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A message from Cherry There‟s been a lot of changes on the OS side of the TAW barracks over the last weeks. With that said they‟ve all been in response to the present and future goals of TAW. In OS, you may not be the one leading your team screaming into battle or setting your sights on that evil 109 to win the match for your team (or any one of many other gaming scenarios). However, the contribution that the OS team makes on a daily basis does help to make that a reality for many of our fellow TAW members. OS is here to support the organization of TAW from the Battalion level all the way to the Board of Directors. To do this, we have six distinct teams that serve a variety of roles. Here is an update from each area: Support Operations [SUP] is one of the newer teams in OS. This is the help center for TAW. Nupidstoob is the team leader and between him and his staff receive a great deal of requests daily. They are currently in the process of creating a one-stop help center for members and non members alike. [DEVOP] refers to combining the website development and operational process into one continuous workflow, therefore quickly delivering new features and updates to production quickly and at high quality. The big question is always...‟When is 3.0 going to be done?” Short answer is: We‟re looking for a Spring 2015 launch. They are feverishly working on it as we speak. The Information Security office [ISC] is primarily responsible for the management and maintenance of TAW's infrastructure. Kevlartoo has recently joined ISC coming from the GRAW Division. He‟s been reviewing and been taking inventory of the TAW servers and working closly with DEVOP as 3.0 spins up. The TAW Treasury keeps track of the funds for TAW. Jedi leads this team and was recently joined by Domanator. Social Operation Corps [SOC] covers all of the social outlets and the newsletter. Facebook and the like have all grown exponentially and continue to do so. They have also made a great deal of improvements to the streaming capabilities and capacity and have been working closely with Corps and Divisions. After a couple of months down, the Newsletter team is back up and fully functional. It is published monthly on the 15th. The Graphics team [GFX] creates all of the images for TAW including Tabs, Badges, Website images, TAW Shop images and also avatars and the like. They have redesigned their team to an Internal and External team. Internal used to request items such as Avatars, Signatures, Streaming overlays, Backgrounds, . Anything defined a in a client personalized manner, This is for members wanting personalized stuff. The External team is for items such as Banners, Posters, Newsletter images, Advertisements, Fundraiser front covers. Anything defined a in a social advertisement manner, This is for divisions/ battalions/groups wanting advertisement/ broader membership reaching material The last, but not least, team in OS is the TAW Shop. QuinoaAOC is leading up the development of a NA and an EU shop that we should be launching in the Spring as well to coincide with 3.0‟s launch. The 58 members of OS are here to help and support all that you do. Feel free to contact us with any of your needs.

TAW on the Social Media Scene The community of TAW has been expanding outward by means of social media. We are involved in, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and also Twitch. (If you do not know what twitch TV is. it is a free place for people to stream games as they play them.) If you are interested in checking out any of these exciting progressions for TAW; all you need to do is click on the appropriate link on the TAW website. They are located on the top left corner of the TAW website.


DOTA The EU battalion for Dota 2 had staff changes for a long time. 3 months ago, the staff started a complete overhaul, with previous members stepping down to allow new and fresh ideas to come in in the form of new staff members. With members coming and going finally the battalion office was filled out with SirDuke as a Staff Officer. This member has shown activity and interest in helping since joining TAW and quickly went up to SO. A transfer member FoxyRex also stepped up and filled in a position of Training specialist, a position normally not used in Dota 2, however FoxyRex makes it work and provides useful support in the battalion staff office. Both new additions provide valuable help in running the battalion. The game itself has undergone large changes. The recent patch 6.82 introduces some changes that would be seen even by people who have never had interest in the meta of the game or had no idea about the balance changes. While there is a large amount of balance changes a few thing to mention are changes that will impact every players. The first of these is the Roshan pit change. For those that do not know Dota or Dota 2, but are familiar with other moba games, Roshan is like Baron Nashor (which is an anagram for Roshan). Killing it rewards a large sum of gold and drops the Aegis of the Immortal, which simply put gives you a second life (you revive once you are dead). Strictly speaking the change is not to Roshan himself, but more to his lair. The position of the lair and the surrounding pathways have been greatly changed. There are also additional pathways added in the jungle areas as well. Why is this change significant? If you have played Dota 1 as well as Heroes of Newerth, you will know that the map has been static and never changing this entire time. Another great change in Dota 2 is the comeback mechanics. While Dota 2 boasts allowing great comebacks as it is, new changes make it even easier, allowing players to gain bonus gold and exp for killing enemy heroes. While this is a very controversial feature it does give some more room for new players to not completely make a game unwinnable. It still gets tweaked every small patch here and there, but if it is here to stay, then it is something that might just give a helping hand to all the new players that just get raged on and quit on because they died a few times. Currently our staff is trying to set up a small internal tournament. Sadly I cannot provide the details at the moment as our staff meeting regarding this has not yet come to pass, but as soon as everything is concrete and finalized we will most likely write up a few blog posts again. There are some ideas about creating ladders, but that is all those are at the moment. Should our small tournaments and/or ladders prove successful in our own Battalion and division we will most likely open up the floodgates and make it available to everyone TAW-wide to enjoy a bit of competitive play. Should you wish to participate, always feel free to contact our staff. HellDuke DC



A note from the Editor Hey folks

This month has absolutely flown in and I would like to thank everyone for all their hard work on this edition, (Yes, Even you Blondie!) I would like to personally thank all our armed services world wide for their sacrifices in current, past and future wars. On behalf of myself, and TAW as a whole… We Will Remember Them LTC. Monohell Newsletter DC





OS Weekly Meeting



DEVOP meeting



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OS Weekly Meeting



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OS Weekly Meeting



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CC Meeting 3

In the Scope Interview with LTC HellDuke Let's get to know you - can you describe yourself in five words? If I have to choose five words it's difficult because I can't really think up of 5. The ones that come easiest to mind are: pragmatic, friendly, punctual, honest, loyal. Tell us about your history in TAW. Going into detail would be a long history. To keep it short I joined the Company of Heroes Online division in Vanguard. The game was cancelled and we then tried our best to keep everyone in with the regular Company of Heroes (CH). While still in vanguard I quickly rose to the Executive Officer (XO) position. On launch I was asked to become the Division Officer. For a long time I was in Division Officer and later Division Commander position within CH. After some time I started feeling a bit burnt out so I decided to move to a Spin Up team with Star Wars the Old Republic. However even there I was asked to take up a position and agreed to become an SO. Sadly with the problems that we faced I felt that it may be too much for me and then stepped down and left TAW. After slightly less than a year I re-joined TAW back into Dota 2 (DA) division. There it didn't take long for me to take up position of CO as staff was (and sometimes still is) difficult to come by. After some time with the DC at the time transferring to another division I took up then free DO position. Soon after stepped up to DC. With the short interruption of moving to try and spin-up Rome (after which I quickly took up DO and again DC positions once again). Been staying in Dota ever since, though I will not hide that I am looking to find something else to do and let others take the mantle of DC to get some experience there. What was your initial impression of TAW? Initially I felt like TAW was a bit too strict for me. But then I saw the mess that it was with no distinct leadership and quickly realised that as with any organisation, someone has to step up to organise. After that with different members and CC my opinions changed often sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better.

environment. If you do not offer some time to make it better, it will not become better.

Tell us about your current division, and what you do there. Currently I am the Division Commander of the Dota 2 division. Primarily as the DC I overview the day to day operations as much as possible and try to help the battalion staff better organise themselves without giving any obvious orders, but instead trying to give ideas and goals to strive for (which honestly I was only recently able to do with any reason what with all the staff changes). Otherwise I play games with everyone just the same remembering my rank only when someone gets close to stepping over the line. What would you like someone considering joining TAW to know? Everyone considering joining TAW should know that things do not just happen. Only through our own efforts can we make it a fun and worth-wile

If you could choose any TAW member to be stranded on a desert island with, who would it be and why? Hard to answer that question as I would not choose someone I have not really met. Although if I had to choose, I would probably take Eifer as he is someone I otherwise really trust and imagine as being fit and able to help out in an attempt to escape! Do you admire any celebrities? Why or why not?

Tell us about some of the people you've met during your time in TAW. There are a few members I would like to mention. One was DeSoto, who joined the same Comapny of Heroes in Vanguard and when appointed DC asked me to be the DO. For a long time we worked as equals with him valuing my every input and leaving some decisions up to me as well. That's where I found out how a DC and DO should work together and while we did disagree on plenty of occasions, that was one thing we embraced the most. Another one who joined into the same Vanguard division was Eifer. He joined TAW back when I was division Officer who quickly proved to be a valuable member. Was great working with him in the same division. There are many others worth mentioning, but we will leave those people for later as I haven't had enough time to really get to know them enough, though I have to say they give off the same vibe as Eifer and DeSoto did. What's your favorite thing about TAW? My favourite thing about TAW are the people. Most people are very interesting and friendly. Also I like the Policy as well which let's us weed out the people who just make it a terrible experience for everyone. What's your favorite retro video game? Why? Choosing between Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Duke Nukem 3D and 7 kingoms is no easy task. But I would most likely go with 7 Kingdoms as that is the game that really stood out for me back in that time and hooked me onto RTS. Although if you can consider Shogun: Total War to be a retro game in these days then I would go for that as it was the first Grand Strategy game that I played and it appealed to me so much that I have in one form or another tried every game of the series.

I would not say I really admire any. I may respect some but admiration is not something I really do. Who do you believe is going to be the most influential figure in gaming in the next three years? I believe the Youtuber TotalBiscuit (John Bain) to already be influential and if nothing changes then perhaps he might just gain more.


In the Scope Interview with MAJ NSIMS Let's get to know you - can you describe yourself in five words?

Outgoing, Caring, Studious, Ambitious, Honest Tell us about your history in TAW.

History starts and ends in Smite Division. First I was a DI for about a month, got promoted to SO, XO, and CO. Was CO for around 4 months I think. An recently got promoted to DO.

Tell us about some of the people you've met during your time in TAW.

Man I met such a large variety of people and personalities in TAW. From computer geniuses, to confident leaders, to wacked out people with funny accents, to people you can really trust and make a friendship with. What's your favorite thing about TAW?

What was your initial impression of TAW?

HUGE. TS was HUGE. Member base was HUGE. Everyone was better than me at Smite. Strict policies. Tell us about your current division, and what you do there.

Currently in DO of Smite. Im the only TFO for Smite at the moment. I am repairing the NA and EU Divisions (mostly the EU) after many left due to a past DO leaving for college. So I have a of of responsibility on my hands! What would you like someone considering joining TAW to know?

People actually care for you. Its not just a bunch of nerdy gamers. There is people who will spend days with you teaching all they know to you. These are not online friends, but they become real friends.

How does TAW affect your offline life?

Well, before TFO, when I had mandatories to attend, or normal optional practices. Or say any event really cause i like a high attendance.... Lets just say, If I'm at a family event, and a mandatory meeting falls on the same time. I DON'T MISS THE EVENT.

What might our readers be surprised to know about you?

I have a pet Sun Conure (Parrot) His name is Tommy and he is 3 years old! What's your favorite retro video game? Why?

Do you have any special hobbies or activities outside of TAW?

Eh super mario bros. BORING I know. WHY? Well Mario's Mario

LOVE OUTDOORS. Love going into the woods and building forts. I REALLY wanna start hunting, like bow hunting. I love going to science museums, or learning anything science related. I love going fishing, even though i tend to be impatient. And don't mind getting dirty.

If you could choose any TAW member to be stranded on a desert island with, who would it be and why?

If you could change one thing about TAW, what would it be?

would wish for the entirety of TAW to really focus on streaming / Youtube. I believe a great quality stream would bring in SO MUCH people and applications. We Stream/ Youtube now but people don't follow unless your the real deal!!!


The ability to go up the ranks based on your actions, not the people you know.

Misdoubtful. He's a nut and would probably make a really fun time on an island. Do you admire any celebrities? Why or why not?

I admire Johnny Depp. His ability to act and perform amazingly as a large wide of variety of characters is impressive! Plus I <3 Pirates And The Caribbean. Who do you believe is going to be the most influential figure in gaming in the next three years?

NVIDIA. In the next 3 years they will probably have a super high tech products and sponsorship in games.

League of Legends League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA for short :P The game is developed and published by Riot Games. The initial release date of the game was October 27, 2009. League of Legends was inspired by the mod Defense of the Ancients for the video game Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne. Hello fellow TAW members, so I hear you want to talk about league so letâ&#x20AC;&#x;s do it ! As you all may know Season 4 has just ended and there is a lot in store for Season 5. We have the new summoners rift map to look forward to which will be available to play on the team builder mode during the preseason. Kalista has also risen from the dead and will be the new champion of Season 5. In my opinion she will definitely be a unique marksman. If someone of you are worried if your PC can handle the new rift then I have some good news in store for you. Riot has set a goal of ensuring that the update to the Rift will perform at least as well as the current SR. They are also optimizing a lot of things to save on performance so your toast doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x;t explode during the game. It seems like Riot is doing a lot for their fans to ensure that the new SR is amazing for everyone even if it may look like Dota :P. How TAW represents the League Community TAW`s LL divisions: Its no secret that League of Legends have a lot of toxic players. People who flame and blame, People who will make sure that enemy have 30 kills within the 20 min mark and of course people who tend to have a intimate relationship with all of our mothers. TAW`s Code of ethic have given people who don't flame, who dont feed and don't hit on other peoples mothers a chance to find friends and duo partners to enjoy this great game with. In LL we give each other advice and help each other out when needed, high skilled leveled players learn new players the game, but also the other way around. Everyone can improve and the officers of LL make sure everyone is on the same wave length. How people see TAW is different from match to match. Many like what we do but can`t join. Some don`t have a mic, some can`t show up for practice or others just know with them self that they are too toxic to join. But there is no doubt that TAW`s LL members almost always have a good mood and enjoy the game. We are after all, all humans. Anyone can have a bad day, even our almighty Blondie (LL DC). With this I can proudly say that every single LL members is a player that the League community needs, someone who will always strive to get better, enjoy the game and follow the summoners code. Frvwfr Tallex Tengs herohana


SMITE The Game: In-Game Visuals Improvements: Upcoming conquest remodel after the World Championship. We don‟t know much about it but HirezTodd did say that they wanted to be able to „‟balance‟‟ the map because of certain statistics showing that one side of the map wins more than 60% of the games in the Smite Pro League. Multiple gods are getting special Odyssey skin items which voice pack changes and skill particles ie Mercury, Freya, Agni etc. Gods are getting special commands through the VGS system. VGS is a means of communicating through ingame chat using key patterns such as VVGG for Good Game and VVX for Cancel That. Some of these new commands are the Wave command which allows gods to literally wave at other players, and some are dances which makes the god dance. These commands are found within the VE section of the VGS. The waving feature as also been updated to have the god wave (if the command was previously purchased) when the god says “Hi” through the VGS, VVGH the correct command. Players get some exclusive rewards for buying a certain amount of Odyssey items. HiRez made the community vote on which god will get a special skin for buying all the items. Thanatos, the Hand of Death, won and will get a skin that is going to be available for players that purchased the 21 Odyssey items. There was another vote on how this skin would look like and the Angelic theme won that straw poll. We also know by tweets by HirezStew and Drybear that the skin will change throughout the course of a match. Latest God Reworks: Tyr, the lawgiver: When change stance, using this skill Guard Stance gives him more healing, twice for the first enemy hit and once for each additional enemy. Sylvanus, keeper of the wild: His seconds ability Wisps that seek out nearby allies and enemies. Allies are healed while enemies take damage over time was nerfed. Mercury, messenger of the gods: The radius of his skill Made you look was reduced to 13.5 when maxed skill. Aphrodite, goddess of beauty: Every time she kisses an ally her skill Kiss, have cooldown. Freya, queen of valkyries: Her ultimate, Valkyrie‟s discretion, has been nerfed reducing the area effect, making it more difficult to aim the blasts of magical damage. Ra, sun god: His passive called Speed of light has been nerfed, which every time Ra uses an ability, his movement speed is increased from 8% to 6%. Odin, the allfather: His ultimate Ring of spears, when he summons the wall of spears allies can move freely through and Odin don‟t have protections increased during the 5 seconds. Arachne, the weaver: All her kit was changed because she didn‟t have like a real escape skill to run out of teamfights. Nu wa, guardian of heaven: Her skills kit was totally modified, making her more powerful than before using her combo with the skill 2 with 3. Also her ultimate Fire Shards damage all the enemies at the same time. Bakasura, The Great Devourer: Bakasura‟s skin has been totally changed to make him look like a sea dweller. Also like Baraka of Mortal Kombat. Currently we are all anticipating the Ao Kuang rework. His current kit however was switched to a Mayan god known as Kukulkan, Serpent of the Nine Winds. The new Ao Kuang is going to be a steroid looking auto attack mage.


SMITE [Latest Gods: [Nox, Goddess of Night]. She is a very poke heavy and sustain dps mage. Her kit works best when paired against a heavy spellcasting team. She has very low cooldowns but lacks in mobility due to being very efficient at killing mages. Her ult is technically a silence due to the fact that she makes it a high risk for people to use abilities.

Sylvanus, Keeper of the Wild]. With what he lacks in kill count, he makes up for with his ability to support and break up team fights. As an ideal support God, Sylvanus is a heavy lane presence with skills that both buff his teammates and do those extra ticks of damage that can make a world of difference. Ideally, his skills are put to best use in conjunction with his teammates‟ to secure an easy kill. [Cabrakan. Destroyer of Mountains]. Cabrakan puts the “guard” in Guardian. With stuns or some other form of CC on all of his skills, he can make the difference in a teammate‟s life or death. His abilities allow for great zoning and a decent laneclear for his role. Using him in initiations and containing a team fight are some great pros of this God. [Serqet, Goddess of Venom]. A fearsome jungler, Serqet is the enemy God that you want to keep an eye out for. She is great at ganking and can make a quick get-away with her excellent mobility and escapes. Gods with lower health beware of her lingering poisons that can get you no matter how fast you run. [Rama, The 7th Avatar]. The ADC role coincides naturally with Rama. With his Astral arrows Rama is an expert at poking enemies through minions while clearing them at the same time. He is decently mobile and can do some serious DPS lategame. His ultimate ability is one of the more satisfying ones assuming the player has the necessary skill and patience to make the shots. Esports involvement: Hi-Rez is giving the opportunity to the community to support E-sports with the Odyssey. The Odyssey are skins to certain gods, Ward skins and player icons. For each item purchased by the players there is 1$ added to the Smite World Championship prize pool. Hirez also works with Tiermonster to organize some small tournaments (Code Green and Divine Intervention for the average Smite player. By doing this, Hirez supports more than the pro scene but shows us that they do care for every player who wants to play their game in a competitive aspect. More recently, someone on our Reddit Forum /r/Smite started something that they are calling the Smite College League. It relies on people from the same school building a team and competing against each other. We learnt a few weeks ago that they asked HiRez for some support and they agreed to help them, especially by providing some gems prizes. Game Modes Conquest-Conquest is the main game mode in smite. This is what you play if you play competitively. Conquest is a 5v5 game mode.There are 3 lanes : the short lane(next to Fire Giant) is the solo lane. In the solo lane you will typically find a warrior or mage that has a good late game I.E Janus,Chaac,Vamana, or Ra. Your role in the solo lane is to farm minions,push your lane, and usually once you get tower, to start rotating. The Next lane is the Mid lane(I think you can guess where that is) which is usually played by a god with good clear, mobility, and poke. Your role in the mid lane is to farm minions, push the lane, get mid camps, get red buff, and gank other lanes. The last lane is the duo lane. In the duo lane you will have an ADC and Support. (Putting stuff in here later). Last but not least we have the Jungle role. (put stuff in here late) the first lane is solo where you will typically find a warrior or mage but anyone can fit here it is either the lane on the left or right depending on the distance between the towers the lane with towers closer together is considered solo lane,next we have middle lane this lane will most likely have mages in it but sometimes gods are tossed into middle lane depending on the current meta,next is duo lane, duo lane is very interesting there are some really weird things thahappen in this lane but most of the time you will find a hunter and a guardian in this lane it is the side lane with towers that a further apart. The last role in smite is jungle any type of god can jungle but most of the time you find assassins in the jungle their role is to run around and help the lanes harass and kill their enemies the jungle is a big initiator and will clear most of the jungle camps. there are 2 objective you can take in conquest to help you eliminate the enemy team first is gold fury gold fury is a very easy objective to take and will most likely be taken before Fire Giant the second objective you can take. Gold Fury gives every member on your team 400 gold when you kill it early game this is a lot of gold but late game it is not as helpful. Now moving onto Fire Giant this is a lot harder objective to take and will be a game changer for your team. upon killing the fire giant you will receive a huge power buff to towers and gods.To end a game of conquest you need to kill the enemy titan it is very tanky objective that does tons of damage. THE END Arena-an all out killing fest 5vs5 where the goal is to reduce the enemy ticket count to zero. There are limited objectives, such as clearing minion waves to try and get your teams into the enemy portal. Tickets are reduced by four per each enemy god killed. When a team reaches 10 kills their minion wave spawns a Tower Minion which will take a significant amount of tickets out of the ticket counter.


SMITE Siege-a two lane, four man game mode with a siege monster in the middle,killing the siege monster will result in spawning a siege minion for your team the siege minion is very strong and will help you push towers and get to the enemy titan like in conquest Assault- assault is a 1 lane 5vs5 game mode in smite where you can‟t return to base to heal and are assigned random gods like conquest you need to kill towers and get to the titan to eliminate it. It revolves around team fighting and helps build your team fight mechanics. Joust- joust is a one lane map with side jungles it is 3vs3 and it focuses on small team fights the objective of this game mode is to destroy towers and push the enemy titan MOTD: Each day Hi-Rez includes new matches that are submitted by the community with varying game modes, available gods, and starting gold allotments. Conquest Pre-Made: They are like the normal conquest but instead of playing with randoms players, you queue with Your team of five people for a more competitive experience against a pre-made enemy team. The Division: New Staff | Names | Why put into position | What does each member put into the Div: Both NA and EU have been recently fully staffed. NA: Axryn AKA Scrub CO, Drloves XO, Marxandria SO. EU: Maxfear CO, Andyzzcos XO, Acreze SO. Axryn: Been in Taw for about eight months now. Has been dedicated and helpful to training other people since day one. Outstanding job as TI, SL, and FS. Drloves: Been in taw for about seven months. Was a great DI. Proved himself as a SO. Recruited like a crazy man. Been in XO ever since, keeping the battalion free from dead weight. Definitely a people pleaser. Marxandria: Great enthusiasm since day one. Can light up a room in seconds. As a DI she would always make the Bootcamp an enjoyable experience. Now busy training DI‟s to uphold the mass applications incomming on the website. Maxfear: Almost hits a 1 year in Taw. Went up the Staff DI -> CO Now Spends his time on learning how to rebuild and restructure his Batt after two officers abandoned positions. Andyzzcos: A fantastic SO, earned his role as XO. Extremely up to date with others attendances and is Super dedicated to TAW. Acreze: After being the last DI of EU left. He kept up with most to all of the bootcamps directed to EU. Outstanding DI, and an even better SO. Now works on finding new DI‟s and keeping recruiting up! Event Times And Desc (How organized) The Future: Smite In The Future: Smite has a bright future and Hirez is looking to prove it. Smite is currently the third most popular MOBA behind Dota 2 and League of Legends and the first real season hasn‟t ended yet. Also, in the Player Icon section of the game we have some icons based on how many Masteries you have. A Mastery is when you master a god by playing him or her and getting 50 worshippers. You win more worshippers if you come out victorious of your games. We will soon have the 60 Masteries icon with the next god coming out but there once was 70-80 -90-100 masteries icons who were locked. This shows us that Hi-Rez has a big vision of things and they do want to hit the 100 gods mark one day. Div Goals: A goal for the NA Battalion is to start up a competitive team that will be competing in the HiRez sponsored tournaments. This would be a huge accomplishment and eventually we would like to be able to bring home a winning title for TAW. Current Division wide goals are to recruit more Oceanic players so we can actually have an Oceanic Battalion. In order for this and for other people to join our more established battalions, we have started a recruitment drive. We wish to get at least two more people per each person already in TAW.


SMITE Special Events: World Championships: The pro scene of Smite is currently in wait of the second phase to start. Indeed, pro teams from Europe and North America just finished a seven-week season called Smite Pro League (SPL). At the same time, the Challenger Cup was ongoing. This league was open to everyone who wanted to play on the pro scene. The Top 4 teams from the SPL would go to Regional LAN and the Bottom 2 SPL teams would face against the Top 2 teams coming out of the Challenger Cup in Wildcards. The Top 2 teams of each region of those Wildcards earned a spot to compete at the Regional LAN to get a chance to play at the World Championship. The EU LAN will take place in Cologne, Germany on November 15th-16th and the NA LAN will take place in Atlanta, Georgia on November 22nd-23rd. The Top 2 teams of those LAN will participate and represent their region at the Smite World Championship on January 9th-11th in Atlanta at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. This tournament will figure the Top 2 teams of EU, NA and China with the top team of Latin America and Brazil. The prize pool for the SWC is currently around 1‟250‟000$ (originally 600 000$) but it will continue to rise up with the community‟s support with the purchases of the Odyssey items which add 1$ per purchase to the prize pool. In only 11 weeks, Smite player base doubled the original prize pool. Isyukaru Jiess Snickmorder Chronic Anna Mapplethorpe NSIMS

An update from Hero‟s and Generals Reto-Moto has donated to TAW Heroes and Generals Division a 5100 GOLD voucher. Division command has decided that we are going to have a special non mandatory on Nov. 8th at 1900 GMT (1400 EST 1100 PST) for the whole H&G Division to play a division wide golden shovel challenge. The overall winner will receive the voucher, write up in TAW newsletter and will be reported to Reto-Moto.

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From The Battlefield: MOBA Edition  

Welcome back to another TAW, From The Battlefield focusing this time on some of TAW's MOBA (Massive On-line Battle Arena) Games!

From The Battlefield: MOBA Edition  

Welcome back to another TAW, From The Battlefield focusing this time on some of TAW's MOBA (Massive On-line Battle Arena) Games!