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AUGUST 28, 2013

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Vacancies in student government courtney matthews Online Editor

Editor’s note: This is part one of a two-part series. There are over 60 open positions in SGA. Among these vacancies are two positions on the executive board of the student government: Vice President of External Affairs and Secretary. In the spring 2013 SGA elections, Ryan Marcus was voted VPEA and Tiffany Carson was voted secretary.

After only a short time in office, both Marcus and Carson resigned. This was the second time Marcus resigned from the position. “There were bigger obligations and circumstances that prevented me from holding the position,” said Marcus. He did not directly specify the reason he resigned, nor did Carson. “Due to personal matters I decided to resign. I believe in the vision of the Turner Administration, and they have my full support in all their endeavors this year,” Carson said in a written statement.

Although the two executive positions hold great significance within the student government, specifically VPEA, who is charge of providing the Homecoming lineup for the university, SGA President Canisha Turner assures students that there has been no negative impact or downfall from either of the vacant positions. Jasmine McInnis, SGA’s adviser for about two years, also turned in his letter of resignation recently. He declined to comment. Although the resignations have happened in the same time

frame, Turner explained that each person left or will leave for personal reasons that will not be released. “The resignations are in no way correlated,” she said. Along with the executive board, there are also vacancies in the school senate. According to an Instagram post from the Turner Administration, 42 senators are needed in the SGA as well as 10 class officers, not including the freshmen class. Though the Turner Administration has lost members, it has maintained its leadership abil-

ity. The administration has begun new initiatives that include encouraging the general assembly to consider student voting rights as well as working with the Department of Technology to develop new ways to engage students using mobile devices. SGA fall elections will take place on Sept. 4 to determine who will fill these vacancies. Karissa Mitchell contributed to this article. —Email the staff at and follow The Register on Twitter @TheATRegister

No permit, no parking The cost of parking passes and ticket fines increases KAMIL LOCKLEY

Senior Reporter

If an unregistered vehicle is found parked on campus, the owner will no longer have to pay a $25 fine. Instead, that person will be forced to pay double. Student parking passes have increased by $15, and faculty and staff will have to $278 to only hope they will be able to find a parking space when they get to work. According to parking services, general parking consists of over 2,500 spaces that make up about 80 percent of the campus, and there are 406 reserved spaces. Parking permits for reserved spaces cost $550. While making the decision to increase parking fines, A&T examined other schools in the system and increased its fines up to the level of other corresponding schools. Although parking prices and fees may seem steep to students and faculty, A&T’s rates are not as high as other schools.

“Parking services fees are the lowest, or are some of the lowest fees or fines for violations in the UNC system,” said Jacob Teagle, assistant director of Auxiliary Services. Due to parking fee increases, parking services wanted to have a minimal increase in student parking permits. The price increase is to help cover the cost of painting lots, replacing signs, painting curbs, and any other needs that may be associated with parking. There has not been an

increase to parking fines in almost six years, and according to Teagle, there will be no increase to parking permits for at least another six years. Finding parking spaces has been a major concern for many students. To insure students have enough parking spaces available, parking services will not create anymore reserved parking spaces which is a relief to most commuters. “It is very hard to find a parking spot on campus because there are too many students on campus that have cars,” said Isaiah Long, junior environmental studies major. “Everywhere I go, I have trouble finding a place to park.” Auxiliary services believed that if ticket fines increased, owners of unregistered vehicles would think twice before parking on campus creating less spaces for those who purchased a permit. “We do have enough spaces provided [if] we get these unregistered vehicles off campus.” A&T has also enhanced its parking enforcement by placing Parking Services officers in specific zones at all times. —Email Kamil at kdlock1@aggies. and followThe A&T Register onTwitter @TheATRegister










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Due to declining sales at the bookstore, A&T has called on Barnes & Noble for management.

Ladies should be aware of the message they send when deciding to wear ‘risque’ attire.

The return of men’s tennis and addition of men’s and women’s golf aims to bring diversity at A&T.

Could Kendrick Lamar’s verse in “Control” challenge artists to improve the music industry?



A&T gets new provost KARMEN ROBINSON

Interim Editor-in-Chief

Joe B. Whitehead, Jr. has taken office as provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs at N.C. A&T. On Aug. 12, Whitehead replaced interim provost Winser E. Alexander who also served as a professor and interim dean for the College of Whitehead Engineering. Whitehead has an extensive background in the STEM (Science, Math, Engineering, and Mathematics) field. He received his bachelor’s degree in physics from Delta State University in Cleveland, Miss. where he also played tight end on the football team. He later earned his master’s and doctoral degree in physics from Kent State University. After obtaining his doctorate, he worked as a research scientist at the Georgia Tech Institute of Technology. Prior to A&T, the Picayune, Miss. native served as the dean of the College of Science and Technology at the University of Southern Mississippi. He was also chairman of the physics and astronomy department. “As the new chief academic officer, Dr. Whitehead brings a wealth of expertise in the field of higher education, where he has served as professor, researcher and administrator,” said Chancellor Harold L. Martin on the school website. “I am confident that he will be a significant asset to N. C. A&T and will provide the visionary leadership needed to forge our university to Preeminence 2020.” Preeminence 2020 is a longterm strategic plan established by the administration in 2011 to enhance diversity, research, scholarship, and community engagement for both the undergraduate and graduate programs by the year 2020. Although A&T is mainly known for its engineering program, producing more AfricanAmerican engineers than any other historically black college or university in the United States, Whitehead expects to improve every program at the university so it can be one of the top contenders for higher education. “When there is a conversation about where a person would like to attend college, we want to be in the conversation with Chapel Hill and N.C. State,” he said. “The plan is all about moving A&T to the next level.” —Email Karmen at and follow her on Twitter @KayRob17







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New management for A&T bookstore KAMIL LOCKLEY

Senior Reporter

The A&T Bookstore is now under the new management of Barnes & Noble College. In February, officials learned there was a 15.7 percent decrease in bookstore sales over the last five years and began to search for outside vendors to manage the bookstore. On July 15, during the second summer school session, the newly managed bookstore opened on campus. Many students were not concerned about the new management of the bookstore. They questioned whether or not the prices would be lowered. Students have often complained that the prices in the bookstore are too costly. As a result, students have turned to other sources including Amazon, Chegg, BookFinder, and Edward McKay to purchase their books. For example, the textbook ‘Human Development’ by Crandell, costs $213.35 for a new book and $160 for a used book. On Chegg, the same book, if purchased new, costs $132. “I choose to order books [online] because prices are reasonable for my pockets,” said Taylor Grier, senior child development major. Plus, I believe the main focus students should have to worry about is receiving an education rather than scraping up money for books that are sold in the bookstore and are continuously discontinued.” Barnes & Noble College currently handles 700 campus bookstores and serves 4.5 million students. It is also the leading operator of campus bookstores with more than 250,000 faculty members. Some of the bookstores include 24 colleges and universities in North Carolina as well as Yale, Harvard, and other top

universities. Six schools within the UNC-System also have outside contractors including UNCG. “We had a lot to learn in three weeks,” said Cynthia Beasley, general merchandise manager. “With the Barnes & Noble staff, they had other employees from other stores to come help us set up the store for fall.” As a contracted vendor, Barnes & Noble provides its book services to college campuses. This year, Barnes & Noble plans to produce and generate better purchasing options for students, by creating a more effective rental textbook program and displaying more general merchandise. In addition, students have been given a wider selection of textbook rental options. Barnes & Noble College was the first company to offer in-store and online textbook rentals in student bookstores. Students can rent a textbook for the semester for almost half the price and return their textbooks at the end of the semester. “The campus does receive a commission from every sale. Which means that those funds are allocated in what ever way the school has needs. It could be scholarships; it could be anything. So when you’re supporting your campus bookstore you’re supporting your campus,” said Catrina Jackson, the bookstore’s general manager who has worked with Barnes & Noble for 13 years. In the future, students can look forward to more advances and changes being made to Barnes & Noble of A&T including renovations and bigger space. —Email Kamil at and follow The Register on Twitter @TheATRegister



Register Reporter

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DARIUS BLANDING purchases a Spanish textbook from the bookstore.



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AMBROSE WALLACE, bookstore employee organizes books in the newly managed A&T bookstore.

Aggie Wings is back on campus

A&T freshman Xavier Watkins died from injuries on Aug. 22 resulting from a motorcycle accident in Greensboro. A funeral for Watkins will be held at Mount Zion Baptist Church on Friday at 1 p.m.



interim editor in chief: Karmen Robinson interim Managing editor/sports editor: Kalyn Hoyle opinions editor: Meagan Jordan scene editor: Kourtney Pope online Editor: Courtney Matthews copy desk chief: Kashian Scrivens Copy editor: Brianna Harrison senior reporter: Kamil Lockley photo editor: Symone’ Austin

Aggie Wings has returned to campus, but instead of being located in a building, it is now in a food truck. When Pizza Hut replaced Aggie Wings in 2011, students made it known that they wanted the restaurant back. Since Pizza Hut offered chicken wings and the cafeteria served wings on Wednesday, Auxiliary Services felt the needs of students were still being met. Amanda Lee Steiner, general manager for Sodexo, the company responsible for the food on campus, explained when McAlister’s was put on campus, students did not want to lose Pizza Hut, so Aggie Wings had to go. As the dining program worked to give students what they wanted, they realized they were mistaken. “Aggie Wings was one of those things that just never went away,” Steiner said. Every time a food survey was conducted or a dining committee meeting took place, students constantly asked why Auxiliary Services took Aggie Wings away as an option for students. Some students expressed their concerns at the Student Food Advisory Board’s monthly meetings where they are invited to participate in a discussion with their peers and campus faculty about the different food options offered on A&T’s campus. “That is how different

things get changed,” said Wynton Johnson, marketing chair for the Student Food Advisory Board. At each meeting, a full course meal is served and students voice their opinions so that auxiliary services have feedback on what is served. Dorian Britt, president of the board, works directly with Sodexo. Sodexo, in partnership with Auxiliary Services, worked to make sure they could create a sound solution to bring Aggie Wings back for the students. From there, the Aggie Wings food truck was born. Though the Aggie Wings food truck is on campus, it has not opened yet. Steiner said it has taken a little longer than expected to get the dining option back for students because they do not carry out the idea until they are positive it will succeed. “We don’t want to only be able to do Aggie Wings for one day and then tell students we can’t really do it yet,” Steiner said. Once it is up to standards, Aggie Wings will be available for customers to enjoy. Kashawn Little, senior social work major said Aggie Wings was the hot spot for food. “Sophomores and juniors missed out,” Little said. “That was the first news I heard about coming back to school. I’m excited, and I’m absolutely going to eat there.” Once opened, the Aggie Wings truck will be near the Student Union the majority of

business manager: Cora Taft reporters: Jeremy Days content director: Anajn Basu faculty adviser: Emily Harris

the time. Its hours of operation will be 11a.m. - 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. The break in between will give the four truck workers time to restock the truck with more food for the next opening. With stainless steel appliances, the truck will meet all health codes and have unannounced health inspections every three months. “This is not your daddy’s dirty pick-up truck that we’re serving food out the back of,” said Steiner. Just like all of the dining options on campus, all forms of payment will be accepted at the Aggie Wings food truck. If the truck is ever away from the student union, students can find where it is located by visiting the dining programs social media sites including its Twitter account @aggie_dining. To join the conversation about restaurants on campus, the Student Food Advisory Board meets every first Tuesday or Wednesday of the month in Williams Dining Hall at 5 p.m. Look for information about the meetings on the Auxiliary Services social media pages about a week prior to the meeting. Be on the look out for when Aggie Wings officially opens.

—Email Ziris at and follow The Register on Twitter @TheATRegister

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theWORLD 4

The A&T Register | | Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pentagon technology troubles stall 9/11 hearings Patrick J. McDonnell MCT Campus

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVY BASE—Cuba The judge in the Sept. 11 case on Friday wound up a week of pretrial arguments on overarching legal challenges to the war court with a warning to the prosecution that he might in September suspend trial preparation if the government doesn’t fix technological problems bedeviling the defense team. Army Col. James Pohl, the judge, heard a week’s worth of motions but issued no substantial rulings. Then he dropped the bombshell that at the next set of hearings, Sept. 16-20, he would rule on whether it is appropriate to go forward or freeze until Defense teams have “adequate resources.” Throughout the week while

defense lawyer argued why the court’s not constitutional, why the case oversteps international law, why conspiracy can be a theory if not a war crime the defense teams complained of lost motions, insecure emails, disappearing documents in a system that compromises their ability to provide an effective defense in the death-penalty case. “It’s not fair, it’s not right,” said David Nevin, attorney for the alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed, calling the coming Sept. 11 trial “the most difficult and complicated case being litigated anywhere in the country.” Computer snafus coupled with an ethics opinion by the Pentagon chief defense counsel that they cannot conduct privileged business by email has returned trial work to the penand-pad era, attorney James Harrington for Ramzi bin al-

Shibh told the judge. Soon after, Pohl pointedly questioned a case prosecutor, Clay Trivett, on when a new system would be set up. He would not provide a date, disagreed with the defense that their computers were insecure then blamed disappearing emails and defense motions that never arrived at the trial judiciary on the Defense Department’s recent switch from the domain to To which Pohl replied that technology problems would go first at next month’s hearing, and he’d decide whether pretrial work could go forward. The prosecution wants a Sept. 22, 2014, opening of the trial that alleges Mohammed and four co-defendants directed, trained and financed the 19 hijackers who carried out the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks that killed 2,976 people in New

York, Pennsylvania and Arlington, Va., at the Pentagon, located just outside Washington, D.C. A jury of U.S. military officers will hear the case and, if they convict, decide whether to impose the death penalty. Army Brig. Gen. Mark Martins, the chief prosecutor, looked alarmed. Martins has practiced law under battlefield conditions in Afghanistan and Iraq, and chose to characterize the problems bedeviling the defense teams as “glitches.” He protested to the judge that defense lawyers had litigated skillfully on a variety of issues all week, even as his side argued again and again that the defense legal theory was wrong. After the hearing, Rosemary Dillard, whose husband Eddie was killed on Flight 77, the plane that struck the Pentagon, said her first concern was that the government prosecute an

Authorities crack down on muslim groups nancy youseff MCT Campus

CAIRO­­—Television preacher Safwat Hegazy was arrested earlier this week as the militaryinstalled government moved to crack down on its Islamist opponents. He was rounded up while fleeing toward Libya, supposedly captured while dressed in women’s clothing and his oncelengthy beard trimmed. “I am not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood,” Hegazy reportedly told authorities. In fact, Hegazy was a prominent voice in the organization that elevated Mohammed Morsi to the Egyptian presidency, and that has been on the run since his recent ouster. The Brotherhood, a hierarchical movement that commands hundreds of thousands of faithful, had lost another leader. Hegazy was one of roughly a dozen senior figures including spiritual leader Mohammed Badie and several provincial chiefs detained in the last month. The manner of Hegazy’s arrest fleeing when the organization is facing its biggest crisis in its 85-year history was another embarrassing blow to the Brotherhood. With roughly two-thirds of its leaders under arrest or on the lam, the crackdown prevented the movement from mobilizing massive nationwide protests on Friday. First, Morsi was booted from the presidency. Then hundreds of his supporters died this month when the government rousted protesters from their prolonged sit-ins. Now much of the Brotherhood leadership is absent, their organization essentially in retreat. Brotherhood members told McClatchy they didn’t get the call to take to the streets in the way they once did. Many said that even if they had, they couldn’t respond because they were too busy.

Some were burying friends and family killed in clashes with security forces in the last week. Others were pleading with international human rights groups to help them release their loved ones from jail. Still more said they were too afraid to go down to the streets and confront the security forces or ordinary Egyptians who hold the Brotherhood responsible for the country’s political crisis. A Brotherhood-led coalition of mostly Islamist groups called the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy called for “Friday of Martyrs” protests. But Egyptian media reported feeble turnouts in Cairo and other cities and towns. Clashes did break out in several cities between protesters and supporters of the army-led regime. At least one death was reported, according to the staterun Al-Ahram newspaper. The low turnout Friday renewed questions about whether a government crackdown had successfully crippled Egypt’s largest political and social organization or whether it would fight for Morsi’s reinstatement in another form. Ali Kamel, a Muslim Brotherhood lawyer, told the Al Jazeera news channel that roughly 10,000 members are under arrest. While there are no official numbers, the group is estimated to have as many as 500,000 activists. The absence of the Brotherhood machine was apparent Friday on the hot streets of the Egyptian capital. In recent weeks, mountains of freshly printed posters could be seen across Cairo supporting Morsi. But by Friday, the number of new posters championing the displaced president was noticeably diminished. A number of men could be seen with trimmed beards. Security forces and everyday citizens alike have targeted those with longer beards men who would

appear more piously Muslim and therefore more likely part of the Brotherhood. The army and police maintained a formidable presence around Cairo, blocking major intersections and side streets with troops, barbed-wire barricades and armored vehicles. That kept locally organized marches from leaving their neighborhoods and merging into major gatherings. As a result, a march by some 3,000 protesters, which appeared to be one of the largest organized in downtown Cairo, headed enthusiastically but almost aimlessly along open streets through the Mohandesin district until it dissolved in the late afternoon heat. “We aren’t going to any specific place,” said a man who would only give his first name of Taha. “We are defending our vote.” Many marchers held four fingers in the air for “Rabaa,” the Arabic word for “fourth” and the site of the largest pro-Morsi sit-in that government forces assaulted and dispersed on Aug. 14. Most of at least 638 people killed that day died in the Rabaa section of Cairo. Tensions, however, were high. Shoving and shouting matches erupted between promilitary and pro-Morsi worshippers as they left noon prayers at the Assad Ibn Al-Furat Mosque in the city’s upper-class Dokki district. Several hundred men and women, some leading children by their hands, gathered under a grimy overpass in the neighboring Giza district. “All Egyptians are here,” they chanted, “not just the Brotherhood.” They denounced as a “traitor” Gen. Abdel-Fateh el-Sissi, the army chief and defense minister who has emerged as Egypt’s de facto ruler. Ahmed Mohammad, 53, an electrician who appeared to be helping to marshal the crowd but denied belonging to the

Brotherhood, said the turnout wasn’t low because of fears of violence or the mass arrests that have all but decapitated the organization’s leadership. “The main effect is the army blockades. People are coming out and mobilizing without the leadership,” he said as passing cars and trucks honked support. “I have a question for Sissi: Why don’t you remove your tanks and see how large the crowds will be?” Mohammad Abdul Rahman, 43, an engineer who also denied being a Brotherhood member, insisted that the proMorsi movement would persist. “We believe in God, and we are not afraid of tanks and soldiers,” he said. Kamel el-Helbawy is a former member of the Brotherhood who speaks publicly about the often opaque organization. He said leaders who are still free have been left alone because they are too weak to organize the group, “especially in such difficult circumstances.” The Brotherhood, el-Helbawy said, has lost public support. His conclusion was bolstered by a poll released by the Egyptian Centre for Public Opinion Research. It found 67 percent of 1,395 Egyptians surveyed Aug. 19-21 were “content” with the government decision to violently break up sits-in supporting Morsi. That compared with 24 percent who were not content and 9 percent who were undecided. For the movement to survive, el-Helbawy said, the Brotherhood’s leadership needs to step forward now while the organization is in crisis. “The leadership left the battle at the wrong time. This is the worst crackdown,” el Helbawy said. “Within 10 years, maybe they can come back again.”

appeal-proof case. “I’ve waited 12 years, and I am getting old,” said Dillard, 66, a former Washington, D.C., American Airlines manager who now lives in Michigan. But, “I think I can do 12 more.” During this phase, the two sides are tackling overarching issues of the integrity of the system President George W. Bush built, President Barack Obama tweaked and the civilian courts are still considering. In one instance, Martins has asked to remove the charge of conspiracy from the death-penalty case to shore up any future conviction against appeal. At issue is a federal appeals court review in another, non-capital Guantanamo conviction, of whether conspiracy is a legitimate war crime. In another, attorneys defending two men accused of helping funnel money to the Sept. 11 hi-

jackers argued terrorism is not a legitimate war crime and more suitably prosecutable at a civilian court. “It’s a home-made system that cannot be allowed to stand without significant challenges,” said Navy Cmdr Kevin Bogucki, another defense attorney for alleged 9/11 deputy Ramzi bin al-Shibh, who argued the war court is unfair because it excludes U.S. citizens. To Amnesty International observer Zeke Johnson, the look inside the pretrial hearings suggested what he called a “Frankencourt” in the making “cobbled together from disputed rules, unsettled procedures and pervasive secrecy.” “This monster’s apparent purpose is to ensure convictions, execute the defendants, and hide evidence of torture,” he said.

Hundreds protest civilian shelling deaths in Congo contributor

MCT Campus

CAPE TOWN—Hundreds of angry Congolese protested the deaths of three civilians during an exchange of fire between UN troops and M23 rebels in the eastern city of Goma on Saturday as security along the border with Rwanda deteriorated. A woman and two children were killed Saturday morning in Goma, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s North Kivu province, located just across the Rwandan border. “The atmosphere is very tense,” said Lieutenant Colonel Felix-Prosper Basse, spokesman for the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo. “The new attacks won’t go unpunished,” Basse said. “It is unacceptable to target civilians.” The newly deployed UN forces were responding to the shelling of Goma by M23 rebels, which started Wednesday. Saturday’s deadly shelling occurred a few hours after Congo’s government accused Rwanda of firing eleven mortars into its territory, injuring 12 civilians. Rwanda denies the allegations. Authorities in Congo, along with countries such as United States, accuse Rwanda of providing support to the M23 rebels in order to undermine Congo’s government. The Rwanda Defense Force called for an investigation of a bombing of Rwandan villages by Congolese forces. Five mortar bombs hit four villages in Western Rwanda that border the Congo’s volatile East Kivu region on Friday afternoon, the RDF said in a statement. The Rwandan government has asked the UN “to investi-

gate the provocative bombing,” RDF spokesperson Brigadier Gen. Joseph Nzabamwita told dpa. “The continued indiscriminate bombing of Rwandan villages by DRC armed forces is unacceptable and must stop immediately,” he added. In February, Congo and Rwanda signed a UN-backed Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework to stabilize the region. The ongoing unrest in eastern Congo has forced about 800,000 people to flee their homes. The United Nations has been deploying a 3,000-soldier intervention brigade in eastern Congo since July, which is the first UN force ever with a mandate to actively rout out rebel groups. The new brigade bolsters the regular 18,000 UN peacekeepers, who have a mandate to protect civilians. The peacekeepers were in the process Saturday of coordinating a military response with Congolese military authorities to return calm to Goma and ensure the protection of civilians, Basse said. “We will make sure attacks on civilians won’t happen again,” he said. “We are there for them.” The peacekeepers have been trying to fight back the M23 short for Movement of March 23 for the past 16 months. The rebel movement was formed in April 2012 when nearly 300 soldiers, mainly from the Tutsi community, turned against Congo’s government, citing poor conditions in the army and the government’s unwillingness to implement a March 23, 2009, peace deal. In November, the M23 briefly captured Goma, withdrawing in exchange for a series of demands, including negotiations with the government. A peace deal has remained elusive.

Mubarak out of Egyptian prison and hospitalized as tensions remain high Jonathan S. Landay MCT Campus

CAIRO­­—A medical helicopter flew former military strongman Hosni Mubarak away from prison Thursday, a day after a court ordered him released, as two of the rival forces driving Egypt’s political crisis crossed paths in the street under the glares of gun-toting soldiers. Mubarak was whisked to a nearby military hospital where Egypt’s prime minster ordered him held under house arrest _ seven weeks and one day after the army ousted his successor, Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood leader who won Egypt’s first democratic presidential election. Mubarak’s release was technically required by law. But it added to the political tensions, as it was widely seen as the latest sign that Egypt is returning

to military rule more than two years after the Arab Spring uprising that forced Mubarak from power, paving the way for Morsi’s election. The 85-year-old Mubarak clad in a white shirt, khaki pants, black socks and white loafers _ was shown in a photograph released by the army being lifted into a military helicopter as he lay on a gurney, adding to rumors that he has been suffering ill health. According to the state news agency, Mubarak asked to be transferred to the military facility for his house arrest. Over and over, television news stations replayed video of the helicopter, which was labeled “Flying Hospital,” as it landed at the Maadi Military Hospital and two men dressed in white wheeled the gurney toward the back of the aircraft. As Mubarak was carried out, an ambulance pulled up, blocking the camera’s view of him.

Black-suited men brandished handguns alongside soldiers armed with rifles until the ambulance pulled away with the former leader. For many, Mubarak’s fate has reflected the nation’s evolution. Within months of his ouster, he stood trial for the deaths of more than 700 protesters during the 2011 uprising. Images of Mubarak in a court cage, lying on a hospital gurney and listening to a judge read off the alleged crimes he committed suggested an Egypt transforming from military rule to a democracy. Several armored vehicles and armed troops stood outside the entrance of Tora Prison, keeping watch over dozens of Mubarak supporters celebrating his transfer. They cheered and waved portraits of the onetime military dictator they associate with decades of iron fist-imposed stability. One man carried a poster of Army Gen. Abdel-Fatah el-

Sissi, the minister of defense who announced Morsi’s ouster and has emerged as Egypt’s de facto ruler. “This guy was treated unjustly,” Mufeed Saad, a 30-year-old hairdresser, said of Mubarak. “Things were secure with him. Now things are insecure.” Saad’s comments reflected the nostalgia that some Egyptians feel for Mubarak’s 30-year, military-backed rule. While he presided over rigged elections, massive corruption and a brutal security apparatus, Mubarak brought stability that has been deteriorating since the revolution that led to the ascension of Morsi and the Brotherhood. Emad Hamdi, however, scowled as he threaded his way through the crowd. Like many Egyptians, he saw Mubarak’s release as evidence that the military is rolling back the gains of the 2011 uprising. “Those people should be

sad,” said Hamdi, nodding at Mubarak’s jubilant fans. “This is as if the revolution never happened. It’s as if the blood of the martyrs was spilled in vain and we are back to ... dictatorship.” Hamdi, the owner of a small clothing store, continued: “It seems we are moving backward, not forward. Of course, there will be another revolution because the military is killing the people now.” The rival views on display outside Tora Prison underscored the differences dividing this nation of 90 million. They show little sign of healing soon amid violence that has claimed some 1,100 lives mostly protesters killed by security forces since the army-backed regime launched a crackdown last week on Morsi’s supporters, suspended the constitution, declared a nationwide emergency and imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew. Thousands of Muslim Broth-

erhood members and supporters have been arrested, including more than a dozen leaders. State-run media reported fresh arrests on Thursday, including Ahmed Aref, a Muslim Brotherhood spokesman who was outspoken in condemning the coup on social media. In a related development, the Egypt Public Prosecutor’s Office ordered an additional 15 days of preventive detention of the Brotherhood’s spiritual leader, Mohammed Badie, while it investigates new allegations related to the deaths and torture of protesters at a sit-in site set up by Morsi supporters, the AlAhram newspaper reported. More violence was feared for Friday, when the Muslim Brotherhood has called for new protests to demand Morsi’s reinstatement and the end of the military-appointed transitional civilian government. Morsi hasn’t been seen since.

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theWORD 6

The A&T Register | | Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Provocative clothing gone wild on campus Women in this generation, especially those on college campuses, are wearing more provocative and tighter clothes. Though these outfits help gain 100+ likes on Instagram, it questions a woman’s intellect and morals. Not all women who wear less clothing have unethical tendencies. The yearning for attention and acceptance from the opposite sex or to be envied by the same sex is more detrimental then beneficial. Why is it easy to call a woman who wears provocative clothing out of her name, but commend the preacher’s wife for wearing a naughty dress to the BET Awards?

T.V. spend majority of No disrespect to their time focusing on Meagan Good. Her their appearance. Sevendress was stunning, ty-four percent of these but is it fair that soviewers also feel that it ciety deems her dress is necessary to compete acceptable because for a guy’s attention. she is a celebrity? Of these viewers, the Because fashion study showed that they trends constantly MEAGAN are more confident than change, some women JORDAN non-viewers. misconstrue a celebThe study also showed that rity’s fashion tease, and try to viewers were more likely to incorporate the “naughty girl” take on leadership roles because look as a part of their everyday they are self-assured. life. ABC reported that women Failing to realize that there is who dress provocatively and a time and place for everything. are in leadership positions have According to a study done by hostile emotions and lack intelthe Girl Scout Institute, seventy-two percent of females who ligence. are regular viewers of reality Although most women have

Work hard now, gain experience needed for later Meagan Jordan Opinions Editor

It is the beginning of the school year, and everyone is excited to be at A&T. For some, now is the time to “Turn Up” and live what many consider to be the college experience. Now is the time to start planning for your future. Everyone has a job to do, from freshman year to senior year. In order to get where you want to be, one must work now and play later. So get to work. Regardless of your classification, academics are the key to your success. For freshmen, your first year lays the foundation for your entire undergraduate experienced. During freshman year, students learn how to juggle a social life without the restrictions of parents, as well as maintaining solid study habits. It is important that your GPA is of good standing, because as you get further in your collegiate career, pulling your grade point average up is a struggle. Throughout an undergrad’s sophomore year, students break away from general classes and begin their core classes. By junior year, students are well into in their major, and are hopefully getting involved on campus to help boost their resume. Also, seeking intern-

ships with different companies and organizations will help those that plan on attending grad school. By senior year you may still have to take some core classes, but not many. For those considering graduate school, taking the GRE should be a top priority. Also, by this time, most seniors will begin job hunting. Let’s not forget the reason for attending college, to graduate. The mistake many students make is that they wait until senior year to start setting things in place. From the beginning of your collegiate career, you should have an idea of where you want to be upon graduation. If you are an undeclared student, take this time to explore your options. Take classes or research subjects that peek your interest. Ask questions, and volunteer at different places where you consider working. Look for internships. Internships are not limited to juniors and seniors. When applying for an internship, you must do research. No company or organization will bring in someone that has no background history of what they do. Some students may think that having an internship without pay is not beneficial, but it pays off in the long run. Benefits in having an intern-

ship include, gaining exposure, cultivation, and an increase in opportunities. Exposure is necessary because if or when applying for a job that requires a certain amount of experience, it is beneficial to have an internship on your resume. The more opportunities you get in specific fields, the more confidence you will have, In some instances your internship can give you credit for school. In most departments, students are required to have completed an internship prior to graduation. Networking is essential. It is not always what you know, but who you know. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, in the year of 2012, 60 percent of graduates who took part in paid internships received more than one job offer where 36 percent who did not take part in an internship received job offers. At the end of the day, college is not to be taken lightly. Sure, the social aspect of college is very important, but there must be a balance when it comes to partying and academics. Indulge in everything college has to offer. Find that happy medium between work and play, and your future will remain bright.

no intention of conveying a particular message by dressing provocatively, the message they convey is seen as inappropriate. Throughout many campuses, there are women who aspire to be CEO’s and entrepreneurs. With these aspirations, it is important to maintain a level of professionalism, starting in the classroom. For some, being featured on Instagram on “Woman Crush Wednesday” is more important than joining an organization that will benefit them in the future. Every year there appears to be an unannounced fashion show in the cafeteria of who can wear the skimpiest clothing

with the highest heels. No! What you wear, or in this case do not wear, has nothing to do with your character. Image is everything! Not wearing clothes is not the only way to make a statement. It is important that people, especially ladies, find other ways to express themselves. Ladies, do not expect for guys, professors or even prospective jobs to take you seriously, when all you can offer is your “body party.” People want substance. No one will focus on how intelligent you are if they are only focused on how naked you are? Being “sexy” is about more than having men whistle out of

their cars. There is a time for everything. A lady must know when to exchange her “freakum dress” for a pantsuit. Being able to differentiate the times is “sexy!” Sandy Dumont, president of the Image Architect Consulting Firm said it best, “If you have to flaunt it, it tells people that you are not qualified and you have to use something else to get ahead.” —Email Meagan at msjordan@ and follow her on Twitter @MeaganJordan11

NFL Pre-season prediction: Redskins picked to win NFC East One of the most them to be last in the highly anticipated division. seasons of the year is Robert Griffin III quickly approaching. has captivated the With last season beWashington D.C. and ing very unpredictable, surrounding area, this season is only Skins Nation and the bound to get better. entire NFL. The RedJERRELL Fans are already skins camp reports LEEPER predicting who will that he is almost ready win the XLVIII Chamto make an incredible pionship ring considering the comeback. 2013 Super Bowl Champions If Griffin III remains healthy, have lost many key players in- the Redskins are predicted to cluding Ray Lewis, Ed Reed have a great season. With the and Anquan Boldin. lack of consistency from the With these loses, will The Dallas Cowboys and New York Ravens be able to live up to Giants, and the Philadelphia Super Bowl expectations? Eagles having a new coach, the Sports analysts predict that Skins may win the division. the Cincinnati Bengals are preSecond year quarterbacks pared to challenge opponents, along with Colin Kaepernick as they enter the season with a are also topics of the offseason talented roster. discussion. Are the Bengals prepared to Analysts wonder if there defeat the 2013 Champions? will be any sophomore slumps, The Ravens are not favored or possible championship conto win the AFC North, but it tenders? is likely that they will earn a Andrew Luck is expected wildcard spot. Even with this to have another great season, wildcard spot, the Ravens most along with improvements from likely will not win two consec- Ryan Tannehill and Brandon utive titles. Weeden. With the Bengals on a come The NFC West may be the up, the Pittsburgh Steelers are best division this year with Ruson a decline in the AFC North. sell Wilson and Colin KaepThey are three years removed ernick leading the way. Fans from a Super Bowl appear- should keep a close eye on the ance. Arizona Cardinals as they are The Cleveland Browns will making a comeback. determine if the Steelers will With Carson Palmer, Larry make it to the playoffs again. Fitzgerald and an amazing deSome analysts even predict fense heading the team, the

Cardinals may make a run in the playoffs. For the NFC, my number one and two seeds will be the San Francisco and Atlanta Falcons. Three and four seeds will be the Washington Redskins and Green Bay Packers. My wildcard teams are the Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions. I think Coach Jim Schwartz will get them on the right track to have a season like they had in 2011 and not a repeat of last year. For the AFC, my number one and two seeds will be the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans, and three and four will be the Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots. My wildcard teams in the AFC will be Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens. As for Super Bowl picks, I will save that for a later article because you never know what can happen. Injuries and controversial calls can make or break a team’s season. I think this season will be one of the NFL’s most memorable seasons yet. —Email Jerrell at and follow him on Twitter @DapperJ

How to avoid hefty financial mistakes in college THOMAS PARKS Contributor

Managing your money is just as important as staying physically fit and mentally healthy. And much like the “Freshman 15”, that sometimes come with all of the other stresses of college life. The added weight of money mistakes can stay with you for a long time – and can be pretty hard to shed. But luckily, they can also be easier to avoid with some common sense and added knowledge. Here are some tips from PNC Bank to help you avoid the financial freshman 15: - Finding a bank is like finding a gym – It has to be convenient. Look for a bank with an on- or near-campus presence

and offers online and mobile banking. - Seek qualified instruction. Take advantage of any financial education courses offered by your bank and school. Include your parents on your account for at least a year. Think of it as hiring a personal trainer for your finances, only cheaper. - Always use a spotter Protect yourself from unnecessary fees. Sign up for any alerts offered by your bank so that you know ahead of time when your funds are running low. - Or protective gear where necessary. Protect your identity by signing your card and protecting your PIN information. - Count calories. Take advantage of online banking tools that help you track and keep

a detailed record of every dollar that comes in or goes out. Do not spend more than you make! - Budgeting is like dieting. Nobody wants to do it, but you have to stick with it to make it work. - And saving money is like lifting weights. Establish a regular program and set aside a few bucks each week. - Free t-shirts are the late night burrito of finances. They look good now, but you might pay later. Think twice before signing up for that new highinterest credit card . - Start today. Waiting until after college to take control of your finances could cost you. And like any good fitness regimen, getting started is half the battle. - By paying now, it will pay

off later: If you have a student loan, by paying it every month on time is an easy way to establish credit early. When you need loans down the road, the good credit you establish now may pay dividends later with better rates. No matter what shape you – or your bank account – are in, sticking with a disciplined approach to money management will pay off in the long run. Banks make it easy for you to avoid mistakes. It just takes common sense, a little home work and some good habits. It is important to find a bank that makes it easy to manage your day-to-day expenses while saving.

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The A&T Register | | Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A&T to add three sports in seven-year plan KALYN HOYLE

Managing Editor

Last Friday, N.C. A&T’s athletic department announced a seven-year plan that would bring in four new teams. The plan is to have a men’s and women’s golf, women’s soccer, and men’s tennis team, while doing away with the women’s swim team. Athletic Director, Earl Hilton expressed confidence in the decision stating, “the institution and department will move in a better direction with these changes.” “It was coordinated. But each addition [sport] was an individual step,” said Hilton when asked about the fashion in which the overall decision came into place. Hilton made it known that the decision advances the A&T Preeminence 2020 plan by recruiting a more diverse group of student athletes. “Adding soccer should allow us to pull from a broader demographic market…golf the same way,” said Hilton. Preeminence 2020 is a longterm plan for the university that was introduced by Chancellor Harold Martin in the summer of 2011. Hilton says the decision brings “more athletes onto campus, provides more opportunities for women with the addition of two new women’s sports and the opportunity to compete for MEAC championships.” According to the Athletic Department’s scorecard goals, expectations are that by 2020, A&T will compete for five MEAC championships and

boast a 65 percent graduation rate amongst student athletes. If all goes as planned, A&T will introduce men’s tennis by 2015, the men’s and women’s golf team by 2017, the women’s soccer team by 2020, and dismantle the women’s swim team by 2016. A&T acknowledged that scholarships for members of the women’s swim team would be honored until the program is officially terminated. Current swim team members hold the option to transfer to other institutions immediately without losing a year of eligibility. When asked how long it took to officially make the decision, Hilton said, “this is a conversation I’ve been having with the swimming coach since I got here. It was discussed for months in various administrative units around campus.” NCAA Division I swimming programs are granted the equivalent of 14 full scholarships. Hilton briefly explained the rationale for removing women’s swimming when stating, “we must, however, move our department to where every athlete has the opportunity to compete for a conference and NCAA title. I don’t see a scenario where the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference will sponsor swimming in the foreseeable future.” A&T’s swimming program has existed since 1997. According to an A&T press release from July 12, 2006, the men’s tennis team, set to be reinstated next year, was dismantled in 2006 due to challenges facing the athletic budget.

The removal of the squad left the Aggies with 15 varsity sports, the NCAA requires a minimum of 14 for Division I status. The women’s tennis team is 7-47 over the last four seasons. In 2006, then A&T athletic director, Dee Todd, prophesized a portion of Friday’s announcement stating, “the department will investigate the possibility of adding men’s golf in the near future.” The men’s and women’s golf teams, set to compete in 2016-2017, will receive a total of ten and a half scholarships. Men’s golf will receive four and a half and women’s golf will receive six. At this point, no arrangements have been made concerning the golf courses A&T will use. The men’s tennis team is likely to start competing next season, with the NCAA allotting for four and a half scholarships. The women’s soccer team, set to debut around 2020, and will be given fourteen scholarships. When asked if there was a possibility of additional sports being discontinued or added in the near future, Hilton said, “Discontinued—I’d be very surprised. Adding — is always a possibility.” —Email Kalyn at kdhoyle@ and follow us on Twitter @ATRegister

rates as low as


theSCORE Q&A: D’Vonte Graham All-American cornerback


AGGIES RUNDOWN FOOTBALL NEXT WEEK’S GAME: Saturday vs. Appalachian State Kidd Brewer Stadium 6 p.m. SEPT. 14 GAME: vs. Elon Aggie Stadium 6 p.m.


D’VONTE GRAHAM distances himself from defenders during an electric punt return.

When you signed with A&T, what were your expectations? My expectations were to come in and start right away. That was the coaching staff’s biggest recruiting factor. Plus, it was crazy that I was unaware of the 27-game losing streak when I came here. They kept it a secret from me. But we had a new coach in coach Lee and I felt that the program was moving in a new direction. What other schools did you considered signing with? I considered playing at my hometown school, Florida A&M. I turned down BethuneCookman because it is a private school. I also considered a few other FCS schools, but they were too far away for me. Where is your favorite place to play in the MEAC? Besides here at Aggie Stadium, I like going back home to play Florida A&M just because it’s my hometown. Do you have a least favorite place to play in the MEAC? I don’t like playing at Delaware State. There’s no motivation out there. We played them two times at their homecoming and there was nobody in the stands. Describe how it is waiting deep to return a punt or kickoff. Well I’m an All-American punt returner. It’s definitely an adrenaline rush because you are all by yourself and you know that the crowd is looking for a big play. My coaches always put me in the best situation to succeed. Who is the best cornerback in the MEAC? I’m definitely the best corner in the MEAC. How many interceptions and touchdowns should Aggie Land expect from you this season? I’m going for ten picks. That’s what I need to break the school record for interceptions, just nine to tie. I’m going for five return touchdowns this year. Is there an opposing player that has given you trouble? The toughest receiver I had to cover was Tennessee State’s Joseph Hills. I covered him as a sophomore at the Colts Stadium in the Circuit City Classic. He was 6’5 205, but I held him to only two catches for 17 yards and

had an interception that game. How did you invest your time this offseason? I stayed here all summer with the team. Took a few classes. I also wanted to get my strength back up because I had shoulder surgery this off-season. I kept working with my feet too, because as a defensive back that’s the most important thing that I use. How would you describe the team camaraderie at this point? The chemistry is pretty good. As far as our defense, our secondary is all seniors this year. Usually, we have had young teams, but this year we’re more senior oriented. Plus, we have the best pass defense in the nation. What about the game of football creates your aggressive coverage style? Playing football in the state of Florida everyone grows up playing with that confidence and swagger. You just feel like your better than everyone else. Plus, personally I like to make plays. So anytime I see a play to be made I like to take the opportunity to make that play. Do you have a most memorable game from 2012? Homecoming. We were down 9-0 when I returned a missed field goal for a touchdown. When I was running down the field hearing the crowd roaring in my ear was nice. You’ve made significant improvements season by season, what have you done this offseason to improve your performance? Like I said earlier, I really focused on footwork and trying to get better in every phase of my game. What made me want to get better was when I led the team in passes defended as a freshman, but was left off of the All-MEAC teams. Two of my other teammates were on it, Justin Ferrell and Quay Long. From that point on, I said I would be on this team every year and I have been. How do you enact your leadership skills amongst your teammates? All of them look up to me as a leader. I’ve been a leader on this team since my sophomore season, so everyone mainly looks to me for confidence and to calm

THIS WEEK’S GAMES: Friday vs. Radford Radford, VA 6:30 p.m. Saturday vs. Kennesaw State Radford, VA 12:30 p.m. Saturday vs. Eastern Kentucky Radford, VA 3:30 p.m NEXT WEEK’S GAME: Wednesday vs. Winthrop Rock Hill, SC 7 p.m. Friday vs. Alabama State Moore Gymnasium 7 p.m. Saturday vs. UNCG Moore Gymnasium 11:30 a.m. Saturday vs. Murray State Moore Gymnasium 7 p.m.

them down. I just lead by example with my work ethic and my teammates follow suit. How do you feel when you hear of FCS players being drafted into the NFL? I feel like as FCS players we can do it. There’s not really a talent spread. The big Division I players just have a little more size. I feel it’s more about size because our ability is definitely there. Do you feel you can play at the professional level? What team? Oh yeah, I believe I can play. There’s no question about that. Since I’m a flashy type of guy, I’d like to go to the Cowboys. As a senior, is playing at the next level a motivating factor? That and winning the MEAC championship are the only things left in my career to accomplish. I feel like I have accomplished everything I have set out to do except winning the MEAC championship. Is there anything else you would like to tell the student body regarding you career? I feel like my career here has been a success so far. When I leave I plan to be the greatest defensive back to ever come through A&T. This interview was conducted by Kalyn Hoyle.


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North Carolina A&T State University


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13BWNS-01_5.67x6rev.indd 1

8/19/13 2:47 PM


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#Trending Topics

RocNation’s Hov vs. Yeezus: Genius or Gimmick Jerrell Leeper

Register Contributor

Aggies held nothing back when tweeting during the MTV Video Music Awards. Here are a few that grabbed our attention. @coco_BANGZzzz 2 chainz tried that outfit smh @_EnJoyMee Ugghh turns channel I’m heathen enough without listening to Kanye @_erikveal Iggy Azalea you tried it....Lil Kim welcome back but you only came out because the #VMA2013 is in Brooklyn @bronze_bombSHEL Not Miley Cyrus is the Cynthia doll LOL! @_trinidadDRIZZ RT if you are ready to see Danity Kane!

With this being the biggest summer for Hip-Hop in a long time, two of the most talked about albums come from Roc Nation/Roc-a-Fella headliners Kanye West and Jay Z. There is no doubt that the marketing behind both albums was nothing short of epic. Kanye got everyone into a frenzy when he released the title of his album “Yeezus” a play on his nickname Yeezy and Jesus. Whenever religion is brought into play, the spotlight is sure to follow. Not to mention the fact that both Mac Miller and J. Cole had albums dropping around the same time Kanye’s “Yeezus” was expected to release. Jay-Z, on the other hand, showed how great of a businessman he is. Jay-Z made a deal with Samsung that caused his album to go platinum before anyone even heard it. The business move generated so much hype that CNN did a story on it. All there was left for the artists to do was release the projects and hear what listeners had to say. Kanye always does something new, but for most, “Yeezus “ was a tad left field. Kanye presented his fans with a sound that caught many of them off guard. With production from Daft Punk, Travis Scott and Mike Dean, there is no doubt that each song brings

Who, What, and Wear: Trends and Try Agains yellow card

Pull this out when you see the following campus fashion faux pas this week. — Man capris have got to go! — The camo explosion ­— Distressed clapper shorts ­— Racoon tails — Club dresses for business casual — Fringe crop tops ­— Crop tops and guts — Invisible parts — Tank tops and no muscles

just a warning!

The Summer 2013 Do list

This summer is all about finding those pieces that are eye catching in shape, color, and texture that will help transition your closet into the upcoming fall season. Whether it be a chic shift dress or a great pair of patterned jeans, think about what cardigan, pair of boots, or killer bag you can match it with when the weather begins to change. When shopping think about quality rather than quantity. - K.P.



a rave like feel. The transitions of the songs were random to say the least. On the intro “On Sight,” Kanye presents listeners his new sound. As the intro progresses, the song turns into to a soulful interlude and immediately goes back into heavy rave like sounds. “New Slaves,” the song in which Yeezy proclaims to have the greatest verse of all time, was full of brash, ambition and cockiness. Although “Yeezus” offered sounds no previous Kanye West album had, he still managed to stay true to the Yeezy fans grew to adore through the samples he chose to incorporate on certain tracks. “Blood on the Leaves,” one of the album’s more controversial songs, samples the great Nina Simone’s cover of Billie Holiday’s, “Strange Fruit.” Billboard critics called the album “narcissistic” and “misogynistic.” According to Rolling Stone Magazine, “Yeezus is the darkest, most extreme music Kanye has ever cooked up.” To me, the album was dark and egotistical. It is Kanye, that is his theme. When it comes to his music, it either comes highly regarded or criticized to no avail. “808s & Heartbreak” was heavily criticized, but it gave way for artists like Kid Cudi and Drake. So, only time will tell if “Yeezus” has an impact on new artists.

“Magna Carta Holy Grail” starts with what Jay-Z believes is “the best vocal performance Justin Timberlake has ever given” on “Holy Grail.” Timberlake provides soulful vocals at the beginning of the song and as the beat drops, Jay comes out of nowhere and brings it home like a Lob City alley-oop. His concept for the album comes from the pressures and luxuries of fame. All the while, Jay continuously references art and its connection to Hip-Hop. Jay’s albums always have the best production from Hip Hop’s most prominent producers. This album lives up to that tradition with songs like “Tom Ford,” “Crown,” which was produced by 16-year-old hit maker Wondagurl, “Somewhere in America” and “Beach is Better.” From the beat selection to the concepts, Jay-Z certainly delivered and had notable gems in most songs. The most notable gem came from “Somewhere in America” where Jay addresses what goes on in America, racism, and the impact Hip Hop culture has on society. Hov summed up all of those points in the line, “Somewhere in America/ Miley Cyrus is still twerkin’.” Rolling Stone says, “he [Jay-Z] doesn’t sound creatively enthused anymore.” Pitchfork critics stated, “Jay-Z rapping about the incomprehensible awesomeness of his life is nothing new.”

With that being said, it might take years for listeners to appreciate the body of work Jay-Z put together. After all, Jay is the master of the double and triple entendre. Republican congressman Trey Radel tweeted his reactions and seemed to enjoy “Magna Carta Holy Grail.” Overall, this album was another solid album that was enjoyable to listen to. When good lyrics meet great beats albums tend to remain relevant in the world of Hip Hop. Where “Yeezus” and “Magna Carta Holy Grail” contrast in sound, they make up for in creativity. Many artists will attempt to duplicate the work Jay and Kanye have put together. Nevertheless, these two albums highlight a summer that could go down as the best Hip-Hop has seen in years.

— Email Kourtney at and follow her on Twitter @KPOP_OfColour

Kendrick Lamar: Lyrically Taking ‘Control’ Kourtney Pope Scene Editor

“Game changer” and “lyrical assassination” are just a few of the words to describe the mayhem Kendrick Lamar has caused in the hip-hop community after the release of his verse on Big Sean’s track, “Control.” The song itself was not featured on Big Sean’s album “Hall of Fame” because of sample clearance issues. However, two weeks ago, “Control” was released and the buzz has not stopped yet. Featured on the track is a boastful and gritty sound from the usually melodically calm and rhythmic Kendrick Lamar. Perhaps the controversy stems from the fact that not only does K. Dot call out his peers J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Wale, Pusha T, Meek Millz, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Big Sean, Jay Electronica, Tyler, The Creator, and Mack Miller, but he also proclaims himself as the “King of New York.” VIBE magazine raised a valid point since the release of the song. That point is that there has been no one to truly claim the spot as “King” in the hip-hop community. Names such as Jay-Z and Nas have typically been thrown around out of default, but neither has stepped forward to claim the title. Since the release of “Control,” there have been non-stop debates via social media platforms

about the impact this one minute and fiftytwo second verse has made. M a n y celebrities Kendrick Lamar and fellow artists have tweeted and or commented in support of Kendrick’s bold move. Sean “Diddy” Combs made a valid argument when tweeting, “Hip Hop was born out of competitions and raised on battles….” Hip-Hop culture derives from the inner city streets of New York City. Before there were club bangers and twerking, rap music was used as a way to tell stories. An MC’s skill level was based on lyricism. Rappers gained notoriety for their delivery and consistency. Some would even argue that hip-hop in some ways has become soft. Twitter beefs and petty club fights cloud the headlines. There have been many responses from other artists including those who were not even mentioned. The top contenders so far have included Papoose, Lupe Fiasco, and Joell Ortiz. Cassidy, who is known as a battle rapper, attempted to take a stab at Kendrick and even, made mention of Meek Millz. Many fans have looked

to other New Yorkers such as Fabolous and Jadakiss for a response but both have remained silent. In a recent interview with VLAD TV Fabolous called Lamar’s verse an “attention thing.” Perhaps Fab has a point. Whether right or wrong Kendrick has lit a fuse.Those he has mentioned have chosen not to respond. Instead they praise his efforts to hold hip-hop accountable. However, have they missed the point? Competition is a healthy part of the industry. Have artists become complacent and content with mediocre lyrics being carried on beats? Club bangers and twerking are by no means going to disappear from the industry, but they should not be the nucleus of hip-hop. Sometimes it takes one person willing to stand on the ledge alone to spark a change.

— Email Kourtney at and follow her on Twitter @KPOP_OfColour

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1. Guess who is back? 2. Did you miss us? 3. How was your summer? 4. What is up with these back to school outfits? 5. It has only been a week, why does your weave already look like that? 6. How many girls are trading in that quick weave for Remy when they get their refund check? 7. You do realize that does nothing for your face? 8. Did anyone see Trinidad James in the cafe? 9. Or what about the guy with the Superman cape? 10. Was he serious? 11. What is up with all the blue and green hair? 12. Is everyone trying to be Azealia Banks? 13. Will we see who is bald by the fall? 14. Speaking of bald, how do you tell your friend who went natural over the summer you wish she had her edges back? 15. Who watched the VMAs? 16. Was anybody else disturbed by Miley Cyrus twerking on Robin Thicke? 17. What rock did they find Lil Kim under? 18. Did anyone catch all the shade Rihanna was throwing? 19. Can we all agree Jusin Timberlake put it down? 20. How much you want to bet Britney Spears was watching from her couch kicking herself for cheating while Jessica Biel sits on her couch cheesing at her $130,000 engagement ring?



Aug. 28th to Sept. 4 The A&T Register’s list of the top movie hits of Summer 2013.

on screen We’re the millers Saturday Night Live’s Jason Sudeikis stars in this road trip comedy smash as lower level pot dealer David Burke. After being assigned to pick up a large shipment from Mexico, David must hire the help of a few neighborhood friends to play his family in order to go unnoticed. With Jennifer Aniston playing a stripper turned housewife and two misfit kids, there is plenty that can and will go wrong on this trip. “We’re the Millers” was side splitting fun.

on screen Lee dANIEL’S THE BUTLER Lee Daniels brings together a star studded cast to tell the story of a noble man, Eugene Allen, played by Forest Whitaker, a butler for the White House for over three decades who witnesses the changes of his country first hand. This is a great film for all families and history fans.

on screen The conjuring Chills and thrills is what to expect from this summer’s top horror film. “The Conjuring” tells the story of a family who move into a farmhouse that is unknowingly claimed by a demonic entity. When the entity begins to cause turmoil in the home, the family seeks out renowned paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren. The most chilling aspect of the film is that it is believed to be based on a true story. Lili Taylor, Patrick Wilson, and Vera Farmiga bring these characters to life in an eerie manner.

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