants to put a half naked woman in his video then does that really make him wrong? Or does it make him human? Every great person, rather they be political leaders or local celebrities, has had moments where everyone disagreed with what they may have said or done. Hip-hop artists are no different. However, aside from the videos and explicit lyrics, it is obvious that many artists do actually have talent. Look at artists such as Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole, Big Krit, Wax and Herbal T, DJ Face, B.O.B, Locke Kaushal, Big Sean, and Tiara Thomas. All of these artist are proof that hip-hop is far

from dead. They show that hiphop has simply gone back to its most original form by going back underground. Most of these artists do not receive the exposure they deserve; however, they show that the skill of being a good MC or DJ is far from dead. Even more popular artist such as Drake, Rick Ross, Curren$y, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Nas are all proof that hip-hop is far from dead. Hip-hop is one of the biggest moneymakers in the world. From music to advertisements, hip-hop is here to stay. We cannot expect for something as big as hip-hop to grow and not change. However, it is obvious that history repeats itself and hiphop today is just as strong as it was when it first started back in the 70s. Everything has to change one day. But one thing that will not change is that hiphop will never die.

Ask a Black Guy What sign does it send if a woman goes to the movies by herself? Guy #1 A female alone at the movies send a sign that she is lonely and in need of companionship very badly, thus meaning it could be very easy to hit because she just wants the company of a man. But, be careful because she could be clingy because she is at the movies alone, so she must have no friends. Guy #2 It sends a sign that she really wanted to see that movie and that she has no man to go see it with. Honestly, any woman willing to go by herself shows that she is not lonely. A lonely woman would probably just sit at home and be lonely before she took her depression out into the world. But a confident woman, who really doesn’t need a man to go out and have a good time, is the only woman I could think of to go out there by herself. Guy #3 The only sign I see is that she wants to go by herself. You cannot assume she wants a date, and you cannot assume she couldn’t find a date. You cannot assume she wanted to be bothered by her friends either. So in all honesty, I don’t see any signs at all. I know I go by myself so in all honesty I don’t know what sign she’s giving. Why do black men think they have more swagger than every other race? Guy #1 Black men think they have more swag than other races because they do. Only black men have overcome such obstacles as slavery, racism, and inner-city poverty. Black men feel that we have overcome all this and now we are CEO’s of companies, doctors, lawyers, and even the president of the United States. This gives us the right to walk around like we are the man. It’s all about the confidence we are raised with. Guy #2 Because it is true. We’ve influenced nearly everything in America. Our music, the way we dress, and even our definition of cool has all be imitated by the rest of the world. The way we walk,

talk, our mannerisms, and everything. Other races do not possess the talent, drive, or hunger that black men do. So of course, we are going to feel like we have more swagger than everyone else. We’re often misunderstood, but we can never be replaced. Guy #3 Our culture plays a major factor into that. We are taught to see ourselves a certain way. Research shows we have higher self-esteem until about the 4th grade. After that, our grades may start to suffer, but for whatever reason we never lose to confidence and self-esteem. We just focus our mind on other things I guess. As we move into a more global and diverse community, how do you feel about black women entering more interracial relationships? Guy #1 I have no problem with it. My problem is with black females who only date other races as if black men are not good enough. A lot of black females stereotype black males. Some feel that since the last three black guys they dated were dogs all black men must be dogs. Interracial relationships are a beautiful thing though as is all healthy relationships. Guy #2 I’m old fashioned so I have never been a fan of it to be honest. I understand black men, including myself, have tested the waters with other races. But, I also know that there is a difference in experimenting, and actually dating someone of another race. I was raised to find a strong black woman who will support me; not a white woman who will submit to my every command. So black women should try and find a strong black man who can lift them up, oppose to a white man who could not match the strength of black men. Guy #3 Love is where you find it so if you find it in another race then so be it. The real question is are you really in love with someone else or are you doing that to get back at black men. But then again, black people aren’t in love like they used to be so who knows.

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theSCORE The A&T Register | | Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Aggie baseball falls to Princeton JASMINE JOHNSON Editor in Chief

The Aggie baseball team was left disappointed last Wednesday after their 4-2 loss to Princeton at War Memorial Stadium at 3 p.m. The Aggies were led by sophomore third baseman Dairio Little with three hits and one RBI. Freshman infielder Luke Tendler added two hits and one RBI.

Jonathon led the Tigers with two hits and an RBI. Nate Briad added two hits in the Tiger victory. After trading errors with the Princeton Tigers, but keeping their composure, A&T began to fall in the sixth inning after throwing errors. The Tigers started to increase their lead to 3-1 after Mike Ford singled to left field. The inning ended with a triple to left field by Jonathan

York, putting the Aggies down 4-1. With a few hits in the eighth inning, the Aggie baseball team continued to make progress, but it was not enough. The Tigers relieved pitcher Zak Hermans with David Palms, who was able to hold the Aggies to just one more run. Tendler hit a groundball, which led junior second baseman Marquis Riley to score. Riley ended up on base after an error made by Princeton’s Ford.

Center Kelvin Freeman ended the inning with a fly out. Pitcher and freshman Esterlin Paulino ended the night after throwing seven innings, but giving up four hits. He also added seven strikeouts to his stats. The Aggies ended the nights with nine hits and only two runs, while the Tigers had five hits to go with their four runs. However, the Tigers finished with four RBIs while the Aggies had two.

The Tigers left War Memorial Stadium adding a win to their record, making it an overall 3-7 season. The Aggies have a record of 6-13. A&T had the weekend to prepare against their next game against Davidson last night at 6 p.m. at Davidson, N.C. Their next home game at War Memorial Stadium will be Tuesday, March 29, against UNC-Asheville at 3 p.m.

Lady Tar Heels defeat Kentucky 86-74 ARNIE STAPLETON

AP Sports Writer

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Score one for size over speed. Italee Lucas scored 22 points and Jessica Breland added 18, helping North Carolina hold off Kentucky 86-74 in the second round of the NCAA tournament Monday night, the Tar Heels’ superior height and length trumping the Wildcats’ awesome quickness. “It all started with rebounding,” Breland said after the Tar Heels’ 55-31 dominance on the boards led to all sorts of problems for the Wildcats. North Carolina (27-8), which made it to the ACC tournament final, will face top-seeded Stanford on Saturday in Spokane, Wash. “Right now is the best time to be playing your best basketball,” said Krista Gross, who added 14 points and 10 rebounds for the fifth-seeded Tar Heels, who reached the round of 16 one year after going one-and-out in the NCAA tournament minus Breland, who missed last season while fighting cancer. The fourth-seeded Wildcats were led by Victoria Dunlap’s

23 points but she grabbed just four rebounds — less than half her average — and only one off the defensive glass, which set the tone for a long night. Kentucky, which hasn’t beaten North Carolina in five tries, finished 25-9 a year after reaching the round of eight. North Carolina coach Sylvia Hatchell said Sunday that she was more than willing to turn this game into a “horse race” with the lightning quick Wildcats, whose game is built around a stifling pressure defense, something Mitchell welcomed, saying a run-and-gun game might shake his team out of its offensive doldrums. It was on defense where the Wildcats couldn’t match up with Carolina, though. North Carolina’s superior size produced a dominance on the defensive glass that led to dozens of transition baskets and caused Mitchell afterward to bemoan his team’s lack of energy and enthusiasm. The Tar Heels outrebounded Kentucky 55-31 and outscored the Wildcats 18-2 on the fast break and 17-9 on secondchance points. “We just haven’t had a game

like that that our team just wouldn’t go to the boards,” Mitchell said. “We just got caught standing in the middle. So we wouldn’t go rebound, jogging back, it was a real uncharacteristic game for us. That’s why I’m so disappointed I could not get the team motivated to play North Carolina. It was one of the most disappointing performances I’ve ever seen from our team here at Kentucky.” The Wildcats forced 817 turnovers this season, including 22 Monday night, and they scored 24 points off those takeaways. So, Kentucky was able to cut a 15-point second-half deficit to just two points in the waning minutes and had a chance to take the lead late in the game but never did. The Tar Heels sank 21 of 22 free throws in the second half to fend off Kentucky’s comeback hopes. The Tar Heels led by 15 early in the second half and were threatening to turn this one into a laugher when the Wildcats starting chipping away at their 52-37 deficit. Dunlap scored six points in an 11-0 run that cut North Caro-

lina’s lead to 63-60 with 7:40 left. The Wildcats had a chance to go ahead but Crystal Riley threw up an airball from beyond the arc with North Carolina leading 67-65, and Breland sank two free throws at the other end. After a hook by Brittany Henderson for Kentucky, Breland’s leaning bank shot made it 71-67, and the Tar Heels were perfect on a dozen free throw attempts over the final four minutes. The Tar Heels outrebounded the Wildcats 26-15 in the first half, and then went on two 8-0 runs that gave them a 40-30 halftime lead and all the momentum. Kentucky was trying to commit three and four players to the offensive rebound and were unable to get back in transition.We were getting rebounds and instead of handing it off to the guard, we were turning and throwing the ball 30 feet or more,” Hatchell said. “I was a little nervous there when we first started doing it because I thought they would try to intercept some passes but we got rolling there because we got some really good outlets and we got some numbers.

Lucas said she noticed the Wildcats getting tired. “We saw it all over their face,” she said. “So I kept telling the girls, ‘They’re tired. Keep pushing. Keep pushing. There’s another level.’ You might think you’re tired, but you can’t be when it’s this time of the season and you have crucial games like this so we just kept pushing.” Dunlap, the SEC player of the year, was a non-factor on the glass, and so were all her teammates with the exception of Henderson, who grabbed a half dozen offensive boards. Although Dunlap finished her Kentucky career No. 2 in the record books in points, rebounds, blocks, steals, free throws and double-doubles, her last game was a clunker in Mitchell’s mind. “The thing I asked them to do was to work hard and out-rebound North Carolina, to have that type of mindset, that sort of spirit and heart tonight,” Mitchell said. The effort was just really poor.”

NFL negotiations reaches divide Bonds admits to steroid use Associated Press

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. (AP) — The NFL will move kickoffs up One week into the lockout, the NFL and the players are drifting further apart. Loudly. The animosity Friday stretched from the players’ annual meeting in this Florida Gulf resort all the way to the league’s New York headquarters. Leadership of the former union, along with the players themselves, said they consider a letter Commissioner Roger Goodell sent them the previous day an attempt to divide them. They refute the league’s contention that the NFLPA walked away from negotiations. They dispute the owners’ depiction of the league’s lastminute offer made just before talks broke off March 11 and the union dissolved, then had 10 players file a lawsuit to block the lockout they knew was coming. Pete Kendall, the former union’s permanent player representative, called the league’s offer “kind of the old switcheroo.” “The better the league does under their last proposal, the lower percentage players receive and eventually players would become a fixed cost,” Kendall said. “That’s a fundamental change as to the way the business has been done with the players — player percentage always has been tied to revenues.” And, the players claim, the owners’ offer would have eliminated the players’ chance to share in higher-than-projected revenue growth. They say the proposal would cut players’ take of more than $9 billion in annual revenues from 50 percent to 45 percent in the first year of a new contract. Not so, the league responded. “If the union had a problem, the best course of action would have been to make a counterproposal, continue to discuss the issue, or explain the problem,”

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello wrote in an email to The Associated Press. “They were in such a hurry to get out of the room last Friday and file their lawsuit that they never mentioned this ... issue.” During the sport’s first work stoppage since 1987, players can’t sign new contracts or get paid under existing ones. Their health insurance premiums are not being paid by teams. A hearing on the players’ request for a preliminary injunction to stop the lockout is scheduled for April 6 in Minneapolis, and there appears to be little chance of a return to bargaining before then. Aiello wrote that the league “made it clear” there would be an opportunity for players to get a share of extra revenues starting in 2015. He continued: “The union is now saying that instead of further negotiations the best thing to do was walk out of mediation, pretend to no longer be a union, and file a lawsuit. Those actions simply make no sense.” In a speech Friday to players at the NFLPA’s annual meeting, executive director DeMaurice Smith said he won’t be paid during the work stoppage. Goodell and NFL general counsel Jeff Pash, the league’s lead labor negotiator, already said they would reduce their salaries to a dollar each. “Our players are locked out,” Smith said during a brief session with reporters. “The league made a unilateral decision to punish the people who made this game great.” Smith said he does not consider Goodell’s letter — sent to all active players Thursday — an attempt to engage in goodfaith negotiations. The league, he said, could attempt to restart talks by writing, instead, to lawyers representing the players now that the union has dissolved. “Let’s not kid ourselves. Jeff Pash ... knows that class counsel can always engage in discussions with counsel for

the National Football League to have discussions relating to a settlement,” Smith said. “He knows what letter should have been sent.” In his letter, Goodell outlined the NFL’s version of last week’s proposal and told players: “I hope you will encourage your union to return to the bargaining table and conclude a new collective bargaining agreement.” Players were upset by that line, particularly the reference to “your union” the NFLPA renounced its status as a union and says it is now a trade association, which permits the court actions under antitrust laws; the league calls that move a “sham.” Steelers safety Ryan Clark said the letter was written “to create confusion, to create dissension among the players.” Dallas Cowboys linebacker Bradie James thought Goodell’s words were meant “to divide us; it’s that simple.” Kendall said that throughout negotiations, the players’ chance to share in increased revenues had been a key component of how to divide the NFL’s yearly take of more than $9 billion, a figure both sides expect to increase. He said the negotiations, until talks stopped on the 16th day of federal mediation, always revolved around the premise that if the rise in league revenues exceeded a certain percentage each year, players would get a cut. That was not how he saw the owners’ offer of a 10-year deal shaking out. “A 10-year, fair deal might be something worth considering,” Kendall said. “A 10-year deal where the players don’t participate in any of the upside is not a deal that I think is ... something that the players should have taken.” Clark recognizes the disconnect the labor stoppage could create. “Fans want to see football,” he said. “They’re not going to be so much pro-owner; they’re not going to be pro-player. They’re about pro football.”


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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Barry Bonds admits using steroids during his baseball career, his lawyer told a jury Tuesday. The catch is that Bonds’ personal trainer misled him into believing he was taking flax seed oil and arthritis cream. “I know that doesn’t make a great story,” Allen Ruby said during his opening statement at the home run leader’s perjury trial. “But that’s what happened.” Assistant U.S. Attorney Matt Parrella called such claims “ridiculous and unbelievable” and portrayed Bonds as a liar during his first chance to present the government’s position. And so the crux of the criminal case against Bonds was laid before an eight-woman, four-man jury as the testimony phase of the trial got under way. Bonds has pleaded not guilty to four charges of lying to a grand jury in 2003 when he denied knowingly taking steroids and one count of obstruction. Parrella started the day by saying Bonds lied to the grand jury even though the government promised not to prosecute him for drug use if he testified truthfully. “All he had to do was tell the truth, Parrella said. “That’s all, but he couldn’t do it.” Parrella tried to show a deep connection between Bonds and the Bay Area Laboratory CoOperative, known as BALCO, the Burlingame company at the center of an international sports doping ring that the grand jury was investigating. Five men, including BALCO’s founder Victor Conte and Bonds’ personal trainer Greg Anderson, pleaded guilty to steroids distribution after a 2003 government raid on BALCO. On Tuesday, Parrella displayed a photograph taken from a magazine of Bonds, Conte and Anderson and called the trio the “Three Musketeers of BALCO,” drawing an objection

from Ruby. Bonds sat slouched as he watched Parrella tell jurors that a childhood friend of Bonds will discuss watching him inject steroids. Parrella promised other witnesses will talk about conversations they had with Bonds regarding his steroid use, while others will discuss their deep suspicions. Ruby, Bonds’ lead attorney, countered by trying to discredit some of the government witnesses scheduled to testify during a trial that is expected to last between two and four weeks. He said at least two prosecution witnesses have axes to grind because of bitter fallouts with the man who hit 762 career home runs, a Major League Baseball record. He also holds the mark for home runs in a single season, with 73 in 2001. Ruby alleged that Bonds’ ex-girlfriend, Kimberly Bell, and former business partner, Steve Hoskins, were “facing the loss of the financial benefit that Barry provided to them over the years” when Bond ended his relationships with them in 2003. Hoskins and Bell are key government witnesses. Bell plans to testify that Bonds admitted to her he took steroids. She will also testify to physical and mental changes she says Bonds experienced and that prosecutors attribute to steroid use. But in a deep baritone, Ruby told the jury that “after the break up Ms. Bell was extremely unhappy,” suggesting she has motivation to unfairly denigrate Bonds. Ruby, a former professional wrestling announcer now with a prestigious law firm, said Hoskins has somewhat similar motives as Bell. But there is one crucial government witness who won’t testify at all, Anderson, who prosecutor allege supplied Bonds with steroids.




Bethune-Cookman Coppin State Florida A&M Norfolk State North Carolina A&T Delaware State MD Eastern Shore

0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0

OVR. 13-9 10-7 10-10 9-11 8-11 6-13 1-17

Standings as of 03/02/11 THIS WEEK’S GAMES: Mar 23 at UNC Greensboro Grensboro, N.C. 1 p.m. Mar 26 Norfolk State Norfolk, Va. 1 p.m. Mar 27 at Norfolk State Norfolk, Va. 3 p.m. Mar 29 at UNC Ashville War Memorial Stadium 6 p.m.



NORTH DIVISION 0-0 Delaware State 0-0 Morgan State Coppin State 0-0 0-0 Howard 0-0 Hampton 0-0 MD Eastern Shore SOUTH DIVISION North Carolina A&T Florida A&M Bethune-Cookman Norfolk State South Carolina State

0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0

OVR. 10-7 9-14 5-16 5-17 5-17 3-18 9-7 11-14 11-17 5-10 3-23

Standings as of 03/02/11 THIS WEEK’S GAMES: Mar 26 at Savannah State Savanna, Ga. 12 p.m. Mar 27 at Savannah State Savanna, Ga. 4 p.m.

AROUND SPORTS Duke-Krzyzewski’s ClimbDURHAM, N.C. (AP) — If all goes well for Duke this weekend in California, Mike Krzyzewski will make history in a couple of different ways. The top-seeded Blue Devils (32-4) leave for Anaheim, Calif., on Tuesday for the West regional semifinals. There’s a chance that by the time Duke returns home, Krzyzewski will have his 902nd career victory. Wins over Arizona on Thursday night and the Connecticut-San Diego State winner Saturday would move Krzyzewski into a tie atop the Division I all-time wins list for men’s coaches with Bob Knight, his mentor and coach at Army in the late 1960s. Also, it would clinch his 12th career Final Four trip, matching the record held by John Wooden. Krzyzewski calls joining Knight in the record book “something very unique.” LSU-NCAA Violations BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — LSU answers NCAA questions about internal probe. LSU officials say they’ve submitted a response to NCAA questions they received in December about the university’s internal probe into allegations of improper contact between a former player and former assistant coach. The NCAA has told LSU that it did not find any violations beyond what the university reported a year ago, but did have questions. LSU issued a release Monday stating it responded in a 126-page document that the NCAA’s infractions committee is expected to consider during its April 15-17 meetings. LSU did not reveal specifics of the documents. The probe concerned wide receivers coach D.J. McCarthy, who resigned in 2009, and defensive lineman Akiem Hicks, a junior college transfer who never played. LSU sanctioned itself with the loss of two scholarships and a reduction in recruiting visits.


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“You are going to get real music” JONATHAN VEAL Scene Editor

Nate Dogg’s Funeral; Benefit Planned For This Weekend Plans for Nate Dogg’s funeral and wake are starting to shape up, according to a source close to the late singer’s family. Nate Dogg died last week of yet-undetermined causes. The “Regulate” star suffered two strokes in recent years and never fully recovered from the setbacks brought on by the second one, his manager, Rod McGrew, told the media. The crooner is tentatively set to be laid to rest this Saturday with a ceremony preceding the event at the Long Beach Airport, which will be open to fans, and then the next day, a memorial benefit at the Los Angeles Convention hosted by DJ Quik. -Jayson Rodriguez For more information, go to:

The city of Greensboro will be filled with legendary musicians and artists Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Prince, brings his Welcome 2 America Tour to the Greensboro Coliseum March 26. The show will be opened with legendary singer Chaka Khan. The tour will be taking place in North Carolina and South Carolina for this week, as they tour to Columbia and Charleston, SC; Raleigh, Greenville and Charlotte. Other guests on the tour include: Janelle Monae, Grammy award winner Esperanza Spalding, Mint Condition and legendary drummer Sheila E. This tour will be a homecoming for artists such as Anthony Hamilton for the Charlotte show and New Power Generation group member and vocalist, Shelby Johnson for the Greensboro show. “I’m home,” said the Greensboro native. “You are going to get real music, a party, and it going to be real music by real artists,” added Johnson. Johnson came to A&T to do a press conference and promo for the performance this weekend in WNAA 90.1 radio station. Johnson brought along her mother and husband to the festivities and talked much on her life, career and future plans. Shelby Johnson kicked off her career when she was hired by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Larry Graham to perform with him at Prince’s club, Club 3121 in Las Vegas, NV in Nov. 2006. “I was really honored to perform with Larry Graham and I think I showed up and I showed out,” said Johnson. After her performance with Graham, Prince noticed Johnson and asked her to stay and perform in Superbowl XLI (41)

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Shelby Johnson, vocalist and member of th backup singing group for legendary singer Prince, New Power Generation held a press conference in WNAA 90.1 FM radio station March 18 to promote the Welcome 2 America Tour at the Greensboro Coliseum March 26.

in Feb. 2007. Since starting out with the New Power Generation, Johnson has been a part of the multigenre group since 2006. They rehearse and perform different variations of Prince’s songs. “Our rehearsals have been really long but that’s because Prince has a mass song catalogue,” said Johnson. She noted that every show is something different and the audience will never know what to expect. “You can come to a show on Monday and then come to a show on Wednesday and it can be a total turnaround of how we performed a song and how we deliver it,” expressed Johnson. Johnson added that this has been a very challenging job for


“Lincoln Lawyer” keeps you guessing NECOLE JACKSON

Register Reporter

The Lincoln Lawyer was released Friday, March 18 starring Matthew McConaughey as Mic Haller. The movie is an adaptation from the book written by Michael Connelly. McConaughey stars in classic romantic movies such as: “How To Loose A Guy in 10 Days” with Kate Hudson and “The Wedding Planner” with Jennifer Lopez. Other stars in the movie include Marisa Tomei as Maggie McPherson; Ryan Phillippe as Louis Roulet; William H. Macy as Frank Levin; and John Leguizamo as Val Valenzuela. Mic Haller (McConaughey) is an attorney that works out of his Lincoln Continental. All he cares about is getting his money from his clients and never the truth. That changes when Louis Roulet (Phillippe) picks Haller to represent him. Roulet is charged with raping and assaulting a prostitute. Everyone thinks Roulet is the perfect son and could never do anything that evil, but his past and his real identity come to the light. Haller realizes that he put an innocent man in jail for something Roulet did. Mic’s daughter, his baby’s mother Maggie (McPherson), and his partner Frank (Macy) lives are all on the line. Haller is faced with keeping



herself, but it has also been rewarding to her because she has developed into a better artist. “I am getting to learn from someone who knows so much and has experience so much in music and life in general and he is open to teach,” added Johnson. Not only is this tour of course about the music and the special guests but also at the end of the tour Prince will be auctioning off a gold-plated Fender guitar for the Harlem Children’s Zone, a program to end generational poverty for kids in Harlem. “It’s all about giving back and uplifting the next generation of children,” said Johnson. “We want to inspire the youth to pick up instruments, not just Guitar Hero and learn the history of music and inspire them to be great musicians,” added

Look at Chris Brown now, new album Register Reporter

LINCOLN LAWYER starring Matthew McConaughey and co-star Ryan Phillippe is the story of a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who operates out of the back of his Lincoln sedan.

Lincoln Lawyer placed number 4 in the box office on its opening weekend with $13,400,000 falling behind “Battle:Los Angeles,” “Rango,” and holding the top spot, “Limitless.”




Johnson. New Power Generation gave the Harlem Children’s Zone a check for $1 million, $50 thousand to the Dance Theatre of Harlem and to the American Ballet Theatre. Johnson also talked about a song that her and Prince wrote together entitled, “North Carolina.” She described the process of writing this song with Prince as being really surreal and amazing. Johnson discussed her thought process for the song as she related to her memories here in Greensboro. “I want to show him the love and support that I have my whole entire life and how we do it here in Greensboro.” She also sung a few bars of the unreleased single. For her personal life outside



his client’s secrets quiet or exposing the truth. This movie was phenomenal. From beginning to end, the suspense keeps you from blinking. Just when you think you know everything and the pieces are coming together, a huge twist comes and throws you off. For those that read mysteries, and like surprises, this movie is for you. It also is great for all audiences. The romance between McConaughey and McPherson is undeniable. It also included a little humor and sad parts that made you sympathize with some of the characters. The movie feels like you are watching an episode of Law and Order, but better. This is a DVD buyer. The Lincoln Lawyer is showing in all Greensboro theaters.



Brown fan, and have all of his cds then this album is a combination of his last two LPs “Exclusive” and “Graffitti.” This album is not a smooth listen all the way through the cd because it does have such a variety, but it is a guarantee that there will be a few songs that you will want to listen to often. The song that is creating a lot of buzz so far is “Wet The Bed” featuring Ludacris, which is a sexual R&B/Hip-Hop song similar to “Make A Movie” with Twista featuring Brown. I was pleasantly surprised with the record he has with Justin Bieber, titled “Next 2 You.” One of my favorites is “All Back.” This song gives me maturing Chris Brown with a Michael Jackson feel, and it is probably the realest song on the album. Overall, I like the album, it is no question that he stays true to himself and his music, and one can see that with all his albums; this is no exception. This is an album that each person needs to hear for themselves because each song is so different, but it will leave you statisfied, for the most part.


Monday, Chris Brown released his new LP titled “F.A.M.E” which stands for Fans Are My Everything. This being his fourth album released, not counting his two mixtapes, he has stood his own in the R&B music realm. The deluxe version of the album has 17 songs including his radio hits “No Bullsh**,” “Look At Me Now” feat Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes, “Yeah 3x” and “Dueces.” Those singles helped fans get excited for the release of this album, and if you listen to those songs none are similar, but yet they all held top spots on the Billboard charts. Two of those singles have been re-released by Chris Brown with “No Bullsh**” being on his last two mixtapes, and now on this cd. “Dueces” also making its second appearance on this cd. This album depicts the singles that Brown has released thus far; it gives you variety. There are songs on there that will give you the R&B feel, there are some techno party songs, and also a few with a more Hip-Hop vibe like “Look At Me Now.” If you are a die-hard Chris

1. Did you know SGA elections are today? 2. Aren’t you happy that you are no longer getting campaign Facebook messages from SGA candidates? 3. Why were so many good candidates eliminated? 4. Does this mean that the Elections Committee sucks? 5. Does the Elections Committee need an advisor? 6. With all the campaign posters around campus, have you seen the ones with the athletes? 7. Just because you took a picture with Reggie Bush and Dwayne Wade does that mean they endorsed your campaign? 8. Or did you just use your computer and photoshop them into the picture? 9. How many of you agreed to vote just so that the candidates get out of your face? 10. Or did you agree to vote for them just to get more candy? 11. So who really is going to vote online? 12. Do you know where to vote online? 13. Or will you just get distracted by all the free food given out outside the union? 14. Did you know we are about to have another election next week? 15. Do you think the Elections Committee is trying to redeem themselves? 16. Did you know that you have to have your application turned in tomorrow to run? 17. If all the advisors read the elections packet, why are there so many mistakes? 18. So are you ready to get Facebook campaign messages, see more athletes in posters and gain 15 more pounds? 19. Have you notice piles of cat food around GCB lately? 20. Do they know that if you keep feeding the cats, they will stay around forever?

SUCKER PUNCH starring Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Chung comes out on Friday. A young girl confined to a mental institution by her stepfather who plans to have her lobotomized in five days time, creates an imaginary world to plan her escape.

- J.V.

ON SHELVES THE FIGHTER starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale is out on DVD. Life story of boxer “Irish” Mickey Ward and his trainer brother Dick Eklund, chronicling the brothers’ early days on the rough streets of Lowell, Massachusetts through Eklund’s battle with drugs and Ward’s eventual world championship in London. - J.V.

ON STAGE WELCOME 2 AMERICA TOUR starring Prince, the New Power Generation, Janelle Monae, Esperanza Spalding and special guest Chaka Kahn will be in the Greensboro Coliseum March 26. Tickets can be purchased on the Greensboro Coliseum website, - J.V.

ON CAMPUS DEAL OR NO DEAL presented by I Am Music and Media takes place tomorrow night at 7 p.m. in Exhibit Hall. This event is open to anyone who is a student or a local artist and wants to perform, but you have to be signed up by 7:30 p.m. Email your information to: IAm.MusicMedia@gmail. com.

- J.V.

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