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8 | The Arts Centre Gold Coast | Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan

Relationships TACGC respects all cultures and individuals and prides itself on offering something for everyone. We are excited to enhance existing and building new relationships with Australia’s First Peoples so that our organisation and the Gold Coast community can continue to learn and grow with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Focus area: Strengthening relationships






TACGC RAP Working Group (RWG) to actively monitor RAP development, including implementation of actions, tracking progress and reporting

General Manager / RWG

November 2014

• TACGC RWG oversees the development, endorsement and launch of the RAP


TACGC to celebrate and participate in National Reconciliation Week (NRW) by providing opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and other employees to build stronger relationships

General Manager / RWG

March and September 2015/2016

27 May - 3 June 2015 and 2016

• Meet at least twice per year to monitor and report on RAP implementation • Organise at least one internal event each year • Provide opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees, RWG and Senior Management/Staff to attend community NRW events • Develop and implement a plan to communicate NRW theme and events via team meetings and public website • Organise and display NRW posters in TACGC offices and public areas • Register internal NRW event on Reconciliation Australia website



Raise internal awareness of TACGC RAP in order to increase employees understanding and commitment to reconciliation

Develop new and strengthen existing relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, organisations and stakeholders to encourage, support, Australia’s First Peoples cultures in arts

Indigenous Coordinator

General Manager / Performing Arts Manager / Gallery Manager

May 2015

• Develop and implement a plan to raise awareness across TACGC on RAP commitment, particularly with key internal stakeholders

May 2015

• Present and promote RAP commitment to all relevant areas of TACGC to ensure a better understanding of how their area can contribute to the RAP

May 2015

• Ensure RAP is accessible to TACGC employees via website and hardcopy

May 2015

• Establish a list and maintain a database of key Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, organisation and stakeholders in the Arts

September 2016

• Investigate to promote and link emerging and established Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to TACGC initiatives and other programs through communicating and engaging identified individuals, organisations and stakeholders

September 2016

• Investigate to develop and implement a plan to establish a permanent First Australian Peoples cultural exhibition in collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations/ stakeholders to feature local performers and artists

September 2015 and 2016

• Continue to strengthen existing partnership with Blak Lines National Indigenous Touring Consortium through consultation and collaboration in delivery of the Indigenous touring circuit at TACGC

The Arts Centre Gold Coast — Reconciliation Action Plan (2014—2016)  
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