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Know the Range of Average Recruiter Hospital Budget As the demand of healthcare employees continues to increase, the demand for hospital recruiters is growing simultaneously. A recruiter hospital budget varies based on the size of the hospital. The average salary of a hospital recruiter ranges from $47,000 to $85,000 a year. Most of the hospitals have taken steps to expand their budgets and appoint recruiters specializing in various sectors. Most of the health care organizations need a combination of education and skills to apply for the position of a hospital recruiter. More often, organizations need a bachelor degree of science in human resources or nursing. Along with strict education qualification, a hospital recruiter also needs extra human resource certification and experience. Most of the hospitals have a huge listing of vacancies when posting for open positions, but it is more of a “wish list”. You should not ignore the job postings just because of the reason that you are semi-qualified. If any candidate meets the criteria for the required position, he or she will be called for an interview. There are certain things that might grab the recruiter’s attention like previous employer and college grades or they might be impressed by the college from where you have completed your graduation. Before applying for the post, one should have full information about a hospital recruiter salary and growth prospects. Big and popular hospitals might have recruiters specializing in certain areas. Due to the high demand for health care employees, recruiting becomes a difficult task. Most of the hospitals follow a strict recruiter hospital budget and the salaries do not increase incrementally in certain sectors. Specialized recruiting includes researchers, nurses, physicians, technicians and scientific areas. Most of the health care organizations have started this trend because focusing on a specialized area may give rise to several networking opportunities for the recruiter, which in turn attracts large numbers of qualified candidates for the respective positions. Working as a health care professional in a prestigious hospital boosts one’s career. Most often hospitals search for the best and brightest talents in the industry. They even appoint candidates who are in the waiting list, if needed. Prestigious and popular hospitals tend to pay less for a recruiter. Several researches have shown that average recruiter hospital salary ranges from about $44,000 to $62,000 in a year for different reasons. Although the salary is less, you can be sought after in your career at later point of time if you have worked with prestigious hospitals. There are ample opportunities in healthcare recruiting. Organizations seek healthcare employees to work in various areas including educational, pharmaceutical and agency settings. Most of these organizations

appoint recruiters and pay excellent salaries ranging from about $60,000 to $100,000 in a year, with certain positions providing commissions and base salary. About the Author : The Atlantic Group specializes in placing finance impact players with leading healthcare organizations throughout the United States. On top of servicing the nation's finest health systems, we continue to stay abreast of current events in the marketplace that take place across the country. For more details visit

Know the Range of Average Recruiter Hospital Budget  

As the demand of healthcare employees continues to increase, the demand for hospital recruiters is growing simultaneously.

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