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‘BJP has communalized the idea of Hinduism’, as urged by Mamta Banarjee in the National Capital of India.

The great Indian deforestation movement which became the world famous Google Doodle

37 participants in 21st Commonwealth Games from Haryana Haryana Sports and Youth Affairs Minister, Anil Vij said that a contingent of 37 sportspersons from Haryana are participating in 21st Commonwealth Games being organized at Gold Coast in Australia from April 4 to 15, 2018. These include 20 male and 17 female sportspersons. Vij said that State players were participating in 11 events namely wrestling, boxing, shooting, hockey, cycling, athletics, basketball, gymnastics, weightlifting and para-power lifting. Atotal of 221 players are participating in these games across the country including 118 males and 103 females.

Inside The sealing imbroglio Didi and the Politics Of Alliance The religion of bloodshed It is believed that Saints (Holy men) give up the material world to attain freedom from life and death and oneness with god. However, the saints of today think and act in a somewhat different manner.

World’s first TG ready to breastfeed

Tiger Trapped Again

sadhu or swaadu??

2 nation Will APPS be able to work without humans: Faridabad (NCR) 01-15 April, 2018

What APPS really do? KARAMVIR KAMAL Present era is absolutely an era of APPS. Just in the recent past, Sarkaar of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan had flared up on twitter’s administrators and Moderators. As per Bachchan Sir, Twitter had reduced some of his fan followers the reason for which he got angry with this social APP and even he publicly announced to leave using this APP. But here's not only about the talk of Big B or Twitter, Rather, it will be the official APP on which the administration and governance have given a very big responsibility to deal with else you may term it as imposed in a dictatorial way. Today our Government has completely and absolutely focused on Digital India. From the circumference of on line money transactions till lodging complaints , everything is done by just downloading an APP on your smart Mobile Phones. Along with on line transactions, cleaning, safety measures and even repair of roads are also being done through the mobile APP. More recently, the Gurugram administration has promoted the HARPATH APP for the repair of the road of Haryana Government and in addition to the swacch map, cleanliness has also been facilitated along with a designed a toll free number. Through these apps, Republic of India can able to make cleaning and constructing roads those have been damaged. On its promotion it has been said that the complaints made on these apps will be settled at a fixed time. This year when Delhi was changed to the gas chamber again, then the government had introduced an app for pollution control. Remedies for pollution control only have to be installed on mobile in the form of an application. Required remedies for pollution control only installed in the shape of an app and nothing else. That could

never get out of the smart phone turning and becoming as clean air.

How will the mobile cleanup? A resident of MADANPURI, Amla Devi does unable to understand that how can a Mobile Phone can contribute a lot towards the cleanliness of her city and the Nation too. She knows her Mobile only comes in handy to talk. She has never been required to roam in the world of Internet in her life before.

Saraswati Vihar where the government Vehicle designed to collect Garbage comes sometime and which has stopped to coming there, will this so called APP of digital India work? Neelam, who lives there also does not understand. According to Arun who works in company on Sohna Road adjacent to Gurugram, while coming from the metro station to the office, many places on the way are found in the litter piles turned Garbage Mountains. We while up and down from Delhi easily get many heaps of Garbage. And how we upload it to the app by clicking its photo? While this is the work of the people living here and also part and parcel of Local Administration. People walking on footpaths, near malls and standing nearby street vendors who sell fast food often throw the disposable utensils and dirt used in it.

The religion of bloodshed DHARMENDRA SINGH

cently with the details of as many as 3000 auto and taxis , a refurbished HIMMAT APP has been launched by Delhi Police. Whose control room will be created later. A woman with a smart mobile might feel safe with this app. Will this HIMMAT APP able to provide HIMMAT(Bravery) apart from these 3000 auto and Taxis.

Let us talk about some other APPS

How can you clean this dirt spreading by these unauthorized street vendors through a Mobile APP?

Break down of your dare by the daring APP “Himmat”

When the issue of protection of women in the capital is met and mounted, the solution to the problem was found only in the mobile APP, leaving the dark streets of evils in the capital city. Delhi Police has asked women to install ‘himmat app’ in their phone. Except some Exceptions, how can a Mobile app can save our women? The function of an app will be only to inform the concerned department. Taking action on it and catching criminals will be done by the police in the human form. Re-

“My Son has not sacrificed his life for Mother India, he was shot by security personnel for his unholy act against our Nation. Therefore Neither I shall take back his dead body for cremation nor I shall even RIP”, urged by an innocent father with a drop of tear when J&K (Jammu & Kashmir) Police approach the dreaded terrorist Mohammed Taufeeq’s father Mohammed Razak. Mohammad Razak, a technician works in Atomic Energy’s Heavy water plant atManugur in the state of Telengana. Alike

After Delhi switching over to the state of Gas Chamber like situation, the state government took the help of an APP to get rid of it. Apart from uploading smoke photos on this app, the environment has not got any benefit from this app in the recent past’s burning of agricultural Biomass residue which led a gas chamber like situation in the national capital. The HARPATH HARIYANA APP was launched to reconstruct the damaged roads of Haryana. But it is only limited to a few mobile phones without any proper promotion. Because of which the administration had to speak to officials recently to propagate it. The government of Haryana, which crossed the periphery for the pits less roads, finally took the help of mobile app. But the question again is the same. Without Manpower and alertness of local administration, what can be done only with the help of mobile APP. The pleasure of a Resident of Gurugram shattered who had complained via this Mobile APP. When in reply of his APP based complaint, the MCG (Municipal Corporation of Gurugram) authorities helped

other fathers, he had also dreamed of his son as an engineer or doctor. He also spent as per his capability to educate his son Taufeeq but unfortunately without any knowledge of him Mohammad Taufeeq was rushing towards the path of blood and violence (Terrorism) unprecedentedly with ruining his father’s dream of being a good human being and do or die for the nation. It is really painful that our youth today even after being educated also are joining their hands with the hell of terrorism

either by brain washing or for the sake of huge money in the name of mere a Fake Jihad. Mohammad Tauffeq Ahmed(as per J&K Police file) was shot dead in an encounterabout which his father and other family members only got to know fromTelevision Channels and News Papers. In fact Tafeeq along with 2 other drop out Engineering Student were involved in ISIS sponsored terror out fit in the valley. After the conformed intelligence inputs all three were encountered and shot dead by J&K Security

him by answering that the complaint of the road he lodged even doesn’t come under their preview and ambit of administration. So obviously the question does arise that is the state has it’s authority on mere some imitated Roads? The Google Map app can show you the path, give information about traffic jams. But human resources will be required to keep the road free of jam.

Without network APPS look helpless

The 8 year ‘jagriti’ called her father. The Number connected but the phone was cut due to lack of network. His father had to fight for 10 minutes to talk to his daughter. India’s fastest Network could not even able to a father and daughter to talk each other. It’s just an incident. Today the whole country is grappling with the increasing problem of network and call drop in the days and days. Instead of focusing on telecom providers, the government's focus is on apps and online systems only. Not that all the apps could not be successful. There are some apps that have turned as common words of people nowadays. It is a different matter that these mobile applications have nothing to do with the problems of the common man. Today whatsapp, paytm, twitter etc. are some apps which are used randomly by common men. In case of transition, Govt. of India’s BHIM APP does not stand any more in front of PAYTM. There is no doubt that various mobile applications by the government are for the betterment of the common man. But due to lack of publicity of the government and public awareness, these APPS are not able to achieve their objective. Along with awareness, the staff will have to increase the employee who can handle the complaints coming with the help of these applications.

personnel in Kashmir’s Anantnag District in last week. This 26 year Young man was reported missing since a year as per Telengana Police report. Surprisingly Mohammad Razak put an extraordinary example of patriotism despite our Govt.’s radical mindset to term every Muslim in India is an anti national and also proved the incredible India‘s all time hit quote,” Mother and Motherland is Precious than the Heaven” I even salute this Patriot Indian for encouraging me to do or die for the Nation.



Faridabad (NCR) 01-15 April, 2018

Didi and the Politics Of Alliance


TAC News: ‘BJP has communalized the idea of Hinduism’, as urged by Mamta Banarjee in the National Capital of India. This statement of Mamta Banarjee also initiated discussion among Political Pundits in regard to the Alliance Politics before the 2019’s General Election in India. Mamta Banarjee now is the Chief Minister of West Bengal and also the Party Chief of self made political party which popularly known as TMC-Trinimool Congress Party. Not only this eyebrow raising hard hit against Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and, But also Didi(Didi in Hindi means SISTER which her fans utter her in love)he also has met all the key Political wing’s Top Brass within 24 hour of her visit to Delhi. All these list of top political leaders include Sharad Power of National Congress Party, Kanimozhi, Veteran Leader of DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam-Dravidian Progress Federation) including many top other Leaders in row to meet tomorrow. SHIV SENA, a key alliance of Modi led BJP govt. also invited Mamta to attend their Party Meeting tomorrow in the Constitution Club in New Delhi. Political speculation of meeting the Common men’s Chief Minister, Kejariwal can not also be denied. In addition to above she also can meet three Big Political Critics of our Present Prime Minister of India by tomorrow evening. Bollywood star turned BJP Politician Satrughan Sinha, Former Finance Minister, Yashwant Sinha and Arun Shourie Former Disinvestment Minister in Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s previous Government in the past.

ANJAN K SAMAL CAIT not mere does question to Members of Monitoring Committee appointed by the Apex Court of India but also does demand the immediate resignation of K J RAO & SOM JHINGAN on moral ground over the grave sealing issues in the National Capital of India. This particular allegation came to the lime light as alleged by CAIT put forwarding these members connection with political activities. The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) did dare to question over the conduct of Shri K.J.Rao & Shri Som Jhingan as both members of the Supreme Court appointed Monitoring Committee on sealing for their involvement in political activities. The CAIT categorically alleged that since the Monitoring Committee is constituted by the Supreme Court, it is expected that the members of the Committee will remain impartial but it is unfortunate and regretted that both the members of the Committee ,Shri Rao & Jhingan actively participated in the program of the Congress Committee in the past which is against the basic principles and ethics of the Monitoring Committee appointed by the

Supreme Court of India.This allegation indirectly also does question on the appointment of these two member as part and parcel of the Monitoring Committee while they had their links with political party of a country. Mr. Praveen Khandelwal, Secretary General of CAIT urged that as per some report and information available, the duo Members offered their kind services to Congress Party for holding elections of Youth Congress being were members of the Monitoring Committee which is absolutely unjustified and unethical. Holding the issue serious , Mr. Praveen Khandelwal desired to know from both the Member-

persons as to what were the conditions and situations which put them into the duty and responsibility of a political party of this country to participate and organize a political activity.Though Mr. Khandelwal has no such judicial authority to ask questions to persons appointed by the the country's Apex Court , but he even asked as these facts unearthed , both Mr. Rao and Mr. Jhingan need to resign on ethical point of view. CAIT precisely did demand the direct intervention of the Supreme Court of India to take immediate lawful action against these Members of Monitoring Committee as soon as possible.

Rare Red Sandalwood being exported to China

50 Tons of Red Sandalwood seized from a Patanjali representative

50 Tons of Red Sandalwood ceased from a Patanjali representative Around 50Tons of qualitative Red Sandalwood was ceased jointly by DRI(Directorate of Revenue Intelligence) and India’s Custom department from an unknown PATANJALI representative. The said ceased SANDALWOODS were meant to be exported not to any other Nation of the rest of the world but to India’s all time Enemy Country CHINA which is quite surprising also. It is really interesting to observe such Chameleon nature of the Owner of this ceased Red Sandalwood who by profession wise, also a hard core Priest. The CEO of PATANJALI group of company BABA RAMDEV who on 2016 in his Unique style alleging the Govt.’s stand urged via tweet ,“‘China has always betrayed us. Buying Chinese products is like help-

PATANJALI, a professional business house that manufactures mainly AYURVEDIC MEDICINES along with 100 of other retail products in India.

ing the enemy. Every nationalist Indian should boycott Chinese products”. PATANJALI, a professional business house that manufactures mainly AYURVEDIC MEDICINES along with 100 of other retail products in India. Along with 50TONS of Red Sandalwood the DRI((Directorate of Revenue Intelligence) also were seized some important documents along with a passport issued in the name of a PATANJALI Representative for china. This representative was the Man In Charge to export these costly endangered plant specie (sandalwood)

which need to be preserved but should not be meant to export out of the country for earring crore of rupees. When the entire world is busy with serious notes to save and secure many endanger plant species, there the Country’s greatest preacher of Nature, Yoga and Ayurveda is trying to destroy such high value endangered specie with uncalled deforestation for the sake of business and profession to earn money. In this regard the ANDHRA PRADESH FOREST DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION also comes under the ambit of In-

vestigation as BABA did clear that this department has offered him the license with selling sandalwood. The said representative unveiled that people of India know it also PATANJALI got it’s permission to export Cgrade Sandalwood but in fact all the 50Tons Red Sandalwood Seized is really High Grade and the most qualitative in nature. After this said Seize, PATANJALI KNOCKED the door of Delhi High Court as all these Sandalwoods were purchased by PATANJALI from Andhra Pradesh Forest Development Corp Ltd. legally and the matter is now under complete investigation by DRI(Directorate of Revenue Intelligence ) and Custom Department of India and also more truth behind this alleged export may be unveiled in the future course of hearing in regard to this particular RED SANDALWOOD EXPORT issue.

Mr. Praveen Khadelwal aggressively accused these two member's drawing of salary from government exchequer and luxuriously enjoying many government provided facilities terming it as unethical and unconstitutional. It is very interesting to know that this process of sealing has been storming since months as per the stricture by the Supreme Court which now even looks unstoppable as many petitions have been filed by the DDA , Delhi government and even MCD have already been disposed by the Apex Court itself. The only way to get rid of this unwanted and unprecedented sealing can be done by issuing ordinance on the floor of Indian Parliament which even could not possible as the NAMO Govt. seems not in mood this time after many approach by various market associations and even by CAIT. As a day before this particular traders Associations issued a press release by appealing the NAMO government to take all of their keys of their business houses and approached the Prime Minister either to intervene or they including their business and families will bound to flee from this National Capital, Delhi.

The Cow Smuggling Cop of UP TAC NEWS: The Smuggler of cows is none other than a Cop. Shocked! But in fact it’s true as was reported from the newly turned saffron corridor of India, Uttar Pradesh. Mr. Ikram Ullah till 31st March 2018 was also cop in charge at Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh to curb illegal smuggling of cows which are used to fulfill the carnivorous Mindset of some non -vegetarians in Uttar Pradesh. But unfortunately a sour truth did unearth when 3 other criminals who were involved in this thousands of cow smuggling have been arrested. After Police interrogation, these two young cow smugglers revealed that the Cop Mr. Ikram Ullah, a cop on duty at Gorakhpur himself is involved in this unfortunate cow smuggling in this area. Even Mr. Ullah also was helping smugglers to transport thousands of cows from Gorakhpur to other places of Uttar Pradesh and other parts of India. He was charging INR 2000/- for each vehicle which was meant to transport cows illegally from Gorakhpur. It seems, the re-

ligious fanatic Mindset has not ended in the mind of Ikram Ullah. Else a protector can not be a savior of crime and criminals. It was his responsibility to free the society from the fear of criminals, punish those who break the law. But he didn’t .He sold his responsibility and duty only mere for thousands of rupees. Readers and viewers of this news article need to know that Gorakhpur is the home constituency of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. The cop, Iqram Ullah who was given the responsibility to eliminate the crime against cows and cattle himself was involved in this unfortunate Cow Smuggling. He even used to help the local Butchers to send local cows to butcher house crossing the line of his duty and responsibility. This sour truth only could be revealed when the state crime Branch of CAINT AREA ceased a BALERO (Four Wheeler) used for the purpose of cow-smuggling at KHORABAR area near Gorakhpur on last Friday Morning.



Faridabad (NCR) 01-15 April, 2018

Beauty and Diversity at Mrs India Delhi NCR

Salim Sayed & Resham Chawla

Recently held were the auditions for Mrs India Delhi NCR 2018 Hosted by Resham Chawla at the Town House Cafe. The Pageant’s motto is upon beauty and diversity. Many contestants from various parts of Delhi / NCR turned up for the auditions which had an introduction and talent round. Among the jury members were some prominent names from the industry to name a few were Ahmad Kabir, Ritu Sood, Parul Oberoi, Salim Sayed and Anjanna Kuthiala.

Stylish Celebrations

Anjanna Kuthiala & Rajnish Kuthiala

Recently Mahesh Mundra hosted a grand party to celebrate his birthday at Hide Out Cafe and Lounge. The Party was hosted for his near and dear ones from the industry. Guests were spotted enjoying unique cocktails, mouth watering snacks and foot tapping music with some latest bollywood numbers. Many well known names from the social circuit were spotted having a gala time to name a few were Chaand Bakshi, Rohit Kohli, Sam Ahuja, Anil Katoch, Sonam Baralla, Shelly.

Ahmad Kabir & Ritu Sood

Ankit Satija & Parul Oberoi

Chand Bakshi & Vicky Alisha & Zeba

Rohit Kohli & Reshu Meena Bhijwani & Varun

Rahul’s “Mother and Kids Day out” Mahesh & Deepa

event evokes overwhelming response

Kshitij & Vamann Budding city based entrepreneur Rahul Khandelwal curated and hosted a splendid event themed “Mother and Kids Day out” on 11th March’ 2018 at Radiance Motel, Chattarpur, New Delhi. The fun frolic event evoked an overwhelming response as esteemed guests came in good strength despite it being a ‘Sunday’. The key idea behind the event was to showcase the loving bond of mother and child. Dressed in their resplendent best, mothers and kids from all walks of life descended under one roof at Radiance Motel to showcase their colossal talent and passion. Keeping in mind the fact that March throughout remains centric around women’s day festivity and celebrations,

Sam Ahuja

Dinesh & Simran

Rahul has curated various concepts pertaining to women issues under the aegis of his flagship brand “Elite India Model Management Pvt Ltd”. In a short time span of five years, Rahul has managed to carve a niche for himself, and expertises in organizing fashion shows for kids. Not the ones to give the critical issues concerning women a miss, Rahul effectively combined the fun themed event by embedding a deep rooted message of women empowerment for the society. In order to achieve his goal, he has sagaciously chosen to pay accolades to the power of women by aligning with a well known NGO named "We Welfare Society" as a Cause partner. Rahul henceforth, would add more dimensions

Sheal Singh

to his women and child series of events. Elucidating more on the same, Rahul says, “At the outset, let me begin by conveying my sincere gratitude to all our sponsors beginning from “Pockets & Pigtails” to H&S Designers By Hina And Sarina, and Mazhar Rizvi for all their generous support. It’s a matter of immense pride and delight to have elite people on board such as Neha Kala, Bipin Sharma, Shikha A. Sharma, Kavita Arora, Yogi Arora, Hina Shukla, Mohit Arora and Rimpy Gupta. I feel equally elated to have Jivraj Gupta, Kayra Goel and Myra Khanna as our Special Guest of Honour in the Kid’s category. No event is possible without the support and blessings of associate partners and sponsors.

A grand event marks the launch of RS Fashions two new shows

RS Fashions announced their new show "Bob and Barbie L'il Champs Season1" at a gala event at Shooter's Lounge and Bar, Kingsway Camp, Delhi on 18 March’ 2018. Organized by Rimpy Gupta and Sheetal Sharma, the key objective of the upcoming show is to unravel the hidden talents, and to bolster the confidence of children from age group 3-15. The choreographer of the new show is Hemant Kalia. Among the distinguished guests who graced the launch


Faridabad (NCR) 01-15 April, 2018

event included the likes of Dr. Varun Katyal, Rahul Khandelwal, Vijay Gupta, Vahid Ali, Piyush Khattar, Sonia Chopra and renowned Punjabi singer Inder Dosanjh. The Grand Finale of the show is slated for 30th June 2018. It was a day of celebration and revelry as RS Fashions officially launched another show titled "Miss and Mrs. Gorgeous Divas of North India 2018" on the same day. Akin to their earlier show namely “Miss and Mrs. Gor-

geous Divas of India 2018”, this show too is dedicated to the cause of promoting women empowerment. Notable among those seen in attendance included personalities like Varun Katyal, Neha Kala, Archana Tyagi, Shikha Sharma, Rahul Khandelwal, Vijay Gupta, Vahid Ali, Piyush Khattar, Sonia Chopra, Inder Dosanjh (celebrity singer),Travel Associate Partners Mitin Goyal, Dinesh Sharma, Aditya Chaudhary and Vijay Gupta to name a few.

hooded eyes makeup tips From all the features which we fuss over in a beauty routine, we’ve got to admit that the eyes are the toughest. From the surgical precision required to draw eyeliner to the resolve required to stop blinking when applying mascara, eye makeup takes dedication. So when one has hooded eyes, the level of difficulty increases. This is due to the skin flap on the eye lid which restricts most makeup techniques which are followed for almond shaped eyes. So if you find eye makeup for hooded eyes a tough task, worry no more. We’ve got 3 key eye makeup tips to follow for your hooded eyes to look sensational.

The false crease

Position yourself looking straight ahead in front of a mirror. Use this position as a standard and mark a false crease slightly above your natural crease. As the hooded flap covers your natural crease, an artificial crease is more visible. You can either use the false crease as a benchmark for your winged eyeliner or as a blending point for your eye shadow.

Give the lower lid its due

Shikha - the Magical Dietitian launches her franchise

While everyone loves a feline flick of eyeliner, the hooded flap can limit eye makeup on the upper lid. That’s why it’s about time you gave your lower eye lid a little more appreciation. To do so, you can define your eyes by lining your waterline with a black kohl pencil or creating a subtle look by smudging a brown kajal pencil on your lash line.

Well what we say is less for Shikha A Sharma Page3 Celebrity International Dietitian and Nurtrition she is the women who created a Brand in one year. Changed the world of Diet says - Eat Sleep Loose that’s is the reason she called a Magical Dietitian She believes in women em-

Even if you’ve gotten a full night of sleep, the lack of lid space can create the appearance of tired, fatigued eyes. Correct this by waking up your eyes with the strategic application of a gold toned eye shadow. Taking the shadow on a narrow brush, apply it generously on inner corners of your eyes, the inner and outer half of your lower lash line

powerment so she is giving opportunities to all the women who wants to do something in there life. So here is is giving her franchises. The launch was grand attend by More that 15 Media channel from personalities like Somnath Bharti, Mia Lakra

Rituraj sharma Swati Jain Bawana Jai Anju Sharma Neetu Singal Avinash Goyal Rakesh Kumar Ekta Sharma Deepali Gulati. Now Wat next yes she is coming up with her next franshie with Madhu Goel and Sonu Aggarwal in Yojana Vihar.

and continue to extend it towards your brow bone. This will give the illusion of larger lids and will reflect more light to brighten up your eyes.

Brighten your eyes

SHALINI YOGENDRA GUPTA Celebrity Makeover Artist

Contact for Advt. 9212460446




Faridabad (NCR) 01-15 April, 2018

Sadhu or Swaadhu?? KARAMVIR KAMAL

But what kind of nature is it that after getting the status of the Ministers of the State, the respected saints are saying that there is no scam and everything is right and absolute. With a Simultaneous accent, he even urged not to Blackmail these Holy saints in this way. This passion of power of our holy saints is not mere confined to the state of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Karnatak also has now come to this line.

So, will the Parliament be in a monastery or temple in the future course of time in this world’s largest democracy? Or will the Parliament now become a religious temple, not a temple of our incredible democracy? In this era of the current BJP government, the country has absolutely taken the path of Hindutva forgetting the glory of secularism. Now the Nation depends more on Ram rather then following the laws of land. In the Constitution, everyone has been given the freedom to choose their own religion and to practice the holy worship according to their religions. But to a democratic Country like India, the country's largest political party is at the forefront of making ‘Ram Rajya’ by passing the ethos and ethics of our deep rooted democracy. In some of our past Elections leaving the issue of development, religion and Hindutva were the major weapons of victory. It is quite unbelievable and impossible to talk about religion without naming saints and monks. India has been a country of saints since it’s very beginning which can’t avoidable also. Weather it is about religious city KASHI or the city of Monks, Maharashtra. In the glorious past and incredible History, many great saints and Monks were born on the holy land of India and taught all to follow the path of public welfare and religion. There are various religious gurus, monasteries, etc. in the country whose lakhs are devotees and followers even present today. It is not hidden to any one of this nation in regard to the deep influence of religious Saint and Monk’s in current

day’s Political Battle fields in India. During the days of Elections our Mighty Leaders even don’t at all forget to have blessings of country’s Top Religious Preachers and Teachers. For the sake of few votes they never distinguish between a True Saint and even dreaded criminals like ASHARAM and RAM RAHIM. But interestingly and astonishingly these saints and Monks have also changed dramatically. Now they intend to come into active politics to enjoy the taste of Political Power. By embracing the stairs of religion and faith, the dream of these saints has now become a doctrine not to salvation but to reach the height of politics. Now the saffron color is getting mixed with the color of Khadi. Recently the SHIVRAJ SARKAAR OF Madhya Pradesh has gifted status of Minister of States to as many as Five saints of the state. These Monks will be renounced RAJ YOGA leaving the simple life styles of

Saints forever in their lives. And also will taste the cream of power. All of them shall be provided the each and every facility which is meant for a Minister. This decision of Shivraj Sigh Chauhan also is being criticized every where across India. According to reports, these five saints have been given the post of minister for suppressing the scam in the project of protection of Narmada river, or to say that instead of suppressing the scam, Saints have been gifted these political posts. The president of the Akhara Parishad, Mahant Narendra Giri told the media, "If any saint has to serve the society through the protection of the river Narmada or if there is a scandal in this regard to be unearthed, then why does he refuse to do so?" But what kind of nature is it that after getting the status of the Ministers of the State, the respected saints are saying that there is no scam and everything is right and

absolute. With a Simultaneous accent, he even urged not to Blackmail these Holy saints in this way. This passion of power of our holy saints is not mere confined to the state of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Karnatak also has now come to this line. Lakshmivara Tirtha is the abbot of ancient Krishna Math of Uduppi who also has declared his inner intention to contest election as if an experienced Political Leader for which he put forward his demand of Ticket from BJP. In this row of our Monk’s desire to be in the Political Power corridor, along with BJP, Indian National Congress also in deep trouble. Laxmivara Tirtha ji is not like a common saint. He is completely enjoying his saintliness. Apart from politics, Baba ji is also fond of with music and running expensive carriage along with heavy engine bullet bike for his adventure. Baba Ji now a day looks so much interested in joining politics that he even does not intend to wait for BJP High command’s green signal for his ticket. He also looks ready to fight the coming election in Karnataka as an independent one. It is believed that the Human Being who can able to control his Five senses and this Physical world which is not tempted by worldly things is called a monk or a saint. Every one of us knows it very well about the rubber who turned as SAINT VALMIKI but now the time has changed and reversed as the sages departed from God’s blessings of Salvation and are approaching towards Political Power Corridor for their vested interest.

THE CHIPKO MOVEMENT The great Indian deforestation movement which became the world famous Google Doodle


The world famous ‘Google Doodle’ made all of us remember the glory of CHIPKOMOVEMENT , ‘Chipko’ means Stick to trees and ‘CHIPKO-MOVEMENT’ means stick to trees by linking hands all together around the tress to provide the physical protection from cutting down the trees. This unique Movement initiated much before in the past by a lovely and elderly lady named as ‘Gauri Devi’. She was head of a local rural community named as ‘Mahila Mangal Mandal'(Union for Development of Rural Women).When many company men marched to cut down thousands and thousands of trees in North India, this lady did dare to protest with thousands of women against deforestation. It was during 1730 AD, as many as 363 Bishnois(People of a ‘Bishnoi ‘Community) sacrificed their eternal bodies for the sake of saving trees .People of this particular

community in Rajasthan are followers of the ‘Lord Bishnu’. Lord Bishnu is the God who rules the earth as per Hindu Religious strictures. They even worship a kind of Trees known as ‘Khejri’ and the village from where they belong also is know as’ Khejri Village’. This Historic Movement to save trees from deforestation is also single of it’s kind across the Globe. This Movement took it’s full shape and impact on and after the year 1973 in Uttarakhand which is well known in India as the State of Gods in the Mighty Himalaya in Northern India. The man who is a world famous Environmentalist from the State of Uttarakhand roared and recited CHIPKO-MOVEMNET once again. The entire World took it’s importance and noticed this CHIPKO MOVEMENT as the utmost need of the World and not mere the need of India only.

Many global communities and nature Activists joined hands with Sunderlal Bahuguna and India also learnt a lesson against deforestation and for which this important year of 1973 marked as year from which India every year celebrate remembering the Great CHIPKO-MOVEMENT. The 45th Anniversary of this ‘CHIPKOMOVEMENT’ which the Google Proudly did recite as on 26th March 2018 in front of the world via it’s Google Doodle. In this age of Global warming and climate change while even in far interior areas, People despite of being uneducated and illiterate also are trying their best to protect trees and plants by using various unique methods for nature’s protection ,in the same time we the people in urban and Metro Cities look not so much serious and busy in spreading cemented structure on and over our Mother Earth.



Faridabad (NCR) 01-15 April, 2018

FAST NEWS Didn’t condone a little blow of wind

Rain and storm on Friday raised questions about the quality of underpass built at Gurugram adjacent to the National Capital of India. Just a few days ago, the under-pass of Rajiv Chowk was inaugurated. Fiver sheets on Underpass were shattered all around due to this little storm. Due to which many drivers were also injured. This incident has put question marks on the working system of government and administration. It seems, the work done haste or fault in work order plan of this particular construction.

The growing concern of electricity & water problems in GGN

As the heat is mounting, the problem of electricity looks in the city of ‘GURU DRONA’. Now there is no such day comes when there is no electricity cut. Claim of 24 hour relentless Electricity to people in GURUGRAM looks biased misappropriate. There is a constant cut of Electricity in the name of Maintenances. Problem of Water is the natural consequences of cutting down Electricity.

Roads of GGN will be crater free

The Corporation has made several claims to MAKE THE ROADS Crater Free. Only the officers claimed to change the roads were changed but the Roads here in Gurugram didn’t change or alter. When entering the city, the potholes start looking at the roads. The main MG road or the road inside the city, is full of all pits. No where inside GURUGRAM’S roads look good , whether you visit to local people or even to any Minister who live in this area. With the help of HARPATH MOBILE AQPPS, the process of restoration of damaged roads are going on. Maximum complaints on this MOBILE APP get rejected and in reply common men get the answer that there is no hole or damages on that road. Some roads inside the city of GURUGRAM are handled by HUDA and some others are handled by GURUGRAM MUNICIPALITY. Which became the weapon of the laxity for not doing the job. The harpath app is of the Haryana Government but when it is complained, the answer is that the road does not fall under our jurisdiction.

Will the buses reach till August??

Passengers were forcefully loaded as if animals inside smoky environment. Identity is the Gurgram's transport service. Bus shelters are also getting old in waiting for the bus. The bus shelter is now becoming an auto stand and parking space. GURUGRAM gets a different dates with the different excuses every time in the name of the buses. But those are not available are only the Buses. The city bus was about to come by November and again until March but did not come. Each time a new thing is added, the next date is announced. Now the new thing is that, now only non-AC buses will be used in the first phase. Earlier, 20 percent of the total 200 city buses, i.e. 40 buses, AC and 160 buses were planned to run as non-AC, But due to the demand for buses and technical reasons just for the manufacturing companies, we are now preparing to launch 200 non-AC buses on the routes. According to officials of Gurigram Metropolitan City Bus Ltd (GMCLL), tender process has been started for the selection of two bus operators. After opening technical bids, the financial bids will now open in the first week of April. To get 100-100 buses, two bus operators will be assigned the responsibility. In August, 200 city buses are expected to come.

Haryana will be the largest energy plant

On 13th April, the Chief Minister will lay the foundation of the country's largest West to Energy Plant in Bandhwadi. Many cities including Gurugram, Faridabad, which are battling the problem of disposal of garbage from year to year will be freed from it. With Eco Green Energy, the MoU has been signed by the state government to create Solid Waste Management ie Door to Door Trash Collection in Gurugram and Faridabad and out of this garbage and waste , energy will be produced. It is another matter that in many areas garbage collection vehicles come as per their wish not as per the need of people and environment. It is also reported that in many areas , the garbage collection vehicle even not reached once. Echo Green officials claim that it will be the largest waste-to-energy plant in the country and power generation will begin from one and a half years i.e. in 2019. Now with this help of Plant NCR not only shall be get rid of problems of Garbage pile but also the problem of water and electricity will also be solved.

All administrative departments to examine “Equal pay for Equal Work”

Saksham Adhyapak Dashboard introduced by Haryana Education Department

Haryana Govt. has directed all administrative departments to examine “Equal pay for Equal Work” related cases of other category of employees (whether engaged on regular or temporary basis) and who fulfill the conditions of Supreme Court Judgement within the month of April, 2018. An official spokesman said that a written communication has been sent to all the Administrative Secretaries, all Heads of the departments, all Commissioners of Ambala, Hisar, Rohtak, Gurugram, Karnal and Faridabad and the Registrar, Punjab and Haryana High Court, all DC’s and Sub Divisional Officers in this regard.

As a part of the ‘Saksham Haryana’ initiative, Haryana Education Department has introduced a Saksham Adhyapak Dashboard to achieve atleast 80 percent grade level competency of students in government schools within next two years. While stating this here today, a spokesman of Education Department said that dashboard had been introduced to create visibility on student learning levels in government schools. Known as the Saksham Adhyapak Dashboard, it not only shows the performance of the students in various subjects but also mentions the learning outcomes or concepts which

students have not been able to understand, so that teachers can re-teach those. He said that the dashboard is based on the standardised monthly assessment tests (MAT) in the state. After each exam, the teachers enter some data online which allows for generation of this dashboard. Currently, the dashboard is only for classes 1st to 8th but the department plans to expand it further in the coming future. The dashboard is already being used for district and state level reviews in the state. In March itself, the dashboard was used to analyse district and block performance in over 53 subdivisions

in the state in Saksham Haryana reviews chaired by SDMs. In the last 20 days, the dashboard has been viewed over 58,000 times by over 8,000 unique users including school heads, block education officers and district education officers.

Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority has been established for the integrated and coordinated development of Gurugram Metropolitan Area. GMDA is mandated to ensure transparency and adopt information technology while exercising its powers and discharge of duties. On the directions of Hon’ble Chief Minister and moving ahead in line with the vision to ensure transparency, accountability and cashless transactions, GMDA launched an on-line service for grant of permis-

sion for Change of Land Use (CLU) under the Punjab Scheduled Roads and Controlled Areas, Restriction of Unregulated Development Act, 1963. The powers of Director, Town & Country Planning earlier exercised under the Act of 1963 has been vested in the Chief Executive Officer vide notification of Government dated 26th February, 2018. Proceeding ahead with these directions, GMDA has started the on-line system for grant of permission for Change of Land use. It is also digitizing all the legacy files of DTCP

so as to create an on-line record of past CLUs granted. Under the new system, the user have to login and register themselves by giving their credentials, location and making online payment. This facility will be paperless from beginning to end. The applicants will able to monitor his/her file movement on daily basis and the Department can also check pendency every day on the dashboard. There is also provision to communicate with the concerned officer via electronic sms in case of any pendency.

In order to assist applicants, the website provides instructions and guidance for filling & submitting application file, procedure for examining the case, check list of required documents, CLU user manual and specimen of filled CLU form. Shortly on similar lines GMDA will be providing online service for approval of Building plan and Occupation Certificate. The system can be accessed through the Online Services tab after creating user ID and password on GMDA website

Contact for


GMDA established for development of Gurugram Metropolitan Area 9212460446

A miracle in the world of Medical Science World’s first transgender ready to breastfeed TAC NEWS: It is tale like fact that in New York city of USA, a bunch of wise Doctors & Physicians looks created history in International Medical Science who could able a Woman Transgender to Breast feed her baby. An International Medical Journal claimed and revealed after a successful Medical Science Research and study that a Woman Transgender (Identity hid to save and regard the life of this Transgender) now is able to shower Milk for new born Baby. The wonder did start with it’s course of glory when a woman Transgender did approach New York based Doctors to make her Medically and Biologically fit to

Breastfeed her Pregnant Partner’s Baby. This Motherly sensitive approach led a Fruitful treatment and Doctors turned ready with putting her on a REGIMEN (Medications for the promotion or restoration of health)of Drugs which includedan anti-Nausias treatment and medications that resulted a wonderful positive outcome. According to the fact findings of the said Medical Journal ,it is unveiled that the30 year old who was born male who resulting droplets of Milk. Just before15days of Due Date, she even could able to increase her production from Drops to as much as 256ml Milk a Day. Incredible Medical Science and Treatment done by these

Godly Doctors in New York city of United States of America(USA). This wonder of Modern Day’s Medical Science and treatment did spread as if a jungle fire from the “CENTER FOR TRANSGENDER MEDICINE AND SURGERY” across the Globe. Many believe itdangerous but more than many also termed it as wonder of medical Science from the Land of(USA) Wise Doctors. In this regard the Editors of this said medical Journal Urged, “We believe that this is the first formal report in the Medical Literature of included Lactation in a Transgender woman”. The said Medical Research is still to be officially Docu-

mented and once aftersome systematic and Medical step up in a wider way which is expected to be done soon in future course of time. If this can happen, then it must absolutely a new Discovery in the International medical Science and the said REGIMEN can also able to open the Next door of Hope and prosperity for Transgender Women across the world. By which all these unfortunate Transgender can able to convert their Day-Dream to have their Babies in their own arms to feed from their own Breasts. I would also like to congratulate each and every American Citizen as it is the Proudest Moment for all of them Being an American.



Faridabad (NCR) 01-15 April, 2018

Tiger Trapped Again star Salman Khan was filed before TWO decade by the TIGER FORCE (A Community organization) of BISHNOI community in Rajasthan alleging poaching of 2 Black Bucks to whom this particular community of BISHNOIS believe their existence as metempsychosis of their religious master, Bhagwan (The God) JAMBESHWAR.

Is not interesting?

TAC NEWS Many fans of Salman Khan across the Globe should also aware on whose Petition, he was put in trouble of BLACK BUCK poaching case. The Petition against super

But as per the legal point of view, the trial of this 20 year back Poaching case last had held on 23rd May 2013 in a CJM Court unprecedently put Salman Khan in trouble once again on 13th January 2017 whose trial viciously haunted the Tiger (Salman Khan’s two super hit ‘Tiger Zinda Hey’ make him popular in India as Tiger) and put him behind the bar after the verdict came as on 5th April 2018 for five Year. But the Tiger not only escaped but also granted Bail just within 48 hour of his arrest on 7th April 2018 after which the President of Bishnoi(a community in Rajasthan) Tiger Force did shatter and urged to appeal in the Higher Court. Within a fraction of moment

Salman Khan was escorted by Police to Airport for Mumbai to have a homely rest. He walked out from the jail as soon as the court order approaches the Jail Authorities to treat him a free man as per the law and order of the state. He was granted bail on depositing a bond of Rs. 50000 along with two sureties of equal amount as unearthed by his lawyer Mr. Mahesh Bora. Crazy fans of Super star were also seen bursting crackers both in Mumbai and Jodhpur to express their regard and happiness on grant of his bail by the honorable Court of Law. It is also important to note down that as per India’s Wild life protection act of 1972, the maximum punishment for killing an endangered Antelope like Black Buck. In this verdict , the lower court’s order to jail Salman Khan was Challenged by his Lawyer Bora in the Higher Court, Putting forward as much as 52 points of ground to grant bail and also dispose the case. But the said higher court granted bail after a legal controversy came in front of the concerned Judge that the Police and forest department’s Forensic report is made only of

bones of these 2 Black Bucks in which there is no sign of Bullet injuries and the investigators also did not examine the skins of these endangered Antelopes. District and sessions judge Ravindra Kumar Joshi ordered Bail for the Actor Salman Khan after

launch convincingly with the next date of hearing as on May 7 of 2018 for suspension of sentence. Lawyer Bora’s intelligence of put forwarding the facts in a reify way in front of the honorable Judge leads Mr. Salman a Victorious Verdict.

The Asian Chronicle | Apr 18_Ist  

The Asian Chronicle | Apr 18 Ist Issue.

The Asian Chronicle | Apr 18_Ist  

The Asian Chronicle | Apr 18 Ist Issue.