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Resources for Creatives



Essential Sites for Finding Creative Job Listings & Internships

Throughout college, I was constantly combing the internet for opportunities. I didn’t have any connections at first and wanted to find job opportunities that spoke to me and were relevant to my creative career. There are plenty of career sites, but as a creative, how do you know where your time will be best spent? These are the absolute essential sites creative job listings –– so you can stop searching, and start pursuing.

4 Tools Creatives Need to Start Using

As a creative developing your brand, exposure and networking are absolutely crucial to developing a name. These are 4 tools that creatives need to start using. It's time to look outside the box (or grid) for tools that serve you as a creative; not the other way around.

Beyond the BFA: Career Options in the Photo Industry

While pursuing my BFA in Photography, I quickly recognized that not everyone who gets their degree in photography is going to be a photographer –– and that's okay. There are vast amounts of talented photographers who are becoming technically trained and formally educated, and not every one of them is going to be the next Annie Leibovitz. That being said, those thoughts should never discourage you if you are truly passionate about shooting for a living. It is important, however, to consider that there are other routes in the industry that can feed your creative passions.

Model Tests: What They Are and How to Book Them

For up-and-coming photographers, building an industry-standard portfolio can sometimes seem like a challenge. That's why opportunities like model testing are so important to build your portfolio, and build your relationships within the industry. Model testing can involve as few people as a photographer and model, or include a small styling team. Pushing yourself to organize tests can also be a good step into production experience. I've outlined the basics of model testing for new and up-and-coming photographers who are ready to take a dip into the fashion industry.

Creating an Effective Mood Board

When planning a photo shoot, you'll often be asked by members of your team to share a mood board. If you've never made one of these–– don't fret. Everybody has to start somewhere. The first time I was asked to do this, I frantically googled "mood board" and made an atrocious document with all of the images blended together with a feathered eraser. If only I'd had this blog back then. Ha! Let's get started on creating an effective mood board.

5 Reasons Why You Should Submit to Magazines

I've seen a lot of back and forth from photographers about submitting to magazines –– some think it's a great idea, and others are not so fond. As the creator of a submissions-based magazine, it may seem like I'm a little biased, but hear me out. As a creative, I believe magazine submissions can absolutely be worth your time professionally. Here's five good reasons why you should submit to magazines.

Do's and Don'ts of Magazine Submissions

We've gone over why you should submit to magazines, and now you're ready to hit send. Before you do, there are a few tips to consider to ensure the highest chance of success with your submission. Check out my handy list of do's and don'ts of magazine submissions.

8 Trends in Photo Submissions to Avoid

This list is not to say that image-makers who attempt these won’t make a successful image; it is simply a list of trends that I find to be repetitive, making it difficult to see something “new” in them. These are my 8 trends to avoid in photo submissions.