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A full-service graphic design agency. We create corporate identities, printed collateral, websites and first class newspaper and magazine ad campaigns. 

Established in Chesterfield, Missouri 25 years ago, The Design Company continues to build a reputation for providing superior client service, innovative creative solutions, and market focused results that meet the tightest of deadlines at affordable rates. The wheels are always turning here. We “hit the ground running” and have the technique and talent in marketing and extraordinary graphic design work. Whether you’re launching a new business, refreshing a bland website or strengthening an established brand, we’re ready to take your marketing and graphic design project to the next level. We make you look your best.

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Setting your company apart from your competitors is crucial in today’s business environment. A professional and appealing design, whether it’s for a website, a logo, a brochure, business stationery, restaurant menu, magazine or newspaper ad, we can do wonders in creating a positive impression of your company. The Design Company thrives on creating rich, unique high-end graphic design work for our clients. 
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The Arts Live Advisory Board Ron Thomas

Graduated from The Art Institute of Chicago {BFA]; Indiana University [MS]; SIU-E [MFA]. Began the Sculpture and Painting Department at St. Louis Community College @ Meramec and also taught 2D @ 3D Design, Drawing and Figure Drawing and Advanced Special Problems courses. Retired after 40 years. Solo exhibitions at St. Louis Art Museum, Laumeier Sculpture Gallery, The Art Foundry in St Charles and other galleries. Winner of The National Endowment for the Arts for “Excellence in Drawing”. Currently experimenting with oils on wood and traveling with artist-wife Harriet to museums and art galleries through U.S. and Canada. Email:

Bryan Haynes

The commercial work of the artist has graced the pages of national magazines, international advertising campaigns, CD covers, posters, and book covers from Agatha Christie to the cover of “Scarlett” the sequel to “Gone With the Wind”. Since graduating of the Art Center College of Design in 1983 his artwork has been represented by Bernstein & Andriulli in New York, Ron Sweet in San Francisco, and Foster Represents in St. Louis. Recent corporate and institutional commissions include murals and large scale paintings for; The Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, The Missouri Botanical Garden’s permanent collection, The Westward Expansion Memorial Museum at the Arch, Novus International Inc., and the Danforth Plant Science Center. Additional patrons include Disney, Estee Lauder, Warner Bros., Toblerone –Switzerland, Universal Studios, IBM, Nike, Sony Music Corp., and Anhueser Busch.

Vic Barr

I design and work with the North American and exotic hardwoods of the world. I create contemporary jewelry chests and towers. I hand turn a lot of writing instruments, pens and pencils. I’ve begun to do some contemporary table-top sculptural pieces. I design custom pieces to meet the needs of individual clients. Email:

Sandy Kolde

After retiring from a long professional career in health care I now devote my life to art, which has always been a vital interest of mine. I have taken many classes at the Craft Alliance, as well as workshops at Penland School of Fine Craft and Arrowmont. Contemporary ceramic figurative sculpture is my focus and these sculptures have recently beenshown in exhibits at William Woods University, and the St. Charles Arts Council. I have served on Boards of Directors of several arts organizations and believe strongly that art contributes to the quality of life for all who are interested in either viewing art as a patron or producing art themselves. Email:

Adam Long

Adam Long is a nationally known sculptor in St. Charles, Missouri. Educated in the St. Louis region he has an MFA in Sculpture from Fontbonne University. He has been an art educator for over fifteen years, working in public middle and high schools and the university level. Locally, his work has been featured in articles in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Street Scape Magazine, Suburban Journals Weekend, At Home: St. Louis Magazine, the St. Charles County Post, and LifeScape Magazine and shown on the FOX, CBS, and PBS network affiliates. He has exhibited across the region, including shows at the Arts Incubator of Kansas City, the Schmidt Art Center at Southwestern Illinois College, the Baker Arts Center in Kansas, the Foundry Art Center in St. Charles, the O’Fallon Cultural Arts Center, and the St. Louis Artists’ Guild. His sculptures have received prizes and cash awards in numerous juried exhibitions. His work is in many private, national collections. His work can be viewed at 3


On-Line Publication Publisher and Editor Joyce Rosen

Welcome! The Arts Live is a quarterly full –color online interactive magazine founded in 2010. It features local Artists, Galleries, and Museums. The magazine’s philosophy is unique. It connects with a support of artists, establishing an artist database, producing an informative newsletter with the latest art news, artist updates, art happenings and provides a listing of galleries, art organizations, art festivals and events. The Arts Live we are constantly growing to better serve its increasing number of visitors. Arts and culture are part of a broader creative economy and to make an important contribution of economic growth and cultural tourism. The primary role of the Arts live will always be to celebrate and support the extraordinary achievements of the arts, artists, galleries, museums and the performing arts in our community. Our Mission- is to be a catalyst and support a dynamic dialogue between artist, events, galleries, arts organizations and those who work within, participate in or simply enjoy art. Our Vision – The arts Live is the pre-eminent showcase for the arts to be an important part of the art scene. The Arts Live has begun rapidly moving the next generation of internet technology to the arts. The Arts Live goingoutguide- Twice a month we feature a Going Out Guide informing members and subscribers of gallery openings, art happenings, art festivals, on-going exhibitions and the performing arts. The On-line magazine of “The Arts Live” Features Studio Visits increase access for the public to see work and meeting artist, documents art events and happenings in each issue. Enjoy great editorial diversity, articles of exceptional interest and quality written by curators, artists, gallery owners and experts in their field. For more information, please contact us at 314.910.0764.

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Studio Visits Our goal is encouraging the public to meet artist, see new work, make purchases and nurture potential new collectors. Increase access for the public to see work and meet artists, Interviews with contemporary Artists’ working across the United States in a variety of media, painting, Sculpture, fiber, ceramics and photography.

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Waverly Gallery, Springfield, Missouri- Eunice Wallar


Charlotte Terrell Laura Lloyd Kim Kenney


Dialog with Us An open forum on contemporary art and culture.

Art View – What is Happening in your World 33 Art Festivals 2014


Missouri Galleries & Museum


The Arts Live


Advisory Board

Is made up of artists, persons of knowledge experience and judgment who have an interest in the arts. Ron Thomas, Bryan Haynes, Vic Barr, Adam Long and Sandy Kolde

Cover Charlotee Terrell This Calm and Quiet Scene



Charlotte Terrell Q. When did you first realize you were an artist? A. First, as a child, I was naturally inclined to draw and paint and studied with university art students. I settled into landscape architecture as a career, which included art school programs. I studied classical decorative painting techniques, while living in NYC. The combination of these has naturally lead to painting. I have painted professionally since 2007. Q. Describe your art and artistic process. A. I would describe them as contemplative . They are ephemeral, idealized landscapes, fictional places intended to be universally familiar. I work on birch panels, applying plaster to the wood, polishing it, and layering oils and oil glazes to the surface. Q. What are your personal goals as and artists? A. To paint, to evolve and continually connect people with the quiet place I imagine my landscapes to be. Q. Do you collect art.

A. My parents were in Munich after WWII for the rebuilding of Germany. I have some the art work they brought back, chief among them, several works by Kathe Kollwitz, which I cherish. Q. How do you cultivate your patrons/cliental? A. Galleries, primarily, and by participating in select private shows around Nashville, which keeps me connected to my local following, and finally through interior designers. I also utilize social media: Facebook, Pinterest, and email notifications. Q. Current Medium. A. Mixed media, plaster, and oils on wood. Q. Have you been Influenced by what artist and how? A. I think I could point to Hudson River school painters, who painted idealized portrayals of landscapes. Also, Dutch and Flemish painters, who were instrumental in establishing landscape painting as a subject matter. Above: Charlotte Terrell in studio Left: A Calm So Deep. 60 x 48



Q. What inspires and motivates you? A. I actually like the ‘craft’ of what I do, the work of applying layers of plaster, polishing the surfaces, and then creating some magical place with the paint. I love being absorbed in the act of “doing”. Q. How has your work changed as you developed as an artist? A. The techniques and subject matter are the same, but have become more spare, moody, and edited. I am more proficient in the application. It has matured. Q. What interests do you have besides. A. My father use to say his vocation was his avocation. I did not understand that at the time. I do now. Q. Studio Space where is it and describe your studio what is it like. A. I lived in NYC for 15 years. I saw that my friends who were artists always took the largest room in their apartments and made it their studio. So, that is what I did when I began painting. It is a large room, with good light. From my small apartment in NY and my design background in landscape architect, I am adept in making the best use of every square inch.

Q. Do you work in your studio every day? A. Yes, Monday through Friday and often a bit on weekends. Q. What do you do for fun? A. I love movies, books and browsing a bookstore, entertaining friends, and exercising daily. Q. What kind of music do you listen to while creating. A. Sultry, females singers, usually melancholy ones, like Adel, Anuhea, or Melody Gardot. Q. Did your family have an influence on your decision to become an artist’s? A. Indirectly, yes. My parents informed, encouraged, and supported all my artistic callings. Q. Why does the world need art? A. It stretches us mentally and spiritually. It changes our view. It lifts us and transports us. I like to think that my work enriches the lives of the people who live with it.

Center: This Calm and Quiet, 48 x 24


Above: Seeking, 48 x 72 Right: Gallery


Charlotte Terrell— Artists Statement My paintings are spiritual, meditative expressions of my gratitude for transcendent beauty. They are intended to bring you into the present moment, allowing you to pause and experience a peace and contentment in the midst of a chaotic world. The ephemeral, idealized landscapes are fictional places intended to be universally familiar. I love working with the tactile nature of the plaster, the tangible act of polishing the surface, revealing layers, pooling juicy paint, and pouring glossy translucent glazes over the surface. In this playful and spontaneous process, I hope to conjure a moment in time that nurtures the soul. Birthplace: West Point, Mississippi. Raised in Columbus, Mississippi. Current Home: Nashville, TN Price Range of your work: $800 - $7800 Gallery Representatives: Quidley and Company, Boston, MA Bennett Gallery, Nashville, TN Bennett Gallery, Knoxville, TN Pryor Fine Art, Atlanta, GAQ.



Laura Lloyd

Q. When did you first realize you were an artist? A. I have always been interested in aesthetics and creativity, as long as I can remember. I am especially drawn to the human face, not judging them or sorting them by any standards, just interested in all the features and nuances that make each individual unique. I always wanted to be an artist (from childhood), even though I was not exposed to much art growing up. I thought it was a magical process, full of wonder, and it seemed to come easier to me than most others.

Q. Describe your art and artistic process A. I make ceramic sculptures and oil paintings usually dealing with the human figure in some way. In both disciplines it starts with an idea that I see in my mind, often bent towards the whimsical or darkly humorous. It has to be interesting and fresh to me, and slightly off-kilter. I don’t want my art to be boring; I like things just a little bit weird. My ceramic pieces are hollow and hand-formed without arma12

ture, and I finish these works with either under glaze or painting after the initial firing. In my oil paintings, I have been exploring different painting surfaces lately. A variety of textures such as vinyl record albums, acrylic sheets, aluminum, and Mylar sheets have given my opportunities to try a different approaches to color, depth and value. Q. What are your personal goals as and artists? A. Goal #1: To continually improve my techniques and skills as an artist, to never quit working harder to get the best of what I see. Goal #2: to succeed as an art professional, through both direct sales and gallery offerings, and through teaching painting skills in a small class setting. Q. Do you collect art A. Well, in a sense. I have saved thousands of images on my computer and tablet, because I truly love looking at and enjoying all kinds of art. For what I actually purchase and bring home, I have a several works by Jenny Mendes and Anthony Pack. Above: Hello Goddbye Right: Rhapsody in Blue

Sunset in Zimbabwe

Left: “Gold Tim” Above left to right: “Fish Out of Water Gallery”, “All of the Kings Horses”, “Dog and Pny Show”, “Surrender”


Laura Lloyd Birthplace: Monroe, WI Current Home: St. Peters, MO Price Range of your work: $45-$2500 Gallery Representatives: PS Gallery, Columbia, MO Brumfield Gallery, Boise, ID Website: etsy Lloydfineart

Q. Have you been Influenced by what artist and how? A. There are several artists who have influenced how I see things and shape what I would like to do. In painting, it would be Victor Wang, Chris Vance and Wayne Thiebaud. For the sculpting side of life, I am inspired by Sergie Isupov, Christina Cordova, and Jenny Mendes. Q. How has your work changed as you developed as an artist A. My work is continually evolving, driving by my own pestering dissatisfaction with whatever work I am creating. No, really, this is a good thing, because I try to push the envelope of what I can or can’t do. Most of the time these efforts result in flops, but sometime a new look will “stick”, and that keeps me happy and going (for a while). Q. Studio Space where is it and describe your studio what is it like A. I currently work at home. My workspace spreads from the basement through the kitchen and into the study. There is no escaping it! So, I put in some time each day on one or more of my projects. Q. Why does the world need art? A. Art is one of the fundamental elements of human culture. It can be a powerful vehicle to share thoughts, ideas and visions across all age and language barriers. We are created to create, and when done well I think art can unify, uplift and inspire us. 15

Left: “Yak Yak” Above: “Thinking Caps” Right: “Importance of One”



Kim Kenney Q. When did you first realize you were an artist? A. I had always had a difficult time thinking of myself as an artist. I was a woodturner, making a huge mess of shavings everyday and I was having a lot of fun doing it!  When I became portrait a Juried Member of the Best of MissouriSelf Hands it really hit home with me that others were accepting my work as Art.  I knew that I loved creating on the lathe and was humbled and amazed that others agreed that my creations were, indeed, Art!         Q. Describe your art and artistic process A. Starting with an Ozark grown Burl that could be as large as 6' x 6', I cut the pieces down to a more manageable size and begin to shape them on the lathe.  From a chunk of wood weighing in at 20-30 pounds, I will follow the lead provided by the piece of wood itself and do my best to allow the natural beauty of the wood grain to show.  Initially shaping and hollowing will be followed by drying time in the kiln and then a final turn.  Highlighting with genuine semi-precious stone such as Turquoise and Lapis is completed with a sanding process that entails 19 steps. Finish is applied in several stages and the final touch includes buffing with three seperate compounds to bring a luster to the finished work.          Q. What are your personal goals as and artists? A. I hope to be allowed to show my work in more exhibits, both locally and in an expanded area outside my regional area. Left: Photo by Kim Carr

Q. Do you collect art A. I only collect things I truly love. I have never acquired art based on the monetary value associated with it; I buy things that speak to me.  I find myself repeatedly drawn to glass/ceramic pieces.  Hand-blown glass is one of my favorites. I would never consider purchasing something that doesn’t call out to me to take it home!          Q. How do you cultivate your patrons/cliental A. I currently exhibit in 3 shows per year.  All are located in the state of Missouri  I utilize social media on a weekly basis and have an ever-increasing amount of people following my work. I have donated several pieces to fund raising events that I have a passion for.   I am also lucky enought to be represented by local galleries.  I’m always amazed when someone comes up to me and tells me that they’ve seen and admired my work in a gallery or gift shop.          Q. Current Medium        A. My medium is wood with an emphasis on Burl wood found in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. Q. Have you been Influenced by what artist and how? A. My artistic career owes it roots to my appreciation and admiration of the work of one of the Ozarks most recognized wood turners, Jerry Crowe.  He is my inspiration as well as my friend


Above: Photo by Kim Carr



and mentor. He has spent limitless hours teaching and tutoring me to allow me to reach the level of achievement that I currently enjoy.          Q. What inspires and motivates you? A. A delivery of new burls gets my blood racing!  I can’t wait to get a piece of wood mounted between centers and see what fantastic patterns are hidden within the wood.  The “ah-ha” moment when I am able to expose the grain patterns that Mother Nature has created is what makes me go back to the lathe every day.         Q. How has your work changed as you developed as an artist? A. It is my mission to continuously be perfecting my work.  I am no longer satisfied with simply “turning” something on the lathe.  I continue to devote more time to each individual piece and make sure I’ve done my absolute best to make it as perfect as possible.          Q. What interests do you have besides A. Reading and gardening are both important to me.  I am also a fan of auto racing!          Q. Studio Space where is it and describe your studio what is it like A. It certainly isn’t anything glamorous.  It’s a very large metal building filled to bursting with lathes, equipment, tools and shavings.  I’m fortunate enough to share studio space with my mentor and friend Jerry.  The studio is located about 40 feet from the banks of Flat Creek.  On any given day I will see Eagles, Wild Geese and many other forms of wildlife simply by gazing out the window.         Q. Do you work in your studio every day? A. If I’m not packing for an Art Show or visiting a gallery I can be found in the studio almost every day.         Q. What do you do for fun? Enjoying the outdoors is my passion. Whether it’s canoeing on the local waterways or camping in the great outdoors I want to be involved in the wonderful spot I call Home. I enjoy travel, especially to our many National Parks. Q. What kind of music do you listen to while creating? A. If there is music playing in the studio it will be Country. Many times there is no music playing as I really need to be able to hear

the small (and sometimes VERY important) sounds being emitted from the lathe and the piece of wood I’m working on. You quickly become attuned to the normal sounds and are alerted by anything out of the ordinary as a potential problem with the machine or the work itself. Q. Why does the world need art? A. I believe that art improves the quality of our lives. Being surrounded by pieces that we love is both a comfort and a joy. Being a tactile person I want to be able to touch and enjoy the feel of the art I acquire. I realize that there are also those who are visual; I feel that we all embrace what we love in the way we are best suited to.

Kim Kenney—Artist Statement When I first approach a newly cut “blank” and set it between centers on the lathe I feel both excitement and fear. Excitement in wondering what kind of marvelous form is waiting to emerge from the blank canvas; fear that I will ruin it before I can determine what it wants to become. I feel that we are blessed to be able to produce art with “green” properties by using one of Mother Nature’s most renewable resources – the local timber of the Ozarks. Because of the natural properties of burl wood, just like snowflakes, no two will ever be identical. I can take no credit for the natural beauty of the wood; I simply expose what was hiding there all along. I believe that my finished turnings, rather than my words, will reveal my passion for this art form. I hope you enjoy touching them and holding them as much as I have enjoyed my part of creating them! Birthplace: Monett, MO Current Home: The Beautiful Ozark Hills Cassville, MO Price Range of your work: $225-$950 Gallery Representatives: The Museum Store at Crystal Bridges Museum of Art Bentonville, AR Peter Engler Design - Branson, MO ARTifacts Gallery - Eureka Springs, AR Silver Dollar City - Branson, MO Poppy Arts - Columbia, MOturners, Jerry Crowe. He is my inspiration as well as my friend and mentor.  He has spent limitless hours teaching and tutoring me to allow me to reach the level of achievement that I currently enjoy.          website:




Waverly House Gift and Gallery

Interview with Eunice Wallar Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide a successful commercial gallery that focuses on our outstanding regional artists and is able to attract clients for the sale of their work. This is accomplished through a knowledgeable staff, our community involvement and presence, and working hard to create an environment in our gallery that enhances the artist’s work and is welcoming to our clients. Focus Areas: Classes/Workshops – We have hosted a variety of workshops that have been conducted by the artists that we regularly represent. These have been in a particular medium such as silk painting, pastels, jewelry, glass and also in other areas such as marketing your art work. We also do many presentations for SMMA groups and other interested community groups.

as it has always been very difficult for me to pass up a beautiful piece of pottery, either functional or decorative. If you could be reborn as a famous artist, who would it be? Are you an artist yourself? No, I am not. I always say I have taken just enough art classes to see how difficult it is to be a good artist and made me appreciate the work involved. Why does the world need art? To have a better understanding of the world from all perspectives including historical perspectives would be the quick answer. However, it also entertains, uplifts and helps us to think in more creative ways. How boring the world would be without art!

What inspired your interest in art? Visual and performing arts were always included in my life from the time I was a child.

If money were no object, which artist’s work would you buy? Anders Zorn, I just saw a wonderful exhibit of his work at The Legion of Honor in San Francisco. One of the most captivating exhibits I have seen.

What was the first piece of art you purchased for yourself? I honestly don’t remember, but most likely it was made of clay

What kind of art do you focus on? Our gallery accepts work in a variety of media. We have two


dimensional work in oil, watercolor, acrylic, and fiber. We also have glass, clay, wood, and jewelry. In addition we have sculpture in several mediums.

This is not a business that one would go into because it is very lucrative. You must enjoy and appreciate art AND all sorts of people, both artists and customers.

How would an aspiring artist get your attention for representation in your gallery? We have a gallery application process, however, I would encourage an aspiring artist to visit our gallery before applying to see if their work would fit in to our gallery. I would also encourage them to enter our juried shows open to anyone 18 years and older. These are held two times a year.

What the art scene in Springfield really needs? The art scene is actually very good compared to some years ago. Springfield Regional Arts Council offers many workshops, classes and seminars and does a good job with spreading the art scene news. Our new director of the Springfield Art Museum, Nick Nelson, is doing a fantastic job of involving the entire community with the Art Museum and also helping to promote local artists and galleries, such as Waverly House, that feature regional artists.

How does one judge quality is it a know-it-when you see it kind of thing? If we represent an artist on a regular basis, we are particular about how the work is executed. Our customers are used to quality and a piece may have good design elements, but if it is not well executed, we are not interested. Do you represent only local artist at the gallery? We have mostly local and regional artists and try to support the community as much as possible. However , we do mix in a few artists from across the country. How economically rewarding is this business?

What’s your greatest challenge? We often have new customers come in and say, “You are like many galleries in larger cities.� Yes, that is true, we have access to the same artists, but getting this message out is a challenge. How well does the local media cover art? We always hope for a bit more coverage, but basically it is quite good. We have a good relationship with the art reporter for our local newspaper. Our NPR station does a good job as well as our bi - weekly newspaper. Local network TV coverage is very limited, I have a sponsorship on our PBS station and those are some of the best advertising dollars I have spent. 25

ART VIEW April 4 - May 7, 2104

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

3750 Washington Blvd. St. Louis, Mo. 63108 314.535.4660 http://www.camstl. org May 9 –August 10, 2014 Great Rivers Biennial: Brandon Anschultz, Carlie Trosclair, and Cayce Zavaglia Katharina Fritsch: Postcards Audible Interruptions: Van McElwee and Cameron Fuller and Sarah Paulsen

What is Happening in Your Art World

Arts and its culture are part of our creative economy and they make an important contribution to economic growth and tourism in the area by promoting the arts.

The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts

Washington Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo. To August 20, 2014: Art of its Own Making, explores the artistic process and the ways in which artworks evolve over time through interactions with people and their surroundings.

Holocaust Museum & Learning Center

The May Gallery - Webster University

Photographs, artifacts and audio-visual displays. Resource library and oral history archives. Self-guided audio tour. FREE.

April 4- May 2, 2014 The Small Wall Gallery, Photographs from Tuscany curated by Laura Schilli

8300 Big Bend Boulevard, Webster Groves, Mo 63119 314.246.7673

12 Millstone Campus Dr. St. Louis, MO 63146 Phone: (314) 432-0020

Laumeier Sculpture Park

12580 Rott Road, St. Louis, Mo 63127 314.615.5278 April 11, “A Tribe Called Red” April 10-12,2014 Monument/Anti-Monument is an international conference that explores the intersection of sculpture and the public realm

International Photography

Hall of Fame and Museum 3415 Olive St. St. Louis , MO 63103 (314. 535-1999 Preserves, promotes and educates on the history of photography through exhibitions, programs and community outreach 26

Saint Louis Art Museum

One Fine Arts Drive, Forest Park, St. Louis, Mo 63110 314.721.0071 http:// To July 6, 2014 – Impressionist France

Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum at Washington University

Washington University Corner of Skinker and Forsyth Blvds, St. Louis, MO 63130 Phone: (314) 935-4523 Featuring cutting-edge special exhibitions, exceptional educational resources and an outstanding collection of 19th, 20th, and 21st century European and American art. Visitor parking available. Easy MetroLink access. FREE

Japanese Art

In forest Park, Shakespeare Festival St. Louis will produce three plays in tow alternating main stage shows- Henry IV parts 1 & 2 and Henry V May 17-June 15. For more information, please visit or call 314.531.9800

The Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art Daum Museum of Contemporary Art

2818 Frederick Avenue, Saint Joseph, Missouri 64506 1.888.254.2787 http:// 3102 West 1 6th Street, Sedalia, Mo 65310 May 29- June22 – Circus Flora Brings the Game of Chess to life in its 28 Season Production, “The Pawn” Call 314.289.4040 or visit

Union Station Kansas City

30 W. Pershing Road, Kansas City, Mo 64109 816.460.2020 Exhibition Opens April 4, 2014 – The Discovery of“King Tut” His tome, His treasures

Analogons: Selection from the collection to 5.25.2014 2014 Student Exhibition to 5.11.14 Chris Gustin: Masterworks in Clay To 5.25.14

Springfield Art Museum

1111 E. Brookside Drive, Springfield, Mo 65807 417.837.5700 http://

2818 Frederick Avenue, Saint Joseph, Missouri 64506 1.888.254.2787 April 12 – June 1 The Face of Things: AKMA Portraits April 12 – June 1 Toben Collection

The Art Institute of Chicago

111 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, Il 60603 Be the First to Welcome Home Picasso, Matisse, and More Friday, April 18, 2014 April 12 – June 1 The Face of Things: AKMA Portraits April 12 – June 1 Toben Collection

June 7-August 3, 2014 Watercolor U.S.A 2014 Opening Reception: June 6, 5:307pm

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

4525 Oak Street, Kansas City, Mo 64111 816.751.1278 Through August 24, 2014 Color and Line: Masterworks on Paper Through December 1,2014 Splendors of 27

2014 April 4 - 6, 2014

September 5 - 7, 2014

Queeny Art Fair Greater St. Louis Art Association Presents Queeny Art Fair at The Greensfelder Recreation Center Friday 6-9 Saturday 10-6 Sunday 11-4

The Saint Louis Art Fair Clayton, Missouri For more information: 314.863.0278

May 9 - 11, 2014

Cedarhurst Craft Fair, Mt Vernon Illinois 618.242.1236 Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm

Laumeier Sculpture Park 12580 Rott Road, St. Louis Mo 63127 Art Fair at Laumeier Friday 6-10, Saturday 10-8, Sunday 10-5 314.615.5278

May 16 -18, 2014

Art on The Square Belleville, Illinois 800.677.9255

June 6 - 8, 2014

Art & Air Friday 6-10 Saturday 11-10 Sunday 12-5 Webster Groves, Missouri For more information: 314.968.6500

June 7 - 8 , 2014

Art in the Park Saturday 10-5, Sunday, 10-4 Stephens Lake Columbia, MO For more information: 573.443.8838

August 30, 31, September 1 2013

Fall Art Fair at Queeny Park Friday 6-9 Saturday 10-6 Sunday 11-4 314.889.0433


September 6 & 7, 2014

September 19 -21, 2014

Mosaics Missouri Festival for the Arts 20th Annual Friday 6-10 Saturday 11-10 Sunday 12-5 230 North Main, St. Charles, Missouri 63301 For more information:636.946.3433

September 19 - 21, 2014

Plaza Art Fair Country Club Plaza 80th Annual Friday 5-10, Saturday 10-10, Sunday 11-5 Kansas City, Missouri 64112 For more information:

October 4 - 5, 2014

Historic Shaw Art Fair Saturday 9-5 Sunday 10-5 St. Louis, Missouri For more information: 314.771.3101 Fall Queeny Art Fair Greater St. Louis Art Association Presents Queeny Art Fair at The Greensfelder Recreation Center


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MISSOURI Galleries & Museums

Cape Girardeau

Gallery 501 at Art Glass Array

Kansas City

501 N. Kingshighway, St. Charles, 63301 Edward Bernard Gallery

Museum at Corinthian Hall


107 West Drive, Cape Girardeau,

3218 Gladstone Blvd., Kansas

Missouri 63703 Tel 573.332.7733

City Mo 64123


Missouri Artists on Main 321 S. Main Street, St. Charles, Mo 63301



Missouri Tel 573.339.9510

Kirksville Arts Association

St. Louis

117 S. Franklin Street, Kirksville,

Mozaic Art Studio #5 North Main, Cape Girardeau,


Missouri 63501 660.665.0500

Art St. Louis

123 Pine Street St. Louis, Mo 63103

Columbia Art League


Tel 314.241.4810

207 S. 9th St., Columbia, Missouri 65201 Tel 573.443.2131


Exposure Artists’ Gallery

Art Trends Gallery

110 Main Street, Parkville,

703 Long Road Crossing Drive,

PS Gallery

Mo 64152 816.746.6300

Chesterfield, Mo 63101

1025 E. Walnut, Columbia,

Tel 636.536.3266

Mo 65201 Tel 573.442.4831 Email:

Saint Joseph St. Louis Atrium Gallery


The Albrecht-Kemper

4814 Washington Ave,

Museum of Art

St. Louis, Mo 63108 • Tel 314.367.1076

Hannibal Arts Council

2818 Grderick Avenue,

105 S. Main Street, Hannibal,

Saint Joseph, Missouri 64506

Mo 63401 573.221.6545

Tel 816.233.7003

Bonsack Gallery at

John Burroughs School 755 South Price Road,

Hannibal Alliance Art Gallery

Saint Charles

St. Louis Mo 63124 Tel 34.993.4040

112 N Main St., Hannibal, Mo 63401 573.221.2275

Foundry Art Centre

520 North Main Center St.

Bruno David Gallery

Charles 63301 636.255.0270

3721 Washington Blvd., St. Louis,

Mo 63108 Tel 314.531.3030

Kansas City Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Framations Art Gallery

4525 Oak Street, Kansas City,

218 N. Main Street ,


Mo 64111

St. Charles, 63301 636.724.8313

524 Trinity Ave. St. Louis, Mo 63130

816.751.1278 30

MISSOURI Galleries & Museums

Chesterfield Arts

St. Louis Mercantile

Regional Arts Commission

444 Chesterfield Center Chesterfield,

Thomas Jefferson Library Building,

Mo 63017 Tel 636.242.1236

One University Blvd. St. Louis, Mo


63121 314.561.7240

314. 863.6811

6128 Delmar Blvd, University City

Contemporary Art Museum 3750 Washington Ave.,

Maryville Morton

Saint Louis University

St. Louis, Mo 63108

May Gallery

Museum of Art

Tel 314.535.4660

650 Maryville Library Drive, Creve

3663 Lindell, St. Louis Mo 63108

Coeur Mo 63141 314,529.9381


6509 Delmar Blvd. St. Louis,

May Gallery

Saint Louis Art Museum

Mo 63130 Tel 314.721.1181

Webster University, Severdrup Building

One Fine Arts Drive, Forest Park, St.

8300 Big Bend Blvd. Webster Groves

Louis Mo. 63110 314.721.0072

Mo 63199 Tel 314.246.7673

Componere Gallery

Craft Alliance - Delmar

6640 Delmar Blvd.


University City, Mo

Mildred Lane Kemper

63103 314.535.7528

Art Museum Washington University

One Brooking Drive, St. Louis, Mo

Daum Museum

63130 Tel 314.935.4523

3201 West 16th Street, Sedalia,

Craft Alliance- Grand Center

Mo 65301 Tel 660 530.5888

501 North Grand Blvd.

Laumeier Sculpture Park

63103 314.535.7528

312580 Rott Road, St. Louis

Mo 63127 314.615.5278

Art Impressions

Gallery and Framing

Duane Reed Gallery

412 S. Ohio, Sedalia, Mo 65301

4729 McPherson Ave. St. Louis



Mo 63108 314.361.4100

3700 West Pine Mall Blvd. St.

Liberty Center Association for the Arts

Louis Mo 63103 314.997.7170

111 W 5th Street, Sedalia, Mo 65301


21 North Bemiston, Clay-

Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts


ton, Mo 63105 Tel 314.

3716 Washington Blvd. St. Louis, Mo

63108 314.754.1850

Gateway Gallery

Springfield Art Museum 1111 East Brookside Drive Spring-

Greenberg Van Doren Gallery

Saint Louis Artist Guild

field, Mo 65807 417.837.5700

3540 Washington Avenue St. Louis

Two Oak Knoll, Clayton, Mo 63105




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