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November 2013

Abu Garcia’s New Max Blue Max Fune (JDM)

Abu Garcia

SaltyStage Light Jigging Rod

Skill Enhancers

Fishing With Soft Plastics Part 5: Presenting Ribbon / Curly Tails

Knowledge Wise

Understanding Fishing Rods Part 6: Power & Action

Ofmer Poparazzi, A Snakehead Killer?


Extreme Deisgns

Meet Yuki Ito, Megabass CEO & Designer 1




(Most impressive




(Most impressive


CUTTING EDGE ENGINEERING WITH ADVANCED PERFORM • 7SUITABLE stainless steel FORHPCR bearings + 1 roller bearing provides increased corrosion protection TM

• One piece gear box design allows for more precise gear alignment SALT WATER CUTTING EDGE ENGINEERING WITH ADVANCED PERFORMANCE •• 7C6 carbon body provides weight reduction without sacrificing strength and durability stainless steel HPCR bearingssignificant + 1 roller bearing provides increased corrosion protection • One piece gear box design allows for more precise gear braid alignment Machined aluminum braid ready spool allows to be tied directly to the spool without any slip FRESH WATER TM

carbonMatrix body provides significant weight reduction sacrificing strength durability •• C6 Carbon hybrid drag system for superwithout smooth reliable drag and performance TM

• Machined aluminum braid ready spool allows braid to be tied directly to the spool without any slip

• Slow Oscillation provides even line lay with all types of line

• Carbon Matrix hybrid drag system for super smooth reliable drag performance TM

•• Slow X-Cräftic alloy frameeven for line increased corrosion resistance Oscillation provides lay with all types of line TM

• X-Cräftic Duragear brass for extended gear life alloy framegear for increased corrosion resistance TM


for extended gear lifedurability •• Duragear Everlast brass bail gear system for improved TM


• Everlast bail system for improved durability TM

• Stainless steel main shaft and components • Stainless steel main shaft and components

LINE MAX GEAR INCHES CUTTING EDGE ENGINEERING WITH ADVANCED PERFORMANCE LINE MAX GEAR INCHES HAN MODEL # CAPACITY DRAG RATIO PER WEIGHT # steel HPCR bearings CAPACITY DRAG RATIO corrosion PER TURN WEIGHTTURNBEARINGS RETRIE •MODEL 7 stainless + 1 roller bearing provides increased protection SPORT 2500 12 lb allows (0.285mm)/150m 6 kg alignment 5.8:1 33 257g 33 8 ORRA SPORT 2500 12 lb (0.285mm)/150m 6 kg 5.8:1 257g Left/Rig •ORRA One piece gear box design for more precise gear TM

• C6 carbon body provides significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength and durability

Pure Fishing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (515617-X)

(515617-X) Pure Fishing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. • Machined aluminum braid ready spool allows braid to beShah tied directly to the Tel spool any slip No. 36, Jalan Kartunis U1/47, Kawasan Perindustrian Temasya, 40150 Alam, Selangor. : 603without - 5032 9288(Hunting Line)

Fax : 603 - 5032 9





Cutting Edge Engineering With Advanced Performance

7 stainless steel HPCR bearings + 1 roller bearing provides increased corrosion ost impressive spinning reel ever) protection (Most impressive spinning reel ever)

e spinning reel ever)

e spinning reel ever)

One piece gear box design allows for more precise gear alignment C6 carbon body provides significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength & durability

Machined aluminium braid ready spool allows braid to be tied directly to the spool without slipping Carbon Matrix hybrid drag system for super smooth reliable drag performance Slow Oscillation provides even line lay with all types of line

X-Craftic alloy fram for increased corrosion resistance CED PERFORMANCE osion protection Duragear brass gear for extended gear life

MANCE rength and durability e spool without any slip


Everlast bail system for improved durability Stainless steel main shafy and components





9388 Email :



Malaysia SEA TACKLE SDN BHD Lot 2, Jalan 241, Section 51A, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Tel: 603. 7875 9888 Fax: 603. 7874 6333


TT Jump Frog

By Siam Spoon

Watch TT Jump Frog In Action


Face T



Megabass CEO , D sional

An Event To Meet Megabass S

Venue: Kepong Date: 23rd N Time: 1pm All Are

P4 AD PERFECT 146.indd 2

To Face


ki Ito

Designer & Profesl Angler

t Fans & To Launch Shop In Shop

Tackle Sdn. Bhd. November 2013 m - 3.30pm Welcome

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Contents Enry Level Goodness Abu Garcia

Walk The Dog Made Easy

Photo Stealin’ Poparazzi Poppers

The Light Jigging Jigging Affair

Ofmer Doggy Lures 56

Blue Max Fune 20


Abu Garcia Salty Stage Light Jigging Rod 102

Megabass Insanity

Megabass Malaysia

Reels Gone Wild

Shop In Shop


Abu Garcia Morrum ZX (New 2014)

Understanding Fishing Rods

Part 6: Making sense of it; Power & Action 178


Fishing With Soft Plastics: Part 5

Berkley Powerbait

Presentation Methods: Ribbon / Curly Tails 198

T-Tail Minnows

Morigen AD-629 Chojin Kantsuki Chinu Hooks


TT Jump Frog In Action

Videos 226




Innovative Fishing 222

Pictures in this issue; courtesy of Pure Fishing, MGFA (Malaysian Game Fishing Anglers), Sea Tackle, Fortitude Titanium Inc. and Daiwa USA.

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Rod Ford Salta Rod

By Siam Spoon 228

Viper Sting Rod

Ryobi Knight Spoons 232

Ryobi Warrior Rod Ford X- Forge Spoons Heavy Wire Split Ring


326 236


Product Features Siam Spoon Rainbow Scale Edition


Like Us On Facebook (Official Page) 13

My dear fellow anglers and friends, With the blink of an eye it is now November and what a hectic month we had. With the launch of The Asian Angler in Malay language or rather the Malay edition things have been super busy but we are happy with how things tunred out. Things got a bit out of hand and we are still fine tuning and trying to lighten future issues. We are looking for that equilibrium where things will balance out nicely. Please bare with us on both this issue and reading experience. I recently tested lures from Sea Tackle called the Ofmer Gold Poparazzi and Doggy. The Doggy is a super easy lure to “walk the dog with” but the one that caught fish is the Poparazzi. Do read about them inside. In this issue we Test Drove Abu Garcia’s entry level JDM Blue Max Fune reel and we like it. It keeps the bank account healthy while we still get to play with equipment espcially duirng these uncertain economic times. Here is a piece of news that has kept me excited and eagerly waiting. I think it may excite you too. Fans of Megabass get ready as Yuki Ito the CEO of Megabass will be visiting Malaysia. He will be in Kuala Lumpur and you get this unique opportunity to meet him on the 23rd November 2013 at Kepong Tackle from 1pm to 3.30pm. There’s loads more to read about in this issue. Thank you for your support and do enjoy this issue. Tight lines.

Cheers, Phil Editor In Chief


For All Your Office Needs

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L-1-2, Pusat Perdagangan Kuchai, No. 2, Jalan 1/127, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur. Contact: 016 202 2635 Email:


Auto Reign Sdn. Bhd. 14, Jalan PJS 11/18, Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya, 46150 Selangor. Tel: +6016-722 1800 Email:


Auto Reign Sdn. Bhd. 14, Jalan PJS 11/18, Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya, 46150 Selangor. Tel: +6016-722 1800 Email:


Test Drives

Entry Level Go Abu Garcia Revo Blue Max Fune By Philemon Foo

oodness Recently

I was handed an Abu Garcia Blue Max Fune (pronounced Fu Neh) of which is an entry level reel for the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) market that Pure Fishing wanted me to put to the test. Imagine being handed the keys to a brand new car and told to go and trash it. The fellows at Abu must be really confident with this reel.


Lab Testing The First thing we did was to put the Blue Max Fune through a few tests in our lab. Like putting a car through a dyno test to find out about its performance, we use various gadgets to test reels and to find out what they are really capable of.


More About The Blue Max Fune Before we tell you how the Blue Max Fune took on the fishes on our trip (field test), let us get to know the reel better. The Blue Max Fune is the same size as all the other current generation Max series reels of which comes with larger gears and needless to say, a larger gearbox.


Being named the Blue Max Fune you would probably have guessed what color it comes in. If you’re thinking that it is blue and nothing else but blue, sorry bud, you’ve got it wrong. It comes in metallic coated black side plates and star-drag, with metallic dark blue frame and handle as well as spool control cap, and gun smoked silver thumbar and other parts.


The Blue Max Fune comes with a pitch lever that allows you to free the spool and re-engaging just by pressing on the thumbar and releasing it. It comes with a single handle EVA knob that sits on a longer handle giving you more cranking power. The spool is aluminium of which is standard with the max series reels.


Braking System The system used here to help you control the spool during the cast is the Mag Trax system of which is in essence, a magnetic braking system. The Mag Trax system is a well known system by Abu Garcia that provides consistent brake pressure throughout the cast.


Durable Gears The Blue Max Fune uses the Duragear system of which is one of the proven and well established gearing system within Abu Garcia’s stable of reels. The Duragear system used here is the earlier generation Duragear system of which is tough and durable but at the expense of weight. Well, it is certainly a good thing.


Balls Of Steel The thing that makes things spin or move smoothly are ithe bearings. Being an entry level reel the Blue Max Fune comes with 2+1 SS (Stainless Steel) bearings. That few you say? Well, why not complain to Toyota that the Corolla only has 132 horses whereas the Ferrari Scuderia has 483.


Maximum Drag The Blue Max Fune comes with a claimed maximum drag of 6.8kg. The unit handed to us only managed a maximum drag 10.9lb of which translates to 4.9kg during our lab test. This could be because of it being a used unit.


Drag Smoothness At our lab we tested the smoothness of the drag at various levels. The drag was behaving well until the drag registered a pressure of 8.6lb or 3.9kg and it started feeling sticky all the way to the 4.9kg max.


Blue Max Fune On The Road Having gone through our lab tests, we took the Blue Max Fune on a road trip to a pond about an hour and a half away from the city of Kuala Lumpur. The said pond is overfished which means that it is a tough place to fish at but we were told of giant fishes lurking about its waters.


Casting Heavy Lures To test the durability of the reel, it is a good idea to sprain your shoulder casting over and over and over again (hundreds of time probably), heavy lures that have no respect for bearings and gears. That is exactly what I did (without the sprained shoulder bit).


The Mag Trax brakes worked well in helping with the cast and the control of the spool and I did not feel any reduction in performance (whether and temperature didn’t change much). The reel performed smoothly on every cast with a bit of bearing buzzing sound from the bearings nearing the end of our fishing (the sound disappeared after a round of light oiling).


The Blue Max Fune also has pretty good cranking power. I didn’t put my forearm muscles through a workout cranking deep divers on this trip. This could very well be due to the larger main gear and longer handle of the reel.


I managed to hit a few almost decent size giant snakeheads on the Blue Max Fune and it performed well. It had more than enough drag to handle these fishes and more importantly, the drag remained smooth throughout.


My Thoughts The Abu Garcia Blue Max Fune is a decent entry level reel that looks good and performs really well for a reel within its category. We did torture the Blue Max Fune and it did come out unhurt. It is a tough and reliable reel that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. So if you’re looking for a good entry level reel, this would be it and not forgetting that it is made for the Japanese domestic market.


The Specs 2+1 Stainless Steel bearings 235g weight Max drag 6.8kg Gear ratio 6.4:1 28 inch per turn Mag Trax Brake System Line capacity: PE2.0 / 200m Graphite side plates Brass disc drag system Duragear gear system Aluminium spool


Inviting InviteFriends FriendsFor With A Fishing POCode Trip? Today. Click TryTo POCode Get Your’s Free.

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Test Drives

Walk The Dog Made Easy Ofmer Doggy Lures By Philemon Foo

Ever wondered how the term “Walk The Dog� came into the world of fishing? The closest link between fishing and dog would probably be dogfish and no one takes a dogfish for a walk.


Walk The Dog Made Easy Beginners to lure casting have asked many a time how this technique is done. It take some practise and time to get your lure “walking the dog.” Well, if you’re new to lure casting the Ofmer Doggy would be a lure to consider using. 59

The Ofmer Doggy lures are easy to manipulate. They “walk the dog� almost automatically. All you have to do is cast out your lure and retrieve slowly. The lure will dart its head left and right automatically. Jerk it and the Ofmer Doggy lure slides further.


Casting The Doggy I hope fellows in the animal rights department do not read this. Casting the Doggy is easy. It is quite aerodynamic and it travels great distances. The Doggy lure that I cast weighs 10g and I was casting it on an 8-20lb rod. It was joy casting it out and watching it fly.


Built Quality I did not hit any fish on the Doggy lure during our test but the lures feels solidly built. I am pretty sure it can take the ferocious beatings of a giant snakehead. As for the hooks my recommendation will be to change them to something stronger of your choice (recommended to be done for most new lures unless hook quality is stated).


Verdict If you want a lure that “walks the dog” easy, the Ofmer Doggy will be a good choice. Furthermore it is easy to cast with and it feels solid. This too will be a good lure for beginner lure casters. From here they will be able to build up confidence and get the gist of “walking the dog” before going on to different types or designed “walkers.”


Perhaps the term walking the dog came about as the lure darts left and right like how a dog sniffing around for something, walks. Oh, errmmm... No dogs were harmed during this test (just in case the animal rights group thinks of this test differently).


It’s Time To Catch The Big Ones!

Purveyor Of Fine Lures +6013 - 3520095

Almost An Obsesssion...

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Test Drives

Photo Stealin’ Poparazzi Poppe By Philemon Foo

ers (Ofmer Gold) What would you do if someone,

pops out from behind a bush, steals a few shots of you, teases you a bit, and awaits your brutality? Would you be pissed off by such unscrupulous antics, go up to the bugger and demand for an explanation?


Well, if yes then you are pretty much a gentleman who knows how to carry yourself well. Things didn’t go down quite the same with a Poparazzi Popper that did quite the same thing recently. Tomans (giant snakeheads) as many an angler can attest, to are not gentle at all.


Testing Ground On a recent fishing trip we tested the Poparazzi Poppers by Ofmer at an over fished pond where many have caught nothing but a suntan. Once in a while we hear of an angler fishing up a good size snakehead but most of the time, we don’t hear anything of which usually means...


Easy caster Wanting to know if the Poparazzi would be a noise maker or quiet hustler, I secured one of the Poparazzi Poppers to my 20lb line and gave it a cast. Having a weight of 44.5 grams, I opted to cast with a medium heavy rod.


It is a heavy lure to cast but it makes sense. When one goes for giant snakeheads of traditional sizes, most anglers would opt for heavier rods and thicker lines of which makes casting a heavier popper easy to cast. Anyway, I don’t have plans to fish at sea anytime soon so this has got to do.


The Poparazzi travelled continents every time I cast thanks to its aerodynamic design. Getting further distances also means covering more grounds, of which is a good thing especially on a quiet pond with practically no rises.



Popping Performance This is the tricky bit. Although the Poparazzi flew like an ace pilot, it didn’t pop all that well at first. In fact it acted more like pencil darting underwater which was not what a popper was supposed to do. I decided to allow it to float to the top and slowly popped it. That was when is started doing its job.


The Poparazzi is a popper that likes to be worked on gently. Too hard and it takes a dive. Slow down again and it pops but that was when all hell broke loose. An explosion occurred and the Poparazzi was brutally taken by a giant snakehead. This came as a surprise as we were casting other poppers (that popped louder) without any takers.


What’s even more surprising is that this slow popping popper that doesn’t make as much racket as other poppers that we were using did, got hit a second time about half an hour later. That’s weird isn’t it? Perhaps the snakeheads here have registered that loud pops equals danger and soft pops equals food. Who knows...


Built Quality The vicious giant snakeheads, both of good sizes managed to engrave two deep gashes into the Poparazzi but the Poparazzi still stood its ground and continued swimming and popping the way it was built to perform. Battle scars made nothing less of it but a third strike was a wish that didn’t come true.


Verdict The Poparazzi needs a bit of getting used to of which you will notice within the first few seconds of usage, and that is probably when you try to play it differently. It cast well (really well) and it is a tough popper, built well; somewhat a reminder of the Mercedes Benzes of old.


As for its performance, what can I say? It was the only popper that caught fish at this over fished and seriously quiet pond. This means that it works and it could be its less noisy demeanor that actually caught the fish’s attention and got it brutalized while the noisier poppers went home happily unscathed.


So perhaps, if you are going to be fishing in a pond that is over fished, you should probably bring along the Poparazzi. While I was pleasantly surprised by the first hit and put it down to luck, the second hit made me realized that I could be on to something with the Poparazzi.


Match Your Travel Budget At

Interested Travel Agents Please Send Us Your Enquiry ViaEmail:

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Test Drives

Abu Garcia Salty Stage The Light Jigging Affair By Philemon Foo

Light Jigging Rod

What is a sports car without sports rims? In September we test drove the Abu Garcia Orange Max jigging reel of which won the battle against the sails (sailfish). This Abu Garcia Salty Stage Light Jigging rod is the sports rims to that reel.


Feels Good Pick up the Abu Garcia Salty Stage Light Jigging rod and you will feel like a sportsperson. Well, somewhat perhaps. Everyone I showed the rod to said that it feels good. Not sportsmanship good but it feels good.


The rod feels good in the hands. It doesn’t feel too light or heavy, and is well balanced with a slight feel of weightiness at the tip of which balances off when you put on the Abu Garcia Orange Max reel. The whole setup balances really quite well.


Sports Mode The Abu Garcia Salty Stage Light Jigging rod feels and looks very much like a sporty piece of equipment. Every bid of it speaks sportiness. I mean every bid of it from the thread windings to the winding checks, to the blank, all the way to the experience. Sportiness, Sportiness, Sportiness.


Carbon Fibre Wraps Half of the rod’s blank is wrapped in carbon fibre. This includes the split section between the rear EVA handles. Carbon fibre adds to the sportiness appeal of this rod turning a Toyota MRII into a Ferrari Enzo, or perhaps a “plain Jane” into a sexy Samantha?


Contoured Rear EVA The rear EVA handles on this rod is contoured and shaved. There are two good reasons to do this. One is to add to its sporty looks and the other is for better grip and support while you jig. Bucket seats hold the driver in place with lots of support to limit his or her movements.


This shaved and contoured EVA does something as important as what bucket seats do but with less glamour... It seats neatly close to your armpits eliminating roll movements while you jig 115

Fuji Quality When the designers started working on this rod, they started with quality and they went all the way. The guides on the Salty Stage Light Jigging rod are Fuji SIC. The reel seat is also Fuji. It is painted black and printed with the Swedish crest. It also wears the Salty Stage badge. 117

Orange Madness Sitting on my bed (yes I do have a bed in my office) staring at the McLaren MP4-12C (on my calendar), I realized something. Both the McLaren and the Salty Stage Jigging rod share the same color; Metallic orange. Metallic orange winding checks, winding threads, and washers.


Blank Notes No, I am not going to leave this area blank. The Salty Stage comes with a carbon graphite blank with higher glass content at the tip. This gives it a softer or rather slower tip which is great for light jigging. It gives more absorption when a fish takes the jig. The jig being light moves up and down without darting too fast.


Another thing to note is that by adding more glass to the tip, it makes the tip softer (less rigid) but it adds weight. The engineers (I think) thought this through as they balanced it out heavier high quality rear EVA, and the rod being a jigging rod does come with a longer rear. Good engineering sense here.


Testing Ground I took the Abu Garcia Orange Max reel and secured it to this rod and brought it to a field to play. I put on my cowboy hat as it was a hot day and started casting at pebbles using a casting plug.


Castability I did receive an email some time back asking me if casting was an important attribute when choosing a jigging rod. I answered yes. If you are wondering why a jigging rod’s casting ability is important, it is because there are times when you need to cast a jig. There is also a method of jigging called horizontal jigging instead of the more common vertical jig. The Abu Garcia Salty Stage Light Jigging rod does cast really well. The plug I cast was a 7g plug and it got shot pretty decent distances. The plug was secured to a 10lb mainline.


Fishability I tested this rod at Rompin, the sailfish capital of Malaysia, and although I did not hook any sailfish on it we did catch quite a few decent snappers and squids close to 2kg in weight. The rod gave good amounts of fun. Although it has a slow action tip, there is sufficient strength to help you play the fish (and squid) but like all rods, it does have its limits.


Verdict I have played with quite a few light jigging rods and the Abu Garcia Salty Stage Light Jigging rod is amongst the top few that I like. I like the design and cosmetics of the rod. I love the feel and the fun it gave me out at sea.


If you are looking for such a rod this is a rod for you to consider. Do note though that this is a light jigging rod and it certainly has its limits. Ensuring that you balance your tackle nicely and this rod will give you plenty of good experiences.

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M e g INSaNity b a rEELS s gONE s wILD By Philemon Foo How

wild can fishing tackle get? Before you shoot out an answer the meaning of the word wild here actually refers to head banging, rock n’ roll, crazy, quadruple summersault kind of wild. It is the kind of wild that glorifies Beemer 3 series moded into monster trucks, that makes M3s look like sissies. 135

Megabass Wild This kind of wild is “Megabass wild” that makes Chris Banger look kind of lame and Chip Foose, well almost there but lacking a bit of something. Let me make it clear that I have heaps of respect for both Chris and Chip, especially Chip; but they’re both a tad too sane. Throw cars at Megabass and I bet you’ll in return get seriously insane cars. Here are some examples of Megabass’ madness.


The Beauty Of Insanity Lin 285 HM Just take a look at this slightly blurred picture of the Megabass Lin 258HM’s spool built with some sort of honeycomb design, this insane design doesn’t just make the reel look freaking great. Looking great isn’t good enough. It has to be insanely good looking with a purpose and that purpose is weight reduction.


Megabass Lin 285HM Specs Designed for saltwater fishing as well as freshwater fishing Ultra-high precision machine cut drive gear All gears and fittings are precision cut to the accuracy of microns Super smooth performance and feel Well balanced spool with honeycomb structure M Drag systems both strong and smooth 12 + 1 bearings for smoothness Gear ratio 6.0:1 Handle Turn: 91cm Weight: 248g Max drag 7kg Line Capacity: 6lb/210m 8lb/150m


See Through Sexiness Madness is goodness and Megabass embraces madness like how children go gaga over ice cream. Megabass wants you to see things you normally don’t see like the rotation of gears while as you turn the handle. Why not? Volkswagen enthusiasts have exchange bonnets with Plexiglas and Ferraris loves to show you its engines.


Megabass FX 68 The Megabass FX 68 baitcasting reel is like a beautiful model wearing thin see through clothing that allows you to embrace the beauty inside. Just like Plexiglas, Ferraris, and other exotic beauties; sexiness sells and I know you want one.


Megabass FX 68 Specs Super fast spool clutch Instant start up of spool when handle is cranked High density carbon composite body Enhanced gearing Super light weight and rigid High precision gearing “T� designed level wind Smooth and stress free spool rotation Magnetic Brake System (Mug Force 3D) with 20 adjustments 6+1 Bearings Gear Ratio: 6.8:1 Centimetres Per Turn: 72cm Weight: 190g Max drag: 5.0kg Line Capacity (lb. / m): 10/105, 12/85


Finesse Levels Of Bonkersity Finesse fishing, casting ultra light lures that make paperclips feel heavy... to the few it is a new sport but to the majority, those few have seriously gone bonkers. If you think that’s bonkers then I welcome you to a whole new level of “bonkersness.”


Megabass Zonda Hedgehog Customs For the benefit of those who do not know Pagani Zonda, it is a car that makes Ferraris look tame. Megabass has a Zonda too and it holds true to the Zonda name. What’s driven it levels above what normal people call madness are the mad, mad, mad, mad designers or pseudo-scientists of Hedgehog Studios.


The Megabass Zonda Hedgehog Customs is one seriously insane finesse reel made to hopefully fill the thirst of finesse mad anglers some of whom are still finding ways of casting out tiny wood splinters. Megabass has indeed driven finesse fishing tackle to higher levels of “bonkersity.�


Megabass Zonda Hedgehog Customs Specs Design input by Megabass Pro Anglers Power casting finesse reel Retuned spool for added strength Hedgehog Studios finesse dedicated spool Fine tuned Magnetic Brake System Super smooth performance 8+1 ball bearing Gear Ratio: 6.8:1 Centimetres per turn: 70cm  Weight: 172g  Max drag: 4.0kg 

BAIT FINESSE SPOOL SPEC Spool diameter: 33mm  Spool thickness: 0.25mm  Spool groove depth: 2.0mm  Weight (bearings included): 8.95g (standard spool weight: 14.8g)  Material: Ultra duralumin  Shaft: SUS304  Line (lb. / m): 7/44, 10/40, 12/36 Spool color: Black Includes one standard spool


Pushing The Levels Of Insanity Megabass has been hard at work driving insanity to greater heights and although these products featured here are not all new, they speak volumes of how extreme designs can get. With Megabass, the English language will have to create newer words to describe insanity levels of which today’s dictionaries have all gone obsolete.

Pictures courtesy of Megabass

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Megabass: Malaysia By Philemon Foo

When I hear the brand Megabass

what comes to mind is superb looking products with extreme transformation of both specs and design. Megabass is like the ABT, or AMG of the fishing world. Take something good and make it extreme. Now, that is my kind of talk.


Yuki Ito If you do not know this name, perhaps it is time that you remember it. Yuki Ito is the founder and CEO of Megabass. He is an angler and the person that designs the awesome reels, lures, and rods that wear the Megabass brands.


What’s In A Name You may be wondering what Megabass means. Some of you may even think you know what Megabass means. Well, you may be wrong or right but I am going to tell you anyway. Megabass comes from the words Mega of which means big, and bass comes from black bass and also rock n’ roll as in music type bass that Yuki Ito likes.


Megabass In Malaysia We have seen Megabass in Malaysia but not in a big way. In fact we have seen Megabass in Malaysia in very small ways. Whatever we’ve seen about Megabass in Malaysia, clear them away. Megabass now has a home in Kepong tackle with a nicely done Megabass “Shop in Shop” which means that things are about to get big.


On a recent visit to Kepong Tackle I was surprised in a pleasant way to see a Megabass shop in its shop. The area where the high end rods used to be displayed has since turned into a Megabass shop. Two thumbs up from us.


Yuki Ito In Malaysia What’s more exciting is that you now have an opportunity to meet the man himself, the founder of Megabass, the professional angler, and the crazy designer that brought about some of the most extreme designs in this day and age in fishing. Yuki Ito will be visiting Malaysia and will be at Kepong Tackle to officially launch the Megabass “Shop in Shop.” To meet him in person, all you have to do is to be at Kepong Tackle on the 23rd of November 2013, time: 1.30pm to 3.30pm.


You Want Extreme? So, if names like Zonda, Gaus, Racing Condition, and Racing Milano... tickles your fancy, and everything else is boring; you may just want to drop whatever you are doing, get that ticket, or drive your way to Kepong Tackle on the 23rd of November. “Extreme� has arrived and is awaiting your participation.


Face T



Megabass CEO , D sional

An Event To Meet Megabass S

Venue: Kepong Date: 23rd N Time: 1pm All Are

P4 AD PERFECT 146.indd 2

To Face


ki Ito

Designer & Profesl Angler

t Fans & To Launch Shop In Shop

Tackle Sdn. Bhd. November 2013 m - 3.30pm Welcome

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ABU GARCIA® MORRUM™ ZX (New 2014) Precision Casting and Control in the Ultimate Round Reel By Abu Garcia

Round baitcast reels are standard among anglers across the globe

looking for performance and durability that can withstand the test of time.

The new Abu Garcia Morrum™ ZX takes the round baitcast reel to the next level with lightweight design, compact profile and advanced materials of which sets the Morrum ZX apart from all other round reels. From its machined aluminum frame and sideplates, to bent carbon handle and flat EVA knobs, no detail was spared in designing the ultimate round reel. Compact design coupled with the renowned IVCB-IV™ externally adjustable centrifugal braking system enables anglers to cast ultra-lightweight lures with precision, accuracy and control. The Morrum ZX features an Infini II™ spool design for extended castability and extreme loads. Ten stainless steel HPCR™ bearings plus one roller bearing provide increased corrosion protection while the Carbon Matrix™ Drag system delivers smooth, consistent pressure throughout the entire drag setting. The Morrum ZX is available in both right and left hand models with a line capacity of 135 yards of 12 pound monofilament or 135 yards of 30 pound braid. For complete specs and information on the new Morrum ZX and other products from Abu Garcia, please visit


system delivers smooth, consistent pressure throughout the

The Morrum ZX is available in both right and left hand model monofilament or 135 yards of 30 pound braid. For complete specs and information on the new Morrum ZX Weight 7.34 ounces

Gear Ratio 6.3:1

Line Capacity Mono 12lb/135yd Braid 30lb/135yd

Frame Machined a Machined a

CARBON FIBER HANDLE Compact bent carbon handle provides a more ergonomic design that is extremely lightweight

EVA KNOBS Flat EVA knobs provide greater comfort and durability







12 lb/135 yd 12 lb/135 yd

30 lb/135yd 30 lb/135yd

15 lb 15 lb

6.3:1 6.3:1

entire drag setting.

ls with a line capacity of 135 yards of 12 pound and other products from Abu Garcia, please visit Drag Carbon Matrix™

aluminum frame aluminum sideplates

Brake System IVCB-IV™ brake system

MACHINES ALUMINUM FRAME & SIDEPLATES Machined aluminum frame and sideplates provide exceptional strength and rigidity in a lightweight design. IVCB-IV™ BRAKE SYSTEM The IVCB-IV is externally adjustable so you can quickly fine tune on the water.

CARBON MATRIX DRAG The Carbon Matrix drag provides smooth, consistent drag pressure throughout the entire drag setting. Higher drag settings are achievable when compared to most drag materials. INCHES PER TURN




28 28

7.34 oz 7.34 oz

11 11

Right Left

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Knowledge Wise Understanding Fishing Rods Part 6 Making Sense Of It: Power & Action By Philemon Foo


and Action: two simple words that have left many an angler confused and lost when it comes to fishing rods. It is funny how two very different words that mean very different things can become so confusing and thought to be the same. It is like getting confused between a motorbike and a bicycle and thinking that they’re both the same.


Same Action But Feels Different I have been asked quite a number of times why some rods with the same Action rating (example Medium or Moderate action) feel so different? Heck, even people in the fishing tackle industry get these confused all the time. Well, let us clear up this confusion. For now just remember that the terms power and action both mean different things.

Note that this rod tells both Power & Action. Power is Medium Light while the rod is a fast action rod. 181

Action The term action refers to the bending characteristics of a rod. This can be seen when pressure is applied on the tip. The various actions of rods are classified as Slow, Medium (Moderate), Fast, and Extra Fast. There are also the in-betweens.




Extra Fast action rods bend quite close to the rod tip. Fast Action rods will bend at about 70% of the rod from the butt section. Medium (Moderate) action rods somewhere about 50% to 55%, while Slow action rods bend at about 30% of the rod. See illustration... A = Extra Fast Action B = Fast Action C = Medium (Moderate) Action D = Slow Action


Power (Rod Weight) The term power or rod weight is usually classified as UL (Ultra Light), L (Light), ML (Medium Light), M (Medium), MH (Medium Heavy), H (Heavy), and XH (Extra Heavy) or so on a fishing rod. It gives you an indication of the strength of the rod or lifting power. Anglers have also been choosing the rod’s power based on the type of fish as well as fishing that they will be doing with the said rod. An example would be Medium Heavy rod for giant snakeheads in a pond with not much snags. Although it is a crude way to choose a rod but it seems to work to a certain extent.


Feeling The Power One of the ways to feel the power of the rod is to hold the rod handle or grip (EVA) and flex the tip slightly. A rod with heavier power ratings will feel stiffer whereas a rod with lower power ratings will feel softer.

Note: Do not poke the ceiling. Gently place the tip at an angle on the ceiling before applying pressure.


Another method is to rest the rear handle of two rods of the same Action rating but different power on the ground while you lightly hold both the rod tips. Support the rod tip (say at about 10% from the tip) with your other hand (do not hold). Raise both hands upwards together until both rod handles are off the ground. The rod with the lower power rating will have its handle sitting below the rod with a heavier power rating.

A thinner rod with a faster action.


Rod Sizes And Looks Another thing that I want to make clear is that rod sizes (fat or thin size blanks) do not always mean a certain Power rating or Action rating. A fat rod may not be classified as Heavy with Fast action or a thin rod classified as Medium with Slow action. There are fat boat rods in the market classified as Medium powered and Slow action of which will be a nightmare if you’re fishing giant groupers. You would be better off with a boat rod that is Extra Heavy power and with at least a Fast action (could be thinner) of which gives you enough power to slow the fish down and time for you to react before it reaches back into its hole in the coral.

The rod on the left is thinner than the rod on the right, yet it has a faster action and higher power rating.


Why Knowing These Is Important Well, would you purchase a car solely on its engine capacity? A car with an engine capacity of say 2000cc may not be as powerful as a car with a 1300cc engine. There is one more thing to look at, horsepower isn’t there? Oh, and what about torque? The characteristics of a rod do have an effect on your fishing. Too soft a tip and you may not be able to manipulate your plastic lure well. Too stiff and you may strike too fast especially if you’re fishing with soft plastics. Too heavy a rod and you may find fishing less powerful fishes boring. Too light a rod and you may not be able to control hard fighting fishes well.


A Clear Picture Finally I hope to have helped you understand the difference between Power and Action with this article. So the next time you talk about fishing rods with your fishing buddies, or the next time you visit a tackle shop, do ponder over this article as it will help you make a better decision on your next purchase.

Signs of confusion within the industry.

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Skill Enhancers

Fishing With Soft Plastics: Part 5 Presentation Methods: Ribbon / Curly Tails By Philemon Foo


When I first started fishing with soft

plastics, the curly tail or and ribbon tail baits (lures) are some of the first that I used. They were the ones that got me hooked onto soft plastics stealing the limelight off hard plastic lures. That is how good these ribbon tails and/or curly tails really are. From now on in the article I will just use the term ribbon tail of which will cover curly tails as well as both mean quite the same thing and their presentation methods are quite similar.


Understanding Ribbon Tails To me, the ribbon tails are the sexiest soft plastics around. The way the “ribbon� section of the ribbon tail dances underwater, it is no wonder that fishes go crazy and find it hard not to fall for a dangerous seductress with a sharp pointy hook tucked somewhere within its body; so hard to resist.


What Makes The Ribbon Tail So Effective? The ribbon tail dances and twirls underwater with a hypnotic dance as it swims about. This hypnotic dance movement is what drives fishes crazy. You could be using a ribbon tail worm, grub or fish; it is the way the tail moves that makes it effective. Of course some ribbon tails do come with ribbed bodies that created vibrations but the dancing of the tail gets the majority of the points.


Different Ribbon Tail Soft Plastics The ribbon tail soft plastics come in quite a few varieties. The main ones are the lizards, various fishes, worms, and grubs. There are also a few ribbon tail variations but the main two are longer curlier tails (mostly called ribbon tails) and the shorter tails (mainly called curly tails).


Presentation Methods This is one of the soft plastic lures that are best presented slow. They are even effective sitting head down and tail up on the bed of a slow flowing stream. As long as the tail is allowed to do its dance, your chance of catching a fish is good.


Slow Retrieve This presentation is easy. All you have to do is to cast out your ribbon tail lure and crank it back at a constant yet slow speed. You can have the lure swim at different water depths depending on the weight and size of your entire lure + jig head. All you need to do is to adjust the speed of your retrieve to have it swim at a certain depth. This presentation creates the illusion of a care free slow swimming fish, swimming about without a care in the world, of which makes for an easy meal. Recommended to be used at lakes, ponds, slow flowing streams, with still and shallow waters. You can fish it beside weeds and snags or along banks. Lure types: Lizards, grubs, and fish types.

Slow retrieve of paddle tail baits allows the tail to waggle and attract fish.




Retrieve And Pause This presentation method is used with many soft plastic lures such as the paddle tail (October 2013 issue). However the method is slightly different. For the ribbon tails, the retrieve is slow and constant while you move your rod tip upwards. Drop the rod tip (pointing down at the water) when you pause. This presentation methods turns the ribbon tail into a playful fish that is swimming up throughout the various water depths (columns) and back down again, all the while showing off its sexy dancing tail. You can use this method in almost all types of water with little to zero currents. Lure Types: Grubs, fish, and worms.



1. Jerk upwards

2. Drop tip

Rod Tip

Jerk And Drop This method is also used with paddle tail lures but in this case, the ribbon tail does not look like a dying fish but more of a fish panicking fish. Jerk the rod tip upwards and drop your rod tip. Hold or pause at that position for about three of four seconds. Give it another jerk and drop again. Hold or pause for three or four seconds. Repeat these steps. What happens is that when you jerk, you actually dart the fish upwards. Dropping the rod will allow the fish to swim its sexy tail to the bottom. It is usually during the pause and while the lure is dropping that the fish strikes the lure. Recommended for use at waters that are still such as lakes or ponds where currents are light to nonexistent. Also very effective when presented at weedy areas. Fishes tend to hit it on the drop. Some fishes also tend to hit the soft plastic bait while it is sitting at the bottom. Lure types: Grubs, fish, and worms.


Jerk Jerk Jerk


Pause 215

Swimming About Foliage Rigged wheedles, paddles tails can be used in weedy areas as well. You can swim your paddle tail about weeds, inside the weedy areas, even around lily pads and various vegetation. Paddle tails can also be made to look like a fish eating or checking out the stems of these vegetation.



Drop Shotting This method is used mainly by anglers fishing from a boat. Just hook on your ribbon tailed lure to the hook of the drop shot rig and bounce the drop shot at the bottom. Move around and bounce it a various areas. This allows the lure to dance up and down. You can also not bounce the lure in waters where there is current present. Just ensure that your drop shot or weight is sitting at the bottom and your line is almost vertical. Also ensure that your lure is sitting above any foliage of weeds. The current will help the lure to dance its tail. Lure types: Fish, worms, grubs.


There you go. Do try these presentation methods out on your next fishing trip. Till today, I always bring along lots of ribbon tail lures on any fishing trips be it out to sea, on a calm lake, or at a jungle stream. They are my “do not go fishing without� soft plastic lures. Remember to slow things down with the ribbon tails. Back To Content


BP18 - 396 Rue de la PrĂŠcision - 74970 Marignier - France







PRODUCT FEATURE (Nov 2013) Highlights 2013

Genetic Metamorphosis L Pink Glow

Olive Pearl

Bronze Pearl

Black Gold Sparkle

BERKLEY POWERBAIT T-TAIL MINNOW Match the hatch with feeders with a wide range of colours in Berkley Powerbait T Tail Minnow shape. Proven fish takers, the T Tail Minnow’s T shaped rear end has a tight vibrating action at the slowest of retrieves and comes with the Berkley powerbait advantage, fish hold on 18X longer! Designed in Australia to suit Nitro jig heads, fish Berkley Powerbait T Tail Minnows for trophy Sebarau and mega Peacock Bass with confidence. Colors: - Coastal Candy - Glow / Chartreuse Tail - Natural - New Penny Sizes: - 2.5� Recommended Jigheads: - Berkley Nitro Bream Pro



ABU GARCIA MORRUM ZX Not just any reel has what it takes to bear the Mörrum name introducing the new Mörrum ZX. Features: Weight : 208g Line retrieve/cm : 71cm Max. Drag : 7kg

Ball Bearings : 10+1 HPCR Braid Capacity : 30lb /135yd Gear Ratio : 6.3:1

• 10 stainless steel HPCR™ bearings + 1 roller bearing • Machined aluminum frame and sideplates • Carbon Matrix™ drag system provides smooth, consistent drag pressure • IVCB-IV™(Infinitely Variable Centrifugal Brake) gives very precise brake • Infini II™ spool design for extended castability and extreme loads • Compact bent carbon handle provides a more ergonomic design • Flat EVA knobs provide greater comfort and durability • Titanium coated line guide reduces friction and improves durability • Recessed reel foot allows for a more ergonomic reel design • Made in Sweden

For More Information Please Contact Pure Fishing : +603 5032 9288 225

MORIGEN AD-629 Chojin Kantsuki Chinu

Morigen AD-629 Chojin Kantsuki Chinu is a new addition which is custom engineered uniquely for Malaysia market esp. the very demanding commercial pond anglers. This time round the ringed Chinu is crafted with the Morigen Nidan Sentou technology, making it the sharpest Chinu hook ever. The 629 are mean main bait hooks, featuring a totally unique offset, super-sharp forged point for merciless instant hook-up. Super strong and highly corrosion resistant comparing to other carbon hooks, Morigen’s lethal sharpness outlive any other carbon hooks in the market. Come in sizes suited for both freshwater and saltwater application. Made in Japan. Size Available: # 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Enquiries: MGFA (M) Sdn. Bhd. Tel: 607-8619289


New Edition TT Jump Frog by Siam Spoon

Colors Available

The very popular Siam Spoon TT Jump Frog is back in our waters; an improved version. A stronger body, stable profile and more enticing action makes this lure simply irresistible to all snakeheads! Never go on a snakehead hunt without the Siam Spoon TT Jump Frog. Size available in 12gram 5.5cm & 8gram 4.5cm

Enquiries: MGFA (M) Sdn. Bhd. Tel: 607-8619289


Rod Ford Salta Designed for casting saltwater lures (Jackson Pin Tail) and light jigs, Rod Ford Salta is made specifically to hunt Dorado, Mackerel & Trevally. Never had a rod achieved so much power with its light weight class; built with super composite material for extreme durability to withstand ferocious predators of the deep. Comes equipped with Fuji reel seat.

Model available: RFSA602MHS PE#1-3 Jig Wt: 30-80gm RFSA682MHS PE#1-3 Jig Wt: 30-80gm Enquiries: MGFA (M) Sdn. Bhd. Tel: 607-8619289


Viper Sting

Viper Sting is built with quality components and technology for demanding anglers. The Sting series boasts outstanding strength, sensitivity and strong hook setting power in any demanding situations. With a strong backbone and proven blank, the Sting is ideal for freshwater and saltwater luring to bottom fishing. Comes equipped with Fuji reel seat and Fuji Oxide guides. Spinning Series: VS401MFS Line Wt: 4-10lb Lure Wt: 1/16-3/8oz VS461MFS Line Wt: 5-12lb lure Wt: 1/8-1/2oz VS501MFS Line Wt: 6-15lb Lure Wt: 3/16-5/8oz VS561MHFS Line Wt: 8-17lb Lure Wt: 1/4-3/4oz VS502MHFS Line Wt: 6-15lb Lure Wt: 3/16-5/8oz VS562MHFS Line Wt: 8-17lb Lure Wt: 1/4-3/4oz VS602MHFS Line Wt: 10-20lb Lure Wt: 1/4-1oz VS662MHFS Line Wt: 12-25lb Lure Wt: 3/8-1.1/2oz VS702MHFS Line Wt: 15-30lb Lure Wt: 1-3oz

Casting Series: VS461MFB Line Wt: 5-12lb lure Wt: 1/8-1/2oz VS501MFB Line Wt: 6-15lb Lure Wt: 3/16-5/8oz VS561MHFB Line Wt: 8-17lb Lure Wt: 1/4-5/8oz VS502MHFB Line Wt: 6-15lb Lure Wt: 3/16-5/8oz VS562MHFB Line Wt: 8-17lb Lure Wt: 1/4-3/4oz VS602MHFB Line Wt: 10-20lb Lure Wt: 1/4-1oz VS662MHFB Line Wt: 12-25lb Lure Wt: 3/8-1.1/2oz Enquiries: MGFA (M) Sdn. Bhd. Tel: 607-8619289


Ryobi Knight Spoons

Ryobi Knight spoons are designed slender with curves made just right to vibrations in the water that attracts fish. These spoons are specially tuned and they have a unique flutter that gets fishes angry and induces them to bite. The shiny colors of the Knight spoons create fluttering lights underwater that further attracts fish especially from a distance. Every Ryobi Knight spoon comes with a 2 times strong swivel for added strength.

For more information please contact Sea Tackle at: +603 7875 9888


Ryobi Warrior Spoons

Ryobi Warrior spoons are specially tunes spoons to swim in a way underwater of which creates vibrations. These vibrations and flutter of the spoon attracts fishes to bite. Most fish will take the spoon on the drop while the vibration attracts fishes during the retrieve. Every Ryobi Warrior spoon comes with a 2 times strong swivel for added strength.

For more information please contact Sea Tackle at: +603 7875 9888


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Email: Tel : +6012 883 1628

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Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

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