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DISTANT HEALING Healing energy is not limited by time or distance because it exists all around us across the planet and beyond. Healing, therefore, can be given very effectively to any animal no matter the distance.

AURA CLEANSING Have you ever felt as though someone was 'in your space?' Human auras, an external electromagnetic energy field, extend approximately 6 feet high and 6 feet wide from our physical body. It's not surprising therefore that we feel intimidated when someone or something gets too close. Animals have auras too and by their nature, animals are extremely sensitive souls to everything around them. They pick up our energy, vibes and problems from our aura which are magnified and reflected back into our animals and vice-versa. Herein lies the phenomena of energy exchange. An animal with a balanced aura is accepted by other animals (and people) whereas an unbalanced aura can leave the animal alienated and unaccepted by its peers. Unwanted behavioural begins to manifest because the aura is damaged in some way resulting in the physical energy not being as it should. Aura cleansing helps to eradicated unwanted aura damage and energy depletions. It is a very simple, yet effective non-contact healing method that combines balancing of the animal's Chakras. Aura cleansing and chakra balancing are a vital part of your animal's health routine and can be performed safely as often as is necessary.


The animal may or may not be aware that healing has been given but will get a benefit from it coming as it does from the love we have for all animals. We can never define a particular outcome but we can promise that the healing will be helpful to the animal in some way. Distant healing can be sent to any animal in need of our love and intent to heal. From animals in distress to animals in the loving care of a kind guardian, remote healing works. Distant healing can also be sent to animals who are not with you. It might be that they have been re-homed, staying in boarding kennels, living temporarily with a friend or relative or even recovering in the veterinary hospital. Every week on various days or nights, a circle of dedicated healers join together for the purpose of sending distant healing. By coming together like this, the healers' individual power is amplified as it unites to form a single great wave of light energy, a surge that transmits across distance, time and space to heal animals living in fear, pain, trauma and distress. If you'd like your animal or any animal you know that is in need of love and light, contact us today.

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ANIMAL TALK Increasingly, we see new gadgets on the market purporting to tell us what our animals feel and think. Ranging from Bowlingual Dog Translators, GPS mobile phones for pets to vibrating digital gizmos that hang around the neck displaying words in LED format, these gadgets are totally superficial. What's more, they prevent humans from opening their hearts and minds to build communication links with their animals. How often have your instincts told you that your animal is 'out of sorts' but have dismissed it rather than act on it? You're instincts will prove you right! You’re picking up signals from your animals auric field, an external energy field that surrounds every living thing. More often than not, these hunches are overlooked because our logical mind kicks in which overrides our basic instincts and thus, we don't follow up on our animals communication. But help IS at hand! During an animal talk session, we are able to get in touch with your animal by picking up sensations of emotional and physical imbalance and energy blockages. A 1 hour animal talk session begins with an initial consultation followed by your agreement to our terms and conditions. Communication may come in the form of words or sentences, or images that which can describe a complete situation or just be a clue for us to interpret. More often than not we receive communication as sensations within our bodies. Whether you use our service to help find a lost pet, help them cope with the loss of a loved one, translate how they are feeling or even gain insight into how they are living after passing on to another dimension, it’s our job to translate.

HEALING SERVICES ANIMAL REIKI HEALING These 1 hour healing sessions take place at the animals home or day-to-day environment.   Before our visit, we'll need to find out a little about you and your animal. This initial consultation is designed to explore your animal's environment and daily routines, background, medical history and medication, emotional and mental traumas amongst other things. At the time of making your booking, we will send you either by post or email, a brochure that explains how to choose and prepare the environment, what to expect, the importance of seeking your Vet's permission along with answers to some frequently asked questions. When we visit, the initial consultation will be revisited to gain more in-depth information to ensure that both parties understand what the REIKI HEALING is for.

We may leave you with an action plan of practical changes for your animal that you might wish to consider implementing. Such changes might be to substitute tap water for filtered water or moving the animal's sleeping quarters to another location. It may be that your animal will require more than one healing session and we recommend wherever possible, leaving no more than 21 days between each session, the point at which the healing effects will have diminished. Because healing creates such a sense of peace, it is good to offer it regularly, even to animals without any health issues, just because of the feel good factor. Once you see how much your animal enjoys receiving the healing, you may wish to experience it for yourself! To book an Animal Reiki Healing appointment call or email today

Before the healing session can begin, we will require you to sign a Declaration Form to confirm your understanding to our terms and conditions. Your animal will be treated using the traditional Usui system of Reiki healing which is a laying on of hands in non-intrusive positions. Sometimes, crystals may be used in conjunction with Reiki to help strengthen and deepen the healing effects. Once the healing session concludes, you are free to ask any questions but please do remember that we are not licensed to offer veterinary advice. We can only offer you an interpretation of the body language the animal has demonstrated during the session.

"The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love." - Hubert H Humphrey - 

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