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Pilot Activity Re: The “Artist Within” 3rd Training “YOUR INNER CLOWN, HUMOUR STRATEGIES AND OTHER COMPETENCES” Leipzig, Germany

Reflections on the First Stage Pilot Workshop „THE ART OF CLOWNERY & HUMOR" (Trainers: Evelina, Emil, Tania)

Target group: Adolescents, teachers, pedagogues and school supervisors from “Angel Uzunov Boarding (Reform) School” in Rakitovo, Bulgaria Date: 8-9 November, 2015 (Saturday & Sunday) Location: Angel Uzunov Boarding School, Rakitovo, (Rakitovo Boarding School), Western Rhodopes’ Mountains Region, Bulgaria 1. Introduction As discussed and announced already during the Leipzig training, we have decided to split our pilot activities into two stages after this training. The decision was triggered by the profile of two of the ARM-BG participants: Evelina Spassova and Ivanka (Vanya) Puleva, who are respectively working currently with problems of delinquent teenagers (Evelina) and refugees, asylum seekers and migrants (Vanya). The First Stage: we decided to hold at least two pilot workshops, each consisting of minimum two working days in the Rakitovo Boarding School. We ended-up by facing the need of organizing two different modules of the First stage workshop, each two days long; Our Partner in organizing the First stage workshop was the Association “Re-Act”. Nearly 4000 children and young people in Bulgaria are raised in institutions. Behind this word lies the lack of own home and parental care. One of the most serious

local pilot activity arm bulgaria  
local pilot activity arm bulgaria  

Local Pilot Activity in the frame of the european strategic partnership "The Artist Within - Applied Emotion” 3rd Training “YOUR INNER CLOWN...