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Storytelling and cartoons Potenza, Italy

PILOT ACTIVITY FOR ADULTS WORKING IN HELPING PROFESSIONS STORY-TELLING th Budapest, 8 November 2015, led by Claudia Lilla Kovacs Follow up – local pilot activity What: Local pilot workshop based on Story-telling, Digital Animation workshop in Potenza When: 8th November 2015, 6:30- 8:30 pm How: Personally organized via Facebook and email Where: Moksha Yoga Studio, 1075 Budapest, Barcsay u.14.

Name and contact:

Claudia Lilla Kovacs, Budapest, Hungary Email:, Phone: +36-30-336-1919

Target group:

Psychologists, social workers, charity workers 10 participants

Aim of the activity: Beginning from personal level giving self-knowledge through the individually chosen fairy tales, moving towards group work through working with characters, motifs. bringing out creativity of storytelling. Creating a new group story on the level of the narrative and visual depiction. I simply called it Story-telling Workshop without giving it an adjective. Description of the activity: Prologue: Before the workshop I asked everybody to bring a fairy tale, preferably Hungarian, however most importantly a personal choice for any reason. 1. part The opening: In the opening circle I used the “Who am I” tree picture we used in Potenza. I asked the participants to mark themselves on the picture, then show it other accompanied with 1 word and 1 sound expressing the present state. After I asked everybody to stand up and repeat the sound with a movement then to walk in space. Although the participants were not willing to move much, for me arriving with all senses and the body in space and in the group is very basic setting for work. An especially in this case, when the most time of the workshop involves sitting, I felt extra importance to move a little in space and start working with the fairy tales through movement and sound. The core motif: Walking in space, watching the walk, the body. Stop and go. How it feels, what it would like to or need to do, to move. Find the walk that feels good. I gave very little instructions, I called out body-parts: how is your Shoulder…as I saw the tensions in the participants. After I asked to think of the personal fairy tale, and choose something of it: the narrative, a motif, a character, a 1

local pilot activity Storytelling reflexion claudialillakovacs hu  
local pilot activity Storytelling reflexion claudialillakovacs hu  

local pilot activity done in 2015 in Budapest, Hungary in the frame of the strategic partnership THE ARTIST WITHIN