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Pilotaction follow up activity to the second training “Inner Clown and humour strategies” Germany, Leipzig “The artist within – Applied eMOTION”

Leaders: Elisabeth Blunck, Ana Comes, Sophie Bouchbouk target group: people in helping professions, also open for other professions activity: one-day-clownsworkshop with people from helping professions, different activities that we did in the october training Description of the activity We picked the exercises of the training in Leipzig we liked the most and created an one-day-workshop with a group. The aim was to give an introduction to the inner clown and how this clown can interact with other clowns. For this we did different energizers, exercises for movement and body possibilities, the inner child – meditation, improvisation with the ney clownsfigure and with objects, emotion-exercises, partner- and group-plays like the “cinema” or “two clowns, one chair”.

Pilot action clowns ana sophie eli  
Pilot action clowns ana sophie eli  

local pilot activity Leipzig in the frame of the eropean strategic partnership "the artist within - applied emotion"