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B t s i a W X VFO

VC-3055 The Waist Bag For Serious A

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s Changing, Always Exciting, s Getting Better...

s Who We Are.

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S g n i


Contents tion:


Year 1981

in— rnag in Ja Kev


e Ro


ring is named TORZITE .

766 54-3 800-6








TOR of TORZITE represents TORUS . Unique and ultimate toric ring is created.


Oakley Kevin VanDam 014 @blu kevin

Malaysia’s Coarse Fishing Clinic

Fishing With Soft Plastics: Part 8


Scent And Soft Plastics 170

Part 9: Rod Guides

Tortured Hooks Morigen Hook Test

Understanding Fishing Rods

The Case Of The




Signature Series Polarized Sunglasses 142

122 106

88 Maximize blank performance, maximize line performance. Fuji has been working on developing

a supreme ceramic ring which satisfies these two performance factors, That is to say Lighter &

Stronger as an eternal proposition. 32 years since SiC ring was launched now go beyond SiC with

the supreme ceramic ring TORZITE . Witness the birth of the next generation ceramic ring.

info new more For . , the lers et today ASE ang ELE lite e mark TE R en e th EDIA IMM prov s on FOR d by e rod ect teste sitiv perf the ield ost sen s. F vers ight deli dard of the m twe e ® stan ods il ligh r e h e le s of s on ecis ce, w edib t-pr angler serie incr s balan g mos city e fers the , givin Vera y of improv d to ed g , the amil f m in eere balanc logy . city syste ngin eryth d hno Vera guide models all e ight an g ev Tec g are , the e ro shin ano . ique oy mic spinnin or fi rods lightw ith N tance chn ed f u ll d n a b te n cia® ries is ite w ct resis Gar e ater ium ng a an A aph desig a s n ti w s s y e h ta r n gr Abu city™ imp call fres ity’s ti both ca featu 36-to y and c any n pecifi lso Vera s a for Vera on o from itivit l s. dels rod n o h ered The detecti ode o cted of sens c gm cati nm stru gine gler. . Ea e erin ctio ction Con ination y en us an rior bit ility ait appli , off a b vy a call io e urab b able aits. com -hea -light ecifi ay’s ser lds sup nd d for all avail rankb s sp r dium ium ity a e e c p iv tion r tod y yie also e med 6” m h ac ance fo nsitivit s is diving ensit ook ke 6’9” a 6’ Wit erie ter s h ep e d d se orm ch s from g from grea rigged perf crease Win ills to in ing lers in ang d Texas rang els rang at cific uare b the el se q -spe d give able an re re bait iving s vail ing mo t dles el seat d re a postu rank Sea n han Supreme ring .............

On TY™ lance – a ACI VER ht and B CIA eig GAR Lightw ABU itivity, ens S

In combination with ZITE which gives the image of hard shining mineral, this next generation ceramic

Tortured Hooks Morigen Hook Test Year 2013

Abu Garcia Veracity Rod

Bag With Rod Holder

VFOX Fishing =


Spartan A Warrior’s Rod

Guide Fuji’s Latest Guide System 80

Rod Ford Fuji Torzite STR O N G ER & LIG H TER

Light, Strong, and Powerful 64

Abu Garcia ORRA 2 SX-HS / ORRA SX-HS 20

Kewl Mount Fuji Rod

Old Meets New

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MGFA Section Rod Ford Ryojin,

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My fellow anglers and friends, Happy Chinese New Year to all celebrating and we wish you (everyone) all the best with lots of success, good health, and better fishing in the year of the horse. This happens to be one of the hardest issues to kick off due to the many holidays as well as the Chinese New Year yet we managed to launch on the targetted date. In this issue we take a close look at Abu Garcia’s new mid range baitcasting reel the Orra 2 SX-HS and we let the older Orra SX-HS have a go at it. For those of you considering the Orra SX-HS, this is for you. Fuji has also launched a new type of guide called Torzite. The first rods into Malaysia with these super new technology guides will be the Limited Edition Kewl Mount Fuji Torzite. News is that the Torzite guide is much better, lighter, and tougher than the Fuji SIC. Interesting isn’t it? Begining with this issue we have added other accessories that is indirectly linked to our sport such as sunglasses and watches. Did you know that KVD as in Kevin VanDam has a few signature series Oakleys under his belt? Well, there are lots more. I hope that you enjoy this issue. Keep on fishing and get your friends and kids off their mobile devices and share our sport. Thank you for your support and tight lines.

Cheers, Phil Editor In Chief


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Test Drives

Old Meets New

Abu Garcia Orra SX-HS / Orra 2 SX By Philemon Foo

Reduced Weight, New Design, Magnetic / Centrifugal, Maximum Dra



Abu Garcia recently launched the

Orra 2 family of reels. Orra being the mid level low profile baitcasting reels of Abu Garcia’s; like other Abu Garcia baitcasting reels, are known for their durability, low cost and easy maintenance, and value for money. But how does the new Orra or Orra 2 stack up against the established older Orra?


If Robocop were a reel, this is what he would look like

S H X-

r r O

S 2 a

When I first laid eyes on the Orra 2 SX-HS the first thing to grab my eye is its design. It’s got a lower profile with a different frame that gave it a somewhat spaceship kind of look. From the front it looks like part of Robocop’s new helmet with monstrous sharp teeth sitting right behind the visor. 23

Rounder Profile Looking at Orra 2 SX-HS from the top, I noticed that it is rounder; missing the sharpness of its predecessor of which had a front end that looked like a Corvette Stingray’s bonnet. This cleaner look gives the Orra 2 an executive image with a more expensive aura.


The Ambassadeur Is Gone One thing that saddens me most is the missing Ambassadeur badge on the Orra 2. Its predecessor wore the Ambassadeur badge with pride. It is the symbol of a long proud legacy of invention, creativity, engineering, etc. that took root in Sweden.

The Ambassadeur badge on the older Orra.



Differences Between Old And New

There are quite a number of differences between the Orra2 SXHS and its older brother other than design. The Orra 2 has certainly gone through some upgrading giving it better performance and a more comfortable feel.





The Orra 2 SX-HS diet shedding som SX-HS weighs 8.7 Abu Garcia claims SX-HS weighs 7.3 lab the Orra 2 SX 7.1oz (202g) of w claimed. So where take place? We w move go.




S has been on a me weight. The Orra 7oz (247g) and s that the Orra 2 3oz (207g). In our X-HS actually weigh which is lighter than e did liposuction will share as we


Pitch Centrifugal Brakes On The Orra SX-HS The earlier Orra SX-HS comes with the Pitch Centrifugal Brake System with engage able / disengage able brake shoes that uses centrifugal forces to control the spool. The Orra 2 SX-HS on the other hand comes with MagTrax™ brake system of which is a magnetic type braking system.


MagTrax Brakes On The Orra 2 SX-HS I cannot tell you which system is better to use as both of these systems have their own advantages. It is like comparing between automatic transmission and manual transmission. It will depend on the angler but in terms of casting distance, our field test shows that the Orra 2 gives better distance (many contributing factors other than the magnetic brakes).





Fat Removed: Side Orra HS-SX = 21g

Orra 2 HS-SX = 19 and frame built in.

Total fat removed =

Fat Removed: Side at handle section

Orra HS-SX = 33g, release screw.

Orra 2 HS-SX = 28

Total fat removed =




e Plates / Covers

9g, with magnets This is Magic.

= 2g

e Plates / Covers

, with side plate


= 5g 37

Handles And Stars The handles on both Orras are different. The older Orra comes with a flat handle and star drag. The Orra 2 comes with compact bent handle and star drag of which gives it a better ergonomic design and better field. The Orra 2 feels more stable when reeling in line.





Fat Removed: Han Orra HS-SX = 38g

Orra 2 HS-SX = 29

Total fat removed =

Fat Removed: Star Orra HS-SX = 9g

Orra 2 HS-SX = 8g

Total fat removed =






= 9g (fabulous)

r Drag


= 1g


Spools The Orra 2 has a spool that is designed with modernity in mind. It looks great being ported with holes and given a thin gold lining as compared to the earlier Orra. The old Orra’s spool comes with the centrifugal brakes built in and is a few grams heavier than the Orra 2’s spool.

The Orra 2 spool has got better appetite taking in 140 yards of 30lb braided lines as compared to 130 yards of 30lb braid on the earlier Orra. So, not only is the Orra 2 spool lighter, it also carries more lines.





Fat Removed: Spo Orra HS-SX = 23g Brakes built in)

Orra 2 HS-SX = 19

Total fat removed =




ool & Shaft (with Centrifugal


= 4g


Main Gear And Shaft While both reels use the same main gearing systems being Dura Gear, the main gear shaft that supports them are of different materials. The older Orra comes with a brass type shaft and the new one I am not very certain but I suspect that it is made of some alloy to lighten its weight. Main Gear weight with drag washers: 34g (same on both reels).


Frame And Components The Orra 2 SX-HS certainly has a lighter frame. One other difference is that the older Orra comes with a metal clutch (thumbar section) while the Orra 2’s is plastic. Anyhow, I decided to leave these components in tack and weigh both frames and components. The Orra 2 SX-HS is much lighter.





Fat Removed: Fram nents Orra HS-SX = 82g

Orra 2 HS-SX = 62

Total fat removed =




me and Compo-


= 20g


Easy Lock Pin One other improvement that I like on the Orra 2 over the older Orra is the lock pin of which unlocks the side plate. The older Orra uses a screw type pin to unlock the side plate of which can be a hassle especially when it’s stuck and you’re out on the water. The new lock pin is easy. Just slide it to one side and it unlocks.


Drag Stren

ngth Superior Drag When it comes to drag, the Orra 2 wins hands down. Having tested both reels on our pressure test machine, the Orra 2 proves to be a lot more superior. It could be due to something called the Power Drag System that gave it a higher maximum drag and a smoother drag.

Smoothness Range Orra HS-SX: up to 7lb Orra 2 HS-SX: up to 8.2lb

Max Drag Orra HS-SX: 11.6lb Orra 2 HS-SX: 16.6lb (claimed 15lb)


Features Orra 2 SX-HS 7 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing provides smooth operation X-Cräftic™ alloy frame for increased corrosion resistance Graphite sideplates Power Disk™ drag system gives smooth drag performance MagTrax™ brake system gives consistent brake pressure throughout the cast Compact bent handle and star provide a more ergonomic design Duragear™ Brass Gear for extended gear life Gear Ratio 7.1:1 29 inches per turn of the handle


S H X Orra S As Rated By Attributes Design / Cosmetics Reel Built Quality

Our Testers1

Finishing Feel (ergonomics) Feel (quality) Feel (weight) Smoothness (Rotation Of Handle) Smoothness (Spool) Smoothness (Drag) Drag Strength Brakes (Effectiveness) Castability Line quantity Line Lay Speed (Retrieve) Power (Retrieve) Ease of Use (General) Ease of Control (Spool) Durability Fuzzy level (likability)










Verdict Comparing the Orra SX-HS and the new Orra 2 SX-HS, the new one will be my pick. It may not carry the Ambassadeur badge of which is sad but it is better where it matters and that is performance, weight reduction, comfort, and it looks good.


Speed (Retrieve) Power (Retrieve) Ease of Use (General) Ease of Control (Spool)

S H X S 2 a r r O

Durability Fuzzy level (likability)

As Rated By Our Testers1 Attributes Design / Cosmetics Reel Built Quality Finishing Feel (ergonomics) Feel (quality) Feel (weight) Smoothness (Rotation Of Handle) Smoothness (Spool) Smoothness (Drag) Drag Strength Brakes (Effectiveness) Castability Line quantity Line Lay Speed (Retrieve) Power (Retrieve) Ease of Use (General) Ease of Control (Spool) Durability Fuzzy level (likability)










Orra SX-HS or Orra 2 SX-HS, the choice is yours


It’s Time To Catch The Big Ones!

Purveyor Of Fine Lures +6013 - 3520095

Almost An Obsesssion...

Having Problems With People Locating You?

RFG*14CVY Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World

This is the entrance to the Bass Pro Outdoor World Cucamonga. See you there.

There’s the $69 reel I was telling you about. Bring your money dude.

You could get your son a combo set and he could join us on the lake.

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Test Drives

Kewl Mount Fu By Philemon Foo


Testers Love Them, Top Secret, Excitement, Blind Test

I like blind testing. Having received two rods with zero information on them and told to go play with them opens the flood gates of chemicals that make what I do for a living worthwhile. It is like getting the keys to a new car without the slightest clue as to what car it is nor its capabilities.


It starts o ff with fe eling the out its bu rod, che ilt quality cking . Next w idea of it e flex it to s capabi get an l i t i e s. Follow it throug h a supe ed by ru r nning m a erything chine tha you need t tells yo u evto know last part about th is certain e rod. Th ly rubbis somethin e h but we g similar d o have called a lab.


High Gr

rade Rod Feels like a high grade Japanese rod I am afraid till now, I have not seen what the actual rod looks like cosmetically. I only had the prototypes to play with. All I was told is that it will be called Kewl Mount Fuji. What I can say is that it is well built and well balanced. It certainly was produced by a high grade factory that produces Japanese rods (I cannot confirm this). So what I can share here is from what I can see as well as feedback received from some of our field testers who had a play with it. They all liked it and most thought that they were Japanese rods worth RM600 to over a thousand Ringgit (USD180 to USD305). I did not tell them the brand as I was interested to know what they felt.


Light Weight An

nd Well Balanced Light with strong backbone. A superb blank indeed.

Pick up these rods and the lightness is instantly felt. At a horizontal level the rod is quite well balanced being a tad bit tip heavy without a reel fixed to them. Putting on a reel balances the rod really well. The blank is carbon graphite with a backbone that spans about 65% to 70% of the rod (depending on model). The rods do come with decent lifting power, more than enough to manage most types of fresh water fish such as peacock bass, largemouth bass, snakeheads (depending on size), paku (pacu), etc.


Fuji G



& Ree

l Seat

Every cast feels fluid. The smaller guide sizes helps with accuracy and to some extend; fluidity...

The prototypes that we tested came with high quality Fuji reel seat and Fuji K Guides of which are tangle free guides with alconite ring inserts. These quality guides that are smaller in size makes casting a charm. The cast feels fluid as the line glides through the guide rings.



Field Test Light weight but strong enough to manage fish well... I called some testers, packed our fishing gear, and headed off to the Exotic Pond in Rawang (town in Malaysia) to have these rods wrestled by the red tail Amazonian catfishes. These finned feline swimmers do pack a punch and we wanted to know how much punch these rods can handle. When it comes to wrestling with brutes, the Kew Mount Fuji certainly can wrestle. It has a strong backbone and enough power to turn the heads of the brutes. The red tail Amazonian catfishes were coming up one after another even on the lighter rod of which feels a light to medium light action rod. * Not being given any information on both rods’ limits we decided not to publish our finding on the pressure test done at our lab. 75


sting aBILITY All testers who had a go with the Kewl Mount Fuji loved the way it cast. The tip flexes well with a consistent bend and the recoil shoots the baits out with ease. Quoting one of our testers, “poetry in motion is what I will define every cast made by these rods.� At another pond in Cheras (outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), we had to cast out very light baits (little live shrimp balls) without sinkers for a better chance at catching fish. I took the lighter Mount Fuji rod with me and it shot these light baits out really well.


e V

t c i rd

All testers who had a go with the Kewl Mount Fuji loved the way it cast. The tip flexes well with a consistent bend and the recoil shoots the baits out with ease. Quoting one of our testers, “poetry in motion is what I will define every cast made by these rods.”

Mount Fuji

Limited Edition There will be a limited edition Kewl Mount Fuji Torzite rods coming soon. They will feature Fuji’s brand new Torzite guides that they (Fuji) claim to be 35% to 40% lighter than Fuji SIC guides, is more durable, thinner, and has less friction with lines.




Supreme ring ............. Maximize blank performance, maximize line performance. Fuji has been working on developing a supreme ceramic ring which satisfies these two performance factors, That is to say Lighter & Stronger as an eternal proposition. 32 years since SiC ring was launched now go beyond SiC with the supreme ceramic ring TORZITE . Witness the birth of the next generation ceramic ring.








Year 1981

Year 2013


TOR of TORZITE represents TORUS . Unique and ultimate toric ring is created. In combination with ZITE which gives the image of hard shining mineral, this next generation ceramic ring is named TORZITE .


ULTIMATE THINNESS Fuji believes that the ideal ceramic ring maximizes the performance of the blank (action and power) and the performance of line (undamaged). TORZITE is the ultimate thin ring and has durability which metal rings can not achieve. TORZITE has successfully reduced the thickness approximately 40% compared with SiC. Rin g cr o ss se ct i o n / St r e n g t h Te s t



Copy SiC

Recently developed high strength low density material has enabled super thin light weight ring.

Toughness against three-point bending

Fracture toughness



(Mpa m)


1000 800 600 400 200 0

6 4 2 0



Copy SiC




Copy SiC


ULTRA LIGHT 1-1. Light and Large diameter TORZITE has reduced the ring weight approximately 40%

Reducing the ring thickness approximately 40% ・Weight saving

compared with SiC, and the total product weight is reduced approximately 10% by realizing ultimate thin

Approximately 10% lighter as a product weight

ring. In addition the TORZITE ring inner diameter is approximately 15% larger than SiC.



Ring inner diameter size measurement R I NG SIZE



2.11 1.70 0.41




2.44 2.20 0.24

2.86 2.50 0.36


3.47 3.00 0.47


4.08 3.50 0.58

4.79 4.10 0.69

7 5.50 4.80 0.70




6.42 5.40 1.02

8.11 7.04 1.07

9.52 8.27 1.25






12.31 10.62 1.69

16.04 13.94 2.10

20.78 18.29 2.49

26.42 23.65 2.77

32.10 29.05 3.05

1-2. Downsizing The ultimate thin ring creates a larger inner diameter.

Ring size can be reduced by one size compared with SiC size 4-12

Allowing ring to be 1 size down compared with SiC. Guide total weight and rod moment has reduced approximately


20-30% by downsizing. Thanks to downsizing, tip section


is lighter than ordinary one, achieving more sensitivity, maximizing blank performance.

・ Total guide weight / Rod moment is reduced approximately 20-30% ・ Tip section is lighter than ordinary one, it has achieved more sensitivity

KR concept / Sea Bass 9 feet (10guides) comparison 1 S PE C





vs SiC










T-KLSG T-KLSG 25H 12H 3.57 1.056

T-KLSG 8M 0.459

T-KLSG 7L 0.258

T-KTSG 6 0.137

T-KTSG 6 0.137

T-KTSG T-KTSG 6 6 0.137 0.137

T-KTSG T-MNST 6 6-1.6 0.137 0.367

T-KLTG T-KLTG 25H 12H 2.92 0.977 81.8% 92.5%

T-KLTG T-KLTG T-KTTG 5.5 7M 6L 0.359 0.205 0.100 78.2% 79.5% 73.0%

T-KTTG 5.5 0.100 73.0%

T-KTTG 5.5 0.100 73.0%

T-KTTG 5.5 0.100 73.0%

T-KTTG T-MNTT 5.5-1.6 5.5 0.100 0.288 73.0% 78.5%

Total weight

moment N・mm







About 20% less

KR concept / 6.6ft Light Spinning recommended spec comparison






vs SiC










Total weight

moment N・mm

T-KLSG 25H 3.570

T-KLSG 12H 1.056

T-KLSG 6M 0.337

T-KLSG 5.5L 0.162

T-KTSG 4.5 0.061

T-KTSG 4.5 0.061

T-KTSG 4.5 0.061

T-KTSG 4.5 0.061

T-LGST 4.5-1.5 0.132



T-KLTG 20H 2.228 62.4%

T-KLTG 10H 0.809 76.6%

T-KLTG 5.5M 0.193 57.3%

T-KBTT 5 0.103 63.6%

T-KTTG T-KTTG T-KTTG T-KTTG 4 4 4 4 0.044 0.044 0.044 0.044 72.1% 72.1% 72.1% 72.1%

T-LGTT 4-1.5 0.101 76.5%


3.610 25.94 65.6%


About 35% less

ULTRA STRONG 2-1. Abrasion resistance Abrasion resistance level is same as SiC, it does not make ring abrade during fighting fish.

A b r a si on te st

Enlarged picture



Copy SiC

The number shows that lower is better.

μm 12 10 8 6 4 2 0

Results of Abrasion test


Braided line : 8lb


Copy SiC

Drag : Test for Sliding the line routinely by 70N load.

2-2. Impact strength The problem for Ceramic is external impact, TORZITE s impact strength is same level as SiC despite ring being 63% thinner than SiC. Im pa ct T e st

Test method % 120 100 80 60 40 20 0

Inadvertent impact

Test results of impact strength




Copy SiC


ULTRA LOW FRICTION 3-1. Protect the line (Cross-Sectional Shape PAT.P) Cross-sectional shape and mirror like finish enables great line endurance in high load situation. Cros s- se ct i o n a l pi ct ur e SiC


Copy SiC



Load distortion Double the length of length of line contact area and reduces the pressure to half.

Load concentrates

3-2. Low Friction (smooth surface) Low contact pressure and mirror like finish make ultra low friction. Smoother retrieve became possible. Low F r i ct i o n te st

Test method



Monofilament Fishing Line

Braided line 120%



















Copy SiC


About 40% reduced


Copy SiC

About 25% reduced

The graph shows Friction drag ratio. The lower % slides better. 2

0. 01m m m i cr o scop e i m ag e TORZITE


Copy SiC

Micro Pit

Minimizing micro pits which damages the line with mirror like finish will protect the line.

3-3. Improved line life TORZITE has 4 times line endurance compared to SiC. S li din g t est

Test method

3600 3200 2800 2400 2000 1600 1200 800 400 0

Slide 30m/min Monofilament line of 80lb

Weight : 3kgf


Number of slides

3100 (406%)





Copy SiC

All TORZITE insert guides have laser marking on each frame to show its premium status. We also design original hang tag exclusively for rods equipped with TORZITE insert guides.

Laser Marking

Hang Tag


FAX(054)283-0050 E-male :



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Test Drives

Rod Ford Spartan Ro By Philemon Foo

When we hear the word Spartan we prob-

ably think of warriors. The Rod Ford Spartan is a rod somewhat along those lines. It is one powerful rod with a tough blank. It is a rod that combines three things; modern design, practicality, and value for money price point.



A WarriRodor’s The Rod Ford Spartan is a warrior’s rod. I am not sure if the Spartans did any fishing but what I am trying to relate to is that like the Katana, a sword that samurais used to slash bodies in halves, the Spartan is a rod built with power and it wants to be battling fishes, not just sitting pretty for all to see.


Built To Fi “Like the katana, a well balanced piece of weaponry“

Like the katana, the Spartan is a well balance piece of weaponry that feels light when it is at the most common fishing position; with the rod in hand, of which is horizontal. This balancing act reduces the stress on the angler’s hands allowing him or her to fish comfortably for hours.



Flex & Backb Backbone: 70 / 30

The model that I have in hand is a medium action rod. Its tip has good flex and recoil power of which makes casting great. If you enjoy power casting and love admiring how your lure or bait glides into the horizon, this rod will be giving you loads of fun.

The Spartan has a backbone that spans to about 70% of the rod and this gives you plenty of power to manage most fishes within its limits. Having good recoil power at the tip bestows upon you such an advantage.



Fuji Guides

The Rod Ford Spartan comes with Fuji guides of which quality is indeed proven. This allows for smoother line flow and lower levels of friction. Of course within the Fuji range there are different levels of guides, yet comparing to replica guides, the quality of Fuji guides do make a difference. Fuji guides dissipate heat well thus gives better support to lines with the least amount of damage caused by friction. You want such benefits on your side when you are battling brutes. Like the katana, good quality materials are important.



Reel Seat The Rod Ford Spartan comes with Fuji reel seat of which is painted purple and also comes with carbon fibre reel seat nut. It does look good with a royal feel. Anyhow, purple is quite a risky color to use as people either love it or hate it. This I leave it to the beholder of which this rod is within his or her view.



Grounds The Rod Ford Spartan will be at home in both freshwater and inshore fishing. Picking a fight with giant snakeheads, red tail Amazonian catfish, Mekong catfish (limited to size), snappers, mackerels, barramundis, etc. will be in its interest.


Verdict The Rod Ford Spartan is a value for money rod with good quality components. The designer probably worked on this triangular prism of which brings together modern design, practicality, and value for money price point of which is a very good strategy for the current economic scene. The Spartan may not be the best looking rod, in fact it wouldn’t stand out design wise but should you prefer practicality at a decent price point over superb exotic looks at much higher levels of wallet burn; then the Rod Ford Spartan is worth your consideration.


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Test Drives

Morigen Chojin Kantsukichinu Hoo By Philemon Foo

Hooks are super important. They may not look like much but they are as important, if not even more important than your reel or your rod. Should your reel fail you can still land a fish although it will be like running with a foot stuck in a bucket. With a broken rod you can still land a fish. But if your hook fails, seeing the fish that was on the other end would take some imagination.

Recently we were given a few packets of hooks to test. These hooks are by Morigen and they are made in Japan. What would you do when you receive packets of hooks? Go catch some fish right? Wrong. The first thing to do is to test their sharpness.

Carbon Hooks Morigen Hooks are carbon hooks of which are really sharp. Being carbon hooks we wanted to know how reliable or rather durable they are. We want to also know if they are able to survive the pressure of most fishes in our waters before breaking. So we ran some tests.



e s e Th

A s k Hoo

p r a h S e r



This test does not require a lab. The tool that we test hooks on actually grows on our fingers and toes. They are called nails. Do this with caution and when you are free from any form of hallucinogens.

The first thing I did was to lightly run the hook point on my thumbnail (not the little pictures on the computer) but the organic thing that grows at the tip of the thumb. If the point catches the nail, the hook is considered to be sharp. The Morigen hooks are sharp.


e s e Th

A s k Hoo

h g u o T e r

Break Strength

Next I took it to the lab for some test. First we arm wrestled it to see how much pressure they can take. We used a size 12 hook, rigged it up using 50lb lines, and had it wrestle the “machine.� Our break test meter maxed out with the hook still in tack. It can handle more than 40lb of pressure.


Durability Test


Back At The


Carbon hooks being carbon hooks, they tend to disintegrate slowly being in water. So we got gave our lab tech some hooks and had him drown them in freshwater and saltwater, spray them with water, and we also boiled one of them just to see if it would turn into some alien or monster.

The boiled hook remained in tack. No monsters or aliens were created. The hook that were sprayed with water and allowed to dry on its own didn’t show much signs of degradation under the microscope.



o o H ese

D e r ks A

e l b a Dur

Surprise The hooks that were drowned in saltwater and freshwater for 24 hours gave us a surprise. The hook drowned in freshwater remained in tack (no difference). As for the one that was drowned in saltwater for a day, there was a little brown haze at the bottom of the bottle of which is rust. Closer inspection of the hook proved that the hook didn’t disintegrate much. We couldn’t see any rust spots. It wasn’t as sharp but still pretty sharp. This surprising result testifies of the quality and toughness of these hooks.


Field Test Next we took the hooks and had them catch some fish. Being very sharp they easily penetrated the various areas within the fish’s’ mouth. We also did not need a change of hooks throughout the four hours of fishing. The hooks work great and they are durable.


Attributes Sharpness Toughness Durability Penetration Finishing








Verdict The Morigen hooks are high quality carbon hooks that are really sharp and durable. They didn’t break under pressure (40 over pounds). They amazed us at the saltwater testing station. They caught fish. Need I say more?






Tired of having to keep on repe

Some people just cannot gra For them you need POCode

eating directions to a place?

asp directions. e...

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VFOX Fishing Bag With Rod Ho By Philemon Foo


“I Found A New Friend� Convenient, protection, padded, water resistant.

When it comes to conve-

nience and style during fishing trips, VFOX seems to have these covered. Building on a niche, VFOX is doing really well. I have been toying around with some of their bags and I must say that they are a creative lot. Check out this bag which is my new found friend to take on fishing trips.


Padded Safet

ty Pockets “I love these pockets. They’re padded...“

Pockets are important, just ask the people who design Columbia outdoor wear. This, VFOX fishing bag is one handy bag that comes with padded pockets. Well, not just padded pockets; water resistant padded pockets. These pockets are a safe place to store mobile phones and compact cameras.


Water Resist

tant Zippers “Keeps Electronics Safe”

The zipper is made in such a way that is comes together and to a certain extend blocks water from entering the pockets via the zippers. They look like flaps and they work but of course if you were to take a dip and join our finned scaly friends, it best to keep the bag and all in it, on the boat. You can get away with rain but better not mess with the storm. There are three pockets with water resistant zippers and one really deep pocket that use Velcro to secure what’s inside. This pocket is just nice for a small tackle box that perhaps could contain hooks, small sinkers, snaps and swivels, etc. 127

Handy Rod

d Holder “Hands can be freed to...”

Another feature that I found to be of good use is the rod holder. What good about it is that when you need to do things like change lures, change baits, re-bait, or even to light a cigarette, use your mobile phone; you’ve got a place to put your rod. Should a fish take your bait while you’re lighting your cigarette, your rod will bend but not fly into the lake.


Slots For Y

Your Tools “A place for tools�

There are also slots that hold on to tools such as pliers, scissors, hook removers, etc. These can be easily slot into the four slots available. Should you use tools with a lanyard and a clip or carabineer, you can use one of the loops to lock the clips or carabineers to.


A Case For

Your Rigs “The rig holder is super handy�

This VFOX fishing bag comes with a flexible plastic case that allows for the placement of rigs that have been tied earlier. It has two sections with a thin rubber like material to secure hooks to and a plastic flap to keep them organised.


Lots of Padding

t c i d r e V I love the idea and I love the bag. This VFOX Fishing bag is a high quality bag and it feels tough. For a few hours of fishing around a lake or by the banks of a river, this bag will indeed be a friend.


Match Your Travel Budget At

Interested Travel Agents Please Send Us Your Enquiry ViaEmail:

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For more informatio

For more

Sensitivity, and Balance – One ABU GARCIA VERACITY™ ® Lightweight

Sensitivity, and Balance Abu Garcia® rods areLightweight all engineered to the most-precise standards. Fie–

Veracity™ series is lightweight and balanced, giving anglers one of the

Abu Garcia® rods are all engineered to the most-precise standa Constructedseries from 36-ton graphite with Technology, Veracityon Veracity™ is lightweight andNano balanced, givingtheanglers combination of sensitivity and impact resistance.

Constructed from 36-ton graphitefor with Technology, With actions specifically engineered anyNano freshwater technique,the theVV combination of today’s sensitivity andangler. impact performance for serious Theresistance. Veracity’s titanium alloy m

the increased sensitivity yields superior bite detection on both casting a

With actions specifically engineered for any freshwater techniq The crankbait-specific Winch series angler. is also available, offeringtitanium models s performance for today’s serious The Veracity’s from shallow diving squareyields bills tosuperior deep diving the increased sensitivity bitecrankbaits. detection on both c

High-density EVA split grip handles give anglers greater sensitivity and The crankbait-specific is also available, Garcia designed extreme Winch exposureseries reel seat and Texas riggedoffering hook keem

from shallow diving square bills to deep diving crankbaits.

Twelve casting models, including 4 Winch models, are available rangin to a 7’11” extra-heavy action rod. give Thereanglers are five greater spinningsensit mode High-density EVA split gripWinch handles models designed to 7’6” medium action rods. reel seat and Texas rigged h Garcia extreme exposure


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e Rod

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ards. Field tested by proven elite anglers, the new series of rods delivers the perfect ne of the most sensitive rods on the market today.

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ng from a 6’6” medium-heavy action model els ranging 6’9” medium-light action tivity and from durability. Each rod also features an Abu

hook keeper for all bait applications.


the increased sensitivity yields superior bite detection on both casting The crankbait-specific Winch series is also available, offering models from shallow diving square bills to deep diving crankbaits.

High-density EVA split grip handles give anglers greater sensitivity an Garcia designed extreme exposure reel seat and Texas rigged hook kee

Twelve casting models, including 4 Winch models, are available rangi to a 7’11” extra-heavy action Winch rod. There are five spinning mode models to 7’6” medium action rods. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

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Casting Winch Models Models (length/action) ® 7’0” M Casting 7’6” MH 6’6” MH 7’11” H 6’9” MH 7’11” XH 7”0” M Garcia® 7”0” MH rods are all engineered to the Abu most-precise standa Spinning Winch Model 7’3” MH Veracity™ series is lightweight and balanced, giving anglers on 7’0” M 7’6” MH 7’6” H Constructed Technology, the V Construction 7’9” H from 36-ton graphite with Nano 36-Ton Graphite combination of sensitivity and impact resistance. Spinning Guides 6’9” ML With freshwater techniq actions 7’0” M specifically engineered for anyTitanium alloy with Titanium Veracity’s inserts 7’0” MH for today’s serious angler. The performance titanium 7’6” M sensitivity yields superior bite detection on both c the increased

Sensitivity, Lightweight and Balance –

The crankbait-specific Winch series is also available, offering m from shallow diving square bills to deep diving crankbaits.

™ For Life High-density EVA split grip handles give anglers greater sensit

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nique, the Veracity offers incredible lightweight e information: Kevinfamily Jarnagin—800-654-3766 um alloy micro guide system improves balance, while h casting and spinning Reel models. Seat

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sitivityField and durability. rod elite also features Abunew ards. tested byEach proven anglers,anthe MSRP dne hook keeper forsensitive all bait applications. of the most rods on the market today. $149.95

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Veracity series of rods delivers the perfect

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models specifically


Handles designed for fishing everything High density EVA 7 Science Court Columbia, SC 29203 MSRP 800-228-4272 $149.95 rod also features

tivity and durability. hook keeper for all bait applications.

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a V n i v e K y e l k Oa s e i r e s e r u t a n Sig

Polarized Flak Jacket XLJ Sungla By Oakley / Revelstoke Sdn. Bhd.

m a D an s


When you hear of Kevin Van-

Dam, what comes to mind will B.A.S.S. Angler of the year (5 times), pro angler, designed some lures, etc. Well, here is KVD’s Signature Oakley Sunglasses. As angler’s we spend lots of time under the sun and our eyes certainly need protection. We also would like a clearer view of what’s going on beneath the surface of the water. Here is Kevin VanDam’s signature series Polarized Flak Jacket Sunglasses. When you fish, why not fish in style. For more information visit: Note: May not be available in some markets (buying online could be the other option). Back To Content



Angler’s Time Piece: Ca By Casio

asio AQW101-1AV There is a relationship between fishing and moon phases. Ask an-

glers and they will tell you that fishing is not so good on a full moon, so on and so forth. The moon phases affect the tides and in return affects fishing. There are quite a number of watches in the market made for anglers of which tracks the moon phases, tides, etc. This here is one of them, a watch made for anglers that comes with cool features such as a fishing time indicator, moon data (phase tracker), thermometer, and many more that make anglers drool. Technical Specs •

200M Water Resistant

EL Backlight with afterglow


Display range: -10 to 60 C (14 to 140 F)

Display unit: 0.1 C (0.2 F)

Temperature tendency graph

Temperature memory

Memory capacity: Up to 50 temperature records

Fishing mode


The suitability of a specific date and time for fishing as indicat ed as one of five levels

Moon Data (moon age of input data, moon phase graph)

World Time

30 time zones (50 cities), city code display, daylight saving on/ off

1/100 second stopwatch

Measuring capacity: 99:59’59.99”

Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times

Countdown timer

Measuring unit: 1 second

Countdown range: 100 hours

Countdown start time setting range: 1 minute to 100 hours (1-minute increments and 1-hour increments)

Others: Auto-repeat

Daily alarm

Hourly time signal

Full auto-calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099)

12/24 hour formats

Button operation tone on/off

Accuracy: +/-30 seconds per month

Battery: SR927W x 2

Approx. battery life: 2 years

Module: 5056

Note: May not be available in some market. Back To Content


Knowledge Wise Understanding Fishing Rods Part 9 Rod Guides By Philemon Foo

It has been said that we can fish

without a fishing rod but with it, everything about fishing becomes more fun. I cannot agree more. Let us take a look at a very important component of fishing rods and learn how they affect our fishing; fishing rod guides.

Supporter Of Lines The function of fishing rod guides is to support the fishing line. Fishing lines run through them all the way from the first guide at the butt section all the way to the tip or top guide. This support system is so important that it affects your fishing rod as well as your fishing in many ways. 149


des Leverage Rod guides provide leverage to the rod blank. As a hard fighting brute of a fish runs, the rod reacts by bending. The rod blank not only bends but it also twists and it is the guides that provides leverage by reducing the pressure placed on the rod blank by spreading out the force (pressure) to various sections of the blank (where the guides are placed).



es Resistance As the fish makes a run for its life, you feel pressure as the rod bends. Other than pressure you also feel the movement of lines rubbing against something of which are the rod guides. This creates friction of which are good and bad. The good part of friction is that it helps you tire the fish out faster. Imagine if you were to run dragging a long piece of rod on the ground that snakes through a few loops of which the rope rubs against. You will tire out faster as compared to running with the rope but without friction. Same goes to the fish. The bad part of friction is that friction creates heat. As fishing lines rub against the rod guides heat is created. Heat damages both lines and guides. Anyhow, with advanced materials, such damages have since become almost nonexistent (depending on the types of guides used). 153

Many Typ

pe Of Guides Since the 17th century, fishing guides have transformed from simple wire loops to technological wizardry. No, not like how Apple (the company) changed the world we once knew but somewhere around those lines. You see, we anglers are a demanding lot. We want light weight, durability, good looking, sensitivity, and many more. Technology plays a part in fulfilling our wishes. Don’t think so? Ever heard of Microwave guides (Microwave Line Control System)? We’ll get into that some other month. For now let us take a look at some of the earlier guides that changed the way anglers used to fish (cane and a line). 155

Coil / Wire Gu


“One of the earliest fishing rod guides to be used on fishing poles � One of the earliest and very probably the first guides to every got its foot tied to a fishing rod (or pole as it was known then) are wire guides. These simple guides are made of wire (metal), coiled into a loop, and attached to a fishing pole. Wire guides also called coil guides, snake guides, or recoil guides are still used today but the materials used to manufacture them have since changed. These days they are made of nickle titanium alloy instead of metal wires. Why stick to old school fishing guide designs?

A good example from an old rod 157

Modern Rod Wi

ith Coil Guides “The Benefits of using coil guides�

I do have modern rods with these guides and I love them. I like the classic look on a modern, efficient, state-of-the-art, high tech fishing rod; but other than looks, they offer other benefits. Modern rods such as the G.Loomis GLX rods, Fenwick rods, and Abu Garcia rods as well as many other rods (and brands) use these guides. They are lightweight (no ceramic or any type of inserts), durable (as in no cracking ceramics), and they bring rod sensitivity to a whole new level. 159

“Vibrations from the fish taking the bait gets transmitted to the Angler� Allow me to explain the sensitivity bit before I am accused of witch craft. Not having ceramic inserts or any inserts of any sort allows the vibrations from fishing lines to be transmitted directly to the rod guides, onto the rod blank, and to the angler’s hand. No witch craft involved.

Ceramic inserts reduce sensitivity 161

Some Disad

dvantages Like with all things, there are some disadvantages too. Amongst them are sound effects (noise), inability to handle braided lines, lines getting stuck on them especially braided lines.

Sound Effects Casting and fighting a fish with a rod that is equipped with recoiled guides is like playing a musical instrument. You get different types of sounds (especially on braided lines). These sounds could be cool in a metal, techno, kind of way; but when it comes to fishing, perhaps I should say this, it’s an individual’s preference. These sounds could be due to the characteristics of the braided lines used as some lines are rounder than others, some smoother, etc. Looking at the brighter side; free built in fish bite alarm.


Damage By B

Braided Lines If you’re fishing fishes like largemouth bass, peacock bass, tilapias, and other not so hard fighting fishes, you will most certainly not have a problem with braided lines wearing out recoil guides. But if you were to be targeting hard fighting fishes like Mekong catfish, sailfish, etc. you may soon find grooves on them.


Lines Ge

etting Stuck I have not faced such at issue but I do know of anglers who have and I have seen this happen right before my very eyes. I believe this is due to wind. When the line catches wind, starts to flutter, and “one + one = two� happens, the line gets caught in the coil. Anyway, this seldom happens.

There you go. If you were one to think that fishing rod guides are boring components of which does nothing but hold lines, I hope this article has done you some good. Things will get even more interesting when as we journey further.

Being coils, lines can get caught in them 167

VFOX T-Bar Ree

Tough, Reliable, High Performance, Corrosion Res

Brilliant Tackle Sdn. Bhd. No. 27, Jalan IMJ 4, Taman Perindustrian Malim Jaya, 75250 Melaka, Malaysia. T: +606-3344555 F: +606-3362211 M: +6012-6313561 (Whats Email:

el Handle


sapp Available) Back To Content


Skill Enhancers

Fishing With Soft Plastics: Part 8 Scent & Soft Plastics By Philemon Foo

Using scent in fishing is nothing

new. Many anglers have been using them for decades. When I was little I used to attach a Seven Seas fish oil capsule to the hook with the intention of attracting fishes to the bait. These days we have scent made especially for angling and they can be purchase at shops. Here I would like to share some tips on using scent with your softbaits. Before I do that allow me to explain this. Scent is used for a number of reasons and two of them are to attract fish and to hide the scent of human of which scares the crap out of some fish.


Atrracting Fish “The Benefits of using coil guides”

I am not sure if fishes can smell scent. The last time I had a conversation with a fish that question was left unanswered. What I do know is that they can pick up scent and follow a scent trail. Catfish are the best at picking up scent thanks to their “whiskers” or feelers. Other fish too, although not as strong.

h With Scent


Scented Plastic “Prick holes to allow scent out”

Some soft baits come scented such as Berkley Gulp! and Berkley Powerbait (prick a few holes with something sharp to let the scent out). For those that don’t, scent can be added to them. Scent comes in forms of liquid as well as paste.



Getting Scente “Soaking up scent�

Adding scent to your softbait is quite easy. Of course you could just drown your softbaits in a bowl of scent and allow them to soak. While some may soak up the scent pretty well and some may not; depending on the material used to make the soft bait. Here are some techniques to add scent.



Scented By Inje “Injecting scent into baits�

Get yourself an injection, I mean... go buy an injection. Fill it up with scent and inject the scent into the soft bait. Inject all over but be careful not to inject your fingers with scent. Do not inject too much as doing so may cause your soft bait to deform.



Prick And Drow “Prick holes and drown em’ “

Another method is to prick lots of holes on your softbaits and allow them to sit in a tub of scent for some time. What you are trying to do here is to marinate the soft baits with the scent. The little holes should hold some scent. Stretching the soft bait while it is in the scent will ensure that the scent get into these holes.



Insert Scented “Make a hole and put them in“

Scent can be inserted into soft baits. What you will need to do is to slid a hole in your soft bait and insert the scent there. Scent could be in the form of a scent capsule, pellets, etc. Purist may call you a cheater but you would probably be catching more fish.



Scented Paste “Scented paste tend to stay on longer“

Scent in the form of paste tends to stay on longer as they take longer to dissolve. You can just rub some paste on your soft bait and cast it out. You could also make little holes in your soft baits and stuff them with paste. They will stay on much longer.


Keep Your Bait In The Zone Longer When using scent, try to keep your soft bait in the zone for as long as you can. The scent is used to create a trail to help fishes locate your bait. If it is not in the zone or if the trail is broken, your bait may be feeling pretty lonely and safe.

Do try using scent on your next fishing trip. It is not guaranteed to catch you fish as certain scent may not be suitable in certain waters and may even be a put off to fish there. You will have to experiment to find out what works and what doesn’t. Fish creatively.

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Malaysia’s Coarse Fishing C By Tengku Izzudin The Guv’nor Photos : Torex & Guv’nor


11th January 2013 marked the

first official Coarse Fishing Clinic in Malaysia. This special occasion was jointly organised by Coarse Fishing Malaysia FB group and also a soon to be established Persatuan Memancing Coarse & Match Malaysia at Fish Valley, Semenyih.


“Send Our Anglers to compete in World Pairs championship“

Among the main objectives of this clinic was to promote coarse fishing among local anglers, particularly the European style of fishing. Our long term project is to register with Confédération Internationale de la Pêche Sportive (CIPS), the international sport fishing confederation with the goal to send a Malaysian National Angling Team to compete in the World Angling Championships. As a short/medium goal, we are planning to send 2 of our anglers to compete in the World Pairs Championship in Ireland, the experience will be crucial in setting up the national team.


“Steve, a well known angler with lots of tricks up his sleve“ For this clinic, we had the honour of having my good friend and ‘angling consultant’ Mr. Steve Lockett from the United Kingdom (featured in TheAsianAngler Feb 2013) as the main presenter to deliver the basics of coarse fishing.

Steve is a well known angling reporter and has covered many international events and is a regular contributor the Angling Times, one of England’s main fishing publications. On top of that he has worked with many of the world’s top coarse anglers such as Will Raison, Bob Nudd, Tamas Walter and Dave Harrell, so obviously he’ll have some really good tips up his sleeves.


“Setting is very important to coarse fishing“ In the 2 hour clinic, Steve talked on some of the basics of float fishing as he set up a waggler rod and a pole rig, stressing on the importance of correct shotting and setting the float to be extra sensitive to register any bites.

He then explained about feeder fishing, starting by demonstrating how to properly mix groundbait. Starting from mixing dry groundbait and adding water little by little, the whole mix was then pushed through a riddle to rid it of lumps. The result was a fluffy mix that would go on well in a feeder or a method feeder. Comparing with a local spring feeder and a purpose built method feeder, Steve showed why the chances of getting a hookup with a method feeder is higher due to the hookbait facing upwards all the time.


“A friendly match after the clinic had all participants pulling out what they learnt“

We also had a booth set up which Steve brought over some coarse terminal tackle to sell which was snapped up pretty fast!

After the clinic, we proceeded to the back pond where a friendly match had been planned. 18 anglers who took part in the match had to draw their pegs, and they are only allowed to fish from their respective pegs. This is typical how a match proceeds in Europe. There is no skill involved in drawing peg numbers, just pure luck!


“fishing was tough but fishes were being caught“

The 3 hour match had a unique arrangement, the first hour anglers are only allowed to use the feeder, the 2nd hour only float fishing is allowed and the 3rd hour either methods are allowed. This really is to get the anglers to try out the different methods that were thought during the clinic.

It was a scorching hot day and many anglers struggled for bites initially, but the 2nd and 3rd hour into the match the fish became more responsive and there were catches all around.


“Mr Sinniah, a first time angler who caught his first fish, proves steve to be a good teacher“ At the end of the match came the all important weigh in where the marshall comes over to weigh what anglers have caught. As per international rules, the total weight determines the winner, contrary to our local competitions where a single heaviest fish will win it. So, for example, if one angler catches one big fish of 5kg, that being the heaviest fish in the whole pond, a skillful coarse angler can still end up in top spot by catching 6 numbers of 1kg fish. So this format favours the skillful and hardworking angler.


“Experience, skills, and some amount of luck makes the better angler“

With the results out, Steve showed why he is the master and we are his unworthy students with a respectable 37 pounds of fish, beating everyone by miles!


“It was a fun and informative day and that makes for a successful event“

Ending the day with presentation of souvenirs and prizes, we had some good laughs and made some new friends along the way. We had a good crowd ranging from seasoned anglers to school kids as well as some local angling sifus. The angling media from TheAsianAngler, Rod & Line and Sirip magazine was also there together with PeMM representatives and some tackle dealers.


“there will be more clinics in the future and we hope to see you there“

Many thanks to the anglers who made this possible and to the media who covered this memorable event and especially to Pure Fishing Malaysia who generously sponsored the prizes and door gifts.

Till then, tight lines and see you on the bank!


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For more information please contact MGFA (M) Sdn. Bhd. : +607 861 9289

TTO A replica of the popular IMA Ganpeki Gun, this bottom weighted jigs are very effective for both cast and retrive as well as horizontal jigging. Comes in 5 different sizes ranging from 7G, 14G, 21G, 24G & 40G; the lighter Viper Stilettos are a must have for shore casting and freshwater jigging, esp for deep water Sebarau and Peacock Bass. Viper Stiletto offer 6 different colors in reflective laser effect which prove to be an effective visual attractant for game fishes from afar.



For more information please contact MGFA (M) Sdn. Bhd. : +607 861 9289

The Viper Spike are minnow shaped metal jigs with irresistable swimming action. You can slice them through water in blazing speed without them jumping out. Very suitable for all fishing conditions esp if fishing in shallower waters. Made for light jigging, both saltwater and freshwater and also chasing predators from the shore, rocks or boat. Comes in 5 different sizes ranging from 9G, 12G, 16G, 20G & 40G and 6 different highly effective colors for our local sea.


Rod Ford Ryoji

For more information please contact MGFA (M) Sdn. Bhd. : +607 861 9289

in Sporty and tough; is what the Rod Forf Ryojin reel is all about. Coming with sealed, waterproof carbon disk drag, the Ryojin packs a powerful punch when it comes to tiring out fish. The full metal frame and the direct drive machine of the Ryoji makes it one tough reel that you can use in all water.


Rod Ford Spartan Rods are built tough with strong backbone to manage trophy fishes. Rod Ford Spartan rods have been proven in both freshwater and saltwater environments having hauled up fishef like snakeheads to tiger groupers. Rod Ford rods are built using high quality blank, Fuji O-Ring gruides, & Fuji reel seats. All these makes the Spartan a tough and strong rod.

For more information please contact MGFA (M) Sdn. Bhd. : +607 861 9289


VFOX Carbontex

Brilliant Tackle Sdn. Bhd. No. 27, Jalan IMJ 4, Taman Perindustrian Malim Jaya, 75250 Melaka, Malaysia. T: +606-3344555 F: +606-3362211 M: +6012-6313561 (Whats Email:

x Drag Washers Carbon drag washers have been proven to increase strength with better drag smoothness, allowing you more power and strength while fighting with your trophy fish. As drag smoothness is important, you will not go wrong with carbontex drag washers. For stronger, smoother, and tougher drag use VFOX Carbontex drag washer. Available for most Abu Garcia, Shimano, and Daiwa reels.

sapp Available) 221

VFOX VC-3055 Waist Bag The VFOX VC-3055 waist bag is the waist bag for adventure seekers. It comes with a detachable waist pack that has padded compartments for the safety of your belongings, easy access pockets, and a multi-purpose adjustable waist belt that is fitted with D-rings and strong snap lock buckle. The VFOX VC-3055 waist bag will be a good accessory on your next fishing trip, camping trip, or jungle trip. Keep you things safe and essential tools such as knives, pliers, torch lights, etc. within reach.

For more information contact: Hunting Line: +6-6-334 4555 Mobile: +6012=631 3561 (Whatsapp available) Email:



Magical Jig MJ-949 There is magic in VFOX Magical Jigs. VFOX Magical Jigs are some of the toughest jigs around. They catch fish during day and night (being luminous or glow in the dark). There are 5 colors to choose from with 5 different weights. Get some for your next fishing trip. Sizes / Weights: 7g, 10g, 13g, 16g, 20g

For more information contact: Hunting Line: +6-6-334 4555 Mobile: +6012=631 3561 (Whatsapp available) Email: 225

VFOX Reel Covers

s Protect your reels with VFOX Reel Bags. Safeguard against getting roughed up during transport, rain, UV rays, corrosion, dirt and dust. Many a time damage to reels can be avoided. VFOX reel covers are sleek and made from tough materials that shields your reel from potential damage. Available for round baitcasting Reels and low profile baitcasting reels.

For more information contact: Hunting Line: +6-6-334 4555 Mobile: +6012=631 3561 (Whatsapp available) Email:


VFOX VC-311 Fishing Bag The VFOX VC-311 fishing bag is a convenient bag to carry with you while you fish. It comes with padded pockets and water resistant zippers to keep your electronic devices safe. It also comes with pocket for pliers as well as jig or lure holder to keep your lures safely managed. The VFOX VC-311 fishing bag makes fishing rivers, lakes, and even sea, both easy and convenient as you don’t need to carry about bulky tackle bags or boxes should you choose not to.

For more information contact: Hunting Line: +6-6-334 4555 Mobile: +6012=631 3561 (Whatsapp available) Email:


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Custom Rod Bella Vista Mosgiel Builder & Experience New Zealand With Bella Vista Reel and rod Your Hosts Keith & Marie Hendry repairs Call: Kok Ming Mobile:+6019 3122697

The Asian Angler Needs You Entrepreneur Inside Self Starter Willing To Learn Loves Being On The Road Loves To Fish

85 Gordon Road, Mosgiel, South Island, New Zealand. Phone: +64 03 848 7258 Email: Web:

We Are Looking For Product Testers. If You: Love To Fish Love Playing With Fishing Gears Somewhat An Engineer Know Fishing Gears Inside Out Advanced Angler

If you have the above five points do email your resume to the email address below.

Do send us an email to the email.

Email: Tel : +6012 883 1628

Email: Tel : +6012 883 1628

For Affordable Advertising Spaces Contact Us At or call +6012 883 1628 Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

Affordable Ad Space Available here. For More Information Please Email: or call +6012 883 1628.

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