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Sometimes Necessity is the FATHER of Invention Hi! We are the Beldocks. My name is Gwen and this is a picture of me and my father, Donald. I never question where I got my sense of style:

In a world with a seemingly ever-increasing population of tech gadgets, at times there actually seems to be even more chaos. Forty million electronic devices, all with separate chargers and power cords causing more stress and states of frazzle - yikes! And power outlets are in the most inconvenient places…even if you are a yoga instructor. So there seemed to be a pretty major breakdown between trends meeting function, right? And we could all use a little help problem solving once in a while. I swear, after you try the Tower, you’re going to say, “What did I do before? At last somebody thought of this.” Sorry, I am getting a little ahead of myself, but it’s just so exciting.

Dad and I wanted to combine his entrepreneurial experience with my aesthetic talents. My priority was to make sure the product was sleek, stylish and ergonomic. Something you would be proud to have in your home. My father got to work on finding engineers and solidifying the patents. We are so pleased with the results from all our hard work. The Tower turned out to be everything we wanted to build and more. Now comes the fun part. We want to hear from YOU. What room do you use the Tower in most? How did it help you to get more organized? Is there anything we could do to make it better? We are going to be hosting events and contests to receive a Free Tower, plus if you sign up now to be on our mailing list, we will send you exclusive offers before we make them public. Please join us on this journey to introduce the Tower from The Art Of Power. Check out our new website at or you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. We can’t we wait to hear from you. Here’s to living a less stressfilled life and spending more quality time with the people we love!

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Check out a behind the scenes glimpse into the inception and launch of the Tower by The Art Of Power.