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=MINUTES OF MEETING FOR THE ART OF LIFE Initialization Meeting held on 29th August 2012

Time: 12.30

PRESENT Jay Hurley, Lin Smith, Maggie Mittins Ladd and Louise McAvoy, guest from Mcmillan APOLOGIES Keith Hurley Management Committee roles were agreed. Chairperson – Jay Hurley, Treasurer – Keith Hurley, Secretary – Lin Smith, Management Committee Member – Maggie Mittins Ladd. The Constitution, Health and Safety Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy and Bank account paperwork was agreed and signed by JH, LS and MML. Bank account was applied for. Louise McAvoy went through the funding requirements to apply for The Art of Life. Need to fill in all relevant paperwork and apply by 31.8.12. JH to complete. Discussed funding through Neighbor Branch Scheme, JH to apply for. Proposal to be put forward for the NCC ‘Living Well’ grant, JH to complete. It was discussed about insurance where JH will look into. It was decided that the radius for The Art of Life would cover, to be approximately 12 miles. Advertising was discussed. LM suggested that we could use the Mcmillan website in order to use free posters on befriending and use The Art of Life’s logo to show unity and support with Mcmillan’s own logo. It was discussed and established that between JH and MML that they each had a good network of contacts. JH to approach the GP practice’s in Diss to promote The Art of Life further. JH’s agreed to speak to her own consultant, Neil Burgess for further support and discuss becoming a patron. MML to contact her colleague re storytelling. It was discussed about the Big C meeting whereby JH and LS have been invited to attend on 7th September at. It was agreed that small donations would be expected for anyone attending the workshops, which was decided to be held once a month, alternatively for 1 morning and 1 evening. Possibly to use the Angel Café, JH to look into. Types of resources were discussed. LS suggested speaking to local art shops to see if they would kindly donate any resources to The Art of Life. JH to sort out business cards for LS, MML and KH. Actions and Any Other Business. JH to fill in Mcmillan form to submit by 31.8.12 JH to apply for Grant’s and Insurance. JH to contact Angel Café for availability and hire of the room.

LS to proof read all documentation ie. H & S, Equal Opps and Constitution. Date of the next meeting to be held at MML’s home, on 13th September at 12 noon for an update.

Minutes 29.8.12  
Minutes 29.8.12  

Management Committee Minutes