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Pilot Activity Re: The “Artist Within” 1st Training “Its never too late! Reviving the Hidden Artist! Integral expression and dance therapy training” Cserkeszőlő, Hungary

Follow up – local pilot activity (The artist within – first training in Hungary Feb/March 2015) - Leipzig 08.05.2015 Theater Vision e.V. contact person: Sophie Bouchbouk, target group: people in helping professions leaders: Sophie Bouchbouk, Blerte Dibrany, Steffi Schramm, Christopher Brandt, Bettina Keil

general introduction/Bettina: The pilot activity in Leipzig was addressed to people in helping professions, so a group of young people with professions varying from ergotherapy to studying dance therapy was invited on May 8th to get to know and practice exercises from the Training „Integral expression and dance therapy training” in Hungary as part of the project It’s never too late! Reviving the hidden Artist within. The group having taken part in the training decided to join for the activity and offer a great variety of exercises. People attending in the pilot activity are generally already open minded and willing to experience themselves and others. Already at arrival the group atmosphere was really smooth, feeling the relieve of every-day-stress falling off and stepping into a safe, warm, welcoming area for experience and contact. Organisational point of view/Sophie From an organisational point of view the pilot activity was really difficult to realize. It was very hard to coordinate the former participants of the Hungarian training so one time we had to postpone the activity, because the former participants did not have enough time on the arranged date and they did not find enough participants. So we ended up after the dead line for the pilot activity. There were also a lot of troubles with the room that we rented for the training, but that's another story. So next time it will be communicated from all the beginning that the pilot action is an important part of the whole project and that they may participate in the European training only if they are motivated and available for the pilot activity after. We will even ask a deposit of the participants that they get back only after the pilot activity end make a contract with them. But one time we have all been present at the pilot activity it was very nice to meet each other again and to repeat the exercises from the training. The group felt very familiar with each other as we

Local pilot activity leipzig dance and expresssion  
Local pilot activity leipzig dance and expresssion  

Local activity on behalf of Theater Vision e.V. in the frame of the strategic partnership "The Artist Within - Applied emotion" on expressiv...