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NSW curriculum eNews for Creative Arts 7-12

artsVoice MAY 2013

artsVoice is a curriculum eNews publication to assist teachers and the community stay informed of Creative Arts curriculum for Years 7-12 in NSW secondary schools.

Learning and Leadership Secondary Education Rach Kirsten is the Creative Arts Advisor for Secondary Education in the NSW Department of Education and Communities. In this role she coordinates Creative Arts curriculum and professional learning services to teachers in the Department to enhance the implementation of dance drama, music and visual arts in Years 7-12. Rach is also responsible for providing advice on state and national initiatives and policies and the implications for the teaching and learning of Creative Arts in NSW public schools.

artsVoice Published May, 2013

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Rach Kirsten Creative Arts Advisor, Years 7-12

Promissium Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts Choreography by Chris Richards and Nadina Bampton Photography Rach Kirsten

Learning and Leadership - Secondary Education Locked Bag 53 Dalinghurst NSW 1300

Any products and event information included in artsVoice from providers that are external to the NSW Department of Education and Communities are correct at the time of publication and are to be used at the reader’s discretion. The inclusion of product and event information is not an endorsement by the Department.

T 9244 5255 E Š State of NSW, Department of Education and Communities, 2013



artsVoice MAY 2013

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If you are a secondary teacher in a NSW public school, you are invited to make a submission for inclusion in artsVoice. Proposals may be submitted in a number of areas:


• • •

approaches to innovative arts practice in your classroom or faculty case studies of experimental or innovative use of technology in arts curriculum original photography of student performances, exhibitions or work samples (student release forms must be obtained)


case studies or outcomes from collaborating with colleagues in your local network, community of schools or with an artist/arts organisation


• •

papers you have presented at conferences reflections/analysis of current arts education research

To express interest, email a short proposal to Rach Kirsten at CLOSING DATE for Term 3 proposals: 17 June 2013 © State of NSW, Department of Education and Communities, 2013


artsVoice MAY 2013


Learning and Leadership - Secondary curriculum update


Australian Curriculum update

7 Chemical safety in schools


Creative Arts HSC examination dates: Quick reference guide Š State of NSW, Department of Education and Communities, 2013




MAY 2013


Welcome to the first edition of artsVoice for 2013. Schools Portfolio Functional Realignment in State Office The functional realignment of the Public Schools NSW portfolio at the State Office level commenced implementation on 29 January 2013. The realignment is expected to be finalised this term. Within the Learning and Leadership Directorate, there are four new units: • Early Learning and Primary Education • Secondary Education • High Performance • Specialist Programs The provision of curriculum support for Creative Arts is now addressed through the Secondary Education (Years 7-12) and Early Learning and Primary Education (K-6) units of Learning and Leadership. Within Secondary Education, I have been appointed to the role of Creative Arts Advisor, Years 7-12. In this role, I

will continue to support the implementation of visual arts, music, drama and dance curriculum in secondary schools.

Within Early Learning and Primary Education, Margaret Bradley has been appointed to the role of Creative Arts Advisor, K-6. The Arts Unit continues it’s work as part of the Specialist Programs unit.

Relocation of Ryde State Office teams

The curriculum teams located at Ryde State Office, are now located at Oxford Street State Office, Darlinghurst. Please find my new contact details on Page 2. I look forward to continuing to work with you to support the implementation of dance, drama, music and visual arts curriculum in secondary schools. Rach Kirsten Creative Arts Advisor, Years 7-12 © State of NSW, Department of Education and Communities, 2013


artsVoice MAY 2013


Australian Curriculum development In relation to new syllabus development for Creative Arts subjects in New South Wales, the joint memorandum to principals (31 July 2012) advised that:

In the process of developing an Australian Curriculum for The Arts, the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) released a revised draft for public viewing on 25 February 2013.

The Board will follow its regular cycle of curriculum evaluation and review which will identify priorities for curriculum renewal.

The revised draft gives teachers an indication of the draft curriculum as it nears completion. ACARA anticipates that the curriculum will be be finalised in 2013.

When a current syllabus or learning area is identified for renewal the Board will take the opportunity to incorporate Australian curriculum content.

New South Wales syllabuses

You will find all of the latest information about the development of the Australian Curriculum for the arts and key matters for NSW on the Curriculum Support website.

In 2013, teachers of Creative Arts subjects in Years 7-10 will continue to implement current approved NSW Syllabuses. Š State of NSW, Department of Education and Communities, 2013


artsVoice MAY 2013


CHEMICAL SAFETY IN SCHOOLS Chemical Safety in Schools (CSIS) is a resource to assist schools in legislative obligation to handle chemicals safely.

The following guide outlines how to access Chemical Safety in School (CSIS) from the Department’s intranet.

The resource was initially distributed to schools in print (2 folders) and is also available online through the Department’s intranet.

1. Begin on the Department’s intranet homepage

This year, the Department will review CSIS resources and revise the online resource. This is of particular relevance to visual arts teachers in secondary schools.

3. Select Asset Management

2. Go to the A to Z of Directorates

4. The side menu of the Asset Management page has the following tabs: - Memoranda and Circulars - Safety and Compliance

If you teach visual arts Years 7-12 in a NSW public school and would like to participate in a small working group to provide advice for visual arts, please email Rach Kirsten at to register your interest.

5. Select the Safety and Compliance tab to expand the compliance menu including the following: Chemical Safety in Schools Chemwatch CSIS Online Chemical Safety in Schools FAQ

CLOSING DATE: 31 May 2013 © State of NSW, Department of Education and Communities, 2013


artsVoice MAY 2013


practical & performance


Dance Performance Examinations 5 August - 17 August 2013

Dance Thursday 17 October 2013 Core Appreciation 1.55pm–3.00pm Major Study Appreciation 3.10pm–4.30pm

Drama Projects COMPLETION AND HAND-IN DATE: 3:00pm 19 August 2013 Drama Performance Examinations 19 August - 31 August 2013

Music 1 Monday 28 October 2013 Aural Skills 1.55pm–3.00pm

Visual Arts Bodies of Work * COMPLETION AND HAND-IN DATE : 3:00pm 26 August 2013

Music 2 Monday 28 October 2013 Musicology and Aural Skills 3.25pm–5.00pm

Music Submitted Works COMPLETION AND HAND-IN DATE: 3:00pm 2 September 2013 SUBMISSION DATE TO BOARD OF STUDIES NSW: 9 September 2013

Drama Monday 4 November 2013 1.55pm–3.30pm

Music Performance Examinations 2 September - 14 September 2013 Visual Arts Wednesday 6 November 2013 Art criticism and art history 1.55pm–3.30pm

* Schools will be advised of their individual submission dates for Visual Arts bodies of work in Term 3. Visual Arts itinerant marking is conducted between Monday 21 October and Friday 1 November 2013.

Source: Board of Studies NSW

Source: Board of Studies NSW © State of NSW, Department of Education and Communities, 2013


artsVoice 2013 MAY  

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