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Pilot Activity Re: The “Artist Within” 3rd Training “YOUR INNER CLOWN, HUMOUR STRATEGIES AND OTHER COMPETENCES Leipzig, Germany

Workshop “Clown therapy”

Name and contact of the person: Raffaele Messina | Target group: Volunteers of Santi Medici Fundation.

After the week spent in Leipzig for the training called "The Inner Clown" (one of the steps of the project "The Artist Within"), I organized a workshop for a foundation that runs a hospice in the south of Italy. Hospices are facilities that receive predominantly cancer patients in the terminal stage of the disease and deal with palliative care. The aforementioned Foundation has a group of volunteers who take care of patients of the structure with different activities. Among these, they would implement the activities of clown therapy.
 So, the first important step, that I have proposed them, was an experiential workshop on the gelotologic approach to the helping relationship. The workshop was carried out in November in Bitonto, with twenty volunteers of the Santi Medici Foundation.

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Thanks to the work done in Leipzig I could offer them techniques and humorous strategies and transfer them some of the skills acquired during the training in Leipzig. We did exercise like on the approach, we did some silence encercise like mirroring, we did some physical contact exercise and we learn also some soft humor strategic to give a smile to the patience.

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This is only the first step. I’m going to organize other similar workshops in other helping contexts, as I intend to pursue this work and drive groups of social health volunteer in search of that inner clown who can be a valid therapy in different contexts of discomfort.


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lilot activity humor strategies Raffaele Messina  
lilot activity humor strategies Raffaele Messina  

Local activity made by Raffaele Messina for the volunteer of Santi Medici Foundation.