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Pilot Activity Re: The “Artist Within” 3rd Training “YOUR INNER CLOWN, HUMOUR STRATEGIES AND OTHER COMPETENCES Leipzig, Germany

Seminar “Humor strategies as help for children in hospital”

Name and contact of the person: Emanuele Sileo | Target group: Children in Hospital, medical and nursing staff working in the hospital.

In the hospital where I work as assistant of the psychologist, there are oncological and haematological children. For them and their families is very important the expression of feelings, but often the fear doesn't allow them to communicate each other. For my pilot activity I thought to use humour to facilitate starting this process, but alone I couldn't. At the first I spoke about my idea with my colleagues and then I showed them some exercises like mirroring, exaggeration, carrication, understatement, underlining in each case the importance of eye contact. In the second moment we decided together a spot to put in our face a red nose and bring the humour in the hospital, hoping to do the better possible. So, a Monday, before to start to work we putted the nose in our face and we went in Day Hospital with children who were waiting the therapy.

It was so strange stay in the same hospital but with red nose in the face. Children were really happy to see us. At the first just some children joined us asking balloon, but when it was established a relationship they started to ask our

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clown name, to want to play with us and mainly they invented story with us talking about them.

We asked also parents to join us and someone accepted. We painted parents faces with a red nose and exaggerating their expression, and this was a canal to put them in contact with their children who saw them like a "clown parent", someone different with whom establish a new relationship.

At the end something wonderful happened: we saw parents down on their knees to play with the children, communicating with them in a different way.

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It was very interesting and funny to do this experiment in the hospital and I hope we will repeat it as soon as possible to allow other parents and other children to experiment a new form of communication.

Down there are few photos of the they, but unfortunately I couldn't to do so much because a lot of people refused photos.

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Local activity humor strategies Anna Grieco  
Local activity humor strategies Anna Grieco  

Description of local activity made by Anna Grieco in the Hospital in which she work.