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Back to School 2014

To parents of Australian school children,

Your children's feet are important. Children are in their school shoes for many of their formative years and we know how critical it is to have good quality shoes for growing feet. We chose to exclusively endorse Ascent School Shoes after our expert assessment of the Ascent product. We have chosen to put our name alongside the Ascent name so that you the parent can buy school shoes with confidence. We have joined with Ascent knowing that their school shoes represent good value and most importantly, they will provide the right fit, support and comfort for your child's precious feet. We recommend Ascent School Shoes, the only school shoe endorsed by the Australasian Podiatry Council, for your child. Remember; if your child has problems with their feet, Australian Podiatry Association members are experts in foot health.

Damian Mitsch. Chief Executive Officer Australasian Podiatry Council

    Ascent school shoes are exclusively available at The Athlete’s Foot. For more information on Ascent visit:

If no  II  feet  are  the  same  –  then  why  are  shoes  sold  as  pairs?     At  the  Australasian  Podiatry  Council  (APodC)  we  know  many  patients  have  mismatched  feet  (over  60%).   This  means  they  may  be  obliged  to  pay  for  two  pairs  of  shoes,  and  mix  and  match  them  to  ensure   comfort  and  fit;  vital  for  good  foot  health.     In  the  case  of  diabetes,  sometimes  full  or  partial  foot  amputation  will  have  occurred,  but  two  shoes   must  still  be  purchased  to  meet  the  patient’s  need.  It  is  an  unwelcome  expense  for  patients,  who  are   already  suffering  with  their  condition  and  whose  place  in  the  workforce  may  be  challenged.       The  IIFit  range  of  shoes  can  be  sold  as  a  traditional  pair  (size  7  left  and  size  7  right)  –  or  a  mismatched   pair  (size  7  left  and  size  10  right)  at  no  extra  cost  or,  as  an  individual  shoe  (left  or  right)  at  half  the  price   of  a  pair.     Selling  shoes  as  an  individual  size  left  and  right,  rather  than  a  traditional  pair,  helps  achieve  a   customised  fit  without  the  customer  being  required  to  pay  for  a  custom  made  shoe,  or  endure  a  wait,  as   the  shoes  are  in  store.     We  support  Ascent’s  IIFit  service  to  highlight  its  worth  and  efficacy  –     it  represents  great  value  and  service  for  podiatry  patients.     We  joined  with  Ascent  knowing  the  service  offers  extremely  good  value  for  Australian  patients  and  we   are  confident  that  will  also  be  the  case  in  any  market  around  the  world.     We  recommend  the  Ascent  IIFit  service,  the  only  service  of  its  kind  endorsed  by  the  APodC.     Podiatrists  are  experts  in  foot  health  and  we  have  no  doubt  this  endorsement  will  carry  weight  in  any   market  where  podiatry  is  recognised.    

Damian Mitsch.   Chief  Executive  Officer   Australasian  Podiatry  Council  

Ascent’s IIFit  service  is  exclusively  available  at  The  Athlete’s  Foot  in  Australia.   For  more  information  on  Ascent  visit:  

APodC endorsement - Ascent  

The Australasian Podiatry Council has endorsed Ascent's exclusive IIFit range (mix and match sizes) as well as their school range - both exc...

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