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T.A.O.P. The Art of Process KaosPilot applicationT19 Creative Assignment By Signe Sylvester

Contents Definition & Purpose Brainstorm summery Context Map Involved The circle of T.A.O.P. Organization Problem-solvers Action plan T.A.O.P. Aarhus Blog PR – flyer & poster Movie-collage Thanks

Definition & Purpose T.A.O.P. is a non-profit organization which will foster the artistic process and actual sharing of art and artistic ideas worldwide. Working both with a global and local perspective

The purpose of T.A.O.P.: Subvert cultural barriers Share ideas and challange the Copyright Challange the ego-artistic mindset

Connect the artist with the spectators

The Circle of T.A.O.P. When the artist gives one of his/hers artworks to the world (T.A.O.P.) it has the possibility to grow into something new.

The Artist will in return receive, a movie-collage documenting the development of the art, new inspiration from other T.A.O.P. artists and has the opportunity to receive a bursary from the T.A.O.P. Fund. But most important: it will create a connection between the artist and the rest of the world – it will connect people.

The organization will grow, as it is opening new local T.A.O.P.s in different countries. At one point it will be necessary to create larger groups ahead of the continents, to ensure that the organization is in contact with all parts of the organization. Most tasks and decisions will be made by the local T.A.O.P., however the financial destribution will be in coorporation with the continent group. Only the common administartion of e.g. website and volunteers will be made by T.A.O.P. World

Problem-solver Possible solutions to some of the challenges in the T.A.O.P. concept.

T.A.O.P. Aarhus Movie and photos from T.A.O.P. Aarhus is on the blog

The local volunteers and collaborators will to a great extent decide how the local T.A.O.P. will be running. The single event “T.A.O.P. - Grand Opening� was an example how to carry out the project in Denmark.


In addition to the exciting T.A.O.P. blog, the blog will also contain a community where artists, societies, schools and members can create a profile, and through that share their art. All uploads will be a part of T.A.O.P.’s common web-library, from which all members can interact and get inspired.


The movie-collage Day by day photos will be taken of the exhibited artworks. The photos will be gathered in a movie-collage, where the artists easy and practicably can contemplate the development of the art and get new inspiration.

Along the lines with the promotion movie on

Thanks to all collaborators and friends Artists Malene Højgaard, Sine Adamsen, Iris Bakker, Louise Løngaa, Nanna Nørgaard, Anders Ingemann Movie Martin Bech, Daniel Ferraz, Birk Jensen Photos Andreas Højgaard Location PAKHUS 64, Mette Maibom

T.A.O.P. - Maps and Thoughts  

KaosPilot Application Team 19 - Creative Assignment by Signe Sylvester

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