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The A&T Register | | Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019

Guide to Title IX


Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a comprehensive federal civil rights law that prohibits sex discrimination in education. In the 20 U.S.C. Section 1681 it states: “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” The amendment covers all students and staff in any educational institution or program that receives federal funding, including local school districts, colleges, and universities. Title IX is commonly linked to three topics within higher education: athletics, education and sexual misconduct. However, the lesserknown attachment in relation to sexual assault is regulated by Title IX due to the line, “discrimination on the basis of sex.” Both sexual harassment and sexual violence are forms of sex discrimination covered under Title IX. The law protects students from sexual harassment and violence that occur in the course of a school’s education programs and activities. Every college or university, which is federally funded, has a Title IX coordinator. N.C. A&T’s current interim coordinator is Samual Richardson. Richardson is responsible for overseeing all complaints of sex discrimination and identifying any problems or patterns that appear during the investigation. Although sexual harassment and sexual violence can happen to anyone, women attending colleges and universities are disproportionately affected, which creates a hostile environment for their safety, comfort, access to education and the ability to participate in campus life. N.C. A&T is required to report

and investigate any discrimination or assault cases brought to faculty members. If they fail to do so, the school will lose funding. It is the school’s responsibility to respond to allegations promptly and effectively. How to Report Title IX N.C. A&T offers several confidential resources for reporting Title IX including: Counseling Services located in Suite 109 of Murphy Hall and recheable at 336334- 7727. Resources also include the N.C. A&T Student Health Center located at 112 North Benbow Rd and reachable at 336-334-7880. These confidential resources cannot share identifying information without written consent. If an individual requests complete confidentiality and/or asks the university to not investigate or seek action against the alleged respondent, then the request may limit the university’s ability to respond fully to the complaint, including disciplinary action against the alleged respondent. Ultimately, the university determines whether or not it can honor the request while providing a safe environment for the university community. This decision is made by the Title IX coordinator. “[The Title IX Office] ensures that students receive that additional resources on campus, Counseling Services, the Student Health Center and/or an advocate that can walk them through the whole process,” Richardson said. Members of the university are encouraged to seek support and information from available reporting options including: University Police Department, Ward Hall, N.C. A&T, 336-334-7675 Interim Title IX Coordinator, Samuel Richardson, 336-285-3770 Housing and Residence Life, Aggie Village #2, N.C. A&T 336-285-4323 Title IX complaint form Immediate reporting is considered essential for the safety of students. All sources will provide information about support, resources and the

process of making a report or complaint with the university and/or law enforcement. After several victims came forward with allegations of sexual assault last year, N.C. A&T formed a Sexual Assault Committee. This committee revised its policies and action surrounding misconduct, including enhancements to the coordination of sexual assault victim care between Student Health Services and Counseling services. The sexual misconduct hearing process was redesigned and separated from the regular conduct hearing process within Student Affairs and communication was improved to ensure timely sharing of information. The process of a Title IX investigation When N.C. A&T has been made aware of any potential sexual violence or harrasment, an investigation of the incident is required. A trained Title IX investigator will contact all involved parties to gather information about the incident. During the investigation interim measures including, No Contact orders, schedule changes and oncampus housing relocation can be applied. After all relevant information is gathered, the investigator writes an investigation report, which is then submitted to Richardson. Based on the information the coordinator then determines the appropriate response as to whether a hearing is required. There are two outcomes upon the conclusion of a Title IX investigation. The case is closed and not referred to Student Conduct or employee grievance committee. The other result is the case is referred to the appropriate entity for formal judgement. Learning and spreading the knowledge of these resources can hopefully reach people who are in need. If you feel that you or someone you know has been sexually discriminated, don’t hesitate to use the resources N.C. A&T provides.

Elizabeth Warren invests in HBCUs

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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren visited NC A&T for a live ‘On One’ podcast recording with host Angela Rye, promising $50 billion in aid for historically black colleges and universities. This was Warren’s first campaign event in Greensboro. The questions and responses throughout Warren and Rye’s conversation varied from rapid-fire “yes or no” questions to indepth/ open-ended statements. “It’s been 400 years since the first documented enslaved person was brought to these shores. What is your plan for our empowerment, success, viability, and equity long term in this country?” Rye asked to address the issue of diversity representation. Answering the question Warren stated she wants to enforce and pass policies that allow “economic room for ventures that would boost educational institutions, including colleges by adding funding for HBCUs, working towards tuition-

Lauren Mitchell is theYARDeditor. Reach her at ldmitchell@

Warren and Rye discuss the importance of HBCUs

free college, and canceling the student debts of millions.” In the plan, Warren proposes to give universities more access and resources. “For too long now HBCUs have been doing the most with the least because they just haven’t had the

Elaijah Gibbs-Jones | The A&T Register

money, the resources,” Warren said. Sen. Warren explained she plans to invest in the education of young people by focusing on the impact HBCUs have on both America and black people. “When we invest in HBCUs we are not just investing in today, but we


The A&T Register | | Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019

Warren continued from page two are investing in tomorrow, and the next generation, and I have a plan for that,” Warren said. “We need to reduce our investment in billionaires and increase our investment in an entire generation of Americans.” After her pledge of $50 billion in aid for HBCUs, the auditorium filled with students and the general public burst into excitement and agreement with her statement. Warren also addressed the importance of the next generation of voters. “Your vote is precious, and your vote is powerful, so use it, and use it smart, and the way to do that is to start a movement,” she said. “We are not going to have change by having interchangeable politicians, we have to build a movement, and that going to be our comparative edge. It’s

about making real change.” Near the end of her appearance, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley was welcomed on stage to officially announce her endorsement of Warren. Presley emphasized to the crowd why she supports and believes in her fellow Massachusetts lawmaker. “What I need is a visionary partner, a bold activist leader who is going to center the voices of communities, who can teach as much as she can learn, and that is what we have in Elizabeth Warren, and that is why I am so very proud to be standing with her.” Pressley said. The event was concluded with the audience lining up to speak with, shake hands, hug and take selfies with Rye and Warren.


Interested in writing for theYARD? Come to The A&T Register’s Contributor meeting held on Mondays at 5 p.m. in GCB 328. Elaijah Gibbs-Jones | The A&T Register Congresswoman Pressley surprises guests.

theSCANNER N.C. A&T crime report from Nov. 12- 17, 2019

Nov. 12 McCain Hall

Nov. 14 Aggie Suites F

Nov. 14 Sebastian Village Apartments

Nov. 15 Academic Classroom Building

Nov. 16 Aggie Stadium

Nov. 17 Morrison Hall

Case Number 19-0984 Closed by other means Simple Assault

Case Number 19-0991 Active Dating Violence (VAWA)/ Simple Assault; Breaking/ Entering to Terrorize or Injure

Case Number 19-0995 Closed by other means Motor Vehicle Theft (Golf Carts); Larceny

Case Number 19-0990 Active Counterfeiting/Forgery; False Pretenses/Swindle/ Confidence Game

Case Number 19-0993 Active Simple Assault; Assault on a Female

Case Number 19-1001 Referral Issued Drug Law Violation (Possession of Marijuana)




The A&T Register | | Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019

Students launch natural skin care line FALESHA BRODIE theCULTURE Editor

Keith Gibbs and Cerenity Green were looking for a more organic approach to skin and hair care. Gibbs, a sophomore business administration student from Durham, N.C., has always wanted to be his own boss -- and this was his chance to do so, while making a difference in the lives of his peers. Green, a sophomore psychology student, recently went natural and was experimenting with different products. She was tired of her hair feeling try and unhealthy. Like many others, she also struggles with eczema. Up to 40 to 50% of people actively seek natural or organic ingredients in their products, according to The NPD Group. So, the two friends came together to make Liqx Butters. A 100% all natural and organic butter for skin and hair. “When Keith came to me about making the body butter, I immediately thought about natural and effective hair products, too,” Green said. Gibbs had the idea on his mind for months and he knew that Cerenity do great mixing and making the product.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram Being friends since freshman year, their friendship is as organic as Liqx Butters, and entrepreneurship is something they share in common throughout their families. Gibbs has several entrepreneurs in his family. His mother, his aunt and his grandmother are all self-starters. “We are all crafters,” Gibbs said. Green went on to discuss some of her family history. “My mom is a cosmetologist, so she’s always been a hustler. And I’m a natural-born hustler,” Green said. The two talked about the process of making, packaging and shipping their orders. “It can be a little long, but it’s a fine process,” she said. Some of the key ingredients include aloe vera, vitamin E, unrefined coconut oil and shea

butter. “The biggest part of the making process is boiling all the ingredients together and infusing all the oils,” Green said. Although Liqx Butters is a new business, the two have shared several proud moments so far. Gibbs was eager to share a little about their first vending event. “It was first vending event as a business owner. We put our heart into it and learned so many things,” he said. “We also made a lot of profit.” Green’s face lit up when remembering the first batch they ever made. “That was our first accomplish for the business,” she said. “I put my pride and joy into making out our product, so that was definitely one of my favorite moments.”

But the two were not shy about the struggles of owning maintaining their business.

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N.C. A&T student inspires self-care TONY ROBERTS Contributor

Akiva’ Rooks is a senior public relations student and CEO of the non-profit organization, I’ll Keep Her, which has released a new apparel line, #IKH. Rooks’ non-profit organization is centered around women practicing self-love, self-care and selfawareness. “The transparency and the power that’s worn with learning to love all dimensions of the self-love, self-care, and self-awareness process is sexier than it feels sometimes,” Rooks said. With this new line, Rooks wants to bring inner sexiness to the forefront and lift the financial burden of the millennial women’s self-care. Using affirmations can “rewire” your brain and help you make positive changes in your life, according to The shirts will read positive affirmations to help remind women of their self-worth. They are designed with the phrase, “I’ll Keep Her” in the middle, while the words self-love, self-care and self-awareness are beneath it. Purposely upside down, so the words are readable when looking in a mirror. This design represents the obstacles millennial women face when trying to maintain an authentic sense of self. The idea of creating the shirts developed as an idea that could increase the money invested in future self-care events, but quickly became a representation of her brand. “In my mind, this was just a step towards the productivity that I knew I needed to press down on,” Rooks said. “I was never required to design anything that had to do with

Falesha Brodie is theCulture editor. Reach her at fbrodie@aggies.ncat. edu

Bag, secured!: a series MADISON MURRAY Contributor

Searching for jobs is no easy task. While balancing the responsibility of being a full-time student, Aggies continue to go the extra mile to seek new experiences and secure their futures. “Bag, secured!” highlights Aggies who have earned an internship or full-time offer — the epitome of “Aggies Do!”

ZaKira Rogers, Sophomore Finance Eaton Finance & Accounting intern “To be selected after a tough interview process to work for a company that powers technology, planes and hospitals is an honor,” she said.

Brandon Flowers, Sophomore Marketing John Deere Marketing Intern “Working with John Deere is an opportunity to execute my responsibilities in an innovative and challenging corporate environment,” she said.

Photo Courtesy of Akiva’ Rooks clothing. But even with my limited experience, I knew that I wanted the aesthetic of #IKH to represent all that it truly entailed: inspiration,” she said. And the shirts did just that. Rooks finished the design of the shirt in mid-June of this year and released it to the public through Instagram in August. As soon as she released it, orders started to come in. Reviews from her Instagram read, “I see your vision and respect what you’re doing in the community” and, “The white lettering against the black pops and it’s really a conversation piece.” Although her audience is mainly women, they are not the only people paying attention to her hustle and brand. Men understand the power of the product. In August, some even purchased the product to encourage their little sisters. Recently, a male supporter shared encouraging words and purchased five shirts. All for Rooks to keep and gift to five deserving women. “That type of support is God sent. It meant more to me than anything,” she said. Since the release of the shirts,

Rooks has been entering each customer into the organization’s self-care raffle. Each winner will get a self-care gift. All the proceeds are invested in future I’ll Keep Her self-care events. There will be more apparel launching in February 2020 and more #IKH products offered in March 2020. All the proceeds are invested in future I’ll Keep Her self-care events.

Kiara Cuthbertson, Sophomore Information Technology Boeing IT Intern “They are one of the largest aerospace companies in the world, and I know working with them will bring me so many opportunities and I will learn a number of skills,” she said.

Want to write for theCULTURE? Visit GCB 328 or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @atregister! Photo Courtesy of Akiva’ Rooks

theCULTURE The A&T Register | | Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019

Getting involved to give back



Photo Courtesy of Google Stock Images Volunteers stand with the fight against hunger and homelessness. RAVEN TYLER Contributor

Designed to educate communities and draw attention to poverty, National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week began in November 1975 at Villanova University and is recognized from Nov. 16 until Nov. 24 this year. Homelessness is an increasing issue within the United States and many are trying to put an end to it. In January 2018, 552,830 people were counted as homeless in the United States. Of those, 194,467 (35 percent) were without shelter and 358,363 (65 percent) were sheltered, according to Hunger and homelessness can result from numerous social issues

such as: lack of affordable housing, unemployment, lack of needed services (food stamps, section 8 housing), substance abuse and other unfortunate dilemmas. During this week, people take time to consider what they’re thankful for and many choose to donate their time, attention, and resources to others. Prior to Thanksgiving, the National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness sponsor this week with the help of community leaders. One of the primary intentions is to continue to build up a foundation of volunteers and supporters for local anti-poverty agencies. Communities and organizations spend this week

finding ways to shed light on hunger and homelessness by hosting events such as soup kitchens and donation drives to engage their communities. More than 700 colleges, high schools, and organizations across the country come together during this week to educate and raise awareness about the critical issues of hunger and homelessness. There are many ways to get involved and help the homeless. Donating money, clothes, and food is extremely helpful as well as volunteering at local shelters and churches. Advocate against hunger and homelessness, and support organizations to engage others.

An in-depth look into the life of a student hip-hop artist Managing Editor

N.C. A&T student Nazir Sims, also known as 47 Roman, released his first album “Think About Your Future Self” last week. The New Jersey native began his pursuit of music at 15 years old after constantly listening to music with his grandparents and parents. He has released several songs that are self-engineered. Since then, Sims has recognized his growth and progress compared to his first singles and extended play (EP) records. “Before, I didn’t know how to mix and engineer my own stuff, so it was just as raw as it could get,” Sims said. “The audio and song structure changed over time. My topics sort of stayed the same, but the beat selection and storytelling aspect developed over time.” Sims created his rap name for three reasons. The first is for his late grandmother whose birthday is on April 7. The second: Capital Steez, who is a rapper who was fascinated with the number 47. Sims also made the name based off the wordplay of one of his favorite films, “47 Ronin.” Just as 47 Roman was intentional with deciding his musician name, he also chose the name of his first album for specific reasons. “I was self-reflecting and thought, ‘Maybe the decisions I’m making

Photo Courtesy of Instagram 47 Roman shows off his cover art.

could have better results if I could just think about my future self,’” he said. “I wanted to take that and make it the theme of the album. It’s a mantra for everybody to live.” Sims also receives influence and inspiration for his music from rappers like J. Cole and even N.C. A&T artists, too. Although he is an individual artist, Sims is also in a rap group with his friends called Blvck Sindikit. The group includes artists Swaco, Modo and Kobi. They recently released their first EP entitled “Too Late for the Welcome.” In the past, 47 Roman has been one of the spearheads for cypher


Let me know you love me, but you’ll never do it Let these **** know that they’ll never screw up what we have nailed down We are locked for life like a safe in the bottom of the ocean We are locked for life like a safe in the bottom of the sea Put back the pieces you misplaced and make this picyure whole again

Artist Profile: 47 Roman



meet-ups at the Willie A. & Carrol C. Deese Clock Tower for several students. “Honestly it started with the hashtag NCAT 22. I was just scrolling on that people were like we should have a rap battle,” he said. “We ended up meeting at the clock tower one night during the Fall 2018 semester and continued to have them on a regular basis.” With the motivation and support of his family and friends, Sims continues to create music he desires for his audience to relate to. His main goal is for his listeners to enjoy the music, but also learn specific lessons from the stories he raps about. “I just want people to know they’re not alone in life situations,” Sims said. In the next five years, Sims envisions himself continuing his music and progressing in his art. The multimedia journalism student plans to utilize his music to connect with his passion for music journalism. He has goals of working for entertainment news publication such as Complex in the “Everyday Struggle” television program.

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Let me know you love me, Which is what he was supposed to do Show me what love is, So I would never look for it in another Show me how to be loved so I would never know how not to be. He failed me! Let me know you love me You’re tried But the daddy issues I thought I pushed to the side had arrived and came back to haunt us. Let me know you love me, This was the time if any But my insecurities and infedelities feeding my fire, Were too hot to stand so put me out. Let me know you love me, Burnt out fire and all. If you can out me out, You can light me up Still looking for him in you.

theWORD 6

The he A&T T A&T


The A&T Register | | Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019

The A&T Register is the student newspaper of N.C. Agricultural and Technical State University. The opinions reflected are those of the student editorial staff and not those of university administrators, faculty or staff. We, the staff, are students.

Zila Sanchez is the Word editor. her Jewell Hill is Reach theWORD at zsanchez@aggies. editor. Reach her at jmhill2@aggies.ncat. edu

Tips to sucessfully conclude the semester DILLAN TEABOUT

are showing your professor that you are trying your absolute best in the class. Set a schedule for you to follow so that your free time turns into your study time. Cut out things that you don’t need to do every day and replace it with doing homework or studying for an upcoming test. In conclusion, the goal for each college student should be finishing with the best grades they can obtain. I believe none of us should give up on a class. With all this time that is left, we have to keep pushing forward and dig deep down to achieve the goal we want. However, you have to start now. If you have been slacking it is time to start working harder. We can achieve anything we set our minds to because that is what Aggies Do.


As the semester for our university comes to a close, students prepare to go back home and look to finish the semester strong. Graduating seniors for either this December or May 2020 look forward to their next chapter ahead. While juniors, sophomores and freshmen are getting closer to the promised land of graduation. Mia Bell, a freshman accounting student shares how she wants to successfully bring the semester to a close. She also expresses that she really did not have an idea of what her end of the semester goal was. After giving it some thought, she realized she just needs to work hard and finish her semester out strong. “I want to be more productive with my school work,” Bell said. Carmen Carrigan, a junior supply chain management student has a straight-forward and simple goal. “My goal for the end of the semester is to receive all As and Bs,” Carrigan said. Jessika White, a senior criminal justice student is preparing for her graduation and to further her career in a new state. “I graduate after this semester. So once I do that, I plan on moving out to Texas and starting

Jewell Hill | The A&T Register

my career there,” White said. After students of A&T either survived our homecoming or let it conquer us, we all have a common goal of doing what we came here for. Whether you are a freshman completing your first semester or a senior completing your last semester. The common goal is to achieve good grades that allow you to graduate and take your first step in the career you want. Monday, Oct. 28, 2019 was the last day to withdraw from classes. So, with a little over a month before the last day of class. Grades can still

change drastically. Many classes still have a test or two left with the final exam. So, people who have an F can finish with a C or even a B. However, if you have an A you can go down if you don’t keep pushing. Make sure that you as a student talk to your teacher concerning your grades to see if you can receive extra credit and let them tell you what’s the highest grade you can get in the class. I have seen teachers cut deals with students saying that if they pass the final exam they will pass them in the class. Anything is possible if you

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For some, Ugg season starts now

Jewell Hill | The A&T Register ALEXIS DAVIS Contributor

Fall and winter fashions are forever changing from year to year but we all have seemed to figure out that trends repeat themselves. Many fashion lovers prefer to receive a compliment about their style versus simply just being on trend. As trends fade and come back, style is forever. Since about 2010, Ugg boots have been a staple footwear piece in the closets of women of all ages. Recently, there has been a crossover with Uggs being a popular pick for the males’ closet as well. No matter if you like fancy rhinestones and bows on your beloved winter boots or if you like to keep it simple with their black classic mini edition boot, Uggs have a little something for everyone.

Once people start experiencing the brisk winds and moody weather of the fall, they are ready to dig deep from under the summer wardrobe and pull out their favorite pair of Uggs to truly bring in the season change. Within the last five years, there has been discussions especially on social media centered around the real start of Ugg season. The fact that this debate started over the internet is not very surprising for two reasons. First, in this generation, people are looking at the internet for approval. Second, various fashion enthusiasts go to Instagram and Pinterest for outfit inspiration when they are drawing a blank in their mind about what will be their next best look or post. “It’s another one of those societal restrictions that people create which

end up being followed because no one wants to be the odd ball out,” said Natallie Gooding, a junior Psychology student. Gooding brings back up the idea of getting life advice from social media or just in judgmental social settings in general. Social media is beginning to control several aspects of its users’ lives. Some users will buy outfits and get dressed up just to solely post, without having a destination or even to go out. Others will decline being posted on their own or friends’ pages while wearing their Uggs if they feel like they might have put them on too early. Gooding followed by saying, “If it is cold out then wear your Uggs because you want to, not because social media decided to tell you that it is okay for you to now put them on.”

Just like all articles of clothing, they would be an extended expression of self. Society often closes off fashion and makes it strictly a trendy thing. Fashion should be used to declare your mood, set the tone for an occasion or even make a political statement if necessary. A couple of girls would even argue that shopping for fall and winter clothes for themselves is harder than the opposite sex.

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The A&T Register | | Wednesday, Nov. 20 , 2019

Students give thanks


Jewell Hill & Elaijah Gibbs-Jones | The A&T Register DILLAN TEABOUT Contributor

Every year when Thanksgiving comes around I make a list of the things I’m thankful for. This Thanksgiving is a little different because I have so many obvious blessings coming my way that it’s tough to list them all. For instance, I am in my third year of college and will be going to my fourth soon, my family and I are healthy and thriving, I have a budding career in my future. The one thing I’m looking forward to the most though is spending Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house. For the past three years, my immediate family has spent Thanksgiving at my home in Charlotte, North Carolina. However, this year we get to go to South Carolina where my grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins all live. This year’s Thanksgiving will be extra special because of this. When I think back to when I was younger I realize just how special holidays with all of my family really were. Thanksgivings at my grandmother’s house always follows a special pattern that rarely deviates. For starters everyone has a job that their supposed to do and a role their supposed to play. My Auntie Foxy is always on macaroni and cheese duty. My Auntie Trice does the chicken, ham, turkey, and potato salad. My grandmother does the pies, sweet potato, and cobbler. My mom does the mash potatoes and collard greens. The younger kids are supposed to clean the house until company

comes and when I say clean I mean everything. If we are lucky my older cousins and I are usually only responsible for cutting grass, chopping wood, and getting groceries. While my younger cousins are usually in charge of washing the walls, polishing the wooden furniture, and dusting antique figurines. These jobs are a lot more frustrating because our grandmother is very particular about her furniture, especially her antiques. If my older cousins and I are lucky, we don’t have to touch any antiques or suffer from the wrath of our grandmother. Once the house is clean and the lawn is clean everyone tries to stay out of grandma’s way. One rule that everyone abides by is that no matter what’s finished no one can eat until all of the food is cooked and it’s after 5 p.m. This annoys everyone and it causes everyone to argue or to start a game of the dozens. However, when 5 p.m. comes around everyone’s attitude changes from hangry to happy. The elders always eat first. Then comes the little kids and then the women of the family. All my family being at the same dinner table is what I’m looking forward to the most. This Thanksgiving will be one of the most memorable Thanksgivings ever because of the fact that all of my family will be celebrating it with me. Thanksgiving is a time for being thankful. It’s a time to be thankful for family, love, food, and football. Also if your family is like my family it’s a time to be thankful for cleaning.

ZILA SANCHEZ Editor-In-Chief

This year, I’m thankful for entering the final year of my college career... and everything that has come with it. I have seen many ups and downs throughout my duration at N.C. A&T, but everything has led into what 2019 has been for me and what the year 2020 will be. As far as personal goals, I’ve accomplished most of what I have set out for myself. However, I have also decided to not let myself dwell on what could have have been, but rather what will be in the time to come. One of my biggest accomplishments this year has been gaining the title of Editor-inChief of the student newspaper. Still, while on paper this has been a major achievement for myself, I am most thankful to everyone who made it possible. Everyone on the staff of this newspaper has helped me to become what I am. Through my years here at The A&T Register, I have learned and grown with everyone else the same way they have grown through myself and the other leaders. As a first-generation college student, I feel extremely grateful that I have had influences push me to be the best I can be. This success is the effort of my family, friends and mentors who have believed in me even when I did not believe in myself. I am also extremely grateful warm welcome I have received from the moment I first stepped foot on this campus. Though my ethnicity is not my only identity, I have lived a life

completely different from the ones of my peers as a non-black Latina. Still, I have felt more at home than ever here at N.C. A&T. Being the first non-black editor has been a surprise bonus with this title, and it’s something that I do not take lightly. Besides feeling special, I feel an overwhelming sense of pride in knowing I was trusted to hold the title of an important part of the largest HBCU in the nation. Here, I have been able to come to terms with what I want for myself in my career and life in general. I am thankful for the experience I have had this year, which will launch me into my new field of interest, digital marketing. However, I am also thankful for the rejection I have faced this year -- from jobs to internships. That rejection has helped me realize I am not nearly where I want to be with my skill level, experience and vision for myself. The year 2019 has solidified my aspirations and helped me realize what I want to accomplish in 2020. I would not change this year in any way because it has been a part of the foundation for the rest of my life.

Want to contact the Editor-in-Chief? Reach her at zsanchez@aggies.

Want to write for theWORD? Come to GCB 328 or follow us @TheATRegister on Twitter and Instagram for reminders of contributors meetings every Monday.

theSCORE 8



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The year of the black quarterback CHRIS SAMUEL & JAROD HAMILTON theSCORE Reporter & Editor

The year 2019 has been a great year for black quarterbacks in the NFL. There have been few times in history when multiple black quarterbacks are excelling in the NFL at one time. There are currently nine black quarterbacks who are starting for an NFL franchise in this moment in time. After the surprise retirement of Andrew Luck, the Indianapolis Colts turned to Jacoby Brissett, a fourthyear player from NC State. In the nine games Brissett has played in he has led the Colts to a 6-3 record and has thrown for 1,797 yards and 15 touchdowns. Another quarterback making a name for himself is Brissett’s AFC South rival, Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. Watson came into the league as an electrifying quarterback from Clemson, who led the Tigers to a national championship in 2016 against Alabama. Watson is continuously showing the league why he deserves the starting spot in Houston. He has more than 900 career rushing yards and 7,000 plus passing yards in twoplus seasons. In New Orleans, Teddy Bridgewater is proving his greatness in the absence of Drew Brews. Bridgewater was formerly with the Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets but has not been a full starter since 2015. In five full starts this season, Bridegwater led the Saints to five straight victories and kept them atop of the NFC South. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott boasts a 104.1 passer rating, 3,221 yards passing to go along with 21 touchdowns through the air. The Cowboys rank first in passing yards with 313 yards per game and are also first in the league in total offense (444.6 yards per game), per espn. com. The Cowboys (6-4) have won the last three of four after a three game losing streak. Dallas owns a one game lead in the NFC East over the Philadelphia Eagles (5-5),, who they beat in Week 7 on Sunday Night

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Volleyball team builds momentum CHRIS SAMUEL theSCORE Reporter

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Mahomes celebrates during a game versus the Raiders.

Football. In Seattle, Russell Wilson has been leading the charge for Pete Carroll’s Seahawks since 2012. Wilson recently led the Hawks to a Week 10 27-24 victory on the road versus the then unbeaten San Francisco 49ers (9-1). Throwing for 234 yards and one touchdown despite being sacked 5 times. Wilson has led the Seahawks to a 8-2 record while throwing for 2,737 yards, 23 touchdowns while throwing two interceptions this season, per The Seahawks quarterback already has a Super Bowl ring and six Pro Bowl selections to his name and by the looks of it he may be able to add league MVP to that resume. Lamar Jackson is a humanhighlight reel. Week after week Jackson shows his uncanny athletic ability and has shown immense improvement in the passing game. The Ravens are first in the AFC North with a 8-2 record and they lead the league in rushing with 204 yards per game. Jackson made history in a Week 6 win versus the Cincinnati Bengals as he became the first player in NFL history to pass for 200 yards and rush for 150 yards in the same game per the Undefeated. Kyler Murray, another former Heisman winner proving himself in the league. The 2019 first overall pick has led the Arizona Cardinals to their second consecutive win after losing three straight to start the season. The

Cardinals only had three victories a season ago. Murray has also become the third quarterback to pass for 300 yards in three of their teams first six games, per the Undefeated. Second chances aren not a rarity in the league but third and fourth chances are and for Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston maybe this chance finally jumpstarts the production many have wished happened previously. The 2014 No. 1 overall pick has 3,078 passing yards, 19 touchdowns and has completed 60 percent of his passes this season, per Yahoo Sports. Lastly, the 2018 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes has led the Chiefs to a 7-4 record this year and has thrown for 19 touchdowns and is fourth in QBR with a rating of 77, per Whether it is team success or individual success black quarterbacks are flourishing and shining more than ever and the future looks bright for them. Scan to read more stories like this one on The A&T Register’s website.

After a rocky start to the season for the Lady Aggies (15-13) volleyball team they have won the last nine of 10 games and sit only one game back of first place in the Mid-Eastern Atlantic Conference (MEAC). The team started the season 0-8 before winning their first game against Gardner-Webb at the Wofford Invitational. The Lady Aggies followed their win by beating Alabama A&M Bulldogs, three sets to none in Spartanburg, SC. A quick rough patch happened again for the volleyball team as they went 0-3 in the UNCW Hamptons Inn Classic losing to Western Carolina, Drake, and UNC Wilmington. Growing pains are included with the team that only has three seniors and is learning how to play as a unit. Head Coach Hal Clifton has been known for turning seasons around during his tenure at North Carolina A&T. N.C. A&T has done just that, the Lady Aggies have dominated conference play, with four out of nine games ending with a three set to none performance. Not only is the team finishing strong, but the first sets are also when the Aggies dominate. In the MEAC, the Aggies are ranked top two in hitting percentage, opponents hitting percentage, assists, kills, and blocks. Fortunately for N.C. A&T they have the MEAC’s leading blocker Shaylynn Hall and the MEAC’s digs leader, Andrea Laboy-Rivera. Their efforts plus consistent support from their teammates, continue to make them difficult to beat.

Celebration Bowl: End all or play in? CHRIS SAMUEL theSCORE Reporter

The Celebration Bowl is the HBCU national championship, but what if it was a game that could lead a school to an even bigger reward? At the end of each football season, the MEAC champion and the SWAC champion play each other in the Celebration Bowl to determine the best HBCU football team in the country. The MEAC and SWAC are in the FCS and are the only Division I conferences for HBCU athletics, with that being said the Celebration Bowl is the only bowl that the winner of these conferences can participate in. The FBS has its own four-team playoff format to determine their national champion while they have numerous bowl games for teams that

Kylil Carter looks to pass during a home game.

win half of their regular season games. This gives dozens of the schools the opportunity to win some type of opportunity to win a bowl game, a luxury that HBCU teams do not have the luxury of. In the FCS, 24 teams are placed in the playoffs with 10 automatic bids and 14 at-large bids.

Jamar Plunkett | The A&T Register

North Carolina A&T has won three of the last four Celebration Bowls and a buzz has gone around that the school should aim for more significant goals such as a FCS national championship. The set up for a hypothetical new ending to the season would be difficult to align since the FCS Playoffs start in late November and the MEAC regular

football season ends around the same time. The SWAC championship game is played at the end of their football season while the MEAC does not have a championship game and the team with the best conference record is declared the conference champion. The delay in the Celebration Bowl also forces the two conferences to forbid their potential appearance in the FCS Playoffs. The game is usually played the Saturday before Christmas about a month after the regular season is finished. A different route could be a play ingame for both conferences to compete in the FCS Playoffs. The Celebration Bowl could be a week or two after the regular season to determine an at-large bid. Read more on page 9.


The A&T Register | | Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019

Aggies defeat BCU

Celebration Bowl continued from page 8. With both the MEAC and SWAC being Division I-AA, the teams in those conferences don’t have as much leeway as other big-name conferences. A method of a play-in game would be similar to certain conferences in the NCAA Basketball to go to the NCAA Basketball Tournament, due to an at-large bid. The Celebration Bowl would not leave, but the team who wins the game would still be eligible to play in the playoffs to compete for the national title of FCS football. The runner-up of the game would lose their chance at the playoffs and go home. A perceived attitude for this format would make teams feel like there’s something higher to aim for and that a team could potentially win not one but two trophies in the same year. The champions of the MEAC and SWAC are still to be determined but the 2019 Celebration Bowl will take place on Dec. 21 at the MercedesBenz Superdome in Atlanta, Georgia.



N.C. A&T defeated the BethuneCookman Wildcats 47-17 in Greensboro to keep their MEAC title hopes alive. The conference battle had a Celebration Bowl appearance on the line as both teams entered the game with a record of 6-3 with a chance to take first place in the MEAC. The Aggies jumped out to a 14-0 in a first-quarter lead, including two touchdowns from running back JahMaine Martin. Towards the end of the first half, the Wildcats prevented an extra point from the score becoming 21-0. The Aggies lead would eventually get cut to 10 at halftime up 20-10. In the third quarter, Aggies quarterback Kylil Carter would leave the game and be replaced by Jalen Fowler. After a defensive slugfest between the two teams in the third quarter, the Aggies would take the lead up 26-10. During the fourth quarter, Martin punched in another score to have the school’s single-season record for rushing touchdowns. Fowler would also throw two touchdowns.

Jamar Plunkett | The A&T Register

Jah-Maine Martin carries the ball in the red zone versus BCU.

The Aggies pulled away from the Wildcats for the rest of the game as they scored three touchdowns in the final quarter. With the win, the Aggies are now in first place in the MEAC for contention in the Celebration Bowl, excluding Florida A&M due to NCAA postseason sanctions. The next game for the Aggies is against rival North Carolina Central. To secure a spot in the Celebration Bowl, N.C. A&T must defeat the Eagles next Saturday. This will determine if the Aggies will make their fourth Celebration Bowl appearance in five years.

Title town U.S.A.

Jamar Plunkett | The A&T Register

Kashon Baker rushes down the sideline.

Best duos in sports history JAROD HAMILTON & MELVIN HARRIS theSCORE Editor & Contributor

Patriots World Champions banners presented at Gillette Stadium. JAROD HAMILTON theSCORE Editor

The Washington Nationals celebrated their first World Series title in franchise history with a parade on Nov. 3, 2019. The city of D.C has had a decent uprise in success the past two months with the Washington Mystics winning their first WNBA championship when they defeated the Connecticut Sun. With that being said, theScore has compiled a list of cities that have won championships with multiple sports. Rules: The championship won in one sport that has to be in the same calendar year as the other. Example: 2003 Patriots won Super Bowl versus Panthers on February 1, 2004, which counts as a 2004 championship in this article despite being a championship based on the 2003 season. Washington D.C. (2019) The most recent city to have done this is the aforementioned Nation’s Capital. The No. 4 seed Nationals entered the 2019 postseason as a wild card team and went 12-5 during their run to capture their first title. The Nats were led by three-time All-Star pitcher Stephen Strasburg who had 14 strikeouts in 14 ⅓ innings and had two victories in two appearances. The Washington Mystics were led

Bernard Gagnon | Wikimedia Commons

by WNBA MVP Elena Delle-Donne who became the first woman to join the 50-40-90 club. That is shooting 50 percent from the field, 40 percent from three point range and 90 percent from the free throw line. The Mystics had the best record in the league and defeated the Connecticut Sun in five games. Boston/Greater New England (2004) The Boston Red Sox ended an 86-year old World Series drought ending the Curse of the Bambino (a superstition that the Red Sox did not win a title for 86 years is because they sold the “Bambino” Babe Ruth to the Yankees). The Red Sox overcame a 0-3 deficit in the American League Championship Series (ALCS) to the Derek Jeter led Yankees to win the series 4-3. They then went on to sweep the St. Louis Cardinals. This would be their first of four titles (others were 2007, 2013 and 2018) in a 15-year period from 2004-2018. The Patriots won their second championship in three years when they defeated the Carolina Panthers behind Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady’s 354 yards passing and 3 touchdowns. Deion Branch had 10 receptions for 143 yards and a touchdown. Branch would go on to win Super Bowl XXXIX MVP when he would record 11 receptions for 133 yards. The Pats would go on to win

Super Bowl’s in (the calendar years) 2005, 2015, 2017 and 2019. Greater Los Angeles (2002) In 2002, the Los Angeles Lakers won their third consecutive NBA Championship after sweeping Jason Kidd and the Nets. Shaquille O’Neal won his third-straight NBA Finals MVP and Kobe Bryant won his third championship at age 23. The LA Sparks won their second consecutive title as they swept the New York Liberty in two games led by WNBA Finals MVP Lisa Leslie who averaged 19.3 points per game, 7.8 rebounds per game and 2.8 blocks per game. The Los Angeles Angels would go on to win their only World Series that year when they beat the San Francisco Giants in a seven-game series. Four-time All-Star Troy Glaus would go on to win World Series MVP after batting .385 and hitting three home runs in the series. The LA Galaxy of the MLS won their first of five MLS titles which is a record to this day. Carlos Ruiz would take home the MLS regular season and the Galaxy went into the postseason as the No. 1 seed and would outscore their opponents 8-2 during the playoffs, which included shutting out the runner-up the New England Revolution.

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N.C. A&T students speak on fashion

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When it comes to shopping, clothing location options seem to be endless. However most aggies are known for purchasing their clothes from similar places. Online Retailers. Department stores. The Mall. Whatever a consumer calls it, these are the places most aggies shop.

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1. H&M

Short for Hennes & Mauritz, H&M has been around for more than seven decades. The Swedish retailer was the most popular store from the perspective of N.C. A&T students. This fast-fashion store has everything from basic styles to trendy pieces all at a great value. “Their clothes are so unique and they have like a wide array of styles, so anyone is able to find something there,” said Darrian Lynch a senior social work student. Pros: Amazing collaborations with past partnerships including, Alexander Wang, Balmain and Moschino. Cons: Recently H&M has faced lawsuits and public backlash from customers for racial and social discrimination.


Forever 21

N.C. A&T’s second top pick is Forever 21. Founded in 1984, this retailer was included many times during interviews with students. “I like Forever 21 because they have a lot of plus-sized options, and they are always dropping new styles,” said Destiny Wright, a sophomore fashion student. Pros: Forever 21 is described as reliable to students when it comes to finding stylish pieces for under $20. Cons: Forever 21 can be viewed as selling a lot of childish items with words and graphics that many customers feel are unnecessary.


ASOS has become a fan favorite as one of the best online shopping

Jaylin Saunders | The A&T Register H&M at the Four Seasons Town Center Mall in Greensboro, NC. sites for both men and women. This international retailer offers some of the hottest styles of each season. Pros: With high-end fashion, streetwear and even formal wear, ASOS has stocks of fashion statement pieces consumers can find. Cons: Sizing can be seen as unpredictable with select pieces as well as high-priced.


Fashion Nova

When it comes to online shopping for women’s apparel, Fashion Nova was the most popular fashion brand for N.C. A&T women. The California-based company has over 16 million followers on Instagram and became the most searched fashion brand on Google. “I’m in love with FashionNova because I can look expensive on a budget,” said Tasha King, a junior sports science student. Pros: Fashion Nova offers trendy and fashionable items at an affordable price. The retailer also has celebrity endorsements including Cardi B, Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna.

Cons: There has been several designer knock-off allegations since its launch as well as issues with shipment.


Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters was founded just across the street from the University of Pennsylvania in 1970. So, it is understandable to consumers why the store is known for its student lifestyle and vintage-inspired items. Urban Outfitters offers trendy and unique clothes, dorm furniture and houseware for customers. “I love the vibe of the store,” said Trayona Lawrence, a senior social work student. “My whole room looks like Urban Outfitters.” Pros: Urban Outfitters has mastered the nostalgic trend with collections including Calvin Klein, Levi and Tommy Hilfiger. Cons: Items can be viewed as expensive and has limited location options.

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Disney gives a new way to stream KERRINGTON BARNES Contributor

Disney debuted its advertisement free streaming service, Disney+, this week to provide viewers with the opportunity to watch content from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic. Though the television network had technical failures and login issues on the first day of its release, the Disney+ app continued to gain 10 million subscribers. This is comparable to HBO, which took three years to hit 5 million subscribers, according to The Disney+ App has nearly 500 movies and 7,500 episodes. This includes early animations of Mickey Mouse and Pixar Shorts. The current televised shows as well as new Disney+ originals are also available. Some originals include the first live-action Star Wars series “Mandalorian.” Disney+ has a 7 day free trial and after the trial subscribers can pay $6.99 per month, or $69.99 per year. The Disney Company also owns Hulu and ESPN and plan to bundle the three for $13 per month, according to Disney purchased Fox at the beginning of 2019, and will add all 30

The Walt Disney Company | Wikimedia Commons seasons of “The Simpsons” to the streaming network as well as FX movies in early 2020. Within 24 hours the app was downloaded 3.2 million times; 89% is from the United States, 9% from Canada and 2% from the Netherlands, according to As a collective, there were 1.3 million hours of content streamed on the first day, according to The Walt Disney Company stock price increased by 7% after the

release of the Disney+ app. It is expected for the percentage to be even higher as Disney+ will soon be available to Australia and New Zealand on Nov. 19, 2019. It will also be available on March 31 for Western Europe, United Kingdom, France and Germany. Disney plans to make the streaming service worldwide in the next two years and will be available in Spanish, according to variety. com.

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