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‘Tis the season for...




‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through downtown, people spoke of the wonderful things they had found...

at The Arts Company’s 18th Annual

Holiday Arts Market

Paul & Dorothy

Handmade Ceramic Mugs by Dorothy Craig Prices range from $25-$40

CRAIG Designs in Clay

Red Hot Santa Tea Set by Dorothy Craig $85 Saints + Sinners: The Mother Church Candy Tin in Clay by Dorothy Craig $200

Nashville Vinyl Platter: The Great Pretender by Paul Craig $200 Sun Angle Quadrant by Paul Craig $125 Super Bowl Snack Wheel by Paul Craig $125

Original Calendar Drawings by Elise Cossonet $35 each


ARTWORK Paintings, Sculpture, Photography

Small Oil paintings by Brett Weaver Prices begn at $600 (unframed)

Nashville Scenes by Denise Stewart-Sanabria Lomography on Wood $50 each

Handmade Porcelain Sculpture by Aggie Zed Prices range from $40-$125


ARTWORK Paintings, Encaustics Under $500

Smaller Encaustics on Wood by Charles Ivey Under $500

Encaustics on Wood by Robin Schlacter Under $500

Small Square Paintings by Edie Maney Under $500


ARTWORK Prints & Paintings Under $500

New work in various sizes by Tres Taylor Prices range from $200-$400

New Small Pieces by Daryl Thetford Inkjet on Aluminum Sizes from 18 x 10 in. to 16 x 20 in. Prices range from $165-250



WEBSTER Folk Art Collection

Following his retirement as a high school principal at Berry, (Fayette County), Alabama, in 1973, Fred Webster decided that he should have something to occupy his time. When his wife retired from her public school teacher position in 1975, together they spent two weeks at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina. It was here that Mr. Webster decided to resume the woodcarving that he had done as a boy. Back home, in true mountain tradition, he took out his pocketknife and began whittling in earnest. Early, he carved a number of rather large birds, some as tall as 18-20 inches, and life-size ducks. Prior to the large, painted birds, however, he had done various small animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, and the like; horses, unicorns, deer and such, which were left unpainted but given a coat of varnish. Proud of his work, Webster soon began carting it to nearby Northport to show in the annual Kentuck Festival of the Arts. There, in the mid-1980s, a folk art collector and dealer named Robert Cargo introduced himself to Webster and complimented him on his carvings. Cargo asked Webster if he would carve him a piece depicting the Last Supper. It turned out so well that Webster was now carving his interpretation of the stories of Jonah and the whale, the birth of Jesus, the Crucifixion, and Noah and the Ark. He created choirs of angels and devils, as well as gatherings of religious snake handlers.” (From Kemp and Boyer, REVELATIONS. ALABAMA’S VISIONARY FOLK ARTISTS, 1994, p. 200.)

Snake Handlers by Fred Webster $850

The subjects of his serious work as a carver dealt primarily with small cartoon figures no more than two to about five inches tall: Popeye, Garfield, Snoopy, Mickey and Minnie Mouse; various historic al figures and contemporary personalities, from George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to Coach Bear Bryant, John Wayne, Dolly Parton; and political figures: George Wallace, Martin Luther King, Jr., Ronald and Nancy Reagan; and patriotic icons: Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty. Fred Webster himself considered his treatment of the well-known Biblical stories his most significant work and seemingly collectors agreed: there was great competition for them as they became known. There are few collectors, however, who have ever seen the earlier work. The artist’s reputation thus was built on these carved and painted wooden figures and constructions, generally 8-10 inches tall, of Biblical inspiration. Especially popular with collectors were his Adam and Eve, Jonah and the Whale, Samson and Delilah, Peter Denying Christ, Noah and the Ark, the Last Supper. Probably the most popular of these was the Dream of Boaz.

George Wallace by Fred Webster $850

OL Samuels was born in 1931, in Wilcox County, Georgia.


SAMUELS Folk Art Collection

OL Samuels left home at the age of eight. He worked on Georgia farms and later traveled to New York City to become a prizefighter. In 1962, Samuels returned to the South and worked as a tree surgeon. An accident in 1982 left him severely injured. He became deeply despondent during his slow mental and physical recovery until he remembered that his grandmother, a freed slave, told him for depression one should carve on a wooden spool. Samuels picked up some wood and began to carve. Today, he continues to carve, allowing his sense of humor and his imagination to dictate the often magical figures which emerge from the wood. OL Samuel’s work is included in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Md., and the Museum of American Folk Art in NYC among many others. His art has also been exhibited at The White House. He is featured in several major books on the subject of contemporary folk art.

Large Bird $450

Rhino $450

Small Bird $95

Torso $250

Dog $45

Brother MEL


Remaing Book Sconces & Watercolors

Brother Mel became a member of the Marianist order, a Catholic community of brothers, just out of high school in 1942. He was sent to the University of Dayton for his bachelor’s degree and later to Notre Dame for a master’s degree in art, which included also a year of traveling 14,000 miles on a moped to visit cathedrals, shrines and museums throughout Europe. After teaching English and art in some of the Marianist schools, he was given the opportunity to work full time as an artist. He was given no constraints, no particular demands, other than to fulfill his spiritual vows as he saw fit as a working artist. This was a groundbreaking idea in the 1960s of what vocational choices might be appropriate for a monk. Much of his work shows no specific signs as being religious art. However, when asked, Brother Mel always replied, “All of my work is religious.” In his mid-eighties, he continued to work 6 days a week as his creative energy endured. He continued to meld his art and faith in a variety of vibrant artworks. St. Louis University honored him with an honorary doctorate and a permanent sculpture garden in one block in the middle of downtown St. Louis. In addition, the Museum of Art at St. Louis University mounted a retrospective of his work.

Remaining Brother Mel Book Sconces + Signed & Numbered Book $125

Remaining Watercolors from Brother Mel’s Exursions Across the World Prices range $200-400 (unframed)



As I See It (signed) by John Loengard New York: Vendome Press, 2005 $19.95

The Art of Community: Janet & Jim Ayers’ Collection of Tennessee Art $35 (100% of the proceeds go to Humanities Tennessee for the Southern Festival of Books)

Nashville by Design: Architectural Treasures (signed) by Bob Schatz $19.95

Variety of Signed Books by Ridley Wills II $25


BOOKS Funny Birds by Philippe Ug $19.95

Paper Blossoms, Butterflies & Birds: A Book of Beautiful Bouquets for the Table by Ray Marshall $40

Robots, Watch Out, Water About! by Philippe Ug $19.95

600 Black Spots: A Pop-up Book for Children of All Ages by David A. Carter $21.99



Vintage Glass Cake Stands $65 (left) & $125 (right)

Vintage Pewter Ice Cream Molds ca. 1900 $4 - $600

Wide Variety of Vintage Holiday Items i.e. Candles, Ornaments, etc.

Handmade Copper & Leather Images by Nat Cole Under $50


Happy Holidays! -The Arts Company

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